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DaMichael Cole (CommercialAppeal.com) & Joe Mullinax (Formerly Grizzly Bear Blues) give you a daily look inside the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA with Locked on Grizzlies. From the stat sheet all the way to the beat reporting on Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Dillon Brooks, and more DaMichael & Joe cover the entire spectrum of Grizzlies coverage. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network.

With Ja Morant out, Memphis Grizzlies extend wi...
32 min
Desmond Bane Silences Jazz, Memphis Grizzlies N...
Maybe Memphis and Utah can get along in another way...
32 min
Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. dominate, Memph...
The best is perhaps still to come in Memphis.
33 min
The defense is peaking for the Memphis Grizzlie...
31 min
Taylor Jenkins for Coach of the Year, Memphis G...
We take a look at the All-Star lay of the land and argue for Taylor Jenkins to receive the NBA's highest coaching award
30 min
Ja Morant shines both on and off the court for ...
The guy gets it - and Memphis is better for it.
31 min
Ja Morant sets new career assist mark in Memphi...
It takes two to do the assist dance. As great as Ja was in Canada, he wasn't alone.
34 min
Where can the Memphis Grizzlies improve ahead o...
34 min
After a home loss to the Suns, the Memphis Griz...
32 min
Grizzlies/Warriors fallout, Ja Morant's Merry C...
It was a great day for Ja Morant...until the end.
34 min
Desmond Bane is back for the Memphis Grizzlies
Or he's at least ALMOST back...but he's probably back...
34 min
Solving some Memphis Grizzlies road woes
If only we could sent their beds along with Ja Morant and company when they travel...
35 min
Will the NBA-best Memphis Grizzlies get even be...
What a fun question to be able to ask! Highly recommend the Memphis Grizzlies!
31 min
Good and bad news for the Memphis Grizzlies.
Can't have it all, apparently.
30 min
Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies crush the B...
It was a fight...just a 1st round TKO.
31 min
A measuring stick moment for the Memphis Grizzlies
No shortcuts. No easy way out. The only way for Memphis is through.
35 min
The Memphis Grizzlies and their unique developm...
35 min
Jaren Jackson Jr. ties Memphis Grizzlies franch...
26 min
Ja Morant leads the Memphis Grizzlies - does Tr...
It's a fair question.
31 min
Desmond Bane injury updates make us sad - but Z...
Do you want the good news first, or the bad news? Just kidding, bad news first. Sorry Grizzlies fans.
30 min
The Memphis Grizzlies are streaking thanks to c...
In order to be a NBA Finals contender, more is needed than just elite offense. Thankfully, Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies seem to understand that well.
30 min
Ziaire Williams getting closer, Grizzlies cultu...
Memphis has plenty to be excited about with their Grizzlies - both on and off the floor.
32 min
With Ja Morant and six other players out, the M...
30 min
Ja Morant continues to amaze us after his lates...
32 min
De'Anthony Melton returns to Memphis for the Ph...
33 min