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DaMichael Cole (CommercialAppeal.com) & Joe Mullinax (Formerly Grizzly Bear Blues) give you a daily look inside the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA with Locked on Grizzlies. From the stat sheet all the way to the beat reporting on Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Dillon Brooks, and more DaMichael & Joe cover the entire spectrum of Grizzlies coverage. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network.

Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr. Lead Grizzlies to ...
Shawn Coleman celebrates another dominant performance by the Grizzlies and looks at how consistency is the key for Jaren Jackson Jr. this season.
31 min
Desmond Bane and Santi Aldama Shine while Steve...
Shawn Coleman highlights several encouraging performances from the Grizzlies youth on Saturday and details how Steven Adams can improve and expand his offensive game to be a supporting star form Memphis.
30 min
Great Grizz Win! Steven Adams Shines, Plus Dill...
Shawn Coleman enjoys a great team win and effort by the Grizzlies plus Dillon Brooks could be even better this year due to his own efforts and new league rules!
32 min
Top 10 NBA Point Guards Under 25, Similarities ...
With Ja Morant visiting Lamelo Ball tonight, Shawn Coleman reveals his Top 10 Point Guards under 25 in the NBA, notes the similarities between Ja and Lamelo earlier in their careers, and looks at Kyle Anderson's impact in a new role this season.
35 min
Grizzlies Win Wild Preseason Opener! Plus, De'A...
Shawn Coleman celebrates the Grizzlies first preseason win and then explains how De'Anthony Melton can still be featured more this season even if he does not start.
32 min
The Grizzlies Must Feature Desmond Bane! Plus, ...
Shawn Coleman discusses the biggest storylines for the preseason before the Grizzlies first game and details how Memphis must feature Desmond Bane more this season.
31 min
How Can Ja Morant Improve this season? Plus, Gr...
Shawn Coleman looks at how the Grizzlies many have more fun this preseason than most in the NBA and details how Ja Morant can improve this season and the special results it could produce.
33 min
Ja Morant is a Top 5 Point Guard in the NBA
In the debut episode of the Locked on Grizzlies Youtube Channel, Shawn Coleman looks at Ja Morant's growing and valid resume as a Top 5 Point Guard in the NBA for years to come.
30 min
The Stability of the Grizzlies is a Growing Str...
Shawn Coleman looks at how the stability of the Grizzlies franchise from top to bottom is a growing strength and selling point for Memphis to attract future talent.
29 min
The Duo of De'Anthony Melton and Jaren Jackson ...
Shawn Coleman looks at the how the combination of De'Anthony Melton and Jaren Jackson Jr. could make the Grizzlies even better this year. Plus, new details emerge on requirements for fans to attend games in the Fed Ex Forum.
31 min
Ja an All-Star? Jaren's Extenstion? Kyle Anders...
Shawn Coleman details the biggest takeaways from Grizzlies Media Day, including Zach Kleiman, Taylor Jenkins, Ja and Jaren, and the rest of the Grizzlies Roster.
33 min
Steven Adams Starting? Is Rookie Brandon Clarke...
Shawn Coleman explores the biggest narratives around Jaren Jackson Jr, the starting lineup, camp battles and which players have the most to prove as Grizzlies Media Day and Training Camp arrives.
31 min
Ja, Dillon, and Jaren in the NBA's Top 100 Play...
Shawn Coleman reacts to several Grizzlies being included and omitted from multiple NBA Top 100 lists and details the significance of the Grizzlies trimming their roster before training camp begins.
31 min
Quest for 1,000 Threes: Who, How, and Where The...
Shawn Coleman finishes the "Quest for 1000 3s" Series by defining which Grizzlies should take the most 3s, how they should take them, and where on the court they should be taken more for the Grizzlies to get 1,000 threes this season.
27 min
Quest for 1,000 Threes: How Taylor Jenkins Has ...
Shawn Coleman looks at how though the Grizzlies have placed a bigger focus on shooting the three in recent years, Taylor Jenkins has truly implemented a successful philosophical change in Memphis.
30 min
Quest for 1,000 Threes: Is this the Grizzlies' ...
Shawn Coleman looks at how the personnel of this current Grizzlies roster has more potential from deep than other other Grizzlies roster in franchise history.
