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Hive Talk Live Stinger: Adam Chin, BaselineBuzz...
We talk Hornets offseason aspirations and tough choices with Adam Chin of Baseline Buzz. Plus we get into a lot of philosophical talk about what it means to control one's own destiny in the NBA, whether that be winning championships or choosing whether...
54 min
Charlotte Hornets Season Finale Ends on a Cliff...
The Charlotte Hornets end their season falling on their faces in Game 7. Should Hornets fans be disappointed or proud of this Hornets team? Is it possible to be both? Now, the offseason looms and it opens the doors for Charlotte to attempt to bring bac...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Friday, 4-29-16
On this alarm...Could MKG return to the Hornets if they make the Conference Finals...will Game 6 be another low scoring, close game or will both offenses find their groove?
18 min
ESPN.com's Justin Verrier on A Closer Walk with...
On the boards, on defense and beyond the three point line, Courtney Lee did it all in the closing minutes of Game 5 on Wednesday night to put the Charlotte Hornets one game away from the series win they covet. Hive Talk Live PLUS Justin Verrier is co...
76 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Thursday, 4-28-16
On this alarm...Do you even need an alarm after that game?! One of the most exciting endings in Hornets playoff history goes Charlotte's way. Our analysis of the many great storylines from this instant NBA Playoffs classic.
23 min
Bonus Pod: Guest, Leigh Ellis from The Starters...
Leigh Ellis, co-host of The Starters on NBATV and wildly popular The Drop podcast, stops by to drop some analysis of this series and the playoffs at large.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Wednesday, 4-27-16
On this alarm...Nic Batum injury update....MJ releases a statement on HB2...the Hornets are having success getting to the line. What does that do for their game and will it carry over to Game 5?
17 min
Charlotte Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: Hornets...
Games 3 and 4 were dramatically different in score and style and that played right into the hands of the Charlotte Hornets. They used aggressive rim attacks and opportunistic defense to counter the adjustments the Miami Heat made to take away the three...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-26-16
On this alarm...the Hornets scratch and claw their way back into this series. How did they do it and is it something they can pack with them as they head back to Miami.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-25-16
On this alarm...the Hornets get a historic playoff victory, can they make it two and climb back into this series with the Heat...plus another game of Over/Under.
19 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-22-16
On this alarm...UPDATE on Nic Batum's injury and status for this series...we play Over/Under game 3 edition.
19 min
Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: To make adjustmen...
Game 2 left me sitting on the couch staring blankly at the television. I reached over for my laptop and silently wiki'd "Nihilism." Yep. That's the philosophy I was thinking of. The Hornets played with more aggressiveness, more intensity, somewhat bet...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-21-16
On this alarm...the Hornets lose game two 115-103 and possibly lost one of the key members of their offense in the process. How has Miami been able to take away the Hornets' ability to shoot three pointers and how has that trickled down into the rest o...
19 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-20-16
On this alarm...our interview with Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer recapping game 1 and previewing game 2. What adjustments will the Charlotte Hornets make to even this first round series.  
13 min
Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: Guest, Jonathan J...
Shocking. Appalling. For the love of Luol that's holy! The Charlotte Hornets get blitzed in Miami and we're here to try and diagnose the murder. Jonathan Jones, writer for the Charlotte Observer, is in Miami covering the series and he joins us with an ...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-19-16
On this alarm...the Hornets announce their home game promotions...can the Hornets bounce back in game 2...should the Hornets stay aggressive on defense or cool the jets?
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-18-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get torched in Miami, what went wrong...should Steve Clifford make a change...more 2016 NBA playoffs analysis.
18 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-15-16
On this alarm...news on the 2017 All Star game front plus we team up with Queen City Hoops for a Charlotte Hornets playoff edition of their 5 on 5.
20 min
Charlotte Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1 Primer w...
Familiarity can breed contempt and angst but it can also breed great basketball. The Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat have played each other four times this season. Three out of the four were extremely close contests with big rallies by each team. One ...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-14-16
On this alarm...the Hornets end the season with a win and know their playoff matchup and schedule.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-13-16
On this alarm...Charlotte Hornets playoffs scenarios...Hornets score a big win heading into the playoffs and a word on The Werm, Tom Werme.
17 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-11-16
On this alarm...the Hornets seem to get back on track but after a devastating loss in Washington there's still work to do in the final week of the regular season.
16 min
Kemba Walker's campaign heats up the Charlotte ...
