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DaMichael Cole (CommercialAppeal.com) & Joe Mullinax (Formerly Grizzly Bear Blues) give you a daily look inside the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA with Locked on Grizzlies. From the stat sheet all the way to the beat reporting on Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Dillon Brooks, and more DaMichael & Joe cover the entire spectrum of Grizzlies coverage. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network.

Positional Hierarchy? Legit or Malarkey? Well, ...
Shawn Coleman looks at how structure or customization could be advantageous for each of the Grizzlies positional groups to start the season.
27 min
Breaking Down the Grizzlies Schedule with Parke...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Parker Fleming to the show to breakdown the Grizzlies schedule, discuss the NBA's flaws in featuring young talent, and many questions that need to be answered for Memphis once the season starts.
40 min
Nate Duncan on the NBA Offseason and the Grizzl...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Nate Duncan from the Dunc'd On Podcast and the Hollinger and Duncan Podcast to discuss the NBA offseason and the Grizzlies.
29 min
How do the injuries to Jaren and Justise impact...
Shawn Coleman breaks down how the injuries to Justise and Jaren impact both them individually and the Grizzlies, and what opportunities could arise for many others in the franchise as a result.
27 min
Talking Rebuilds, Drafts, and Futures with Brad...
Shawn Coleman discusses the rebuilds, future plans, franchise PGs, and the 2020 draft for the Hawks and Grizzlies with Brad Rowland.
28 min
Discussing the Grizzlies Offseason with Mark King
Shawn Coleman catches up with former LOG host Mark King to discuss the Grizzlies offseason and what lies ahead.
38 min
Discussing Draft and Dallas with Lauren Gunn of...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Lauren Gunn of Mavs MoneyBall to discuss the draft, Dallas, Luka, and future outlooks for Grizzlies and Mavs.
52 min
Grizzlies Welcome Back Melton, Konchar, and Por...
Shawn Coleman discusses the impact of the Grizzlies bringing back De'Anthony Melton, John Konchar, and Jontay Porter over the long term.
29 min
Bane Arrives, Free Agency Preview
Shawn Coleman breaks down the official arrival of Desmond Bane and preview plenty of free agent decisions for the Grizzlies in the coming days.
29 min
Discussing the Draft with David Cobb
Shawn Coleman welcomes David Cobb to discuss the 2020 Draft and the Grizzlies exciting new talent.
40 min
Draft Day Reactions and Analysis
Shawn Coleman breaks down an unexpected and amazing Grizzlies draft night during the 2020 NBA Draft.
31 min
Draft Day Details and Discussions
Shawn Coleman breaks down all the names and potential moves that makes sense for the Grizzlies and offers a few general details to look forward to in the draft.
27 min
Mapping moves over the next week with Drew Hill...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Drew Hill of Daily Memphian to discuss the craziness of the NBA trade season, as well as the trades, draft picks and free agent signings the Grizzlies could target in the coming days.
40 min
Draft Discussions With Chip Williams
Shawn Coleman discusses the 2020 Draft with one of the best minds in Memphis, Chip Williams, as they discuss the lottery, Wiseman, Precious, and the Grizzlies approach on draft night.
54 min
Woj Bomb Breakdowns, Brainstorming Trade Avenue...
Shawn Coleman details all the major news about the regular season and playoffs from this morning's news, then discusses some ways in which the Grizzlies could make unexpected but logical trades this week.
24 min
Evaluating Elijah Hughes with Jon Glosser
Shawn Coleman welcomes Syracuse Super Fan Jon Glosser to discuss Elijah Hughes, one of the more logical targets for the Grizzlies in the 2020 Draft.
35 min
Talking Grizzlies with Anthony Sain
Shawn Coleman welcomes Anthony Sain from Sports 56 to the show to discuss the wildness of the NBA, the Grizzlies roster, and past and present perspectives on the draft.
35 min
OffSeason Outline, Trade Talks, NEW UNIS!!!
Shawn Coleman breaks down the offseason outline, how big trades from other teams impacts Memphis, and how the new uniforms are absolute hits!
27 min
Draft Themes, Breaking Down Jontay Porter
Shawn Coleman looks at some themes coming together for the 2020 NBA Draft, and why Jontay Porter has the potential to a relevant talent for the Grizzlies in the future.
29 min
How the traits of current Grizzlies could offer...
Shawn Coleman analyzes how the traits of some current Grizzlies that have been acquired in the recent past could indicate some sensible 2020 NBA Draft targets.
28 min
Start of Season Reaction, Sam Merrill Prospect ...
