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Tony Wiggins has covered the Jaguars for 10 years combined as a Midday radio host on the Jaguars flagship station of the Jaguars' as well as an NFL analyst for First Coast news, the NBC and ABC affiliate of Jacksonville. T-Wigg , as he's known in the region, is a Jacksonville native who has watched and closely followed the team since it's inaugural season in 1995 and is as connected the the team and personifies the unique make up of the city that is known as DUUUUUVAL! From player relationships to being known by front office as someone who "does the work" required to make and develop opinions, he prides himself as having his finger on the pulse of the team as well as the fan base. From draft coverage, free agency signings, to contract disputes and negotiations, access to breaking information is just a speed dial away. This will be his second full season covering and delivering content for the Locked On Podcast network..

The direction and process to the hope of the ...
Here are some factors to the Jaguars search for GM and coach
27 min
The Jaguars must load up on weapons for the new QB
You can never have enough players who can score
27 min
Day 2 of the search continues as the names get Hot
Urban Meyer, Arthur Smith, Robert Saleh are candidates
27 min
The Jaguars clean house by firing Doug Marrone
Shad Khan wants a "fresh start for football operations"
27 min
New Year brings new beginning and new hope in J...
The Jags fans have suffered enough so now is the time for payoff
23 min
Let's talk team building and winning some cash
Betonline.ag is my prop bet source for this weekend
29 min
Minshew Mania is now an afterthought in Jackson...
How does Trevor Lawrence succeed without the trappings fame may bring?
26 min
The Jags lose on the field, but won off it. Tre...
The Trevor Lawrence watch has begun in Jacksonville
25 min
It's Crossover Thursday with Locked On Bears an...
We play player or barber shop client on the crossover
35 min
The Jaguars begin their GM search with 3 interv...
ESPN analyst Louis Riddick is among the 1st to be interviewed in Jax
26 min
Jaguars fans want the team to do as they always...
The fanbase has suffered mightily for most of 2 decades
26 min
Despite 13 straight losses the Jaguars fans fel...
Trevor Lawrence is the Christmas gift the Jaguars fans want and need
27 min
I open the Christmas box to my why on the Podcast
A win over Baltimore would be a good gift for the fan base
26 min
Thursday Crossover with Locked On Ravens host K...
Lamar vs Minshew and Calais and Yan vs old friends
25 min
Make a wish Jag fans. Who ya want as coach
The Jags are expected to pursue the hot candidates. Here are some
24 min
Are you tired yet Jaguars fan? Then listen
The incompetence of the Jaguars organization is puzzling
25 min
Another loss and a scary report of Marrone poss...
Home sweet home for Yulee's own
26 min
The Jags have a chance for an upset that won't ...
A sweet win can make a bad year feel better
23 min
It's an emotional Crossover Thursday with the T...
The Rivals play Sunday with very little on the line for 1 team
30 min
The Jaguars and Other People's Problem's
Some teams just don't know how good they have it
24 min
Let's Play GM. Top 10 things you like
What type of coach do you hope for
29 min
Your Jaguars and your Jets (?) lose
@7-24 loss keeps the Jags at #2 spot in draft
28 min
Fan Friday weekend show with Jags vs Vikings Pr...
Compete, entertain, but do NOT win
26 min
It's Crossover Thursday with Luke Braun of Lock...
Yannick, Dalvin, and Cousins are discussed
30 min
A message to Jaguars fans: I respect you
The Jags need to speak with, not at the base
22 min
The Search for a new GM and what the Jags need
Real, hard nose football leadership
34 min
Dave Caldwell is fired as GM of the Jaguars
1 winning season in nearly 9 years was not cutting it
31 min
It's Crossover time with Jeff Lloyd of Locked O...
Baker Mayfield: Is he a franchise guy?
43 min
Fred Taylor and Tony Boselli are HOF semi-final...
Could the Jags make a familiar face the GM?
21 min
Reaction to Jaguars President Mark Lamping on s...
Where are the gains for the Jaguars fan investments?
29 min
The Jaguars fall to Pittsburgh to no ones surprise
DE Josh Allen injured his left knee and did not return
25 min
Jacksonville and Pittsburgh play Sunday in batt...