Despite nearly turning over half the team and adding two new starters to the rotation, no one has been more important to the success of the Charlotte Hornets this year than Kemba Walker. He's the focus of another clever campaign by the Charlotte Hornet...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-7-16
On this alarm...Steve Clifford doesn't want them to play like the "old Charlotte Hornets" so Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson decided to play like the 2013-14 Bobcats...  
15 min
Inside the Locker Room: Prep to Pro
We take you inside the locker room and get the opinions of Al Jefferson, Frank Kaminsky and Marvin Williams on what it takes to make the transition into professional basketball and whether or not someone should be able to make the leap directly out of ...
6 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-6-16
On this alarm...the Hornets lose to the Raptors and the story of the game feels all too familiar to hardcore Hornets fans.
10 min
Full Interview with Jonathan Abrams, author of ...
The 1996 NBA Draft, Kobe Byrant, Kwame Brown, Big Al Jefferson...the Hornets organization will always be linked to the era between 1995 and 2005 when going straight from high school to the NBA was the thing to do. We talk to Jonathan Abrams, author of ...
20 min
Guest Jonathan Abrams, author of Boys Among Men
There was no rule against it but, with rare exceptions, high school players just weren't taken in the NBA draft. Then 1995 happened, Kevin Garnett exploded onto the scene and for the next ten years prep stars invaded late June. It only lasted a decade ...
59 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-5-16
On this alarm...the shocking finish in Houston and what Hornets owner Michael Jordan had to say to the Tar Heels after the game...the Hornets face another tough road test in Toronto tonight.
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-4-16
On this alarm...Hornets lose to the Cavs and an injury to Nic Batum now looms large.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-1-16
On this alarm...the Hornets are moving up the standings and it's thanks in-part to a former Hornet. Doug explains why he thinks this roster gets along so darn well.
14 min
The Charlotte Hornets Newfound Road-Savvy Will ...
The Charlotte Hornets have used the month of March to refocus their efforts away from Time Warner Cable Arena. If you ask players and coaches they will tell you, winning on the road isn't an exact science...it's closer to an art form. It take a special...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-31-16
On this alarm....the Charlotte Hornets get some help from the Hawks and Heat in their quest for higher playoff seeding...Patrick Ewing, the next New York Knicks coach? It could happen.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-30-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get the victory over a hapless Philadelphia Sixers team...the NBA responds to Atlanta's All Star shenanigans.
15 min
How do the Charlotte Hornets matchup with possi...
The Charlotte Hornets magic number continues to drop and a playoff berth is just within reach. We think it's safe to start scouting potential playoff matchups and the Hornets have many possibilities. The Eastern Conference has a huge gut of four teams,...
47 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-29-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get set to take on the Philadelphia 76ers...the playoff race continues to twist and turn, what is the Hornets best case scenario?
17 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-28-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets have the NBA equivalent of a week off...could Brice Johnson be a target for the Charlotte Hornets come draft time...playoff seeding scenarios  
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-25-16
On this alarm...the NBA releases a statement in response to a new law in NC they feel is discrimanatory and how that could affect the future of the 2017 All Star Game in Charlotte...the Charlotte Hornets take on the Detroit Pistons tonight in Detroit, ...
16 min
Michael Jordan trying to be the GOAT again with...
After a tumultuous start to his career as a basketball executive, it seems like Michael Jordan has his sights on being the GOAT once again. This time it will stand for "Greatest Owner of All Time." He's got a long way to go to win over Charlotte fans, ...
63 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-24-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get the win over the Brooklyn Nets and different players continue to step up in key moments...we go into the standings to update you on where the Hornets stand in the fight for playoff seeding and home court in the...
18 min
Guest Sirius XM's Taylor Zarzour
The first quarter resembled the famous battle of the Alamo, an ambush. The Hornets scored 7 points in the first quarter, a season low for a quarter...by any team this season. But like they've done so many times this season, they battled back with amazi...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-22-16
On this alarm...WHAT IN THE HOLY HORNET?! The Hornets beat the Spurs after only managing 7 points in the first quarter. The Spurs. THE Spurs.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-21-16
On this alarm...the San Antonio Spurs visit the Charlotte Hornets tonight, we reveal our keys to the game....PLUS Dwight Howard uses stickum and the NBA media has no idea how to react....
18 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-18-16
On this alarm...Hornets win their biggest game of the year and possibly since NBA basketball returned to Charlotte...PLUS find out how you can win free lower levels to Saturday night's game vs. the Denver Nuggets
19 min
Does Bench Force One need serious maintenance?
People made signs with Super Jeremy Bros. and Bench Force One on them. The announcers extolled their ability to bring the Charlotte Hornets out of the abyss night after night. Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lamb, Spencer Hawes and Frank Kaminsky, all newcomers to ...
