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Tony Wiggins has covered the Jaguars for 10 years combined as a Midday radio host on the Jaguars flagship station of the Jaguars' as well as an NFL analyst for First Coast news, the NBC and ABC affiliate of Jacksonville. T-Wigg , as he's known in the region, is a Jacksonville native who has watched and closely followed the team since it's inaugural season in 1995 and is as connected the the team and personifies the unique make up of the city that is known as DUUUUUVAL! From player relationships to being known by front office as someone who "does the work" required to make and develop opinions, he prides himself as having his finger on the pulse of the team as well as the fan base. From draft coverage, free agency signings, to contract disputes and negotiations, access to breaking information is just a speed dial away. This will be his second full season covering and delivering content for the Locked On Podcast network..

Thursday Crossover with Jaguars & Titans loomin...
Tyler Rowland joined the show and we hashed out what is going wrong for both teams ahead of Sunday's matchup
33 min
What the Jaguars can learn about themselves dow...
If they win in the future, which current players will be around to help it happen?
28 min
A conversation between Shad and Urban, my version
There is only 1 good conclusion to this debacle and if you think otherwise, you are foolish
27 min
Urban Meyer is not the answer and Shad has to k...
The Jaguars fall to 2-10 and all is lost for the season and maybe beyond
26 min
The Jaguars will have to play "Catch Me If You ...
Free Agency comes first and Michael Gallup should be the target
33 min
Thursday crossover with my brother Sosa from Lo...
Can Urban Meyer and his Warriors pull off an upset?
26 min
Fans want the Irish to take Urban/ Getting WR h...
My Twitter poll is 50/50 on if fans would trade #3 pick for WR D.J. Metcalf
30 min
Urban Meyer hasn't changed a thing about the Ja...
I challenge anyone to show me what has improved under Meyer as coach
31 min
Black Friday Edition: Jaguars shopping spree
A look back at the suggestion that never happened about Kyle Pitts
27 min
It's Crossover Wednesday? Yep, with Aaron Freem...
It's the battle of "Atleast We Aren't That Bad", this Sunday
27 min
Jaguars fans have plenty to be thankful and 'th...
The fans in this city have a right to be optimistic even if they haven't been given a reason
24 min
The Jaguars got their 'chain snatched' by Deebo...
Urban Meyer has a long way to go to regain fan trust and belief
30 min
Is Trevor really struggling or is the lack of t...
Urban and his staff have to surround Trevor with the proper support if he's going to succeed
26 min
Q & A Thursday Crossover with Locked On 49ers
Thursday Crossover with the fellas Crocker and Peacock from Locked On 49ers
22 min
The Jaguars can prove real progression over the...
No reason to hear "tank" talk as the team looks to finish strong
30 min
Revisiting my comparison to the Jags and Jimmy ...
Can the Jaguars make the ascension that another dynasty did
25 min
The Jaguars must be willing to do whatever they can to get football players who can win every play
28 min
The Jaguars defense played the way they want to...
Hopefully the on field performance is the Jaguars true identity moving forward
26 min
The Jaguars going for 2 in a row in Naptown
Evan Sidery joins for a Colts Crossover and makes a bold prediction
26 min
Players that are the perfect fit for Jacksonvil...
A midseason look ahead at what "could be" for the Jaguars off season
27 min
Can the Jaguars get another win and build an id...
Sunday's game at Indy gives the Jaguars a chance to show they've changed
27 min
The Jaguars stun the Bills 9-6 behind Josh Alle...
Several unexpected players stood tall on defense to lead the Jaguars to their 2nd win of the season
27 min
To Claim or not to claim: OBJ
The Jaguars must get creative in getting talent on their roster
28 min
Thursday Crossover Previewing Bills vs Jags wit...
Can the Jaguars beat the Bills and duplicate their team building success?
36 min
The Bills really are "ALABAMA" as Urban will se...
Urban Meyer may look more like a bad hire this Sunday
28 min
Big Talk in the offseason dwarfed by little res...
The bad part about ruined expectations with the Jaguars is believing the people in charge can't fix it
30 min
The Jaguars fall to Seattle and create more que...
Urban Meyer seems to be out-classed as an NFL coach
32 min
The fans speak and expect a Jaguars win in a cl...
