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Shawn Coleman gives you a daily look inside the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA with Locked on Grizzlies, part of the Locked on Podcast Network #nba #grizzlies

Jaren Injury Update, Positional Hierarchy for t...
Shawn Coleman breaks down the lack of an update for Jaren Jackson Jr.'s injury and discusses which players could be featured more or less in the second half of the season.
31 min
All-Star Reactions, First Half Awards, Potentia...
Shawn Coleman discusses Mike Conley in the All-Star Game, first half season awards winners for the Grizzlies, and in a new series, highlights which Memphis player is most logical to trade.
27 min
Final Game Adjustments, Melton, and Best First ...
Shawn Coleman looks at some very positives from the Bucks game, how sustainable are De'Anthony Melton's improvements sustainable, and three best first half moments.
27 min
How much are the stars Rising for Ja and BC in...
Shawn Coleman discusses how Ja and Brandon Clarke are doing in their second seasons in Memphis, and then discusses the encouraging developments of Taylor Jenkins compared to his Mentor Mike Budenholzer.
29 min
Evan Barnes of the Commercial Appeal on the Gri...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Evan Barnes to discuss Ja's consistency, the development of the Grizzlies supporting cast, and second half suggestions.
30 min
Justise's Impact and February Feedback
Shawn Coleman details how Justise Winslow is making an impact and has some feedback from February to help the Grizzlies in March.
33 min
Building Brands with Bryce Hayes
Shawn Coleman spends time discussing a historic victory, Justise, building the Grizzlies brand, and second half successes with GBB's Bryce Hayes.
28 min
MidSeason Draft Discussions with Chip Williams
Shawn Coleman welcomes Chip Williams back to the show for a fun and insightful breakdown of many prospects who can makes sense for the Grizzlies in the 2021 NBA Draft.
48 min
Recapping Split with Clippers, Champions of the...
Shawn Coleman discusses the series split with the Clippers, looks at the progression shooting in the corners, and highlights ways to win vs the Rockets.
28 min
Grizzlies Thump Clippers in best game of year, ...
Shawn Coleman enjoys the Grizzlies best game so far this season and then creates a competitive checklist based on statistical thresholds that, if reached, really improves the Grizzlies chances to win.
28 min
Second Half Schedule Breakdown
Shawn Coleman looks at the the second half schedule by the numbers, segments of success or struggle that could await the Grizzlies, and three areas of needed improvement before the second half starts.
34 min
Ja and Conley All-Star Snubs, New Division Odds...
Shawn Coleman hypes up Ja Morant and Mike Conley All-Star resumes despite snubs, looks at updated division odds for the Grizzlies, and how the Grizzlies need to get back to what they do at an elite level.
33 min
Talking the Grizzlies Inconsistences, Young Cor...
Shawn Coleman is joined by Connor Dunning to discuss the Grizzlies successes and struggles over the past month, when the Grizzlies compare to other young cores, Ja or Conley as an All-Star, and head coach Taylor Jenkins first 100 games.
46 min
Talking Grizz and Mavs with Brian Zilem and Lau...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Lauren Gunn and Brian Zilem of the Blue Hardwood podcast to discuss the Mavs and Grizzlies season so far, their near term future, and the matchup tonight.
53 min
Three truths, Ja the All-Star, Justise's Return
Shawn Coleman discusses three truths from the week that was, Ja's All-Star candidacy, and the significance of Justise Winslow's return.
29 min
Omari Sankofa joins the show to discuss Rebuild...
Shawn Coleman welcomes former Grizzlies and current Pistons beat writer Omari Sanfoka to talk about the Grizzlies and Pistons, witnessing rebuilds, career revivals, and enjoyable development.
45 min
Enjoying Consistency with Kyle and Dillon
Shawn Coleman reviews the win over the Thunder, the benefit of Kyle and Dillon finding consistency, and indicative stats that show how the Grizzlies could be succeeding or struggling in games beyond the score.
37 min
Nitty Gritty Grind Session: Thunder Edition
Shawn Coleman looks at how the Grizzlies can get back to their winning ways against the Thunder in Memphis.