43 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-17-16
On this alarm...we recap the Charlotte Hornets getting back on track against the Orlando Magic...how concerned should fans be about the bench struggles...a check of the standings and how important tonight's game with the Miami Heat is turning out to be.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-16-16
On this alarm...more on tonight's matchup Orlando Magic visit the Charlotte Hornets...we dig into a stat that we rarely use but is really nice at helping to evaluate what a player contributes and will contribute across a stat sheet, Real Plus Minus  
16 min
Previewing Pivotal Hornets Back to Back
There's no time to lament the end of the Hornets' seven game winning streak. They are staring at a crucial two game slate against tough divisional opponents in the Orlando Magic and 4th place Miami Heat on Wednesday and Thursday. What will the Hornets ...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-15-16
On this alarm...Raymond Felton how could you...after all we've done to support you...#DALatCHA recap
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-14-16
On this alarm...Selection Sunday was useless...the Hornets are the hottest team in the NBA...#DALatCHA preview
17 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-11-16
On this alarm....preview of the Charlotte Hornets Saturday night matchup with the Houston Rockets aka Jeremy Lin bobblehead night. For a preview of tonight's gave vs. the Detroit Pistons check out HTL Thursday.
13 min
What a Time to be A-Hive
The Hornets remain perfect in March, in large part due to the continued dominance of Kemba Walker who ripped off his fourth straight 30 point performance. But what's going on with the defense? Should fans be worried about the number of comebacks the Ho...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-10-16
On this alarm...#NOPatCHA recap...Kemba ties a franchise record...trends we're seeing in the fourth quarter of this win streak.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-9-16
For a full preview of #NOPatCHA listen to our full Tuesday edition of Hive Talk Live. In this alarm...our key stat and key matchup for tonight's game against Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans.
7 min
When Kemba Walker goes for 30, fans go 100
Kemba Walker has found the switch, the knob, the button that leads to elite offensive production. He turned it on in a big way in the third quarter of the Charlotte Hornets latest win against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Hornets seem to be using thi...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-8-16
On this alarm...the Hornets beat the Wolves to make it four wins in a row + Kemba Walker piles on the points for a third straight game + Al Jefferson continues to impress off the bench
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-7-16
On this alarm... #MINatCHA preview + Al Jefferson rebounding just in time to join the Hornets hot streak
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-4-16
On this alarm... David thinks this #INDatCHA game is gonna be a FIGHT + we check in on some stats and analysis of the guy the Hornets drafted, Frank Kaminsky, and the guy a lot of people WANTED the Hornets to draft, Justise Winslow.
16 min
Time to Thrive at The Hive
The Hornets are riding high off of two straight blowout wins (albeit against each conference's basement dweller) and 8 wins in their last 10 games. Now they stare down a seven game stand at home, where they've played very well this season. Can they vir...
53 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-3-16
On this alarm...The Hornets get another win in Philadelphia, but they didn't rest their starters....Courtney Lee had another productive but quiet night, does he need to be more of a factor for the Hornets to be successful in the playoffs?
12 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-2-16
Wake up with hornets in your ears, on this alarm: 1. The Hornets put up Monstar numbers on the Phoenix Suns 2. No rest for the weary as they travel to Philadelphia to take on the Sixers tonight at 7p
16 min
Beware the Ides of the Playoff March
March begins at home sweet home for the Charlotte Hornets who will spend a majority of the month in Time Warner Cable Arena. But do the matchups favor the home team? We take a deep dive into the schedule and determine the most crucial games coming up i...
46 min
Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-1-16
On this Hive O'Clock Alarm we talk about PHX at CHA + the Clippers continue to terribly rebrand + our favorite 90's Nick shows.
14 min
Hive O'Clock Alarm 2-29-16
Wake up with Hornets in your ears, it's The Hive O'Clock Alarm. In this ep: CHA at ATL recap + Nic Batum and Al Jefferson have seen performance dips over the past few games, who should fans be more concerned about?
9 min
Wake Up Hornets Fans 2-26-16
Wake up with Hornets talk in your podcast cup....or something. We continue our preview of #CHAatIND from Thursday and discuss Steph's crazy deep shooting exploits vol. 73.  We don't have an official name for this, submit your ideas to buzzbuzz@hivetal...
14 min
Being grown up is hard, coaching them...even ha...
Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford is normally very open with the media after games or practices. He loves to talk about the finer details of NBA basketball. That's why when I heard he did an entire podcast on The Vertical's new network, I scr...
