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John Butchko provides insight, in-depth analysis, and interviews on Locked On Jets, the only daily podcast covering the New York Jets. Big name guests that have appeared on the show include former Jets quarterback Sam Darnold, Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin, Pro Bowlers Matt Forte and CJ Mosley, and CBS Sports' Ian Eagle. Listen Monday through Friday all year long. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Jets 10/24/17 Episode 274: Another Lo...
Michael from Gang Green Nation joins us for his weekly spot after another Jets loss.
20 min
Locked on Jets 10/23/17 Episode 271: Jets Blow ...
For three quarters and change in Miami, the Jets put together a very impressive performance. The team was responding the perfect way to a difficult loss last week. Losing a game because of a bad call isn't easy, but the Jets were doing it. After a nig...
18 min
Locked on Jets 10/20/17 Episode 270: Jets vs. D...
Previewing Week 7
14 min
Locked on Jets 10/19/17 Episode 269: Mailbag Be...
Thursday is mailbag day on the podcast. Thanks again for submitting great questions. If we did not get around to your question today, please resubmit next week. On today's show we look at the additions of Jermaine Kearse and Jeremy Kerley, whether the...
14 min
Locked on Jets 10/18/17 Episode 268: Five Great...
Five nice finds for the Jets. https://mybookie.ag/?referredby=MYB100,_url
15 min
Locked on Jets 10/17/17 Episode 267: Another Lo...
Our friend Michael joins us again to talk about the Jets' loss.
17 min
Locked on Jets 10/16/17 Episode 266: Blown Call...
20 min
Locked on Jets 10/13/17 Episode 265: Keys vs. N...
The Jets are 3-2 and have a significant October game at home this Sunday against the Patriots. A win would put the Jets ahead of the Pats in the standings through six weeks. The Patriots have been inconsistent early this season, and they have shown so...
14 min
Locked on Jets 10/12/17 Episode 264 : Mailbag B...
The Jets have an important Week 6 game this week against the New England Patriots with first place on the line in the AFC East. Before we discuss that showdown, Thursday means mailbag day on the podcast. As always, thanks for the questions. On today's...
15 min
Locked on Jets 10/11/17 Episode 263: Browns Sec...
Before we turn our attention to the big game this Sunday against the rival New England Patriots, let us bask once more in the Jets' third win in a row that came at the expense of the Cleveland Browns this past Sunday. On today's show, we provide some...
15 min
Locked on Jets 10/10/17 Episode 262: Reviewing ...
The Jets are now 3-2 after their win over the Browns. A battle with the 3-2 Patriots await, but we are going to review Week 5 before we focus on the big Week 6 game. Michael from Gang Green Nation joins the show once again to discuss the Jets' third st...
17 min
Locked on Jets 10/9/17 Episode 261: Jets Beat B...
The Jets are on a three game winning streak after defeating the Cleveland Browns yesterday 17-14 in Cleveland. It wasn't exactly the prettiest effort, but it was pretty from the standpoint the Jets ended the game with more points than the opponent. On ...
15 min
Locked on Jets 10/6/17 Episode 260: Preview of ...
The Jets take on the Browns this Sunday in Cleveland. At the start of the season, many viewed this as a game that could help determine the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Through the first quarter of the season, the Browns once again do...
15 min
Locked on Jets 10/5/17 Episode 259: Mailbag Bef...
Another mailbag before the Week 5 game against the Cleveland Browns. http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
22 min
Locked on Jets 10/4/17 Episode 258: Look Back a...
The dust has settled on the Jets' Week 4 win against the Jaguars. To provide it one last look, Michael of Gang Green Nation joins us. We debate how well Brian Winters played on Sunday. Michael has a very different take than the one stated on the podca...
16 min
Locked on Jets 10/3/17 Episode 257: Success Tra...
The Jets are on a two game winning streak. It is still early, but this team so far is greatly exceeding expectations in terms of its win-loss record. Before the season, many people stated that success in 2017 would not be based solely on the standings,...
17 min
Locked on Jets 10/2/17 Episode 256: Jets Beat J...
The Jets are 2-2 after beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-20 in overtime yesterday at MetLife Stadium. Some people didn't think the Jets would win two games all season. Few would have predicted a .500 start through the first quarter of the season. Eve...
16 min
Locked on Jets 9/29/17 Episode 155: Jets-Jaguar...
Looking at the matchup.
14 min
Locked on Jets 9/28/17 Episode 254: Mailbag Bef...
Mailbag before Week 3. http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
16 min
Locked on Jets 9/27/17 Episode 253: Interview W...
Talking the Jets; reaction to Trump's comments, the new offensive system, fantasy football, and more with Matt Forte.