A couple of young Jags will miss time this week with soft tissue injuries
20 min
Crossover Thursday with Chris Carter of Locked ...
A good start is a must if the Jaguars will upset Pittsburgh
36 min
The Greatest moments in Jaguars/Steelers history
What the Jaguars need to do to be like Pittsburgh
24 min
The Jaguars team building woes have been center...
Keelan Cole is showing tremendous development this year
26 min
The Feisty Jaguars put up a fight in Green Bay
Jacksonville showed lots of pride and fight in a 24-20 loss
27 min
Friday Preview and we Pick at the Titans gettin...
Will Luton be too nervous in front of his idol?
22 min
It's Thursday Crossover with Peter Buckowski of...
2 teams with 2 different agendas play with 2 different outlooks
32 min
if Jags go 1-15 it'll set an all time low record
Jags need a long look at youngsters
24 min
The Jaguars should be embarrassed that their fa...
The Jaguars are currently #2 in 2021 draft order
27 min
It's Christmas in November for Jaguars fans
Not to go unnoticed the team avctually played a spirited game yesterday
26 min
FAN FRIDAY and a Look at QB hopes for 2021
A big name vet QB may be in the plan if the Jags win their way out of top 2
27 min
Thursday Crossover with Locked On Texans Hickma...
Can Luton stand tall against Watt and company?
37 min
Jacksonville is in better shape long term than ...
The battle for draft position this Sunday is important to Jacksonville
24 min
QB Jake Luton will get the start for the Jaguar...
Minshew not promised the job upon his return
24 min
Jags come back from bye with a QB competition
What are the fans who want Luton really looking to see?
25 min
A Bye week wish list for your Jaguars from T-Wigg
Jag fans can only hope for player development over wins at this point
23 min
Gardner Minshew and the fractured thumb
The coaches and trainers didn't know
22 min
Doug Marrone almost sounded like Prince "let's ...
The bye week; more talk about hard work and staying together
24 min
As the Jags struggle Veteran writer Gary Smits ...
AT 1-6 dou Marrone is ready to try some crazy "S***"
28 min
The Jaguars fall 39-29 to Herbert and the Charg...
The team heads into the bye week reeling with 6 straight losses
25 min
The inept team building has lead to the mess yo...
The fans are on "Do Not Resuscitate mode with the Jaguars
22 min
Thursday Crossover with Chargers and Jaguars ex...
young QB's with different future outlooks
33 min
Gruden has not featured D.J. Chark as he promis...
A familiar foe leads the LA defense Sunday
25 min
It's Time to take Inventory for the Jaguars Future
What is attractive about this team defensively?
26 min
The Jaguars lose to Detroit 34-16.The Owner ne...
Gardner Minshew is clearly a backup QB long term for Jacksonville
28 min
A win is needed for the fans to feel good for a day
24 min
Thursday Crossover with Matt Dery of Locked On ...
2 teams , same issues, 1 has to win on Sunday
27 min
Gardner Minshew: Already the Forgotten Man by f...
The stats suggest he deserves more respect but the eyes...
25 min
I think the Jaguars are in when OR ELSE mode!
At some point articulate explanations of losses don't work
26 min
The Jaguars find yet another way to get beat , ...
Despite big numbers Minshew shows he's not the answer
24 min
The Jaguars need to be down right offensive in ...
The defense just needs to make a play or two to help
22 min
Its a Thursday Crossover with the Texans
A fast start would help the Jaguars on Sundfay
36 min
The Jags have to avoid being an elixir for hurt...
The young defense must find a way to stop the Texans
22 min
OK. It's time to look at cleaning house for real
Abysmal losses the last 2 weeks have soured the fans
24 min
The Jaguars find a new way to get run over and...
The Jaguars can't muster up enough consistency to win Sunday
26 min
Preview Friday as the Jaguars head North
Myles Has been the Man this season
23 min
Crossover Thursday with the Bengals and James R...
Can Minshew outduel young Joe?
28 min
jaguars fans,Do yourself a favor: Don't look at...
what happenned and what needs to happen
25 min
Why can't Jaguars fans have nice things?
The WR core is legit in Jacksonville again
22 min
This week is a good time for a cat fight as the...