56 min
Wake Up Hornets Fans 2-25-16
Trying something a little different. Short Hornets news updates and analysis in your podcast list. Expect these more and more as we figure out exactly how we want to use them. Just know it means more Hornets and that's never a bad thing.  In this one ...
8 min
Guest: Leigh Ellis from The Starters on NBATV
The Charlotte Hornets have their biggest game of the year coming up on Wednesday and so we decided to bring in our biggest guest yet, from the hit NBA podcast turned TV show, The Starters, Leigh Ellis. He shares his insights on everything from what kin...
63 min
The Trade Deadline Show
We've had some time to process what went down on Tuesday and we're ready to say our final goodbyes to P.J. Hairston and Brian Roberts. It's time to welcome Courtney Lee to a team that still has postseason hopes on their radar. On paper, Lee seems to be...
54 min
Full Interview with Blake Murphy on All Star We...
Blake Murphy of RaptorsRepublic.com tells us about his experience covering the 2016 All-Star Weekend in Toronto and what it could mean for Charlotte's experience in 2017.
19 min
Hornets Deal for Shooting Guard Courtney Lee
That was just about everything I wanted out of an All-Star Weekend. Every event had a storyline. The NBA trimmed some of the fat (R.I.P Shooting Stars Challenge). And nearly every event, save for the actual All-Star game was packed with drama. In 2017 ...
62 min
Charlotte Hornets fans await news on another shoulder injury to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist just as he was igniting the teams defense AND offense. We'll have an update on his status and analysis of how the team can move forward after another key player head...
62 min
Bench Force One Grounded for Maintenance
The Charlotte Hornets faced tough opposition during their four game homestand but came away with a 3-1 record after a dominating win over a hurting Chicago Bulls team. Wednesday they will have a chance to get back over .500 if they defeat the Indiana P...
61 min
Saturday Sitdown: Marvin's a Martian with Russe...
**DVR ALERT** David and I will be on Good Day Charlotte Sunday at 6:50am. I know most of you will be sleeping in or marinating your wings for later that night, so set your DVR to capture the 6:30 hour and watch us drop some Hornets talk on Super Bowl ...
41 min
The Curse Has Been Lifted!
The Hornets really know how to work the "Cable Box." They put on another show in front of their fans and after what seemed like an endless drought against Lebron James led teams, got a signature win in the face of a tough home stretch. Amazingly they d...
60 min
The Kidd is Alright
What is this madness?! Did Michael Kidd-Gilchrist just hit a three?! That can't be, he's only JUST returned from inju-OH MY did he just hit ANOTHER one?!  Hornets Announcer Dell Curry couldn't believe it, he initially called the first "MK3" and "MK2" ...
62 min
HTL Thursdays brought to you by ESPN 730: We ca...
I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure if I were to rummage through historical archives of Uptown Charlotte I would discover that Time Warner Cable Arena was built on some kind of mystical burial ground. It's the only thing that can explain the one for ...
60 min
The Miracle After Midnight
It will barely be a blip on the national sports conscious. ESPN will give it a 20 second highlight package. Troy Daniels' deep three pointer in double overtime may make the top ten. NBATV might mention that the Hornets won the game after diving into De...
62 min
Introducing Hive Talk Live Thursdays brought to...
Kemba Walker and Frank Kaminsky continue their recent hot play but the Charlotte Hornets drop one to a talented Oklahoma City Thunder team, I breakdown the loss with my new Thursday co-host, Justin Thomas from ESPN 730. What do the Hornets need, other ...
60 min
50 Shades of Kemba
Hands on his knees, sweat pouring down, Kemba Walker looked on as his team desperately tried to close out the Utah Jazz in the second overtime. So many times in his career the Hornets have wasted an efficient high scoring night from Walker. According t...
66 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Nata Edwards has words for t...
There is no getting around talk about Kemba Walker, the merits of his All-Star candidacy, his improved jumpshot, his role as unquestioned leader of the Charlotte Hornets. But it raises the question, why all of this talk now, this late into the season. ...
51 min
Seven Defensive Sins
Tonight, we try not to avert our eyes from the ugly defensive numbers and performances the Hornets have put together over the past seven games. NOW THE GOOD NEWS, Justin Thomas will join for a great new Tuesday segment, Inside the Locker Room. We'll di...
60 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Jack Bedrosian on the Hornet...
The Hornets season takes an unwanted detour west into a four game losing streak, including a terrible loss to the Phoenix Suns. Are injuries the only thing to blame? This weekend we talk with At The Hive rookie writer Jack Bedrosian on his first column...
