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DaMichael Cole (CommercialAppeal.com) & Joe Mullinax (Formerly Bluff City Media/Grizzly Bear Blues) give you a daily look inside the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA with Locked on Grizzlies. From the stat sheet all the way to the beat reporting on Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Desmond Bane, and more. DaMichael & Joe cover the entire spectrum of Grizzlies coverage. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network.

The Single Best Player Performance in Grizzlies...
Shawn Coleman welcomes DaMichael Cole of the Commercial Appeal to discuss Ja Morant's historic night and the Grizzlies approach heading into March.
38 min
Needed Adjustments prove the Grizzlies are Cont...
Shawn Coleman highlights an impressive bounce back victory on Saturday night. From Ja Morant's 46 points to Steven Adams dominance on the boards to making free throws and great individual efforts, the Grizzlies showed they can make the right adjustments to win big games. Plus, how the Grizzlies can set the tone early against the Spurs tonight on Beale.
30 min
Fluke or Fatal Flaw? How Concerning is the Loss...
Shawn Coleman breaks down the Grizzlies loss to the Twolves, and how some aspects of the game are one-time occurrences while others could be long term concerns. Plus, another impressive performance from Ziaire Williams, the Grizzlies have to find success from the line, and another tough road matchup awaits the Grizz in Chicago.
29 min
The Importance of Always Improving! Plus, Jaren...
Shawn Coleman dives into how areas of improvement for the Grizzlies will only gain importance as the season progresses. Plus, why Jaren Jackson Jr. remains the key to the season, and how the Grizzlies can survive a tough matchup against the Timberwolves.
30 min
May the Odds Forever Be in the Grizzlies Favor
Shawn Coleman looks at several season odds from BetOnline.NET. The Grizzlies chances at an NBA Title, plus Ja, Desmond, JJJ, and Taylor Jenkins opportunity to take home individual season awards are all have realistic chances of happening to make this season truly special.
31 min
Top of the West Locked on NBA Roundtable
Shawn Coleman takes part in a roundtable discussion in regards to the Grizzlies, Warriors, Suns, and Jazz when it comes to the Top of the Western Conference.
43 min
Memories and Moments Made for Ja, Bane, and Mem...
Shawn Coleman looks back on a memorable weekend for Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and the Memphis Grizzlies. Plus, how the duo's production becomes more important than ever. Also, how big of an impact is Chris Paul's injury on the rest of the Western Conference?
30 min
Ja Morant: NBA All-Star
Shawn Coleman looks at a special and significant moment for Ja Morant in his first All-Star Game.
19 min
Desmond Bane, Top 10 Shooter in the NBA, Takes ...
Shawn Coleman sets the stages for Desmond Bane taking center stage this weekend. Bane has emerged has a clear Top 10 shooter in the league this season, and deserves the spotlight in the Rising Stars challenge and Three Point Competition. But beyond why he deserves to be there, Shawn looks at how Bane can truly shine in the spotlight this weekend.
33 min
Ja Morant and Desmond Bane Make History! Plus, ...
Shawn Coleman highlights an impressive game from Ja Morant and Desmond Bane despite the loss to the Trail Blazers. Plus, the Memphis Grizzlies are setting new standards for themselves while Brandon Clarke is validating the best version of himself to date.
28 min
Career Night for Tyus Jones! Plus, Ball Movemen...
Shawn Coleman breaks down a career night for Tyus Jones in a big victory over the Pelicans, looks at ball movement and three point defense as improving areas that are fueling Memphis's success, and attempting to silent the combo of Simons and Hart of the TrailBlazers.
28 min
Retracing the Steps in the Unique Rivalry Betwe...
Shawn Coleman retraces the steps of how the Grizzlies and Pelicans have both arrived in their current positions as franchises. Despite many big moves from the Pelicans, the Grizzlies have certainly been more successful in building a sustainable winner. However, on the court, the Pelicans have had plenty of success against Memphis. How can the Grizzlies prevent that from happening again tonight in the Big Easy?
33 min
Quality over Quantity! The Quiet But Significan...
Shawn Coleman looks at the fun win over the Hornets from the weekend then dives into the value of Steven Adams and Kyle Anderson shines even without offensive preference.
30 min
No Deals?....GREAT!!! How Trade Deadline Decisi...
Shawn Coleman details the reasons behind the Grizzlies lack of deadline activity, but why it will be beneficial in the present and future. Plus, how the Grizzlies offensive successes now will continue to benefit them as the playoffs approach.
31 min
Trade or no Trade, The Vibes win remain Incredi...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Parker Fleming to discuss many different perspectives as to why the Grizzlies should or should not make a trade and who are some potential targets. Plus, why if no trades are made, the Grizzlies still have additions to look forward too in the form of Dillon Brooks and improved three point shooting.
40 min
Grizzlies Earn Dominant Win Over the Clippers! ...
Shawn Coleman recaps the Grizzlies dominant victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, and then takes a look at some "What Now?" trade targets, including Kyle Kuzma and Harrison Barnes. How could changes in their respective teams situations impact their trade value?
31 min
Create, Pass, Score! The Grizzlies are showing ...
Shawn Coleman looks at the at how the Grizzlies need to make needed improvements when it comes to various forms of offensive balance, and how they are achieving that in February. Plus, preview of the game against the Clippers.
28 min
Early 2022 Draft Thoughts and Targets for Grizz...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Richard Stayman back to the show to discuss the development of many Grizzlies picks in the recent past and who could make sense for the Grizzlies to target in the 2022 NBA Draft.
38 min
Shawn Coleman breaks down why Jaren Jackson Jr. is the best replacement for Draymond Green in the 2022 NBA All-star game. Plus, how league trade news impacts the Grizzlies and previewing the game against Orlando.
29 min
A Big Win, and Ziaire Williams Performance, in ...
Shawn Coleman welcomes Daniel Greer from the Grizz 901 Podcast to discuss the Grizzlies impressive team victory over the Knicks, plus how the best version of the Grizzlies could help needed areas of improvement once Dillon returns,
33 min
MAKE OPEN SHOTS! Threes and Free Throws Are Key...
Shawn Coleman dives deep into why the Grizzlies must improve their three point and free throw trends to advance in the playoffs, plus previews the Grizzlies visit to Madison Square Garden tonight.
31 min
Despite a Tough Loss in Philly, January was a H...
Shawn Coleman looks at why some consistent struggles for Memphis led to a loss against the 76ers and then details why January was historic for Ja, Jaren, and Coach Jenkins and has already made this season a resounding success.
29 min
Weekend Win over the Wizards! Plus, Favorable F...
Shawn Coleman looks at a convincing win over the Wizards and a bit of history for Ja and the team, plus favorable February schedule and the Grizz take on the Sixers in Philly without Embiid!
25 min
Ja and Jaren Are Outstanding! Plus, Trade Deadl...
Shawn Coleman looks at the Grizzlies outstanding end to the week with two straight wins, the dominance of Ja and Jaren, the Grizzlies trade deadline preferences coming into focus, and previewing the game against the Wizards tonight.
32 min
Ja Morant is an All-Star Starter!!! Plus, De'An...
Shawn Coleman celebrates Ja Morant as an NBA All-Star Starter, then looks at how future roster decisions could make De'Anthony Melton a trade asset. Also, Kyle Kuzma as a trade target is a situation to watch!
33 min