19 min
Drew Hill of the Daily Memphian
Drew Hill of the Daily Memphian Joins the show to discuss Taylor Jenkins, Kyle Anderson, Dillon Brooks and the outlook of the Grizzlies going forward.
42 min
Joe Mullinax joins the show to discuss Ja, Jona...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Joe Mullinax to discuss many aspects of the Grizzlies a third of the way through the season and the schedule ahead.
41 min
Trustworthy Lineups emerge as Tough Stretch of ...
Shawn Coleman looks at the keys of the victory over the keys and discusses why trustworthy rotations emerging for Memphis could not have come at a better time.
32 min
Navigating the West with Successful starts
Shawn Coleman reviews the loss to the lakers, discusses the Grizzlies successful starts to games, and previews a needed win in Sacramento.
31 min
Looking at the Then and Now when it comes to th...
Shawn Coleman discusses how this is the best assortment of shooting the Grizzlies have ever had, looks at top five shooters in franchise history, and previews the game against the Lakers.
36 min
Locked on Today Episode
The Locked on Podcast Network presents their newest podcast known as Locked on Today, with a bonus episode for our Locked on Grizzlies listeners to enjoy.
18 min
How a Historic night highlights improved shooti...
Shawn Coleman takes time to celebrate the historic win for the Grizzlies against the hornets, how Memphis is improving its shooting overall, and how team chemistry is clearly supporting the success of this team.
39 min
Hyping the Hustle and Hornets Game with GBB's B...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Brandon Abraham to discuss the Hustle, the G league, and the Hornets game.
47 min
Importance of defending the 3 and playing Ja wi...
Shawn coleman looks at the loss to the Raptors and how the Grizzlies must start defending the three and playing Ja with JV more to right the ship.
34 min
Nitty Gritty Grind Session: Raptors Preview
Shawn Coleman looks at how the Grizzlies can find success in a critical but tough matchup against the Raptors.
20 min
Pelicans Loss, Struggles of Ja and Defense
Shawn Coleman reviews the loss to the Pelicans and how the struggles of Ja and the Grizzlies defense have to be resolved soon.
34 min
Best and Worst of Times in Memphis- Rockets Rev...
Shawn Coleman reviews the game against the Rockets and previews the game against the Pelicans while also looking at it truly is the best and worst of times in Memphis.
36 min
Individual Successes lead to Sustainable Sources
Shawn Coleman looks at how some individuals on the Grizzlies roster are doing their jobs to help the Grizzlies have multiple ways to win.
38 min
Where does Ja rank among his peers, Solidifying...
Shawn Coleman discusses the loss to the Pacers, where Ja ranks among his peers, and how figuring the status quo should be the main focus in Memphis.
33 min
Celebrating the Grizzlies Sweep of the Spurs wi...
Shawn Coleman is joined by Justin Lewis and Ben Hogan of the 3 and D podcast to discuss the Grizzlies sweep of the Spurs and forecasting the month of February.
42 min
Previewing Pacers-Grizzlies with Caitlin Cooper
Shawn Coleman Welcomes Caitlin Cooper of Indy Cornrows to discuss the Grizzlies and Pacers before their game tonight.
38 min
Enjoying Spurs win, Improved Shooting, Solidify...
Shawn Coleman looks at the historic victory over the Spurs, the emerging potential of the Grizzlies shooting, and gaining some clarity at the two guard position.
33 min
Nitty Gritty Grind Session: San Antonio Spurs
Shawn Coleman celebrates the Grizzlies being back in action against the San Antonio Spurs.
22 min
Talking Ja, Jaren, Justice and Sustainability w...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Parker Fleming to discuss Ja and his place in the game, how sustainable is the Grizzlies success, and the returns of Jaren and Justise.
50 min
The Grizzlies Stack up well with future trade o...
Shawn Coleman analyzes the positives and negatives of potential Grizzlies trade offers for stars when the time is right for a move to be made.
36 min
Lasting Impact of Kobe's legacy, Grizzlies' tou...