Shawn Coleman Breaks Down the start of the season and Sam Merrill as a logical Grizzlies Target.
27 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profile Jahmi'us Ramsey
Shawn Coleman looks at how Jahmi'us Ramsey could be a clear value for the Grizzlies in the 2020 draft.
33 min
Fanduel Agreement, Mason Jones Prospect Profile
Shawn Coleman discusses the Fanduel agreement with the Grizzlies and also breaks down the game of Mason Jones.
26 min
Draft Discussions with Ben Pfeifer
Shawn Coleman welcomes NBA Draft Guru Ben Pfeifer to discuss all things Memphis and Grizzlies regarding the 2020 NBA Draft
39 min
Reliving "The Block", Killian Tillie Prospect P...
Shawn Coleman relives the first significant moment for Ja Morant, Taylor Jenkins, and this Grizzlies roster one year later and breaks down Killian Tillie.
24 min
Start of the Season Rumors, Grant Riller Prospe...
Shawn Coleman looks at the latest rumors for the start of the season and analyzes Grant Riller.
27 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profile Isaiah Joe
Shawn Coleman looks at how Isaiah Joe could be a realistic target on many levels for Memphis in the draft.
29 min
A Future with Melton Makes Sense for Memphis
Shawn Coleman explores the many different reasons as to why the Grizzlies should invest in De'Anthony Melton this offseason.
44 min
Reaction to Rivals, Trade Chip Conversations
Shawn Coleman explains how the current coaching updates around the Southwest division impacts the Grizzlies as well as the different scenarios in which many Grizzlies could become trade chips.
32 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profiles Cassius Stanley
Shawn Coleman discusses why Cassius Stanley could be an intriguing upside addition for the Grizzlies.
30 min
Grizzlies prospect profiles Xavier Tillman
Shawn Coleman looks at Xavier Tillman, a very intriguing developmental big that could make a lot of sense for Memphis.
31 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profiles Jordan Nwora
Shawn Coleman examines how much of a fit Louisville wing Jordan Nwora could be for the Grizzlies.
28 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profiles: Peyton Pritchard
Shawn Coleman breaks down Peyton Prtichard, and why he makes sense to be on the Grizzlies radar despite excellent point guard depth.
32 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profiles Omer YurtSeven
Shawn Coleman breaks down college center Omer Yurtseven, how he fits with Memphis, and how much sense it makes to target him in the draft.
30 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profiles: Tyler Bey
Shawn Coleman discusses how Colorado forward Tyler Bey could check a lot of boxes for the Grizzlies as a draft pick.
26 min
Appreciating the Voices of the Grizzlies, Draft...
Shawn Coleman takes a few minutes to appreciate the many voices of the Memphis Grizzlies and discusses the Grizzlies general approach to the 2020 draft.
29 min
Bubble Banter and Offseason Timeline
Shawn Coleman reacts to the NBA Finals, the Bubble, and what the offseason will possibly look like.
31 min
Cherishing the Finals, Talking Trade Targets
Shawn Coleman talks about how the NBA product on the court has been awesome in bubble, and addresses potential trade targets from the Grizzlies.
31 min
Brainstorming the Backcourt with Drew Hill
Drew Hill of the Daily Memphian joins Shawn Coleman to discuss the impact of the Grizzlies backcourt on and of the court in Memphis.
38 min
Brainstorming the Backcourt: Individual Improv...
Shawn Coleman takes a look at how each of the Grizzlies guards can become more consistent at certain elements of their games to help the Grizzlies become better.
29 min
Brainstorming the Backcourt with Parker Fleming...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Parker Fleming and Joe Mullinax to discuss the Grizzlies backcourt for this offseason and beyond.
66 min
Analyzing the Grizzlies with Tim AKA Cranjis Mc...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Cranjis Mcbasketball to analytically breakdown the Grizzlies and their path toward contention.
61 min
How Trades Have Impacted the Grizzlies' Past, P...
Shawn Coleman looks at the art of the trade, and how numerous trades have helped form the Grizzlies' past, present, and future.
32 min
Finals Fun
Shawn Coleman discusses the different storylines in this years NBA Finals and how each is relative to the Grizzlies future.
29 min
On the Hustle with Brandon Abraham
Shawn Coleman discusses the Memphis Grizzlies and Memphis Hustle with Brandon Abraham.
51 min
Pondering about the Pelicans with Jake Madison
Shawn Coleman talks with Locked on Pelicans host Jake Madison about Ja and Zion, the Pelicans roster and coaching search, and what the near term future may hold.