A loss, particularly a blow out loss, can be devastating for morale and fan belief
30 min
The Jaguars are picked to win by both sides in ...
The keys to victory and the things to avoid for the Jags and Seahawks
32 min
Josh Allen is looking like the Josh Allen we sa...
The 3rd year EDGE is living up to expectations this season
27 min
Urban finds a weapon in Jamal Agnew, also says ...
A win this Sunday could allow the team to identify their leaders and playmakers
26 min
Why I think this is the Jaguars most important ...
The season and the future will have a clear forecast after Sunday's game against Seattle
29 min
Jaguars team building part 2: RB positional value
The Jaguars have many areas to fortify , but RB is not 1 of them.
24 min
Wanna know the difference between team building...
Why folks won't leave Jacksonville alone in my opinion
27 min
Darrell Bevel might be getting more love in the...
The offensive coordinator of the Jaguars can "I told you so" better than anyone right now
30 min
The need for speed is real and should be addres...
The Jaguars have to add guys who can win and separate if Trevor Lawrence is ever maximized
30 min
The sweet taste of VICTORY! The JAGUARS WIN!
The Jacksonville Jaguars snap a 20 game losing streak, 23-20
31 min
Win or Lose on Sunday. the Jaguars will set the...
How the Jaguars play will have an impact on the way the team is viewed by fans
22 min
Crossover Thursday with Kyle Crabbs of Locked o...
The Jaguars head across the pond to face the Dolphins as both teams look to rebound from a slow start
30 min
Who the unheard from players are that can step ...
Urban Meyer needs to look to the rookies for help defensively
21 min
Progress Report: The Jaguars are suspect in too...
Trevor Lawrence, James Robinson , Jamal Agnew, Devon Hamilton, and Juwan Taylor have been positives
25 min
The Jaguars fall to 0-5 after a loss to the Titans
Tha t would be 20 in a row in the losing column for Jacksonville
30 min
Tony is predicting a victory over the arch riva...
Explained: What needs to go right/ What cannot go wrong in order for the Jags to win
20 min
It's Titans week and Tyler Rowland joins me for...
The Jaguars are primed to unite and win vs Tennessee Sunday
27 min
Urban had 1 job to do, now the players must ste...
How did Urban possibly screw up the best possible scenario a coach could ask for?
30 min
Urban will never lead the Jaguars to the promis...
Too many glaring holes in his make up and program for the NFL
28 min
The Jaguars fall to 0-4 after a close loss to t...
Close doesn't count so Urban Meyer says he was heartbroken after loss
29 min
Thursday Crossover with James Rapien of Locked ...
The Jaguars square off with the Bengals on Thursday Night Football
30 min
URBAN MEYER needs to have his finger on the pul...
Asking guys to do things they can't is a problem for the coach
28 min
The Jaguars trade CB CJ Henderson to Carolina
The trend of trading away talented but enigmatic players continues
30 min
The Jaguars lose to Arizona 31-19 despite a spi...
The running game came alive for Jacksonville before the call that changed the game happened
30 min
Can the Jaguars pull the upset of Arizona?
James Robinson should be run ragged Sunday if the Jaguars want a victory
21 min
It's Crossover Thursday with Locked On Arizona ...
The Jaguars hope to move into the win column in week 3
30 min
A lie doesn't care who tells it. Beware of numb...
The play on the field tells the Jaguars story best
29 min
If the Jaguars could do it over the offseason w...
Missteps in talent evaluation has set the team back
31 min
Jacksonville loses home opener 23-13 and falls ...
Denver was too much for the Jackonville Jaguars on Sunday
32 min
The Jags are hoping Home Sweet Hope helps get t...
A win on Sunday vs Denver gets team confidence back on track
23 min
Joined by Locked On Broncos to discuss Sunday's matchup
27 min
Moving on to week 2: Preventing self destructio...
What a victory could do for the Jags internally and externally
32 min
Urban Meyer must get his team ready amid rumore...
Game 2 will not wait for the Jags to figure things out
28 min
The Jaguars fall 37-21 in opener leaving many q...
Urban Meyer's team looked unprepared for the game in Houston
32 min
FINALLY! The Jaguars hope to be the problem for...
Game 1 of the Urban Meyer era is 2 days upon us
23 min
It's the opening week Ultimate Crossover with t...
