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DaMichael Cole (CommercialAppeal.com) & Joe Mullinax (Formerly Grizzly Bear Blues) give you a daily look inside the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA with Locked on Grizzlies. From the stat sheet all the way to the beat reporting on Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Dillon Brooks, and more DaMichael & Joe cover the entire spectrum of Grizzlies coverage. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network.

Are the Memphis Grizzlies pretenders or contend...
Will Ja Morant and company rise or fall in the Western Conference?
33 min
The Memphis Grizzlies go Ho-Ho-Holiday Season S...
Buying, selling, and exchanging the gifts of the NBA season with Ja Morant and company.
33 min
Thankful for a satisfying Memphis Grizzlies Tha...
Get stuffed with Grizzlies dubskiis!!!
31 min
Ja Morant vs. De'Aaron Fox looks like the next ...
28 min
Hoping for a healthy Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzli...
Maybe Big 12 will be back sooner rather than later...?
34 min
Seeing the light on Dillon Brooks (and other Me...
Have you ever had a realization slap you across the face? Was it about a Memphis Grizzlies basketball player?
31 min
The Memphis Grizzlies preparing for a challengi...
33 min
Ja Morant's kicks, which rotation player sticks...
The rising cultural influence of Ja Morant, a change to the rotation in Memphis, and SGA's OKC squad on this episode of LoG!
34 min
Jaren Jackson Jr. is back, but Desmond Bane is ...
One star in, one star out for Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies
32 min
Jaren Jackson Jr. one step closer to returning ...
34 min
A Tale of Two Grizzlies: Making sense of an une...
The good, and bad, of a 1-1 stretch for the the Memphis Grizzlies.
30 min
Strange Memphis Grizzlies observations, preview...
35 min
The Memphis Grizzlies hold on late in OT vs, th...
32 min
Desmond Bane is an All-Star (so far) for the Me...
Acknowledge his value to the Grizzlies, or else!
32 min
Why the Memphis Grizzlies weren't concerned aft...
34 min
Steven Adams paces successful Grizzlies weekend...
Cheers to those of us who excel at being very, very large.
31 min
Memphis Grizzlies return home with matchups aga...
27 min
Desmond Bane's epic fourth quarter leads the Me...
31 min
Are you worried about the Memphis Grizzlies?
IS IT TIME TO FREAK OUT YET? Asking for some Beale Street Blue-wearing friends.
33 min
Memphis Grizzlies/Utah Jazz Post-Mortem: Surpri...
Breaking News - When 67% of their best players and 40% of their rotation are out, the Memphis Grizzlies are more likely to lose!
31 min
Memphis Grizzlies Scary Hours with the Utah Jazz
It is Halloween - will Ja Morant return to terrify the Jazz? Or will the Memphis Grizzlies need to scare Utah straight without him?
31 min
Desmond Bane's 31 points leads the Memphis Griz...
32 min
Ziaire Williams is out, which Memphis Grizzlies...
The young wing is not going to be back for the Grizzlies from tonight's game with the Kings until the holiday season. Who will best fill the space for Memphis that Ziaire Williams leaves behind?
35 min
The biggest Memphis Grizzlies surprises through...
36 min
Ja Morant and Desmond Bane thrive, Memphis Griz...
In a showing for the ages, Morant, Bane, and the rest of the Grizzlies held off Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and a veteran Brooklyn Nets squad.
33 min