Shawn Coleman looks at the positivity of Kobe's legacy, how former stars can learn from it, and how the Grizzlies schedule does not off any favors too them once they return.
32 min
Gaining Respect for the Grizzlies with Daniel G...
Shawn Coleman takes time with Daniel Greer of GrizzLead to enjoy the Grizzlies success so far this season and how JJJ, JW, and JV can succeed once they return.
46 min
Shawn Coleman welcomes Mark King to discuss the Grizzlies making the "one big trade" for a wing star and look at how angles to discover when and how it should be done.
39 min
Buy or Sale "Early Season Edition"
Shawn Coleman, along with a very special guest, looks at several individual and team scenarios and decides to buy or sale their legitimacy going .
30 min
Tillman, Team Chemistry, Trailblazer Preview
Shawn Coleman discusses the early success of Xavier Tillman, contributions of the entire Grizzlies team, and previews the game against the Trailblazers.
33 min
Reviewing the Suns Win and a dose of Deja Vu
Shawn Coleman looks at the victory over the Suns, how the Grizzlies are winning through familiar means, and highlights some good rotation decisions from Taylor Jenkins
32 min
Joe Mullinax joins to discuss COVID, JA, THE RO...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Joe Mullinax to discuss all that his happening with the Grizzlies recent run of success and the significance of MLK DAY in Memphis.
57 min
Nitty Gritty Grind Session: 76ers Preview
Shawn Coleman discusses all the headlines leading into tonight's game between Philly and Memphis and how the Grizzlies can earn a victory to get to .500.
20 min
Ja Update, Praising Dillon, Adjustments for 2nd...
Shawn Coleman details all the injury and game status news for Ja and the Grizzlies upcoming games, praises Dillon's progression, and discusses how Memphis can get to .500 tonight.
32 min
Twolves Win, Offense Improving, Harden Trade Re...
Shawn Coleman reviews how the Grizzlies stormed back against the Twolves, looks at how the offense is improving, and gives his takes on the James Harden trade.
37 min
Locked on Twolves and Grizzlies Crossover
Shawn Coleman of Locked on Grizzlies and Ben Beecken of Locked on Twolves discuss all things Memphis and Minnesota while previewing their upcoming duo of games.
45 min
Reviewing the Cavs Win and Why a Season Grade o...
Shawn Coleman breaks down all the positive aspects of the win over the Cavs and why he gives the Grizzlies season of Grade of D and means it as a compliment.
35 min
Rookies, Containing Centers, Cavs Preview
Shawn Coleman discusses the early returns of the Grizzlies rookie duo, the need to contain centers in upcoming games, and previews the Cavs game.
32 min
A Winning Identity and Exploring Expansion
Shawn Coleman explores how the Grizzlies earned a win through a emerging identity and the impact on Memphis of potential expansion in the NBA.
28 min
Cavs Review, Offensive Adjustments, Nets Preview
Shawn Coleman discusses the disappointment from last night's loss, makes a simple suggestion to improve the offense, and Preview the Nets game.
33 min
A Significant Stretch for Memphis
Shawn Coleman discusses the significance of the next week for Memphis and a few ways in which the Grizzlies can put themselves in position to win.
30 min
Lakers Review, Contract Conversations
Shawn Coleman discusses positives takeaways from the Lakers games and also breaks down current contract situations for many Grizzlies that impact the present and future.
32 min
Aimee Stiegemeyer on the Grizzlies developing d...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Aimee Stiegemeyer from the Memphis Flyer and All Heart in Hoop City to discuss Kyle, Tyus, BC, and Bane and the importance of patience and development for this team.
50 min
Nitty Gritty Grind Sessions: Lakers Preview
Shawn Coleman discusses how the Grizzlies can find success against the Lakers coming off their win against the Hornets.
18 min
Nitty Gritty Grind Sessions: Hornets Preview
Shawn Coleman looks at the Grizzlies preview against the Hornets tonight and discusses areas of potential success and struggle for Memphis
17 min
Celtics Game Review, New Years Resolutions
Shawn Coleman Breaks down the game against the Celtics and offers New Years Resolutions for the front office, Coach Jenkins, and the roster.
