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LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/17/17 - Hornets flame out...
The Charlotte Hornets ended their road trip winless witha a loss to a red-hot Boston Celtic team led by Isaiah Thomas who showed why he may get plenty of coach and media love for All-Star starter. PLUS we read one of the best emails we've ever received.
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/13/17 - Should Hornets fa...
We have a preview of the Charlotte Hornets game against the Philadelphia 76ers tonight. PLUS we update you on the All Star game vote tally. Did Kemba Walker get a boost?
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 1/12/17 - Kemba Walker...
ICYMI: Locked on Hornets Live from Tuesday. Join us on Youtube every Tuesday at 6pm for NBA and Hornets talk with David Walker, Justin Thomas and Doug Branson. Youtube.com/lockedonhornets
59 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/11/17 - Another horseshoe...
The Hornets with another comeback that falls just short. We go in-depth on the final run and the few plays that decided Wednesday's game against the Houston Rockets.
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/10/17 - Can the Hornets s...
The Hornets have struggled to defend the three point line. Some of those struggles are inherent because of the way they defend the paint. The Rockets are hitting threes at a prolific rate. We're frightened.
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/9/17 - Are the Hornets bu...
We recap Saturday's smackdown in San Antonio. PLUS our midseason report for Locked on NBA. Are the Hornets buyers or sellers in this year's trade market?
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/6/17 - Belinelli can't be...
It's all about defense. The Charlotte Hornets again struggle to guard and lose a heartbreaker to the Detroit Pistons. We breakdown the final few possessions.
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/5/17 - Hornets show some ...
The Charlotte Hornets get the win over the Oklahoma City Thunder and somehow keep Russell Westbrook from getting a triple double. We discuss what led to the win and what they'll need to carry over tonight against the Detroit Pistons.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 1/4/17 - Hornets Panic...
ICYMI Locked on Hornets Live with special guest host @Calamity_James. Make sure to subscribe on youtube.com/lockedonhornets to catch our show live Tuesdays at 6pm and chat with us about the Hornets.
61 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/3/17 - Hornets defense ge...
The Hornets lose to the Chicago Bulls 118-111 without Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade in the lineup. With the offense humming the Hornets are letting games slip away on defense. Is a roster shakeup in order?
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/2/17 - What are the Horne...
We recap the Cavaliers game and preview tonight's matchup against the Chicago Bulls. Plus as the sun rises on a new year, what do the Charlotte Hornets need in 2017 to be a threat in the Eastern Conference playoffs?
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/30/16 - The secret to Ni...
Nicolas Batum is having an amazing five game stretch and he let everyone in on the reason he's been more aggressive and more successful. PLUS we go over what we've learned about the Hornets in 2016.
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/29/16 - Have teams figur...
The Charlotte Hornets blowout the Orlando Magic 120-101 but after allowing almost 60% shooting in the first half Doug has a question..."Have teams figured the Hornets out defensively?"
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/28/16 - Magic Crossover ...
Get set for tonight's matchup with the Orlando Magic with this preview podcast and enjoy some discussion of the Hornets' team building philosophy.
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/27/16 - Where's the defe...
Randy Foye's buzzer beater shocks the Hornets but who will provide the wake up call? PLUS an awesomely strategic letter from Santa courtesy of Hornets announcer Stephanie Ready.
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/22/16 - Bulls preview + ...
The Chicago Bulls ride into town on Friday night fresh off a loss to the Washington Wizards. The Bulls share some striking statistical similarities to the Hornets, are they also as inconsistent?
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/21/16 - Lakers Recap + L...
What...just...happened. The Charlotte Hornets win an absolute thriller in Uptown against a young, athletic and hot shooting Los Angeles Lakers team. We recap an historic Kemba Walker performance, a fiery speech by Steve Clifford and a 3rd quarter comeb...
53 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/20/16 - Lakers Preview +...
The Charlotte Hornets finally return home and look to keep things on track versus the Los Angeles Lakers. Plus we discuss big changes to the way the All Star team is selected and ESPN has new projections and probabilities for the Hornets.
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/19/16 - Are the Hornets ...
We recap a fun game in Atlanta that saved the Hornets most recent road trip from being a complete disaster. Plus, Marco Belinelli continues to go out there and get buckets. We dive into the stats.
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/16/16 - Can the Hornets ...
The Charlotte Hornets have gone from trying to have a strong road trip to just trying to get one win in this brutal five game stretch. Tonight they face a Celtics team that will be getting their star PG, Isaiah Thomas back into the lineup.
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/15/16 - Steve Clifford i...
Coach Clifford lets loose on his team's lack of physicality in a loss to the Washington Wizards. Plus we discuss implications of the reported new CBA deal and the controversy over LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love all skipping a game in Memphis.
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 12/14/16 - Naughty or ...
You can watch Locked on Hornets Live every Tuesday at 6pm on youtube.com/lockedonhornets
61 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/13/16 - What do the Horn...
The Charlotte Hornets drop their second straight road game of their five game trip to the Indiana Pacers, a team they beat this season by 22 points. Did a late game strategy call sink the Hornets chances of winning this game or do the problems run deeper?
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/12/16 - Why is MKG being...
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist may be one of the Charlotte Hornets best lockdown defenders but he's not the player they look to in crunch time. Plus, we discuss our thoughts on the win over the Orlando Magic and the loss to LeBron James...errr...the Cleveland ...
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/9/16 - Magic preview + D...
The Charlotte Hornets take on the Orlando Magic tonight. The Magic have struggled a bit out of the gate despite adding several pieces to their starting lineup. The Hornets really need this victory as they head into a brutal road stretch over the next w...
32 min