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Tony Wiggins has covered the Jaguars for 10 years combined as a Midday radio host on the Jaguars flagship station of the Jaguars' as well as an NFL analyst for First Coast news, the NBC and ABC affiliate of Jacksonville. T-Wigg , as he's known in the region, is a Jacksonville native who has watched and closely followed the team since it's inaugural season in 1995 and is as connected the the team and personifies the unique make up of the city that is known as DUUUUUVAL! From player relationships to being known by front office as someone who "does the work" required to make and develop opinions, he prides himself as having his finger on the pulse of the team as well as the fan base. From draft coverage, free agency signings, to contract disputes and negotiations, access to breaking information is just a speed dial away. This will be his second full season covering and delivering content for the Locked On Podcast network..

Jags fans can't forget about the non football t...
Gameday will be that much more entertaining with a good team
25 min
The Jaguars having every move analyzed comes wi...
Travis Etienne got some work in rookie mini camp out wide
30 min
Hey Great coaches and legendary players. We lea...
After decades of being told 1 thing, we are now being expected to believe something else
26 min
Remembering and answering some big off-season q...
Why Walker Little's development is no little matter
25 min
The 2021 Schedule is out and the Jaguars fans c...
Let's break down the schedule in 3 parts and talk about match ups
26 min
Tim Tebow expected to sign with Jacksonville as...
The Jaguars bringing in a polarizing player to the fans during the best off season ever
35 min
Granny made me do it. Plus, Urban and Trevor cr...
The OL and Secondary will face challenges based on the 2021 schedule
30 min
Players who bring a quiet but needed confidence...
Marvin Jones is a professional pass catcher who will do wonders for the WR room
28 min
The Jaguars may be living on the edge with thei...
Josh Allen has to return to dominance and Chaisson has to arrive
28 min
Picking a touchdown scoring weapon at #25 was t...
If you like the player, where he was picked is irrelevant
32 min
Opinion: Impact doesn't mean a starter and sta...
The 2021 draft class will be important beyond Trevor Lawrence
28 min
The first Urban Meyer draft is complete. What w...
Speed and length matter ALOT to Urban Meyer
28 min
Day 1 0f the 2021 Draft is in the books/Trevor ...
Offense rules the day for the Jaguars
29 min
This is a day for the long suffering Jaguars fa...
Trevor Lawrence will change the course of this franchise forever
26 min
I want the Jaguars to draft in a way that doesn...
Draft the best players now and you won't regret it later
31 min
Understanding Urban Meyer speaking talent and v...
Enough with the infrastructure, get TD makers
36 min
What teams know that we don't/What would Wigg do?
Teams know info on players that determines fit
33 min
Jaguars: The Last weekend of what will be known...
Jacksonville has a new beginning on the horizon as the draft approaches
31 min
Please Jacksonville! Realize your need is the b...
A 1-15 team doesn't have the luxury of drafting like they're playing BINGO
31 min
Meyer and Baalke speak before the draft/ S Tari...
I identify the boogeymen and superherooes on the Jags roster
29 min
The Jaguars might move up or move down from the...
The day after draft board won't look like any mock, historically speaking
32 min
Let's make a deal for Kyle Pitts with Locked On...
Trevor fires back at critics as he should have
34 min
BONUS EPISODE: Ultimate Mock Draft 2021 Picks 1...
A sneak peek at the first episode of the Locked On Podcast Network and Audacy collaboration: The Ultimate Mock Draft 2021.
25 min
A look at the physical freaks in the draft and ...
The Jaguars could use guys who look and play like Tarzan to change games
31 min
The Jaguars can't force positions over talent i...
Filling holes is fine as long as the players are good
32 min
Trevor Lawrence has a non traditional view abou...
Franchise QB's are supposed to care about football more than anything, to some
31 min
HOF talk, 1st pick anxiety, and projecting grea...
The skeptics and critics need the draft to get here quick
34 min
Jaguars players who may say "Remember Me" when ...
