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Tony Wiggins has covered the Jaguars for 10 years combined as a Midday radio host on the Jaguars flagship station of the Jaguars' as well as an NFL analyst for First Coast news, the NBC and ABC affiliate of Jacksonville. T-Wigg , as he's known in the region, is a Jacksonville native who has watched and closely followed the team since it's inaugural season in 1995 and is as connected the the team and personifies the unique make up of the city that is known as DUUUUUVAL! From player relationships to being known by front office as someone who "does the work" required to make and develop opinions, he prides himself as having his finger on the pulse of the team as well as the fan base. From draft coverage, free agency signings, to contract disputes and negotiations, access to breaking information is just a speed dial away. This will be his second full season covering and delivering content for the Locked On Podcast network..

The Jacksonville Jaguars hope to keep rolling v...
Lions at Jaguars will feature 2 "play hard" teams who've lost close games
25 min
VICTORY MONDAY: The most memorable moments of J...
Sunday's win was one for the ages for the Jacksonville Jaguars fans
25 min
POSTCAST: Trevor Lawrence grows up in time to b...
Zay Jones and J'Mychal Hasty showed up and stepped up to help the Jags get a w
16 min
Biggest keys to victory and matchups vs Ravens
Stopping Lamar Jackson is the obvious key to victory
31 min
Writing a victorious script for Jacksonville Ja...
Jamal Agnew is someone who comes to mind as a key to win
21 min
Will Chad Muma see more time at LB? If so, wha...
The Jacksonville Jaguars need something to spark the defense
23 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars can ground the Ravens ...
The mercurial QB Lamar Jackson for Baltimore is the beginning and the end for Ravens success
24 min
What the Jaguars need to see from Trevor Lawren...
the last 2 games have been a sign that Trevor Lawrence has turned the corner
24 min
Taking Inventory of the Jacksonville Jaguars sk...
Playmakers are in uniform and waiting to put 1 on at skill positions in Jacksonville
24 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive trenches are...
If the offensive line is good sometimes, is it good at all.
22 min
Jaguars Team Inventory Part 2: Backers and DB's
The back end of the Jaguars D has some good pieces
28 min
At 3-7 it's time to take Inventory for the futu...
With a bye week coming up, the Jaguars have to prep for a strong finish
29 min
POSTCAST: The Jacksonville Jaguars have little ...
Aggression doesn't lead to points early for Doug Pederson
17 min
Jacksonville Jaguars have a "Heat Check" game a...
Pulling an upset over the Chiefs changes everything for Jacksonville
25 min
CROSSOVER: A preview of the biggest story lines...
The Jaguars can have a franchise changing win vs KC on Sunday
24 min
What chance do the Jacksonville Jaguars have to...
There is a formula for a Jaguars victory in KC
24 min
How the Jaguars won and what it means moving fo...
The Jaguars improve to 3-6 with hopes of making a late season push
22 min
POSTCAST: The Jacksonville Jaguars figured it ...
After falling behind 17-0 the Jaguars came back and held off Oakland
15 min
How the Jacksonville Jaguars losing streak can ...
A look at each player, unit, and situation needed to end losing streak
23 min
Crossover: Biggest matchups, Storylines, and Pr...
Derek Carr vs Trevor Lawrence: Are they 1 in the same?
25 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars traded for Calvin Ridl...
The trade deadline came and went without immediate help acquired
31 min
Jacksonville Jaguars being held back mistakes ...
Is Trevor Lawrence the new Jameis Winston?
28 min
POSTCAST: The Jacksonville Jaguars are ELITE at...
The Jaguars need to start with GM Trent Baalke being let go
14 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars must grab a victory in...
Close calls and almost doesn't count as wins for Jaguars
19 min
Biggest Storylines and key matchups Jacksonvill...
The Jaguars head to London hoping to break losing streak
23 min
The Jaguars best players must lead them moving ...
The only way the losing stops is the best players playing like it
25 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars prove to fans it's bus...
RB James Robinson traded to the Jets for a 3rd day draft pick
27 min
Hear me out: The Jacksonville Jaguars are close...
It's clear: The Jaguars are just not that good this year
25 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars can't get out of their...
Doug Pederson must explain untimely point-chasing
13 min
How the Jaguars can beat NYG and potential trad...
