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4.8.19- The role of a rookie WR
Who the Eagles select at WR could be telling about their long-term plan
28 min
4.6.19- The ideal top 24
Building the most ideal 24 picks before the Eagles 25th selection
31 min
4.5.19- Locked On The Mock #4
Check out another 7-round Eagles mock draft!
56 min
4.2.19- Dream scenarios for first and second ro...
What is the ideal scenario for the Eagles at 25, 53, and 57?
41 min
4.1.19- April Fools Eagles Style
Getting into the "April Fools" jokes that tricked Eagles fans
29 min
3.29.19- Trade-Up Candidates
Discussing potential candidates the Eagles could trade up for
36 min
3.28.19- Eagles trade for RB Jordan Howard
Reacting to the Eagles deal for Bears RB Jordan Howard
36 min
3.26.19- Interview with NDSU RB Bruce Anderson
Sitting down with North Dakota State RB Bruce Anderson
14 min
3.25.19- Over The Cap's Zack Moore
Over The Cap Capologist Zack Moore joins the show
46 min
3.24.19- A farewell to Jeremy Maclin
Taking a look back at Jeremy Maclin's career after the former Eagle announced his retirement
20 min
3.21.19- Digging into the Curry reunion
Analyzing the Eagles move to bring back DE Vinny Curry
24 min
3.20.19-Draft Tendencies of Roseman and Douglas
Gino gets into draft tendencies of Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas as members of a front office. Where do they draft positions? What do they prefer to draft early/late? Find out on this edition of Locked On Eagles.
27 min
3.19.19- Josh Jacobs at 25?
The stars are aligning for Josh Jacobs to become an Eagle
34 min
3.18.19- Why bring back Darby?
Making the case that Darby coming back is a mistake
37 min
3.14.19- Fort Philadelphia
Reaction to the L.J. Fort signing and DeSean Jackson's press conference
33 min
3.13.19- Free Agency Special
Previewing the start of NFL Free agency
53 min
3.12.19- DeSean's impact
Diving into how DeSean Jackson will impact the team both on and off the field
26 min
3.11.19- Jackson and Jackson
Recapping a wild first day of free agency
35 min
3.8.19- Friday rumor mill
Digging into the news on Michael Bennett, Tevin Coleman, and more!
30 min
3.7.19- Post Combine Stock Up-Stock Down
Winners and losers at the start of the NFL offseason
34 min
3.6.19- Offseason Simulation
Louie plays GM for the Eagles simulating the rest of the offseason
27 min
3.5.19-Talking NFL Draft with Andrew DiCecco of...
Gino is joined by Andrew DiCecco of Eagles Wire to discuss the upcoming draft, the state of the Eagles, and what positions in the draft holds value.
26 min
3.4.19- It's raining rumors and reports
Getting into a crazy Eagles news Monday!
26 min
3.1.19- Brandon Graham is back
Reacting to the Eagles extension with Brandon Graham
20 min
2.28.19- Locked On The Mock #3
Louie and Gino do another 7-round Eagles mock draft
45 min
2.27.19- Combine Press Conference Takeaways
Getting into what Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson had to say in Indianapolis
33 min
2.26.19- Trade for John Ross?
Should the Eagles trade for Bengals WR John Ross?
37 min
2.24.19- Comps and Kelly Green
Talking kelly green jerseys and the Eagles getting two more picks
35 min
2.21.19- Offseason options at WR
Going through all the Eagles options at WR this offseason
37 min
2.20.19- Offseason options at RB
Going through all the Eagles options at RB this offseason
38 min
2.19.19- Foles for McCoy?
Could a three way trade between the Eagles, Bills, and Jaguars happen?
27 min
2.17.19- Locked On The Mock #2
Diving into another 7-round Eagles mock draft
47 min
2.15.19- Utah State RB Darwin Thompson
An exclusive interview with Utah State RB Darwin Thompson
21 min
2.13.19- Impact of Flacco trade on Foles
What does Joe Flacco to Denver mean for Nick Foles?
26 min
2.12.19- A Vinny Curry reunion?
Could Vinny Curry come back to Philadelphia?
24 min
2.11.19- Should They Stay or Should They Go?
Gino gets into who the Birds will let walk in free agency, who they will prioritize to bring back on offense, defense, and special teams, and who could potentially be a cap casualty on this edition of Locked On Eagles.
32 min
2.8.19- Offseason Wish-List
What are we wishing for the Eagles in the offseason?
32 min
2.6.19- Preparing you for the NFL offseason
Louie and Gino try to get you in the right mindset for the offseason
36 min
2.5.19- Will Roseman trade Foles?
What is going to happen with Nick Foles?