With so many new parts, some are easily forgotten
24 min
The Jaguars Offensive Line is more favorable to...
What do the coaches see in the line that the novice eye cannot
24 min
The impact that the Jaguars signings make must ...
Signing for value may mean you only get value instead of surplus
25 min
The Jaguars and the Jets are in the same spot. ...
The Jaguars will have a team to measure itself against in the Jets
24 min
Fan submitted Mocks and guys I have a gut feeli...
Where the value is and where the Jags pick need to align
31 min
There is no such thing as Too Many Playmakers
Joe Marino of The Draft Network's Top 100 and where Jags picks fall
29 min
The Jags have wants and needs that may or may n...
We name some names and place priority on them here
29 min
Right and Wrong way to use Trevor Lawrence? May...
My past correct and incorrect draft hits and misses
29 min
Pro days heating up and Jag fans chests stickin...
Jags can go from worst to 1st in AFC South
29 min
The Jaguars need more guys who score touchdowns...
More speed and explosiveness at skill positions on offense should be on the menu
29 min
Urban Meyer speaks on Trevor Lawrence and leave...
Urbanseems very relaxed and confident about where the Jags are
30 min
Why I would not trade the farm for a TE regardl...
I ask the fans if they truly trust Urban yet
28 min
Trevor Lawrence is more than enough to make you...
Gardner might be finding a new home soon
30 min
2 big things the Jaguars have to be right about...
Jay Gruden spoke to Chris Russell briefly on Gardner Minshew
25 min
Appreciating RB James Robinson and Corbin Smith...
I give an explanation of a draft player compaparison
32 min
Looking at holes on the depth chart for the Jac...
The WR room is almost full. Examining where the team goes next
32 min
Urban Meyer talks Free Agency process and what ...
Adding more offensive weapons is a priority for Jacksonville
22 min
Did the Jags fill needs? Trevor Lawrence talk too
Expectations for Trevor can get unrealistic if you let them
29 min
Sighs of relief in Jacksonville as the Jaguars ...
Depth on the Defensive Line is the most notable change for the Jags
33 min
Mixed reviews from fans on Day 1 of the Jackson...
Fans expected more, the Jaguars attempted more, it didn't materialize
38 min
Jacksonville is hoping to get started early in ...
So far the Jaguars have missed on a couple of early targets
29 min
Last episode before the Free Agency tampering p...
A couple of extensions for some famliar names
28 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars hold all the cards whe...
The Jags might still have a surprise or 2 up their sleeve
28 min
Jacksonville Jaguars GM Trent Baalke speaks to...
Looking at free agents after the tag deadline
28 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars will Franchise tag OT ...
27 min
Urban Meyer speaks to John Oehser on Jaguars.co...
Coach Meyer reinforces things I've been saying on this podcast for 2 months
29 min
Jags looking at Zack Wilson isn't a bad thing
Collecting beasts should be alpha's only
28 min
3 big things being discussed about the Jacksonv...
Christian Barmore is good. Maybe too good to be there at 25
29 min
Why are fans content on keeping so many guys fr...
Change in players is inevitable if the team is going to improve
30 min
The George Warhop retention makes you wonder if...
Keeping the OL coach makes you believe they believe in him and his players
26 min
The mystery of the Jacksonville Jaguars plan is...
Alex Smith possibly becoming available is intriguing
28 min
Does patience have a place in Jacksonville Jagu...
Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence alone may cause pressure on themselves
26 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars new team trait: TOUGHNESS
We sometimes forget about the immeasuable part of sight evaluation
28 min
Discussing all things Jacksonville Jaguars with...
James Robinson might get a little help if we have a say
26 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars team building philosop...
Which guy in the draft room is gonna tell Urban to take need over talent?
33 min
MY Locked on Off Season Mock additions for The...
Talent gathering and team building in our attempt at greatness begins here
36 min
Man the QB Police need to stop it about Trevor
Here's the advice a scout told me: "don't over think it"
33 min
Team building Day 4: Do it like Baseball?