Stopping Saquan Barkley is the 1st priority for the Jaguars defense
31 min
The Jaguars have a Giant task on Sunday to beat NY
Patricia Traina of Locked On Giants joined to discuss Sundays Giants @ Jaguars contest
28 min
A really complete TE would mask Jacksonville Ja...
The Jaguars need a TE that's a staple and strength of Doug Pederson offenses
30 min
Who are the 2022 Jacksonville Jaguars so far?
Jacksonville still plays and feels like a team searching for an identity
27 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars fall to 2-4, but fall ...
The Jaguars Defense lays a dud and can't hold off Matt Ryan and the Colts 34-27
33 min
Predictions and Outlook for the Jacksonville Ja...
AN ugly win will suffice for Jaguars fans
25 min
Biggest Storylines and Key Matchups Jacksonvill...
Score Prediction for the Jaguars visit to Indy to face the Colts
21 min
Patience is required for the Jacksonville Jagua...
It's much too early to leap to conclusions, good or bad
27 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars: To Run or Pass is bec...
Doug Pederson thinks everyone needs to relax concerning Trevor Lawrence
23 min
What is wrong with Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trev...
Doug Pederson should not have to change play calling for his QB
29 min
POSTCAST: Jags lose a clunker to the Houston Te...
17 min
A road map for the Jacksonville Jaguars to get ...
What the Jaguars need to do/not do to get a victory Sunday
25 min
Jacksonville Jaguars Biggest Matchups and Keys ...
Crossover with Locked on Texans and we give score predictions
30 min
The Jaguars are in position to take another ste...
After years of being at the bottom the Jaguars can show separation Sunday at home
26 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars will be tested in the ...
Teams are copycat clubs in the NFL and will now test the Jaguars based on week 4
26 min
After a 29-21 loss to the Eagles the Jacksonvi...
Doug Pederson is who he is as a play caller, win or lose
23 min
Trevor Lawrence must be better if the Jaguars hope to grow
16 min
What a win in Philadelphia would mean for the J...
While they'll play to win, how the Jaguars compete will take them a long way
25 min
CROSSOVER THURSDAY: Matchups and biggest keys t...
Jaguars 24 Philly 16 is my score prediction for Sunday
27 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars Secondary will face a ...
A good pass rush by the front four will help the cause of the DB's on Sunday for Jacksonville
22 min
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Philadelphia Eagles is b...
Doug Pederson returns to the place he brought a title in Philly
25 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars won 38-10 and played l...
Jaguars players and coaches seem to be the least surprised by their start to 2022
29 min
POSTCAST: The Jacksonville Jaguars have a domin...
West Coast Jinx? The Jaguars thought differently
14 min
Jacksonville Jaguars Keys to a road victory in ...
2 things the Jaguars must do and avoid to win Sunday
21 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars have a major opportuni...
A win on the road against a talented team will help Jacksonville's long-term development
27 min
How the Jacksonville Jaguars can win their 2nd ...
Who the key players need to be in L.A. for a win
24 min
What the Jacksonville Jaguars can do to win the...
Doug Pederson gives the Jaguars thier only clear advantage for Sunday
23 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars may have grown up in W...
Trevor Lawrence quiets his critics with efficiency in week 2 shutout
28 min
POSTCAST: The Jacksonville Jaguars win a "Bluep...
Trevor Lawrence was super accurate, patient and efficient in the home opening win.
11 min
What to watch for as the Jacksonville Jaguars p...
Trevor Lawrence can put to rest some of the doubts with a stellar performance
24 min
What do the Jacksonville Jaguars have to do to...
Locked on Jaguars and Locked On Colts Crossover score predictions
23 min
Why RB James Robinson in important to the Jacks...
3rd year RB James Robinson has once again Proven his value
22 min
Why are so many starting to doubt Trevor Lawrence?
Trevor Lawrence must improve but some criticism is over the top
30 min
Jacksonville Jaguars week 1 recap: Things that ...
Penalties at the worst time, and open field tackling were killers
25 min
POSTCAST: The Jacksonville Jaguars rally but lo...
Trevor Lawrence throws a late INT as the Jaguars fall to Washington 28-22
12 min
Preview of Jacksonville Jaguars @ Washingtom Co...
