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DaMichael Cole (CommercialAppeal.com) & Joe Mullinax (Formerly Bluff City Media/Grizzly Bear Blues) give you a daily look inside the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA with Locked on Grizzlies. From the stat sheet all the way to the beat reporting on Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Dillon Brooks, and more DaMichael & Joe cover the entire spectrum of Grizzlies coverage. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network.

Ja Morant is number one, plus Memphis Grizzlies...
How Ja Morant got to the top of a "top 25 under 25" ranking and takeaways from a busy Grizzlies weekend in Memphis.
34 min
A positive update on Jaren Jackson Jr.'s status...
32 min
Memphis Grizzlies roster questions after two pr...
35 min
The NBA GM Survey Hates the Memphis Grizzlies
Bamboozled. Perplexed. Insert synonym for confused. The Memphis Grizzlies deserved better, NBA GMs.
31 min
Santi Aldama, Ja Morant and Memphis Grizzlies s...
34 min
The Memphis Grizzlies win, lose, and draw NBA P...
It was a mixed bad of on and off the court news for the Bears of Beale Street as the preseason got underway.
30 min
The Dillon Brooks Conundrum
One domino that is yet to fall for the Memphis Grizzlies is just how Dillon Brooks will be deployed this season.
31 min
Ja Morant and the Grizzlies can still be better!
These young Memphis Grizzlies have tons of room to still grow entering a key season for their development.
28 min
Memphis Grizzlies Media Day Musings
Who grew? Who gained muscle? Who made waves in Memphis for the Grizzlies?
30 min
No Country for Old Bosses - Memphis Grizzlies E...
Jae Crowder may be available via trade. The Memphis Grizzlies, as Media Day draws near, shouldn't call.
28 min
Breakout candidates for the Memphis Grizzlies i...
Who takes the leap in to stardom, or NBA relevance, this season in Memphis for the Grizzlies?
31 min
Memphis Grizzlies Contract Extension Candidates
Which Memphis Grizzlies upcoming free agent is most likely to be teammates with Ja Morant beyond this season?
32 min
Memphis Grizzlies Training Camp Themes
Grizzlies basketball is coming! Host Joe Mullinax details what matters most as Training Camp approaches in Memphis.
28 min
Memphis Grizzlies playoff threats and big produ...
Ja Morant is the straw that stirs the drink. Who else will have a say in how things go in Memphis for the Grizzlies this season?
27 min
NBA 2K23 ratings for Memphis Grizzlies players
33 min
Donovan Mitchell Trade and Ja Morant Signature ...
Host Joe Mullinax breaks down what the Donovan Mitchell deal between Utah and Cleveland means to Memphis, as well as Ja Morant's reported new kicks!
27 min
How Kevin Durant's return to the Brooklyn Nets ...
33 min
Can the Memphis Grizzlies land Kevin Durant?
33 min
How Ja Morant Raises the Memphis Grizzlies' Pro...
31 min
Report: Memphis Grizzlies at Golden State Warri...
35 min
Happy Birthday, Ja Morant!
33 min
Why Brandon Clarke should start with Jaren Jack...
34 min
Prioritizing the point guard position is workin...
29 min
Critical combos for the Memphis Grizzlies
23 min
How Desmond Bane can take the next step for the...
33 min