13 min
Locked on Jets 9/26/17 Episode 252: The Stars v...
Michael from Gang Green Nation joins us again to talk about the win against the Dolphins.
16 min
Locked on Jets 9/25/17 Episode 251: Jets Beat M...
The Jets are in the win column. http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
15 min
Locked on Jets 9/22/17 Episode 250: Keys for Je...
15 min
Locked on Jets 9/21/17 Episode 249: Mailbag Be...
We do a mailbag before the Jets face Miami. http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
17 min
Locked on Jets 9/20/17 Episode 248: Get Young P...
Three who should see their playing time go up.
15 min
Locked on Jets 9/19/17 Episode 247: Young Playe...
How have some of the young guys looked?
17 min
Locked on Jets 9/17/17 Episode 246: Jets Blown ...
Jets lose 45-20. Today's show is brought to you by MyBookie.ag. http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
15 min
Locked on Jets 9/15/17 Episode 245: Keys for th...
Game preview
15 min
Locked on Jets 9/14/17 Episode 244: Week 2 Mailbag
A new mailbag for Week 2.
16 min
Locked on Jets 9/13/17 Episode 243: What Should...
Where should the Jets be philosophically?
14 min
Locked on Jets 9/12/17 Episode 242: Questions A...
Week 1 created more questions than it answered.
18 min
Locked on Jets 9/11/17 Episode 241: Jets Lose O...
The Jets are 0-1.
24 min
Locked on Jets 9/8/17 Episode 240: Keys Against...
Keys to victory.
21 min
Locked on Jets 9/7/17 Episode 239: Early Draft ...
How some of the prospects look at this early date.
15 min
Locked on Jets 9/6/17 Episode 238: Celebrating ...
The wide receiver is back so let's do a mailbag.
24 min
Locked on Jets 9/5/17 Episode 237: Looking at t...
Thoughts on the 53.
21 min
Locked on Jets 9/2/17 Episode 236: Jets Trade S...
A big Friday trade leads to a special Saturday show.
16 min
Locked on Jets 9/1/17 Episode 235: Recap of the...
The Jets close out preseason with a win.
17 min
Locked on Jets 8/31/17 Episode 234: What to Wat...
The preseason comes to a close.
18 min
Locked on Jets 8/30/17 Episode 233: Mailbag Bef...
We move closer to the end of the preseason.
18 min
Locked on Jets 8/29/17 Episode 232: McCown Star...
A day of news from Florham Park.
22 min
Locked on Jets 8/28/17 Episode 231: Giants Game...
A busy weekend.
22 min
Locked on Jets 8/25/17 Episode 230: Five to Wat...
The third preseason game is upon us.
17 min
Locked on Jets 8/24/17 Episode 229: Mailbag Bef...
A mailbag heading into the third preseason game.
19 min
Locked on Jets 8/23/17 Episode 228: Catching Up...
Matt Forte and Christian Hackenberg are in the news.
16 min
Locked on Jets 8/22/17 Episode 227: Looking Bac...
A look back at the second preseason game.
18 min
Locked on Jets 8/18/17 Episode 226: Five Things...
Five things to watch against the Lions.
14 min
Locked on Jets 8/17/17 Episode 225: Stadium Enh...
Much to discuss.
15 min
Locked on Jets 8/16/17 Episode 224: Double Mailbag
Back with another mailbag.
15 min
Locked on Jets 8/15/17 Episode 223: Mailbag Aft...
We go to the mailbag.
19 min
Locked on Jets 8/14/17 Episode 222: Jets Beat T...
The preseason opens with a win.
16 min
Locked on Jets 8/11/17 Episode 221: Talking Tit...
Talking about the preseason opener with a Titans writer.
14 min
Locked on Jets 8/10/17 Episode 220: Previewing ...
Vincent Verhei talks about the upcoming season for the Jets.
19 min
Locked on Jets 8/9/17 Episode 219: Talking Jets...
Connor Rogers of Fanrag Sports and Bleacher Report joins.
18 min
Locked on Jets 8/8/17 Episode 218: Quincy Enunw...
A devastating injury.
15 min
Locked on Jets 8/7/17 Episode 217: The Green an...
Reflections on the big practice of camp.
17 min
Locked on Jets 8/4/17 Episode 216: A Sloppy Day...
Recapping a sloppy day at training camp.
15 min
Locked on Jets 8/3/17 Episode 215: First Mailba...
Camp has begun.
20 min
Locked on Jets 8/2/17 Episode 214: Reviewing a ...
Day four of practice is in the books.
16 min
Locked on Jets 8/1/17 Episode 213: On Tanking, ...
A busy day at camp for the Jets.
14 min
Locked on Jets 7/31/17 Episode 212: Training Ca...
