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Tony Wiggins has covered the Jaguars for 10 years combined as a Midday radio host on the Jaguars flagship station of the Jaguars' as well as an NFL analyst for First Coast news, the NBC and ABC affiliate of Jacksonville. T-Wigg , as he's known in the region, is a Jacksonville native who has watched and closely followed the team since it's inaugural season in 1995 and is as connected the the team and personifies the unique make up of the city that is known as DUUUUUVAL! From player relationships to being known by front office as someone who "does the work" required to make and develop opinions, he prides himself as having his finger on the pulse of the team as well as the fan base. From draft coverage, free agency signings, to contract disputes and negotiations, access to breaking information is just a speed dial away. This will be his second full season covering and delivering content for the Locked On Podcast network..

If drafting is like the stock market then your ...
What picks were the biggest ROI (return of investment) for the franchise
19 min
The formula picks have crushed the Jaguars in t...
Load up at the same position if you must, but get the best guys
37 min
Rumors are flying and folks are lying as the dr...
The NFL is king, but it risks over exposure as it creates more revenue
19 min
Where will the jaguars leadership come from thi...
This young tand inexperienced team will have much more to overcome due to Corona virus shut down.
21 min
Minshew is so important to the present and futu...
The 2010 All Decade team is out; more what if's there too
19 min
A lot of great memories the Jaguars have provid...
With vetting not as available, scouting is rightfully the main scope of evals. Good
20 min
Draft game: Using the Jaguars past to help the ...
Why we love and miss competition so much during the pandemic
20 min
Fans in Jacksonville are showing their teeth. A...
I wish the leadership in Jacksonville had the fight the fans have
22 min
Yannick Ngakoue is doing the right thing. Sorry...
Medi types who use the pandemic as a means of criticizing negotiations are lame to me.
20 min
Mock season is in full swing and the Jags can a...
Why fans equivocate athletes to ordinary people boggles me
20 min
A look at how scouts may be able to show their ...
A Jag legend is unfortunately in the news when he should not be
15 min
Live podcast with die hard Jags fans
It's an unbreakable love affair with Jaguars fans and the team
21 min
Jaguars sideline reporter Rick Ballou joined me...
What will the Jags season look like? Fans might be excited at the prospects
18 min
Fair or unfair, Gardner Minshew has so much mor...
Josh Allen may not have the kinda guys he's use to having around him
16 min
Shad steps up big to help Jacksonville
The Jaguars are ripe for an unexpected player to step up this year. Who?
17 min
A change in the approach to free agency was the...
A new approach to free agency might lead to better drafting
22 min
The Jags will have a familiar team to compare t...
So many folks wanted Matt Rhule to be the new coach here, but Doug didn't get fired
15 min
The Jaguars trade Nick Foles and get a 4th roun...
This solidifies Gardner Minshew as the starter for next season and fans are ecstatic
28 min
Joe Schobert is the new MIKE LB in Jacksonville
The Jaguars are adding players to a depleted defense in free agency
26 min
The best news of the day for Jags fans comes fr...
When and how the Jaguars can actually improve is a mystery
24 min
What's next for Jacksonville after the trade o...
The youth movement has officially begun for Jacksonville
19 min
Why this game means so much to me
A love story that is 45 years old
18 min
I'm not a Dr and won't pretend to be 1, but I d...
Could we really be preparing for sports without live fans?
17 min
The Jags have a need for speed and the fans hav...
What is the remedy for a bad off season? Exciting Play
19 min
Locked On NFL has completed it's initial Mock a...
Some rumors are making it around that free agents who the Jags might target will be gone
18 min
Social Media Monday as I answer fans questions ...
Listeners have questions about the team and I have the answers.
22 min
IS QB Gardner Minshew really that dude, or is h...
Improvement isn't enough because everyone does that in the off season
20 min
The Jaguars must be extremely honest with thems...
A look in the mirror and honest self evaluation is critical this off season
23 min
Another player is gone off the Defense and more...
The Jags are in rebuild but win now mode which is a bad mix.
24 min
I don't think Yan is posturing. I think he's gone
I don't believe #91 will ever suit up again for the Jags.
20 min
Post Combine edition: And now it gets real
Many explosive athletes in Indy, but none better than Henry Ruggs
23 min
Fans and media caring about players money too m...
Also a look into the silly side of player vetting
20 min
To spend or not to spend. how does either way a...
In any scenario, the Jags should keep Yan and extend him to reduce cap
22 min
WWWD.... "What Would Wigg Do" if I was in charg...
Drafting isn't an exact science, but some are good at it while oyhers are not.
21 min
A look at what has changed and more importantly...
A look inside the WR room and the key players
21 min
Pre- combine tidbits and game plan on how the J...
The draft NEVER goes as mocked. It still won't
29 min
The hunt for TE's, LB's, and RB's has begun for...
Why can't the Jags find a decent TE when other teams have multiple?
22 min
Episode measuring and comparing expectations be...
Realistic projections say entertainment will mean more than actual wins in 2020
23 min
Presidents Day edition, talking Jags and (NBA A...
Why are the Jags so afraid to make big changes?
17 min
Friday Finale of the Ultimate Division Crossove...
What are my predictions? you gotta listen to hear it
35 min
More Ultimate Crossover talk with our crew from...
Thursday is Jags day on Ultimate Crossover
38 min
The Ultimate division crossover continues as we...
Where do the Jags measure up in the division?
36 min
It's day 2 of the Ultimate Division Crossover. ...
We get the goods and info on the AFC South from the experts
36 min
The Ultimate Division Crossover Monday Starts t...
A round table look around the AFC South
25 min
Jags worst off season ever needs to get back to...