What will the new look defenses look like on opening day in Houston as the Jags visit?
33 min
To Start or not to Start. The question is who, ...
Safety and SAM LB questions are being pondere,d and I answer them
27 min
It's Game Week and the Jaguars need things to h...
The time is now for certain players to show what they have for Jacksonville
21 min
The Last weekend before the 1st game of a new f...
Making something special happen for the Jaguars comes after turbulent times
25 min
The past may help us understand the rules of th...
Urban is a coach who believes in making it player 1st
29 min
Urban accidently stirs things up on Cut Down day
Not too many surprises as the team is pretty much what we expected
28 min
It's cutdown day in the NFL and the Jags might ...
Addition by subtraction and addition by addition this week foe some teams
29 min
Trevor Shines and a 53 man roster prediction
25 min
Finding trades that help the Jaguars before the...
Some are saying Trevor Lawrence looks like a bust. RIDICULOUS
24 min
Better now than later for a slap of Reality for...
The Jags have more time to face the truth of who they are after a slow start
22 min
Trevor Lawrence named the starter for the Jaguars
Travis Etienne to miss the entire 2021 season with a foot injury
26 min
The talk sounded better, but the play is more o...
Urban Meyer may now realize just how far off this team is
29 min
ITS GAMEDAY and we preview Jaguars vs Saints
Josh Allen will miss the game due to Reserve/Covid-19 protocols
27 min
It's almost impossible to keep the fans sky hig...
The injuries on the OL could be a blessing or a curse for Jags
25 min
There is no competition/Name T-Law the starter
Why it seems unfair to James Robinson to be a co-starter at RB
24 min
Can Urban impose his will on his staff?
Too much "same old NFL' way might haunt the 'new' Jags
21 min
Tim Tebow cut as the Jaguars trim their roster ...
The film and the tape answered a polarizing question about Tebow
23 min
The Jags fall in the first and only preseason ...
Urban Meyer didn't see what he wanted in his debut
27 min
1st Preseason game Preview of 2021: Jaguars hos...
The Jaguars trade MLB Joe Schobert to Pittsburgh for a late 2022 draft pick
21 min
Urban stirs the pot by NOT naming a starter at QB
Fans are scratching their head while the media thinks, "yeah, right"
22 min
WR's making plays & Chaisson turning the corner...
What is the rush for some to trade Gardner Minshew?
26 min
The threat of success brings alot of attention ...
The attention can help players past and present get overdue recognition
26 min
My thoughts on the CJ Henderson story: It isn't...
Urban Meyer has a way of doing things that isn't for everybody
30 min
The Jaguars prep for real action & Urban says n...
George Warhop has made the offensive line a probable strength of the Jaguars
22 min
News and Notes from an intense day at Jags trai...
Dawuane Smoot stays steady and it might lead to a starting spot
21 min
I review my visit to Jacksonville Jaguars train...
Player Profile: Roy Robertson Harris. A mountain of a human being
22 min
Good Morning Jaguars fans. It's pads and hittin...
Jacksonville Hero and Superfan Dilla of Bold City Pod joins me
23 min
Don't worry because I told you about days like ...
Trevor Lawrence had the much anticipated "struggle" practice today
23 min
Bevell Speaks & Another stellar day for QB1 in ...
It was inevitable that T Lawrence's talent eventually stood out
21 min
The Jaguars look totally different, and talk an...
Mark my words: The Jags aim to be the fist to someone's black eye
25 min
1st day of training camp edition. Let's Go!!!!
Things to look for and forward to as camp begins
25 min
Gardner Minshew says QB2 is not an option. And ...
The Jaguars need the Gardner mindset for competition at every position
23 min
Is good 'good enough' for Josh Allen and Juwan ...
Young returnees must step up for the success to come as planned
22 min
Jaguars fans can say goodbye to the "bad old days"
Success will bring both joy and bittersweet memories
25 min
Jaguars training camp primer: No RB trades please
How will Trevor Lawrence respond to heightened pressure during camp?
27 min
The Jaguars create an identity by getting playe...
A surprise choice as the #1 WR this year for the Jaguars
22 min
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp storylines P...
Looking for the next camp superstar like James Robinson? Me too
23 min
The Jaguars have too bright of a future to worr...
A new leader with a new vision and a heralded QB should be the focus
25 min