32 min
Early season Evaluations with Joe Mullinax: Ja,...
Shawn Coleman and Joe Mullinax discuss Ja, Kyle, the lineup setup for the Grizzlies and how expectations may be altered going forward.
63 min
Costly First Win for Grizzlies
Shawn Coleman discusses the Ja Morant injury, the positives of getting the first season win, and how the lineups may look going forward
30 min
Nitty Gritty Grind Session: Nets Preview
Shawn Coleman debuts a new concept: a condensed podcast preview of the Grizzlies upcoming game. This debut episode covers where the Grizzlies may succeed and struggle against the Nets.
16 min
Early Season Evaluations with Mark King
Shawn Coleman and Mark King discuss the Grizzlies early seasons struggles, and what trends are concerning and what positives remain that Memphis can right the ship soon.
48 min
Discussing the Grizzlies Past, Present, and Fut...
Shawn Coleman Welcomes Seth Partnow of the Athletic to discuss the Grizzlies season, specifically Ja, Jaren and BC, Taylor Jenkins, and the present and future potential of this roster in the NBA.
39 min
Ja's Heroics, Opening Night Opinions
Shawn Coleman marvels at the heroics of Ja Morant and breaks down what went right and wrong for Memphis on opening night.
36 min
Locked on Spurs and Grizzlies CrossOver with Je...
Shawn Coleman and Jeff Garcia Breakdown the opening game of the 2020-2021 season between the Spurs and Grizzlies.
43 min
Focusing on Numbers, Early Schedule, and Extern...
Shawn Coleman looks at several perspectives that could have major influence on the Grizzlies pursuit of the playoffs this season.
28 min
Preseason Review, Lineups, and Memphis is a Bar...
Shawn Coleman breaks down some exciting tidbits from the preseason, how lineups could shake out, and why today's extensions make the Grizzlies look even better.
26 min
Season Preview with Drew Hill of the Daily Memp...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Drew Hill of the Daily Memphian to discuss the Grizzlies preseason and his season outlook for Memphis.
39 min
Season Preview with Joe Mullinax
Shawn Coleman welcomes Joe Mullinax for a Grizzlies season preview.
67 min
Its Sweet to Sweep
Shawn Coleman discusses all the positives from the Grizzlies first two preseason wins and the strong indicators of what the starting lineup might be.
28 min
Talking Two Twolves Games, with Reviews and Pre...
Shawn Coleman looks back at the great and the good from the preseason game, and looks ahead to what hopefully will continue standing out tonight.
26 min
Preseason Preview
Shawn Coleman previews the preseason with some fun talents to enjoy and certain developments to watch to get started for the regular season.
25 min
Ja and Jaren on the rise, This year's biggest s...
Shawn Coleman discusses the recent recognition of Ja and Jaren among the NBA's best and discusses his biggest storyline of the year.
30 min
Areas of Needed Improvement for Memphis
Shawn Coleman discusses general areas of needed improvement for the Grizzlies this season to become true playoff contenders.
29 min
Positional Hierarchy? Legit or Malarkey? Well, ...
Shawn Coleman looks at how structure or customization could be advantageous for each of the Grizzlies positional groups to start the season.
27 min
Breaking Down the Grizzlies Schedule with Parke...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Parker Fleming to the show to breakdown the Grizzlies schedule, discuss the NBA's flaws in featuring young talent, and many questions that need to be answered for Memphis once the season starts.
40 min
Nate Duncan on the NBA Offseason and the Grizzl...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Nate Duncan from the Dunc'd On Podcast and the Hollinger and Duncan Podcast to discuss the NBA offseason and the Grizzlies.
29 min
How do the injuries to Jaren and Justise impact...
Shawn Coleman breaks down how the injuries to Justise and Jaren impact both them individually and the Grizzlies, and what opportunities could arise for many others in the franchise as a result.
27 min
Talking Rebuilds, Drafts, and Futures with Brad...
Shawn Coleman discusses the rebuilds, future plans, franchise PGs, and the 2020 draft for the Hawks and Grizzlies with Brad Rowland.