It would be nice if the team could get out of it's own way
24 min
The end of this misery is not near if the Jagua...
I've been blaming Dave Caldwell for Shad's problems
22 min
Shad speaks. But did he say anything to excite ...
Two games to be played in London in 2020 will have fans livid
24 min
Jags Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda drafted better
How looking back can actually help you look forward
23 min
Jags need to be bigger, faster, stronger and be...
Dave Caldwell is in a tough spot
23 min
Super Bowl week is here. How do Jags get there ...
Trenches, trenches, trenches. And a playmaker
23 min
FIRED UP FRIDAY Jaguars Edition
25 min
Go Big or Go Home Jags
The Jags can really add 3 or 4 starters in this years draft
23 min
Jags expected to name Jay Gruden as OC
Atleast the QB room fits Gruden's style for the sake of continuity
23 min
Keenan McCardell should get consideration as Ja...
The league's hiring criteria is a big mess
22 min
Fan Friday questions and draft talk are discussed
If the draft is luck only, then the Jags are too unlucky
25 min
Jags "Flip" the switch on coaching staff
Where do the Jags go from here
20 min
What would I do to fix the Jaguars?
The Jags need both infrastucture and Impact
25 min
Fournette had a great season, but 5th year opti...
No news yet on staff changes
21 min
Fan mail Friday is loaded on today's episode
What could the Jags possibly do to bring the fans back in the fold
27 min
New year, New decade (kinda), same coach and sa...
The fans are not happy that nothing has changed yet
18 min
New regimes being on a need for new patience
If there's one thing the Jags know about it is patience. They'll need it.
16 min
Shad Khan can't escape blame for the dysfunctio...
How many changes are coming? We'll know soon
24 min
Jags fans want complete over haul this off-season
Last game of the season is here for Jags
26 min
Coughlin-less Jags go to Atlanta to battle the ...
Several players can make statements this week
18 min
The Jaguars FIRE Tom Coughlin
NFLPA report of fines gives players rope to speak up
26 min
Crossover Wednesday with Locked on Falcons
Falcons host Jags on Sunday as both regimes try to show something
24 min
The disservice of Tom Coughlin to the Jaguars
The NFLPA releases an embarrassing statement about the Jags
23 min
Magic, Mania, and the end of the West coast curse
Gardner closes the show and the Coliseum
24 min
Thursday episode with First Coast News sports D...
What happened to this team?
22 min
Jaguars have a "Program" problem to fix
26 min
Cut the chord Tuesday for Jaguars
The only way it works moving forward is no ties to the past
24 min
The Jaguars are in that sunken place again
Philip Rivers toyed with Jacksonville on Sunday
23 min
Here is my reboot plan for the Jaguars
I wonder how Jags fans would feel about this group I've suggested they get?
25 min
How Dave Caldwell can save himself this off season
I would point to recent history if I'm Dave and blame Tom for everything
25 min
Back to the Mania we go as the Jags switch QB's
Amid speculation of changes that will come in the offseason the Jags make a decision that might salvage respect from fans
24 min
Jags fall to a new low in loss versus Tampa. Ga...
The Jags have all but assured the firing of most, if not all the front office.
23 min
Doug Marrone appears to have had it with Foles ...
Nick Foles sounds like he's running for president
27 min
It was all right in their face, but the Jags mi...
Missed opportunities this year and the years leading up to this mess
24 min
Jags play is insufferable and it should cost so...
The Jaguars should be ashamed of themselves after the poor effort Sunday.
26 min
Ugly loss could bring immediate changes for Jags
Pressure will surely play a role in Sunday's game. Who bursts?
25 min
Jags just need to win. Nobody cares if the play...
Heads could roll this weekend if this team lays an egg in Nashville
24 min
Wednesday Crossover with @TicTacTitans Behind e...
Jags head to Tennessee for another "biggest game of the year
28 min
Dim playoff hopes and questions about the futur...
Jacksonville will surely have to look ahead if Sunday doesn;t go well
24 min
Jags lose more than a game to Colts. They lost ...
The Jaguars may have sealed the fate of the current administration with that loss Sunday
23 min
Jags have at QB what many wanted Tim Tebow here...
How Jags must adjust to insure Foles success
20 min
Frequently asked questions about the Jags: NO!,...
Where do they get this stuff? It should be common sense
25 min
Fred Taylor deserves more Canton consideration
Market size plays a role in the way we see players, but it shouldn't
24 min
Jags get back to work in preparation for stretc...
Can Foles be magical down the stretch again?
23 min
Biggest game of the season....AGAIN comes next ...
What units passed or failed my grading system?
24 min
Foles named starter moving forward for Jaguars
It's a win now situation for Doug Marrone and his staff
24 min
Owner Shad Khan speaks his truth and fans go nuts
Fans will support winning. Not constant losing
25 min
Jags get bullied by banged up Texans
In one of the most disheartening losses, Jags show they aren't ready
25 min
This should not be a 1 game audition for Minshew
A win and THEN 2 weeks to decide what's best is the hope.
26 min
Gardner vs Deshaun and I answer fans questions
Minshew has an opportunity under pressure
26 min
Wednesday Crossover with Locked On Texans
Who will win the battle in Wembley?
24 min
Talking Jags in London and the state of the tea...
Off to London for the biggest game of the season
31 min
Sacksonville returns and Minshew keeps dealing ...
The Jaguars were hot from the starts against the Jets to get to .500
26 min
The fans chose the topics and I rolled THIS out!
I discuss everything fans want to know in this episode
26 min
Crossover Wednesday talking Jags and Jets
Another must win as the N.Y. Jets come to town
27 min
A look in the Midway Mirror. Who are the Jags?
Win Sunday and it's 4-4
24 min