40 min
Hornets, Nature's Injury Bugs
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was lost for most of the season (here's hoping for a late return) before the Hornets played a regular season game. Al Jefferson has sustained two injuries. The last, a meniscus tear, has him out until at least mid-February. And N...
60 min
Aude Lang Sting - 2015 Hornets Review
For Hornets fans, 2015 started with promise that turned into disappointment and ended with hope. We're taking a look back at some of our favorite Charlotte Hornets moments from 2015. Will the Hornets keep their December momentum going forward against t...
68 min
Hive Talk Live: Case of the missing jumpshot
With Christmas only a few days away, the Hornets are probably hoping their hot shooting from beyond the arc accidentally got packed underneath the tree. Charlotte has now dropped four of their last five. Had Toronto capitalized on the Hornets they woul...
59 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Tis the season for trading -...
Today's Saturday Sit-Down is a two-parter. In part one I talk with Dustin Phifer about the win over Toronto and whether or not the Hornets start is a mirror into the future or a mirage. PLUS I preview Saturday night's matchup against theWashington Wiza...
50 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Tis the season for trading P...
Today's Saturday Sit-Down is a two-parter. In part one I talk with Dustin Phifer about the win over Toronto and whether or not the Hornets start is a mirror into the future or a mirage. PLUS I preview Saturday night's matchup against the Washington Wiz...
45 min
How do you say "please stay forever" in French?
Nicolas Batum could be the key to long-term, sustained success for the Charlotte Hornets. The problem is he's an unrestricted free agent next summer. He's free to move about the NBA cabin. What will it take for the Hornets to convince him that Charlott...
67 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Bees, Bees everywhere!!!
What makes a team dominant? We've seen one of the most dominant teams in NBA history in the Golden State Warriors. But the Charlotte Hornets are displaying their own brand of dominance over the past three games. Kemba Walker and Nic Batum are putting t...
37 min
GodZELLER vs. Mothra with guest host Justin Tho...
DON'T FEAR...David Walker re-joins us next week, but we have a great guest host tonight. Justin Thomas covers the team for ESPN 730am and is just as impressed with Cody Zeller and the suddenly physical Charlotte Hornets as we are.  Hive Talk Live PLU...
63 min
Bought in and Beelieving with Guest Host Nata E...
Guest host Nata Edwards from WFNZ 610 the Fan's The Call Up joins as our guest host. We'll recap an uncharacteristically low-scoring week for the Charlotte Hornets and give you a quick update on the status of Al Jefferson who suffered a strained right ...
62 min
A Veritable Hornets Nest of Rebellion
It began with the wounding of General Cousins of the Sacramento Royal Army. The 2nd regiment of the Charlotte Hornets led by Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin made a legendary comeback in front of a raucous home crowd at the Cable Box. The Hornets didn't giv...
65 min
Taking stock with Justin Thomas of ESPN 730
The Charlotte Hornets began their 7 game home stand with back to back victories against the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers. I recap the week that was and talk with Justin Thomas of ESPN 730 about how the Hornets have been able to turn a tough sch...
70 min
Hornets Are A Tale of Two Stars
The Hornets are quickly becoming a tale of two stars, one rising and one trying to stay in the sky. It looks as if Nicolas Batum is getting the keys to the offense and he's driven it to an Eastern Conference Player of the Week award. Meanwhile, the Hor...
62 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Adam Chin of Baseline Buzz
The Hornets were .1 seconds away from dropping their second game at home and one shot away from getting a second straight victory over the Bulls. Such is life in the NBA. One play, one tenth of a second can make all the difference and yet larger issues...
62 min
Hornets bruised but not battered
The Hornets got the shakedown late in San Antonio but still went punch for punch with them for more than a half. How much is the second unit to blame for the Spurs shooting streak? And can the Hornets use some much needed road rest to tackle a much imp...
62 min
Saturday Night Live in Uptown Charlotte
We're going live from Fitzgeralds pub in the heart of Uptown Charlotte talking Hornets with the guys from Bring Back the Buzz. Can the Hornets sustain this level of relentless energy against the model of NBA stability, the San Antonio Spurs. PLUS We t...
64 min
Are the Hornets hapless or hopeless?
The Hornets will try to put one in the win column for the first time this season on Tuesday against the Bulls. Should we all be worried about this early gate stumble? News is swirling around this team about who's getting extended and who isn't. Are the...
34 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Chris Barnewall on the Horne...
Next Saturday, November 7th, we're going to be live at Fitzgerald's Pub in Uptown Charlotte starting at 6:30pm. It's part of Bring Back the Buzz's Charlotte vs. Everybody event. Learn more here and come see us do our thing live, in the flesh. Chris Ba...
39 min