36 min
Locked on Spurs and Grizzlies CrossOver with Je...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Jeff Garcia from Locked on Spurs to discuss the offseasons awaiting San Antonio and Memphis.
53 min
Discussing the Rockets with Jackson Gatlin of L...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Jackson Gatlin of Locked on Rockets to discuss their coaching search, future roster and philosophical changes, and what the future holds for James Harden and Russell Westbrook.
54 min
Achieving and Maintaining Shooting Success
Shawn Coleman discusses how the Grizzlies could find improvement, both internally and externally, and achieve sustainable success shooting from distance.
33 min
All NBA Rookie Selections and Playoff Fallouts ...
Shawn Coleman Discusses how the All NBA Rookie selections are an encouraging trend for the Grizzlies and how action around the league recently impacts the future in Memphis.
26 min
Hanging Out with Locked on Heat Host David Ramil
David Ramil from Locked on Heat joins Shawn Coleman to discuss former Grizzlies who are shining in Miami, Justise Winslow, and the aspects of the Heat that reside in Memphis to aid the Grizzlies path toward contention.
37 min
Player Review Series Part 4: The FrontCourt
Shawn Cole man looks at the seasons and futures and Justise Winslow, Jonas Valanciunas, and Jaren Jackson Jr.
34 min
Player Review Series Part 3: The Backcourt Beyo...
Shawn Coleman discusses the seasons of Tyus Jones, De'Anthony Melton, and Dillon Brooks and what it means for their roles in Memphis going foward.
35 min
Discussing Ja and the Grizzlies with David Cobb
Shawn Coleman catches up with former Grizzlies beat writer David Cobb to discuss Ja Morant's Rookie of the Year award and the Grizzlies successful season.
33 min
Celebrating Ja with Mark King
Mark King Joins Shawn Coleman to look back at the incredible rookie season as they discuss and celebrate Morant's Rookie of the Year Award.
25 min
Player Review Series Part 2: Tolliver, Anderson...
Shawn Coleman looks at the 2019-2020 performances of Anthony Tolliver, Kyle Anderson and Grayson Allen, and discusses how that could impact their futures in Memphis.
32 min
Player Review Series: Dieng, Josh Jackson, Gudu...
Shawn Coleman dives into the production of the back of the Grizzlies bench and details what it could mean for their Futures.
31 min
Morant and Clarke, Historic Rookie Duo
Shawn Coleman breaks down the historic significance of the dynamic rookie duo of Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke.
29 min
Early Offseason Outlook with Drew Hill
Shawn Coleman welcomes Drew Hill of the Daily Memphian to discuss how the Grizzlies offseason could take shape in time.
26 min
Jenkins and Kleiman, Improving NBA Presentation
Shawn Coleman discusses some key takeaways from the end of the season media sessions with Taylor Jenkins and Zach Kleiman, and also how to make the NBA product better.
30 min
Lottery Reactions And Advantageous Assets
Shawn Coleman takes time to discuss how the developments from the NBA lottery impact the Grizzlies, as well as some roster characteristics Memphis must keep strong.
31 min
Hitting the Lottery Part 2
Shawn Coleman is joined by Chip Williams and Sudu Upadhyay to discuss the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery.
39 min
Hitting the Lottery Part 1
Shawn Coleman is joined by Chip Williams and Sudu Upadhyay to discuss the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery.
31 min
Bubble Observations
Shawn Coleman discusses overall observations of the Grizzlies in the bubble in regards to Taylor Jenkins, the Bench, and the Starters.
32 min
Praising the Past While Focused on the Future
Shawn Coleman and Mark King recap the Blazers Game, discuss the season, and drop some news about the future of Locked on Grizzlies.
40 min
Locked on Blazers and Grizzlies Crossover
Locked on Blazers and Grizzlies Crossover
31 min
Great Hopes and Grayson
Shawn Coleman takes a positive approach to all possible outcomes, looks at the benefits of Grayson Allen, and discusses how the Grizzlies can win a must win game.
28 min
Cetlics, Ja the Closer, Path to Play In
Shawn Coleman discusses the Celtics game, Ja's fourth quarter production, and the path to the play-in.
28 min
Bubble Banter with Keith Parrish
Shawn Coleman and Keith Parrish reflect on the Grizzlies first six games in the bubble and discuss what to expect this week.
25 min
Raptors Reaction, Needed Adjustments
Shawn and Mark discuss the Grizzlies game against Toronto, the continued struggles of Dillon Brooks, and how Taylor Jenkins has fared in the bubble.