30 min
Is the National Media Underrating the Grizzlies...
Shawn Coleman reacts to recent awards and records predictions for the Grizzlies, and also details how the supporting cast for Memphis deserves more recognition than it is getting.
29 min
Grizzlies waive Gasol and Dunn Trade is Officia...
Shawn Coleman welcomes David Williams of the HoopBall Grizz Podcast to look at the fall out from roster moves on Wednesday and how discuss specific areas where several Grizzlies can prove their worth this year.
51 min
Locked on Grizz/Bucks Crossover on Ja, Grayson ...
Shawn Coleman joins Kane Pittman to discuss the Grizzlies and Bucks, including Ja Morant, Grayson Allen's role, Taylor Jenkins, and success in small markets.
32 min
Marc Gasol's Legacy Makes Him a Lock For The Ba...
Shawn Coleman looks at the career of Marc Gasol and why both his success in the NBA and internationally, as well has being one part of the best brother duo in NBA history, makes him a lock to be a Hall of Famer.
30 min
Grizzlies Trade for Marc Gasol!!! Plus, A Locke...
Shawn Coleman discusses the latest Woj Bomb landing in Memphis that this time welcomes back Marc Gasol. Plus, Matt George of Locked on Kings joins the show to discuss the present and futures of Ja Morant and De'Aaron Fox.
51 min
Betting Banter From Beale: Which Stats could Ja...
Shawn Coleman explores how the Grizzlies, both individually and as a team, could lead the league in multiple stat categories this season.
29 min
Betting Banter from Beale: Could Ja, Jaren, or ...
Shawn Coleman presents logic to support Jaren Jackson Jr., Ja Morant, Dillon Brooks, De'Anthony Melton and other Grizzlies could enter the conversation in individual player awards this season.
31 min
Betting Banter from Beale: More Confidence or C...
Shawn Coleman looks at reasons to be either optimistic or cautious in betting the over or under on the Grizzlies having a winning record next year.
26 min
Grizzlies trade for Kris Dunn And Carsen Edward...
Shawn Coleman details the latest Grizzlies trade in the acquisitions of Kris Dunn and Carsen Edwards, discusses who should win the final roster spot, and campaigns for Pau Gasol to have his jersey retired.
30 min
Jersey Retirements for Zach Randolph and Tony A...
Shawn Coleman offers details on when Tony Allen And Zach Randolph will have their jerseys retired, how it impacts the present and future of the Grizzlies, and offers possible years and dollar figures for a Kyle Anderson extension.
33 min
Are the Grizzlies in a better spot for the pres...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Keith Parrish of Fastbreak Breakfast and Grind City Media to discuss if the the Grizzlies are better in the present and future, what matters most in targeting future additions, and why the Grizzlies now more than every should just pay and play their best talents.
50 min
With Rajon Rondo Now Gone, Is Juancho Hernanogo...
Shawn Coleman discusses the buyout of Rajon Rondo, if Juancho Hernanogomez is the next player the Grizzlies move, and how possible extensions this summer and next are important on many levels for Memphis.
32 min
Does Ben Simmons as a trade target create more ...
Shawn Coleman looks at multiple perspectives in a potential trade for Ben Simmons, highlights the Grizz as a Top 5 young core in the NBA, and explains why Memphis's bench play is critical next season.
34 min
Is Ja Morant A Top Value in the NBA over the ne...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Kostya Medvedovsky, creator of the DARKO Projections Metric, to discuss how DARKO itself works and why it is so bullish on Ja Morant, De'Anthony Melton, Xavier Tillman and the Grizzlies as a whole.
31 min
What Teams Could Target Dillon Brooks and Kyle ...
Shawn Coleman details which teams could target Dillon Brooks or Kyle Anderson and why they may have interest, why the stakes are significantly in trades moving forward than in the past, and why the Grizzlies are sensibly placed in the middle of the pack when it comes to power rankings..
33 min
Is there sense in shopping Dillon Brooks or Kyl...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Isaac Simpson to discuss the Grizzlies potentially shopping Dillon Brooks and Kyle Anderson, what young talents are really intriguing for next year, and why Jaren Jackson Jr. may be the biggest storyline in the months ahead.
51 min
The 2021-2022 Grizzlies Schedule has arrived! P...
