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Tony Wiggins has covered the Jaguars for 10 years combined as a Midday radio host on the Jaguars flagship station of the Jaguars' as well as an NFL analyst for First Coast news, the NBC and ABC affiliate of Jacksonville. T-Wigg , as he's known in the region, is a Jacksonville native who has watched and closely followed the team since it's inaugural season in 1995 and is as connected the the team and personifies the unique make up of the city that is known as DUUUUUVAL! From player relationships to being known by front office as someone who "does the work" required to make and develop opinions, he prides himself as having his finger on the pulse of the team as well as the fan base. From draft coverage, free agency signings, to contract disputes and negotiations, access to breaking information is just a speed dial away. This will be his second full season covering and delivering content for the Locked On Podcast network..

AFC South Off-season 'Best and Worst' Jacksonvi...
The Jaguars are no longer the bottom feeders for players and coaches in the division
22 min
A shift in Fantasy value means more to Jacksonv...
Winning comes first, but expecting production equates to expected improvement
30 min
Getting to know Jacksonville Jaguars newcomers ...
Jaguars minicamp includes rookies and players coming off injury
30 min
2022 has all the makings to be the Jacksonville...
Several things must happen for the Jacksonville Jaguars to maximize opportunities
26 min
Jacksonville Jaguars mini-camp injuries/ where ...
Assessing where the Jaguars can least afford attrition
25 min
Which past Jaguars I would add to this team to ...
The confidence I have in certain Jaguars units may be more than most
33 min
Tyson Campbell: Long , tall, physical, and quie...
The Jacksonville Jaguars secondary can be very good without flamboyance
23 min
The Jaguars have improved their physicality and...
The gap has closed on being out-manned in the AFC South
24 min
The Young & Untested Jacksonville Jaguars at OTA's
The defense looks bigger and haven't sacrificed speed to get that way
26 min
Trevor Lawrence will regain his shine in 2022
2021 was not good enough to quiet the Trevor Lawrence doubters
25 min
Jacksonville Jaguars: Culture change creates Wi...
Words don't mean anything without action and fans are tired of it
29 min
The Defensive Backs will have a big say in the ...
A single leader or a group approach can both work for the secondary
25 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars need THE OTHER"S to st...
Every good team has "Other Guys" and the Jaguars are no different
29 min
Things to watch for in Jaguars OTA's
Christian Kirk has to walk, talk, and BE the Alpha WR and it starts in camp
29 min
Travon Walker's freakish physical traits have c...
1 weekend at rookie minicamp changes folks perspective on No. 1 pick
25 min
The 2022 Jacksonville Jaguars schedule tells me...
Every game in the NFL is hard, but timing of the schedule does matter
22 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars invested in the Trench...
Addition by Retention and better coaching might elevate the OL in Jacksonville
21 min
Travis Etienne: If he returns to college form, ...
Doug Pederson's offense is made for a versatile RB like Travis Etienne
22 min
Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Mike...
What I believe makes Mike Caldwell good is his understanding of defense from inside out
27 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars BIG 5 needs to rival t...
Winning in Jacksonville will come down to how good your core stars are
26 min
Trevor Lawrence must show real growth if the Ja...
The team will only go as far as Trevor Lawrence takes them
23 min
Where the Jacksonville Jaguars are most vulnerable
Some vulnerabilities are inevitable in terms of familiarity and cohesion, but a plan is still needed
26 min
The new MAN IN THE MIDDLE might bring back memo...
From Eddie Robinson to Mike Peterson, Darryl Smith, and Paul Pozlusny the Jags haven't had a Mike in a while
25 min
BONUS EPISODE: The Jaguars answered all our que...
A re-draft exercise yielded a couple players fans wanted
20 min
The Jaguars complete the 2022 Draft with 7 new ...
Some believe the Jaguars didn't do enough this off season
31 min