30 min
Thunder Recap, ROY Finalists, TOR Preview
Shawn Coleman breaks down the win over the Thunder, the good and bad of the rookie of the year finalists, and previews the game against Toronto.
33 min
Jazz Recap, Individual Player Analysis from Fir...
Shawn Coleman breaks down the Jazz game, and also looks at how each individual Grizzlies player has performed in the bubble.
32 min
JJJ Injury Reaction, Jazz Preview
Shawn Coleman discusses the injury to Jaren Jackson Jr., what it means for the team in the present, and previews the Jazz Game.
30 min
Grizzlies drop 3 straight, what's wrong?
Grizzlies drop 3 straight, what's wrong?
31 min
Pelicans Preview with Preston Ellis
Preston Ellis joins Shawn Coleman to discuss a pivotal match up between Memphis and New Orleans.
22 min
The Problem with Dillon Brooks
The Problem with Dillon Brooks
31 min
Portland Review, Spurs Preview
Shawn Coleman talks about the good and the bad from the opening loss against Portland, and previews a critical matchup against the Spurs.
27 min
Start of the Restart, Portland Preview
Shawn Coleman discusses the developments from the first night of NBA action, and previews how Memphis can find success on both ends of the court in their game against Portland.
30 min
Catching up with Omari Sankofa II
Omari Sankofa II joins Shawn Coleman to discuss his new opportunities in Detroit, as well as Ja, Jenkins, and many other topics regarding the Grizzlies.
28 min
Fallout of Tyus Jones Injury
Shawn Coleman discusses what the Tyus Jones injury means for the Grizzlies less than two days away from the restart of the season.
22 min
Drew Hill from The Bubble+ in Orlando
We catch up with Drew Hill from The Daily Memphian on all things Grizzlies while he is Orlando
29 min
Scrimmage Successes
Shawn Coleman breaks down the successes, struggles, and progression of the Grizzlies during their three scrimmages.
34 min
Post Game Sound - Grizzlies vs Rockets
Post Game Sound - Grizzlies vs Rockets - All Sound courtesy of the NBA
9 min
Grizzlies Scrimmages Recap
Grizzlies Scrimmages Recap
27 min
Justise and Jenkins with Joe Mullinax
Shawn Coleman welcomes back GBB Site Manager Joe Mullinax to discuss the bubble, Justise, Jenkins, and much more.
40 min
Post Game Sound - Grizzlies vs 76ers Scrimmage
Hear from Taylor Jenkins, Jaren Jackson Jr, Ja Morant, and Kyle Anderson -- audio courtesy of NBA
14 min
Conversations and Speculations
Shawn and Mark unite again to discuss the Grizzlies training camp, awards outlooks, and speculate the starting lineups once the season resumes.
31 min
Justise Out for Season, Awards Talk
Shawn Coleman discusses the impact of Justise Winslow season ending injury and where a few Grizzlies names should be on awards lists.
30 min
Locked on Grizzlies and Locked on Suns Bubble D...
Mark King and Evan Sidery spend some time discussing the present and future of the Grizzlies and Suns.
25 min
The New Guard(s) in Memphis
Shawn Coleman discusses how the rebirth of Memphis basketball is evolving 18 months later, and how the Grizzlies' guards could make a big difference in Orlando.
28 min
LOG- Must Win Discussion
Shawn Coleman discusses the initial impressions of the Orlando Bubble and ranks the 8 regular seasons games in terms of their must win importance.
29 min
Locked on Grizzlies and Spurs Crossover
Locked on Grizzlies and Spurs Crossover
39 min
Sophomores, plus more with Kevin Pelton
Kevin Pelton joins Shawn Coleman to discuss the 2018 Draft Class, young stars, and the Grizzlies path to contention.
27 min
Young Players Who Could Shine in the Bubble
Chip Williams Joins Shawn Coleman to discuss how the NBA's young starts could shine when the season resumes.
37 min
Grizzlies Draft Night Hauls
Grizzlies Draft Night Hauls
33 min
2K Cover and the Grizzlies are finally done wit...
2K Cover and the Grizzlies are finally done with Chandler Parsons contract
33 min
Grizzlies Schedule Breakdown
Grizzlies Schedule Breakdown
25 min
Trade Jonas Valanciunas for a lottery pick?
Trade Jonas Valanciunas for a lottery pick?
31 min
Grizzlies sign Anthony Tolliver for the rest of...
Grizzlies sign Anthony Tolliver for the rest of the year
31 min
CJ Hurt from Sports 56 WHBQ
CJ Hurt from Sports 56 WHBQ
45 min