Shawn Coleman highlights the important details for the Grizzlies 2021-2022 NBA Schedule and discusses Jaren Jackson Jr. being a popular betting target for next year.
29 min
Young Grizzlies Galore! Will Desmond Bane and X...
Shawn Coleman welcomes back Richard Stayman to look at the Grizzlies Summer League Roster and the acquisitions of Jarrett Culver and Sam Merrill to see which young players may shine for the Grizzlies franchise this year.
38 min
First Bledsoe, Now Beverley! Is Jarrett Culver ...
Shawn Coleman discusses the details and reasons behind Memphis's latest trade, how the offseason endgame could be a bit more in focus, what Grizzlies are now on the roster bubble, and the biggest takeaways from Vegas.
32 min
Is Jarrett Culver more in line with Josh Jackso...
Shawn Coleman looks at how Jarrett Culver compares to recent Grizzlies trade acquisitions, which young players should have the highest of priority for playing time, and how another Christmas Day snub could be a positive for the Grizzlies.
34 min
Eric Bledsoe has been traded! Is Tyus Jones Nex...
Shawn Coleman breaks down the details and reasoning behind Sunday's trade for the Grizzlies and what the futures of Tyus Jones, Rajon Rondo, and Patrick Beverly, might be in Memphis or elsewhere.
28 min
Will Steven Adams Be in the Starting and Closin...
Shawn Coleman looks at the Grizzlies current roster and establishes a hierarchy for the Starting lineup, bench units, and closing lineups.
34 min
Ziaire Williams Shines on the Summer League Sta...
Shawn Coleman breaks down the encouraging performances from Ziaire Williams and others from the Grizzlies second game in Vegas. He also highlights which NBA teams have added the most positivity to their long-term futures this offseason.
37 min
Aquaman Has Arrived! While Jonas Valanciunas's ...
Shawn Coleman highlights the special person and player Jonas Valanciunas was during his time and Memphis, and then highlights what the Grizzlies can expect offensively and defensively in transitioning from JV to Steven Adams.
34 min
Desmond Bane's Dominance, Ziaire Williams Encou...
Shawn Coleman looks at many positives from the Grizzlies first game in Vegas, including Desmond Bane's outstanding performance, the debuts of Ziaire Williams and Santi Aldama, and areas where individual Grizzlies are showing significant improvement in their games. Plus, what two duos will decisions need to be made about to finalize the Grizzlies roster?
35 min
What Makes Ziaire Williams An Amazing Addition ...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Adam Cohen, Associate Head Coach of Men's Basketball at Stanford University, to discuss who Ziaire Williams is as a person, a player, and a potential difference maker on and off the court for the Memphis Grizzlies.
27 min
THE TRADES ARE OFFICIAL! Do De'Anthony Melton a...
Shawn Coleman breaks down three trades that have now been made official in Memphis, how Desmond Bane and De'Anthony Melton benefit, and how Ziaire Williams, Santi Aldama, and Sam Merrill could be utilized on Memphis's summer league roster.
34 min
How Does Ziaire Williams impact the future of K...
Shawn Coleman and Chip Williams Jr. look at the impact Ziaire could make in year 1, how he could influence Kyle Anderson's future, and how Williams fits with Ja, Jaren, and the offense into the future.
35 min
Level of confidence in Jaren Jackson Jr.'s Exte...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Chip Williams for Part 1 of two conversations focusing on Jaren Jackson Jr's extension and the selections of Ziaire Williams and Santi Aldama.
33 min
How good of a fit is Ziaire Williams for the Gr...
Shawn Coleman is joined by Greg Waddell of the Sleepers Media Podcast to discuss all things Grizzlies and the NBA Draft, including Ziaire Williams, the Grizzlies excellent roster construction, the young talent across the NBA and names to watch in the 2022 NBA Draft.
50 min
Bane and Tillman Expanding Their Games? Killian...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Brandon Abraham of GBB to discuss the Grizzlies offseason and what to expect from the 2021 Summer Leagues.
38 min
Is the Justise Winslow Era Truly Over? What wil...
Shawn Coleman breaks down the significance of the Grizzlies weekend transactions, the future of Justise Winslow, how active the Grizzlies could be this week and why it all depends on how Eric Bledsoe's situation plays out.