14 min
Locked on Jets 7/28/17 Episode 211: Camp Openin...
Training camp opens, and we do a mailbag to celebrate.
16 min
Locked on Jets 7/27/17 Episode 210: Mailbag Rig...
A mailbag as training camp is set to begin.
19 min
Locked on Jets 7/26/17 Episode 209: Who Might N...
Who might fall short of expectations?
15 min
Locked on Jets 7/25/17 Episode 208: Three Up fo...
Predicting three who will exceed expectations in 2017.
14 min
Locked on Jets 7/21/17 Episode 207: Friday Mailbag
A mailbag before the weekend.
21 min
Locked on Jets 7/20/17 Episode 206: Mailbag Time
Escape the heat with another mailbag.
20 min
Locked on Jets 7/14/17 Episode 205: July Mailbag
A mailbag deep into summer.
19 min
Locked on Jets 7/12/17 Episode 204: NFL Media C...
Talking about sports media changes with Ken Fang.
25 min
Locked on Jets 7/11/17 Episode 203: Jets Histor...
A look at a great moment in franchise history.
20 min
Locked on Jets 6/30/17 Episode 202: Holiday Wee...
One last mailbag before the weekend.
18 min
Locked on Jets 6/29/17 Episode 201: Mailbag in ...
It's the NFL's quiet period. Let's do a mailbag.
20 min
Locked on Jets 6/27/17 Episode 200: Who Needs t...
Who do the Jets need to step up on the offensive side of the ball?
16 min
Locked on Jets 6/23/17 Episode 199: Summer Mailbag
A mailbag.
19 min
Locked on Jets 6/21/17 Episode 198: Jets Histor...
A look to the past.
19 min
Locked on Jets 6/19/17 Episode 197: Minicamp Cl...
We are in the quiet period of the NFL calendar.
17 min
Locked on Jets 6/16/17 Episode 196: Breaking Do...
Andrew Hershkowitz returns to the show to talk about the roster position by position.
61 min
Locked on Jets 6/15/17 Episode 195: Minicamp Ma...
We take a mailbag during minicamp.
24 min
Locked on Jets 6/14/17 Episode 194: Minicamp Be...
Minicamp gets going for the Jets.
14 min
Locked on Jets 6/13/17 Episode 193: Decker Cut ...
Eric Decker's time with the Jets ends as minicamp is ready to begin.
14 min
Locked on Jets 6/12/17 Episode 192: Threading t...
How does a fan cope with a desire for success and a high pick?
15 min
Locked on Jets 6/9/17 Episode 191: Mailbag to E...
A hectic week with the Jets comes to a close.
23 min
Locked on Jets 6/8/17 Episode 190: Mailbag Afte...
We turn to the mailbag in uncertain times.
29 min
Locked on Jets 6/7/17 Episode 189: The End of D...
A surprising day at Jets OTA's.
23 min
Locked on Jets 6/6/17 Episode 188: Defensive Po...
Where are the position battles on defense?
15 min
Locked on Jets 6/5/17 Episode 187: Offensive Po...
A brief look at some of the battles on offense.
14 min
Locked on Jets 6/2/17 Episode 186: Jets Trade P...
The Jets trade their safety.
32 min
Locked on Jets 6/1/17 Episode 185: June Mailbag
A Thursday mailbag
18 min
Locked on Jets 5/31/17 Episode 184: The Week at...
Another week of the offseason program.
17 min
Locked on Jets 5/30/17 Episode 183: The Value o...
Tanner Purdum is underappreciated.
15 min
Locked on Jets 5/26/17 Episode 182: Mailbag Bef...
One last mailbag before the long weekend.
20 min
Locked on Jets 5/25/17 Episode 181: May Mailbag
We mailbag as the long weekend approaches.
17 min
Locked on Jets 5/24/17 Episode 180: Day One of ...
Day one of OTA's was eventful.
14 min
Locked on Jets 5/23/17 Episode 179: Thoughts on...
It's getting late early for the former second rounder.
14 min
Locked on Jets 5/22/17 Episode 178: QB Thoughts
Some ponderings on the quarterback situation.
14 min
Locked on Jets 5/19/17 Episode 177: Mailbag Int...
A mailbag leads us to the weekend.
18 min
Locked on Jets 5/18/17 Episode 176: Mailbagging...
Another Thursday mailbag for your listening pleasure.
17 min
Locked on Jets 5/17/17 Episode 175: Who Needs a...
Who needs to step up on defense in the offseason?
15 min
Locked on Jets 5/16/17 Episode 174: Who Needs t...
Which offensive players need to do well in the offseason?
15 min
Locked on Jets 5/15/17 Episode 173: What Does t...
How will this defense look?
19 min