28 min
Discussing the Grizzlies Offseason with Mark King
Shawn Coleman catches up with former LOG host Mark King to discuss the Grizzlies offseason and what lies ahead.
38 min
Discussing Draft and Dallas with Lauren Gunn of...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Lauren Gunn of Mavs MoneyBall to discuss the draft, Dallas, Luka, and future outlooks for Grizzlies and Mavs.
52 min
Grizzlies Welcome Back Melton, Konchar, and Por...
Shawn Coleman discusses the impact of the Grizzlies bringing back De'Anthony Melton, John Konchar, and Jontay Porter over the long term.
29 min
Bane Arrives, Free Agency Preview
Shawn Coleman breaks down the official arrival of Desmond Bane and preview plenty of free agent decisions for the Grizzlies in the coming days.
29 min
Discussing the Draft with David Cobb
Shawn Coleman welcomes David Cobb to discuss the 2020 Draft and the Grizzlies exciting new talent.
40 min
Draft Day Reactions and Analysis
Shawn Coleman breaks down an unexpected and amazing Grizzlies draft night during the 2020 NBA Draft.
31 min
Draft Day Details and Discussions
Shawn Coleman breaks down all the names and potential moves that makes sense for the Grizzlies and offers a few general details to look forward to in the draft.
27 min
Mapping moves over the next week with Drew Hill...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Drew Hill of Daily Memphian to discuss the craziness of the NBA trade season, as well as the trades, draft picks and free agent signings the Grizzlies could target in the coming days.
40 min
Draft Discussions With Chip Williams
Shawn Coleman discusses the 2020 Draft with one of the best minds in Memphis, Chip Williams, as they discuss the lottery, Wiseman, Precious, and the Grizzlies approach on draft night.
54 min
Woj Bomb Breakdowns, Brainstorming Trade Avenue...
Shawn Coleman details all the major news about the regular season and playoffs from this morning's news, then discusses some ways in which the Grizzlies could make unexpected but logical trades this week.
24 min
Evaluating Elijah Hughes with Jon Glosser
Shawn Coleman welcomes Syracuse Super Fan Jon Glosser to discuss Elijah Hughes, one of the more logical targets for the Grizzlies in the 2020 Draft.
35 min
Talking Grizzlies with Anthony Sain
Shawn Coleman welcomes Anthony Sain from Sports 56 to the show to discuss the wildness of the NBA, the Grizzlies roster, and past and present perspectives on the draft.
35 min
OffSeason Outline, Trade Talks, NEW UNIS!!!
Shawn Coleman breaks down the offseason outline, how big trades from other teams impacts Memphis, and how the new uniforms are absolute hits!
27 min
Draft Themes, Breaking Down Jontay Porter
Shawn Coleman looks at some themes coming together for the 2020 NBA Draft, and why Jontay Porter has the potential to a relevant talent for the Grizzlies in the future.
29 min
How the traits of current Grizzlies could offer...
Shawn Coleman analyzes how the traits of some current Grizzlies that have been acquired in the recent past could indicate some sensible 2020 NBA Draft targets.
28 min
Start of Season Reaction, Sam Merrill Prospect ...
Shawn Coleman Breaks Down the start of the season and Sam Merrill as a logical Grizzlies Target.
27 min
Grizzlies Prospect Profile Jahmi'us Ramsey
Shawn Coleman looks at how Jahmi'us Ramsey could be a clear value for the Grizzlies in the 2020 draft.
33 min
Fanduel Agreement, Mason Jones Prospect Profile
Shawn Coleman discusses the Fanduel agreement with the Grizzlies and also breaks down the game of Mason Jones.
26 min
Draft Discussions with Ben Pfeifer
Shawn Coleman welcomes NBA Draft Guru Ben Pfeifer to discuss all things Memphis and Grizzlies regarding the 2020 NBA Draft
39 min
Reliving "The Block", Killian Tillie Prospect P...
Shawn Coleman relives the first significant moment for Ja Morant, Taylor Jenkins, and this Grizzlies roster one year later and breaks down Killian Tillie.
24 min