29 min
Breaking Down the Grizzlies Draft With Richard ...
Shawn Coleman welcomes back Richard Stayman AKA MavsDraft to discuss all things Grizzlies and the NBA Draft and the good and the bad from Memphis's 2021 Draft Class.
39 min
Ziaire Williams and Santi Aldama: Your New Memp...
Shawn Coleman breaks down the process and the picks of Ziaire Williams and Santi Aldama, your new Memphis Grizzlies.
23 min
Giddey or Wagner? Targets to Trade Back into th...
Shawn Coleman welcomes NBA Draft GOAT Chad Ford to discuss targets for the Grizzlies both in the lottery and later in the first round that could make it a successful night for Memphis.
28 min
Grizzlies trading into top 3? Multiple Draft Ni...
Shawn Coleman relooks are the Memphis-New Orleans 24 hours later, ranks the five most likely targets in the Top 10, and discusses are the Grizzlies have multiple ways they can trade up from pick 10 and pick 40 on Thursday night.
35 min
Shawn Coleman welcomes Parker Fleming and Joe Mullinax to discuss all the angles and perspectives of the Memphis and New Orleans trade. From the instant impact of losing Jonas Valanciunas to the attempts to get Moses Moody, James Bouknight, and others, the Grizzlies are looking to make the most of another draft.
49 min
Shawn Coleman welcomes Alen Remic of The Lakerside Chats to discuss the best international prospects in the draft, such as Alperen Sengun, Usman Garuba, Josh Giddey and more.
35 min
Shawn Coleman welcomes Chip Williams to discuss the details and reasoning behind a potential trade for Eric Bledsoe, why names such as Moses Moody, Franz Wagner or others that could be the target, and what prospects could make the most sense for Memphis up and down the draft board.
45 min
Grizzlies Trading into Top 4? Shopping Kyle And...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Joe Mullinax to discuss different draft scenarios for Memphis, such as trading into the top four, shopping Kyle Anderson and others, or trading back for extra assets.
39 min
James Bouknight and Keon Johnson as Grizzlies? ...
Shawn Coleman details how the Memphis Grizzlies selections of James Bouknight and Keon Johnson were declared home runs to support Ja Morant and the rest of the roster.
36 min
What Does Milwaukee's NBA Title Mean for Memphi...
Shawn Coleman discusses how the Milwaukee Bucks NBA Title offers plenty of hope for Memphis's current process. He also offers an updated TOP 20 GrizzBoard.
36 min
Valuing the Volunteers with Will Warren
Shawn Coleman welcomes Will Warren from Stats by Will to discuss Jaden Springer, Keon Johnson, and Yves Pons of the Tennessee Volunteers plus a few other names to watch in the 2021 NBA Draft.
35 min
Could Franz Wagner or Isaiah Livers be logical ...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Ant Wright to discuss the games of Franz Wagner and Isaiah Livers, his favorite upside target in the draft, the future of college basketball and the Tigers.
43 min
Grizzlies Draft Needs and Knowledge with Richar...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Richard Stayman aka MavsDraft to discuss the best draft fits for specific Grizzlies needs and what prospects he feels the Grizzlies will ultimately target.
33 min
Making the Most of the Draft in Memphis with Ma...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Mark Schindler to discuss the Grizzlies and the NBA Draft, plus how and when the Grizzlies will take their next step as a franchise.
43 min
How does the initial wave of NBA Offseason News...
Shawn Coleman discusses the logic in the Grizzlies being involved in the markets for some of the biggest names of the offseason.
32 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profile James Bouknight
Shawn Coleman breaks down the calling cards, strengths, and weaknesses of James Bouknight's game. Though he certainly is an ideal draft target for Memphis, how aggressive should the Grizzlies be to get him?
30 min
Draft Variants: What prospects could result in ...
Shawn Coleman highlights some draft prospects that could go higher than expected in the 2021 NBA Draft and a few names that could fall as a result to make a favorable draft board for the Grizzlies.
32 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profile Trey Murphy III
Shawn Coleman looks at Trey Murphy III, a popular Grizzlies target in recent weeks.
29 min
Ideal Trade-up and Trade-Back locations in Draf...