What we need to see and Learn in Week 1 for the Jacksonville Jaguars
24 min
Week 1 Crossover With Locked On Commanders host...
Biggest Story, Key Matchups, and Score prediction Jaguars @ Washington
25 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars are in an unfamiliar p...
Jacksonville is rising after being use to being at the bottom
29 min
Key to Jacksonville Jaguars 2022: Winning on 1s...
The Jacksonville Jaguars must play with the lead in 2022
31 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars appear to be thin at D...
The Jaguars choosing to go light in the trenches is baffling
22 min
Jacksonville Jaguars path to the AFC South titl...
The Jaguars may need some help, but they can win the division
22 min
Jacksonville Jaguars biggest Keys, Concerns, an...
The weird feeling of a real fighting chance and why Jaguars fans have it
24 min
The 2022 Jacksonville Jaguars initial 53 man ro...
Why cutting players like DT Jay Tufele is a practice that needs to end
28 min
Jacksonville Jaguars Players who made strong ca...
Very few spots are up for grabs as the opener 2022 season looms
27 min
Preseason Finale: Roster spots on the line and ...
Most spots on the Jaguars roster are settled, but a few are up for grabs
23 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars on the verge of bein...
James Robinson and Devin Lloyd get more work leading up to opener
27 min
The Jaguars hope to find a solution at Kicker b...
Jacksonville trades for offensive line depth less than 3 weeks from opener
25 min
Taking a swing at the Jacksonville Jaguars 53 ...
After the 16-15 loss to Pittsburgh, the 0-3 Jaguars should know who the 53 are
28 min
Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers Ga...
Game 3 of the preseason is the most important for the Jaguars
23 min
2022 Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Surprises
Several players on both sides of the ball have unexpectedly stood out
24 min
James Robinson takes a big step towards a return
James Robinson is a forgotten man to some. Not me
26 min
Jacksonville Jaguars Confidence Levels by unit:...
Some units must still grow during the season for the Jaguars to rise up
26 min
Jaguars hot start not enough as they fall to th...
The Jaguars starting units got off to a 13-0 lead before losing to Cleveland
25 min
Jacksonville Jaguars to play starters vs Browns...
A couple series to make an impression for the fans
18 min
What to expect from Preseason Game #2
The Jaguars will play the starters for a couple of series
22 min
Trevor Lawrence Has Even the Naysayers Switchin...
2nd year Jaguars QB can finally grow by focusing on football and teammates
23 min
Jacksonville Jaguars Camp 2022 just got more ph...
As Preseason game 2 approached the Jags bring the pain in practice
25 min
Jaguars Fall Short to Raiders in Preseason Opener
Trouble moving on Offense and stopping screens doomed Jacksonville vs Oakland
30 min
The 1st Preseason game is here, and we have you...
Game 1 is very important logistically for a new staff in Jacksonville
25 min
Walker Little fighting for Right tackle job in...
Travis Etienne and Trevor Lawrence will not play in HOF game
24 min
Christian Kirk can have a big year as a #1 (for...
The Jaguars should still hope for a true #1 down the line
27 min
The Jaguars best players shine as the pads go on
Travon Walker looks the part as physical play starts
26 min
Jaguars in Pads: Physicality will tell the real...
The best will separate itself as the Jacksonville Jaguars put pads on
29 min
A Dynamic Duo Is Forming at EDGE for The Jackso...
Josh Allen and Travon Walker have become inseparable so far in Training Camp
23 min
I thought the Jaguars were most vulnerable at T...
The Defensive Backs aa a group and TE Evan Ingram had a day at camp
28 min
Jacksonville Jaguars leaders step to the front ...
Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell takes command at the podium and doesn't reveal much
19 min
2022 Training Camp Day 1 News & Notes
Rookie LB Devin Lloyd tweaked a hamstring during conditioning on the eve of camp
29 min
2022 Jaguars: How much better does "improved" a...
The Jacksonville Jaguars have ground to make up on other teams
27 min
Andre Cisco primed to lead the Secondary in 2022
After not being used much, that will change in 2022 for Andre Cisco
24 min
Trevor Lawrence and friends go on a work-cation
Trevor Lawrence went to the Caribbean with anyone who'll catch his passes
23 min
The Jacksonville Jaguars have reasons for legit...
Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars have history on their side to being weary
28 min