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Tony Wiggins has covered the Jaguars for 10 years combined as a Midday radio host on the Jaguars flagship station of the Jaguars' as well as an NFL analyst for First Coast news, the NBC and ABC affiliate of Jacksonville. T-Wigg , as he's known in the region, is a Jacksonville native who has watched and closely followed the team since it's inaugural season in 1995 and is as connected the the team and personifies the unique make up of the city that is known as DUUUUUVAL! From player relationships to being known by front office as someone who "does the work" required to make and develop opinions, he prides himself as having his finger on the pulse of the team as well as the fan base. From draft coverage, free agency signings, to contract disputes and negotiations, access to breaking information is just a speed dial away. This will be his second full season covering and delivering content for the Locked On Podcast network..

Locked On Jaguars 11-14; NFL's Transition and B...
Texans game recap and Blake Bortles possibly being left behind by other young QB's.
17 min
Locked On Jaguars 11-11, Locked on Crossover Pt.2
Locked on Jaguars and Locked on Texans hosts Kerry Belkin and Robert Land discuss what the Jaguars have to do to beat the Texans on Sunday in Part 2 of this Locked on Crossover!
24 min
Locked on Jaguars 11-10 Locked On Crossover Pt. 1!
Locked on Jaguars joins up with Locked on Texans, hosts Kerry Belkin and Robert Land discuss key Jaguar storylines and how Houston can attack this Jaguars team to walk away with a win Sunday.
20 min
Locked On Jaguars 11-9 Houston Texans Mirror Ja...
Kerry Belkin discusses the Houston Texans and how they are the same team as the Jaguars, with a different W/L record
16 min
Locked On Jaguars 11-8 Jalen Ramsey DROY?
Kerry Belkin looks at the Jaguars turnover differential, starting punt returner problems, and Jalen Ramsey's chances at becoming the NFL's Defensive Rookie of the Year.
16 min
Locked On Jaguars 11-7 5 Biggest Takeaways From...
Kerry Belkin gives you his 5 biggest takeaways from the Jaguars loss to the Kansas City Chiefs
17 min
Locked On Jaguars 11-4 Kansas City Prediction
Tony Khan's recent comments to fans and predictions for the Kansas City game
17 min
Locked On Jaguars 11-3 Seth Harp Interview
Seth Harp discusses, Olson firing, what he expects from the new OC, Blake Bortles, and more!
26 min
Locked On Jaguars 11-2 - Malik Jackson Comments
Malik Jackosn comments, Yannick Ngakoue DROY, Jacksonville and the trade deadline
16 min
Locked On Jaguars 11-1 - What Changes With New OC?
Will anything change with new OC? Blake Bortles possibly playing for his future in Jax and Malik Jackson not performing to contract
15 min
Locked On Jaguars 10-31
Titans Thursday night game, Greg Olson gone, Blake Bortles
16 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-28 - Stats Don't Tell The ...
17 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-27 - Yannick Ngakoue Inter...
15 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-26 - Name 5 QBs worse than...
18 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-25 - HOT Takes? This Man S...
This man should man should be the next Jags head coach/GM. Hot takes? These two Jags players shouldn't go to Nashville, and how do the Jags match up against the Titans? #Jags #Titans
20 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-24 - Top 5 Takeaways, Marq...
25 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-21 - Raiders vs Jags score...
#Jags #Raiders
15 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-20 - Jags Ex Girl Friend, ...
Jags DT Roy Miller interview thanks to Seth Harp of "Harp on Sports" on Sports Radio 930. Jags ex girl friend Jack Del Rio, was it a mistake?
15 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-19 Is Blake Bortles A Fran...
#Jags #Jaguars
15 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-18 Top 3 Matchups, Jags Ne...
This is what the Jags need to do to beat the Raiders.
18 min
LOCKED on JAGUARS 10-17 Top 5 Takeaways from Ja...
New host Ben Freid shares his top 5 takeaways from the ugly Jags vs Bears game. #Duval #Jax #Jags
18 min
LOCKED ON JAGUARS - Sept. 6: Quarterly report
Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union gives his first-quarter report on the Jaguars' season.
23 min
Locked On Jaguars -- Sept. 27: Sense of urgency...
Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union breaks down the Jaguars in three segments: Gus Bradley mixes up the day-after-the-game team meeting, five key plays from loss to Baltimore and the reporter's notebook.
19 min
Locked On Jaguars - Sept. 26: Reviewing late lo...
Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union provides insider-type information after the Ravens loss, does five questions and answers and provides his reporter's notebook.
19 min
LOCKED ON JAGUARS - Sept. 23: Major injury news...
Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union has a three-segment podcast: Major injury news for the Jaguars, Friday Four Downs and a look at the Jaguars-Ravens match-up (with prediction).
22 min