Shawn Coleman identifies the ideal spots in the 2021 Draft for trade up and trade back scenarios, and then discusses the pros and cons of targeting Oregon's Chris Duarte as a potential pick.
33 min
How The Josh Christopher Workout indicates Nume...
Shawn Coleman discusses why the Josh Christopher workout is not only exciting because of Christopher himself, but also opens up many options for the Grizzlies to explore during the 2021 NBA Draft.
35 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profile Corey Kispert
Shawn Coleman breaks down the many ways Corey Kispert is arguably the most logical target for the Grizzlies in the 2021 NBA Draft.
36 min
Top 3 Grizzlies Draft Needs, Top 15 Grizzlies B...
Shawn Coleman looks at the three biggest preferences the Grizzlies should have on draft night and then the Top 15 prospects the Grizzlies should target in the first round.
33 min
Can Ja Morant And Dillon Brooks Make their Seco...
Shawn Coleman highlights the improvements of Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks as their seasons progressed, especially in the playoffs. Can Morant and Brooks sustain their improvements over a full season to take the next step in their careers?
34 min
Do the career years for Jonas Valanciunas and K...
Shawn Coleman breaks down how Jonas Valanciunas and Kyle Anderson evolved into better versions of themselves this season. Does this mean they are long-term fits for the Grizzlies continued evolution?
42 min
Player Review series: High Hopes Remain for the...
Shawn Coleman discusses the seasons of Jaren Jackson Jr. and Brandon Clarke and estimates Jaren's extension numbers and analyzes the idea of keeping and trading Brandon Clarke.
43 min
The Emergence of Grayson Allen And De'Anthony M...
Shawn Coleman looks at how Grayson Allen And Deanthony Melton were two of the most improved Grizzlies this season and what it means for their long term futures.
41 min
Draft Combine Updates, Player Review Series: De...
Shawn Coleman looks at a few of the names linked to the Grizzlies this week at the NBA draft combine and discusses the futures of Desmond Bane and Xavier Tillman in Memphis.
41 min
Player Review Series: How do the Struggles of J...
Shawn Coleman details how both Justise Winslow and Tyus Jones struggles this season and outlines their futures for next season in Memphis or elsewhere.
37 min
Player Review Series: Value at the Back of the ...
Shawn Coleman starts the 2020-2021 Player Review Series by looking at a few Grizzlies who likely will be on their way out this summer, a decision to make between young bigs, and why John Konchar is deservedly the latest in a long line of fan favorites among GrizzNation.
32 min
The Fallout of the NBA Lottery and how it impac...
Shawn Coleman analyzes the impact of the NBA fallout for the league and how it impacts Memphis on ways to move up and how the board will likely be favorable for Memphis if they stay at 17.
36 min
How Aggressive will the Grizzlies be this off-s...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Parker Fleming to discusses how aggressive the Grizzlies might be with moves this offseason.
37 min
2018 Draft Revisit, Playoff Lessons for Grizzli...
Shawn Coleman looks back at the 2018 draft, highlights a few areas of the improvement for Memphis that are critical to advance in the playoffs, and details how the Grizzlies can get creative with cap space this offseason.
36 min
Future Success, Finances, and Roster Flexibilit...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Keith Smith of Spotrac and Celtics Blog to discuss the importance of the Grizzlies financial flexibility moving forward and how the bright the future in general is here in Memphis.
40 min
Grizzlies success during Awards Season, Should ...
Shawn Coleman looks at how much success the Grizzlies Franchise has had during awards season and highlights the resumes of Desmond Bane and Xavier Tillman for the All-NBA Rookie First Team.
33 min
The Highs and Lows of This Year's NBA Playoffs ...
Shawn Coleman highlights the awesome moments and performers this postseason and the unfortunate impact of injuries.
35 min
The Value of the Grizzlies' Continuity, Dillon'...
Shawn Coleman looks at the Grizzlies' Continuity at every level of the franchise continues to grow in value, why an ALL-NBA Defensive team snub should not take away from Dillon Brooks awesome year as a defender, and why health is one of the Grizzlies biggest benefits this offseason.
39 min
Locked on Grizzlies/Pistons Crossover: Discussi...
Shawn Coleman and Ku Kahihl spend some time discussing the progressing rebuilds in Memphis and Detroit, how bright each franchise's future is, and the pros and cons of a Jerami Grant trade from the perspective of both franchises.