As we continue towards the draft, we can focus on Best Player Availaible
28 min
We add 3 more names to the Jags free agency haul
1 BIIIIG addition and 2 supplemental adds to this years Mock FA team
27 min
It's day #2 of our Mock Free Agency team build
The Jags add 2 more in our Mock free agency
27 min
Let's add free agents; News and Notes
Picking up a player on both sides of the ball for the Jags
24 min
Urban draws heat from a new hire, and Trevor wo...
We look at 1 draft prospect from both sides of the ball
28 min
We talk PROSPECTS and Left Tackle possibilities
PFF has Trevor Lawrence ranked as their top QB prospect of ERA
30 min
Everyone wants to know what the Jags staff is d...
I imagine they are setting a cultural and coaching foundation for winning
28 min
I don't see 1 thing wrong with thinking BIG! Yo...
The Jaguars are setting expectations very high for the future
29 min
A big Flex after the Big game and what it means...
The Jaguars should take a patiently aggressive approach to building
32 min
What the Jaguars and the fans can learn from th...
The Jags need to get greedy in the trenches
26 min
It takes time Jaguars fans. But it's coming
Imagine it's December and Shad didn't make wholesale changes. Scary?
32 min
Urban Meyer continues to build his staff
I can tell you there are more eyes than in the past
27 min
Leftwich is coaching for a title as the Jags Pi...
The first 1st round pick as QB is trying to get a different "chip" than we want Trevor to get
31 min
Mock Draft Monday: Let the fun start
The Jaguars get Lawrence and then a protector according to The Draft Network
32 min
Hey Houston, the answer is "NO" so stop asking!
The Jags are not interested in helping the Texans clean up their mess
33 min
Let's build a team, just don't say "YCFAG"
The time has come to team build for the Jags
37 min
Fans in Jacksonville are ecstatic. I'm joined b...
The Senior Bowl begins with Urban in control
31 min
Be excited. Be enthusiastic. Also, be patient i...
The work starts at the Senior Bowl for Urban Meyer
28 min
Championship weekend shows how far the Jaguars...
Trevor is obviously important, but much more is needed
28 min
Weekend talk about new Coordinators and FA's an...
Now we can see how the Jags wanna move
30 min
Shad, Urban, and Trent all speak together to th...
The word of the day is ALIGNMENT in Jacksonville
25 min
Trent Baalke takes over as GM for the Jaguars
The Jaguars keep a familiar face in the fold as GM
26 min
Urban Meyer continues to build his staff in Jac...
Raheem Morris is set to interview today for Defensive Coordinator position
25 min
It HAPPENED! The Jaguars hire Urban Meyer, I di...
The fans are excited and ecstatic to have a great leader
27 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars are set to hire Urban ...
One of the biggest days in Jaguars history is upon us
25 min
Hey, Urban! We're waiting. Wassup?
We discuss a "No" vote on a Jaguars real estate proposal
28 min
No word yet on a new coach or GM, but here's a ...
The task for the new Jaguars regime is set
26 min
The Jaguars have a good weekend as rivals fall
Fans wait with enthusiasm for an announcement on the new direction
30 min
Urban Meyer interviews today for the Jaguars HC...
The Houston Texans have a problem! No, we are not interested in a trade.
26 min
The direction and process to the hope of the ...
Here are some factors to the Jaguars search for GM and coach
27 min
The Jaguars must load up on weapons for the new QB
You can never have enough players who can score
27 min
Day 2 of the search continues as the names get Hot
Urban Meyer, Arthur Smith, Robert Saleh are candidates
27 min
The Jaguars clean house by firing Doug Marrone
Shad Khan wants a "fresh start for football operations"
27 min
New Year brings new beginning and new hope in J...
The Jags fans have suffered enough so now is the time for payoff
23 min
Let's talk team building and winning some cash
Betonline.ag is my prop bet source for this weekend
29 min
Minshew Mania is now an afterthought in Jackson...
How does Trevor Lawrence succeed without the trappings fame may bring?
26 min