Once thought to be a gimme game, it no longer feels that way
25 min
The Jaguars start slow again and get thumped by...
Minshew was out Minshewed by Fitzmagic last nigt
26 min
Jaguars/Dolphins CROSSOVER on Gameday with Kyle...
We go behind enemy lines to find out intel on tonight's opponent
26 min
It's The Mustache vs The Beard Thursday in Jack...
I expect a blowout win at home for Jacksonville
24 min
The Dolphins are now the Focus on Thursday for ...
The idea is to win, but to do it in front of everyone is cool too
24 min
The Jaguars fall a little short in Nashville
Gardner Minshew shines again and continues to quiet the critics
26 min
It's the Friday before the Showdown in Nashvill...
Jimmy, Fred and Tony are all nominated for the Hall of Fame simultaneously
25 min
It's Crossover time with the Titans and Tyler R...
Rivalry week starts early as we discuss this Sunday's game
37 min
I see ya Myles Jack looking Strong at the Weak ...
Now the Jaguars must show how they handle travel and the bully
25 min
The Jaguars and Titans will duke it out for 1st...
Can the Jaguars make a statement agaainst a bitter rival and the rest of the league on Sunday?
26 min
The young Jacksonville Jaguars serve up a victo...
After a slow start the team settled down and CJ Henderson made some huge plays
26 min
Josh Allen Speaks; And a reason to have confide...
The fans are optimistic that they finally can get what they deserve from the Jaguars. We will see
24 min
It's Game week Jags/Colts Crossover Show w/ Eva...
Can Gardner Minshew out-duel Phillip Rivers and show that there's a new sheriff in town
33 min
Youth will be served as the 2020 Jaguars take t...
Predictions for the 2020 season are in and Jacksonville isn't high on my list
24 min
Its game week and the young Jaguars are ready t...
Who are the players worthy of early contract extension consideration?
18 min
It's Labor Day so it's only fitting that teams ...
The culture club is what this team will be known as if they keep talking about getting along instead of focusing on winning
29 min
The Turk is lurking as cutdowns begin so the Ja...
Ryqwell Armstead goes back on the Covid-19 reserve list making the Jaguars 1 RB short heading into game week
25 min
Ronnie gets traded up North as Fournette finds ...
Gardner Minshew says he was surprised by the move to trade Fournette but is excited about the young backs. Sound too much like Doug?
22 min
Theory: The Jacksonville Jaguars saw a blueprin...
Duplication and imitation doesn't work in the NFL.. It only leaves you a day late and a $ short
23 min
The Day after: I play devil's advocate and give...
Waiving Leonard Fournette is only the latest in a series of questionable moves followed by questionable choices
24 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars trade Yannick Ngakoue ...
The release of Fournette is scheme related as opposed to anything disciplinary according to sources
27 min
2 weeks away from game week preparation for the...
The Jaguars need to consider every option to fortify the defensive interior heading into the regular season
22 min
The Jaguars practice but it's clear that social...
Athletes around the world have reminded us that they've found their voice and have recognize their power and intend to use it.
24 min
The Jaguars have added pieces to improve. Newsf...
To think that other teams have just stood pat while the Jacksonville Jaguars have added new players and coaches is setting yourself up for disappointment
24 min
A Tuesday visit to Jacksonville Jaguars trainin...
WR Terry Godwin and CB Luq Barcoo made an impression as 2 young guys who could push for spots on the back of this years roster
23 min
CJ Henderson has pressure to be great, not good...
The offensive line may be exemplify the difference in expectations that perennial losing teams have. Being decent is not Good enough. You need to be great
24 min
Rookie Colin Johnson steals the show at Jaguars...
Mike Lombardi made an erroneous report of an impending trade of Yannick Ngakoue and has doubled down on his "knowledge" of it
24 min
The offense shows it's stuff against the defens...
The youth can serve as a positive glimpse for the future if viewed through the correct microscope..
23 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars might be searching for...
Shootouts will be the way for the Jags this year to keep the excitement if they can't win games
20 min
I went to Jaguars training Camp to see for myse...
Lavishka Shenault does not appear to be human!!! Dude seriously looks as if he was created in a lab.
20 min