51 min
How the Grizzlies Progressed with their Product...
Shawn Coleman looks at how this Grizzlies roster has separated itself from previous versions of Grizzlies in the past and where it must continue to progress moving forward.
36 min
The "One Big Trade" May Not Happen This Summer
Shawn Coleman examines why the "One Big Trade" the Grizzlies are expected to make in time may not happen this summer due to the roster, the trade and free agency markets this offseason, and making the most of their most sensible trade assets.
38 min
Detailing the Important Dates of the Offseason
Shawn Coleman details the important dates for the Grizzlies' offseason, and how they could impact and indicate a specific timing the biggest decisions for Memphis over the next few months.
34 min
Start of the Summer Draft Premier with Richard ...
Shawn Coleman welcomes MavsDraft, AKA Richard Stayman, for a start of the summer draft premier on all things Grizzlies and the 2021 NBA Draft.
40 min
Outlining the Offseason with Joe Mullinax
Shawn Coleman welcomes Joe Mullinax to discuss the Jazz Series and Kleiman, the futures of several important Grizzlies and Taylor Jenkins, and what does the "one big move" look like this offseason.
59 min
Kleiman Extension, Ja and Dillon Making History...
Shawn Coleman explains the significance of Zach Kleiman's contract extension, dives deep into the historical playoff debuts of Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks, and discusses how a few revelations from the Grizzlies starting lineup this series could be relevant as the roster continues to evolve this offseason.
37 min
Though a Special Season Ends, A Fantastic Futur...
Shawn Coleman breaks down the Game 5 and Season Ending loss to the Jazz, highlights four instant reactions from this series that impacts where the Grizzlies as a roster and where they need to be, and four reasons as to why this series was an experience to cherish for all Grizzlies fans and the franchise.
42 min
How the Playoffs are adding to the second year ...
Shawn Coleman details how the Grizzlies success after the regular season has certainly added a positive change to the second year narratives of Ja Morant and Taylor Jenkins, and highlights the keys to a Game 5 victory for the Grizzlies.
39 min
Game 4 Review, JJJ Significant Improvement, Exp...
Shawn Coleman breaks down Game 4 and the positive results despite another loss, how Jaren Jackson Jr. has made significant improvements on both ends of the court this series, and how the "invaluable experience" for the Grizzlies from this NBA Playoffs is benefitting in the present just as much as it will in the future.
39 min
Fourth and First Quarter Adjustments plus Game ...
Shawn Coleman highlights how another shooting option besides Ja and Dillon must step up late in games, how the Grizzlies must defend the PNR and get more looks for their shooter in the first quarter, and how the Grizzlies must neutralize Gobert, rebound, and get into an early rhythm to win Game 4.
41 min
Game 3 Review, Successful Winning Recipe Discov...
Shawn Coleman looks at the pros and cons from game 3, how the Grizzlies have found a winning recipe despite the loss, and how Dillon and Ja have formed on of the best offensive duos in the playoffs.
33 min
Reaction to Fan Incidents, Greatness of the Gri...
Shawn Coleman discusses the impact and needed prevention of negative fan interactions with players and their families, cherishes playoff basketball returning to the Grindhouse, and emphasizes areas to prioritize for Grizzlies lineup rotations and shooting the 3 as a preview for Game 3.
34 min
Memphis in May via the NBA with Clayton Collier
Shawn Coleman welcomes Local24's Clayton Collier to discuss how the month of May has been good to Memphis in the recent past, how the Grizzlies peaked at the right time, Ja and Jenkins, and what must change to get a victory in the Grindhouse this weekend.
28 min
Game 2 Review, Putting Ja's Historic Performanc...
Shawn Coleman looks at the takeaways from Game 2, the historic significance of Ja's performance, and why the Grizzlies have some math problems to solve before Game 3.
35 min
Starter's Success, Locked on Grizzlies-Locked o...
Shawn Coleman highlights how the Grizzlies starters are continuing to find success, and then joins Locked on Jazz host and Founder and President of the Locked on Podcast Network, David Locke, to discuss Game 1 reactions, the return of Donovan Mitchell, and how both teams can improve in Game 2.
36 min