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Locked On Eagles 11.1.17 - Locked On Broncos Cr...
25 min
Locked On Eagles 10.31.17 -- Jay Ajayi Emergenc...
Ben and Mike drop everything to break down Jay Ajayi's contract, talent, scheme fit, and cost, as wizard GM Howie Roseman strikes another astounding deal on the trade market
11 min
Locked On Eagles 10.31.17 - Trade Targets, Game...
28 min
Locked On Eagles 10.30.17 - Eagles Throttle the...
20 min
Locked On Eagles 10.27.17 - Mark Schofield Talk...
Mark Schofield from Locked On Patriots/Inside the Pylon/Bleacher Report joins Michael and Ben to talk Carson Wentz and the Eagles vs Niners.
23 min
Locked On Eagles 10.26.17 - Locked On 49ers Cro...
29 min
Locked On Eagles 10.25.17 - Injuries & the Alsh...
24 min
Locked On Eagles 10.24.17 - Instant Eagles Defe...
Michael and Ben react to the Eagles big divisional win and include a special half-time recording.
28 min
Locked On Eagles 10.23.17 - Final Eagles-Redski...
Michael and Ben check in on the Sunday slate of games and hit their finals PHI-WAS preview.
22 min
Locked On Eagles 10.20.17 - Twitter Mailbag & More
Michael and Ben discuss if Redskins WR Josh Doctson is due for a breakout, plus they answer your questions from Twitter on a range of topics.
21 min
Locked On Eagles 10.19.17 - Zeke's Suspension? ...
Michael and Ben talk Zeke, Wentz, Chris Long, Jonathan Allen and hit each other with the hard questions in another segment of Game Time Decisions! Brought to you by MyBookie.AG: http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
28 min
Locked on Eagles 10.18.17 - Zach Hicks from Loc...
Zach Hicks from Locked On Redskins helps Michael and Ben preview the upcoming Eagles-Redskins tilt and a special guest Pick a Prospect!
20 min
Locked On Eagles 10.17.17 - PFF's Eric Eager Ta...
Eric Eager from Pro Football Focus talks with Ben and Michael about Power Rankings, Carson Wentz, and more!
20 min
Locked On Eagles 10.16.17 - NFL Power Rankings,...
Michael and Ben discuss the week that was, update their NFL Power Rankings, and talk about potential Eagles draft targets. Brought to you by MyBookie.AG: http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
27 min
Locked On Eagles 10.13.17 - Eagles Defeat Panth...
Michael and Ben react to the Eagles gigantic win over the Panthers in their biggest win in the Doug Pederson/Carson Wentz era.
25 min
Locked On Eagles 10.12.17 - Final TNF Preview P...
Michael and Ben duel with analytics while debating who wins and if the PHI-CAR matchup will hit the over. Brought to you by MyBookie.AG: http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
26 min
Locked On Eagles 10.11.17 - Bill Riccette Previ...
Michael and Ben preview TNF Eagles-Panthers with Locked On Panthers host Bill Riccette.
19 min
Locked On Eagles 10.10.17 - Jerry Jones' Hypocr...
Michael and Ben take Jerry Jones to task for his recent comments, talk about the Week 5 that was, and break out a new segment: Game Time Decisions
30 min
Locked On Eagles 10.9.17 - Reaction to Eagles O...
Michael and Ben highlight the good and the gooder (it's a word) things from the Eagles destruction of the Cardinals. Brought to you by MyBookie.ag: http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
23 min
Locked On Eagles 10.6.17 - PHI vs AZ Preview & ...
Michael & Ben predict and analyze Eagles-Cardinals and Michael makes as impassioned plea after a Twitter poll shows a lack of faith in the Eagles.
23 min
Locked On Eagles 10.5.17 - State of the NFC Eas...
Michael and Ben chat about the state of the NFC East, NFC playoff picture and pick a prospect from the 2018 Draft Class that may fit the Eagles. Brought to you by MyBookie.AG: http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
31 min
Locked On Eagles 10.4.17 - Cowherd's Buffoonery...
Michael and Ben discuss Colin Cowherd's hackneyed take of Philadelphia & talk with Blake Allen Murphy of www.revengeofthebirds.com about the AZ-PHI matchup. Brought to you by XBET.AG:
24 min
Locked On Eagles 10.3.17 - Twitter Tuesday Mailbag
Michael and Ben answer your questions from Twitter inre: WRs, Kickers, Historical Roman Figures and more! Brought to you by XBET.AG
24 min
Locked On Eagles 10.2.17 - Reaction to Eagles D...
Michael and Ben discuss the ups and downs of the Eagles win over the Chargers. Brought to you by MyBookie: http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZcQGNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
26 min
Locked On Eagles 9.29.17 - Brandon Lee Gowton o...
Michael and Ben hit their final preview of the Eagles/Chargers tilt and bring on Brandon Lee Gowton from Bleeding Green Nation to cap off the week.
20 min