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John Butchko provides insight, in-depth analysis, and interviews on Locked On Jets, the only daily podcast covering the New York Jets. Big name guests that have appeared on the show include former Jets quarterbacks Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, and Sam Darnold, Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin, Pro Bowlers Matt Forte and CJ Mosley, 2022 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Sauce Gardner, and CBS Sports' Ian Eagle. Listen Monday through Friday all year long. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Jets 2/10/17 Episode 108: Looking Bac...
Ryan Fitzpatrick's contract with the Jets voids today. Let's look back at his brief tenure.
17 min
Locked on Jets 2/9/17 Episode 107: A QB Themed ...
On this week's mailbag, we have a lot of quarterback talk.
17 min
Locked on Jets 2/8/17 Episode 106: Jets Odds an...
We talk about various minor stories surrounding the Jets.
19 min
Locked on Jets 2/7/17 Episode 105: Super Bowl T...
Now that we've had some time to digest the Super Bowl, here are some additional thoughts.
27 min
Locked on Jets 2/6/17 Episode 104: Recapping Su...
We look back at New England's epic comeback win.
14 min
Locked on Jets 2/3/17 Episode 103: Super Bowl L...
Making a big in the big game.
16 min
Locked on Jets 2/2/17 Episode 102: Offseason Mo...
We take your mailbag questions about the offseason.
14 min
Locked on Jets 2/1/17 Episode 101: Four Jets Of...
Four quick takes on the Jets.
17 min
Locked on Jets 1/31/17 Episode 100: Four Offsea...
Four commonly stated things about the offseason that might not be true.
18 min
Locked on Jets 1/30/17 Episode 99: Jets Finally...
Reports are the Jets have hired John Morton as offensive coordinator. Here are some initial thoughts.
14 min
Locked on Jets 1/27/17 Episode 98: Talking Seni...
Longtime scout Dave-Te' Thomas joins us to talk about the Senior Bowl.
17 min
Locked on Jets 1/26/17 Episode 97: Double Mailbag
Last minute plans change so we jump into an emergency mailbag.
21 min
Locked on Jets 1/25/16 Episode 96: Mailbag on t...
This week's mailbag has plenty of questions on how the Jets are filling out their coaching staff.
17 min
Locked on Jets 1/24/17 Episode 95: The Importan...
Brian Winters' new contract is another reminder of how important it is to draft effectively.
14 min
Locked on Jets 1/23/17 Episode 94: The Paradox ...
The Jets have more salary cap space than people think, but that isn't necessarily a good thing.
14 min
Locked on Jets 1/20/17 Episode 93: Championship...
Who will win the NFC and AFC titles? Let's talk about it.
17 min
Locked on Jets 1/19/17 Episode 92: Mailbag on A...
Thursday means we open up the mailbag. Your questions include how the Jets in their current state can attract playing and coaching talent.
23 min
Locked on Jets 1/18/17 Episode 91: Reaction to ...
MacGregor Wells joins to talk about Brian Winters' new contract from the Jets.
18 min
Locked on Jets 1/17/17 Episode 90: Playing True...
We frequently talk about things we think winning franchises do. How accurate are we? On today's show, we take a look at how the four teams still standing actually operate.
18 min
Locked on Jets 1/13/17 Episode 89: Divisional W...
Predicting the second round of the NFL Playoffs.
15 min
Locked on Jets 1/12/17 Episode 88: Coaching Sta...
This week's mailbag has a coaching staff theme.
16 min
Locked on Jets 1/11/17 Episode 87: Playing Devi...
Three common ideas for the Jets I disagree with.
15 min
Locked on Jets 1/10/17 Episode 86: Thoughts on ...
Mitch Trubisky is entering the NFL Draft. Should the Jets have interest?
14 min
Locked on Jets 1/9/17 Episode 85: Looking at Co...
We look at the changes the Jets made on the coaching staff and why they did what they did.
18 min
Locked on Jets 1/6/17 Episode 84: Wild Card Wee...
It's prediction time.
16 min