25 min
2.4.19- 2017 Super Bowl Validation
Gino dives into just how great of a victory the 2017 Super Bowl was, how Doug has outclassed some of the best minds in the game, and dives into Carson's response.
33 min
2.2.19- Go Patriots?
Mike Sielski of the Philadelphia Inquirer pitches to Eagles fans why they should root for the Patriots?
21 min
2.1.19- Rodney McCapSpace
Analyzing the Eagles move to restructure S Rodney McLeod's contract
26 min
1.31.19- Vick and Jackson open up
Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson had a lot to say at Radio Row
43 min
1.30.18- Locked on the mock #1
On this Mid-Week Mock Draft edition of LOE, Gino dives into his version 1.0 of the 2019 NFL Mock Draft breaking down team needs and his best guess as to who's name will be called when.
35 min
1.29.19- Trade or FA for Foles?
How much weight should we put into the new Foles report?
30 min
1.24.19- Senior Bowl Preview with Michael Kist
Bleeding Green Nation's Michael Kist joins Lou and Gino to preview the Senior Bowl
30 min
1.23.19- Biggest offseason questions
The biggest contributors in the Eagles win on Thursday are all up for new contracts this off-season
42 min
1.22.19- #HowieSzn
It's draft season once again, or as they call it in Philadelphia - #HowieSzn. Gino gives a first look at who shined in the East-West Shrine game, and some names to watch in the Reese's Senior Bowl.
23 min
1.21.19- Discussing the Wentz story
Louie and Lars dig into the controversial Philly Voice piece on Carson Wentz
33 min
1.17.19- Is Jones the new Agholor?
Is the Sidney Jones criticism fair?
31 min
1.16.19- Foles in a new jersey will be tough
Is Foles in a new jersey the next Dawkins in Denver?
26 min
1.15.19- Wentz-Foles is over
The debate is done
37 min
1.14.19- Should we be upset?
Wrapping up the 2018 regular season
44 min
1.13.19- Right through the finger tips
The Eagles season has finally come to an end in New Orleans
44 min
1.10.19- Breaking Down the Divisional Round
Gino breaks down the positional units between the Saints and Eagles, who has the upper hand at each position, and offers a final betting preview for the underdogs.
32 min
1.9.18- This one will be personal
Just how different will Eagles-Saints Round 2 be?
35 min
1.8.19- The Birds Aren't Done... Yet
Gino sits down with Tyler Steege to discuss the shocking victory over Chicago, Tyler brings another editions of "Steege's Stance," and previewing the battle in New Orleans.
39 min
1.7.19- Crazy Foles stats and Stock up, Stock d...
You won't believe some of these Nick Foles stats
41 min
1.6.19- 2013 has been redeemed
The Eagles are moving on to the divisional round!
41 min
1.5.19- Why are the Eagles doubted again
The Eagles are underdogs once again
35 min
1.3.19- Crossover with Locked On Bears
Gino and Lorin Cox of Locked On Bears preview Sunday's Wild Card showdown between the Birds and Bears
34 min
1.2.19- Playoff Predictions
Louie and Lars predict the NFL playoffs
34 min
1.2.19- A theme to this year's playoffs
The 2018 NFL playoffs seem to have a theme
28 min
1.1.19- Regular Season Awards
Handing out regular season awards for the Eagles
35 min
12.30.18- Playoffs here we come!
The Eagles are in the playoffs!
39 min
12.28.18- Playoff confidence and DeSean Jackson...
Louie gets into why you should be confident in the Eagles making the playoffs
33 min
12.26.18- Post-Christmas LOE Joined by Tyler St...
Post-Christmas edition of LOE with Gino who is joined by Tyler Steege
34 min
12.23.18- Still alive
Recapping the Eagles 32-30 victory over the Houston Texans
36 min
12.20.18- Trench battle or shootout?
What kind of game are the Eagles and Texans in for?
42 min
11.16.18- The Eagles need to have fun again
Is playing loose a missing factor for the Eagles?
33 min
12.19.18- Crossover Wednesday w/ Locked on Texans
Gino sits down with Robert Land from Locked on Texans to discuss the do or die match up for the birds.
33 min
12.18.18- Maddox Mania
Diving into who shined and who's stock took a hit after Rams week
31 min
12.17.18- From dog masks to ski masks
Recapping the Eagles upset victory in LA over the Rams
43 min
12.15.18- Attacking the Wentz narratives
No, Carson Wentz is not injury prone and Jared Goff is not better
43 min
12.13.18- Dr. Randon Hall on the Wentz injury
Dr. Randon Hall of the Injury Source on Carson Wentz
38 min
12.12.18- Crossover Wednesday w/Locked on Rams
Previewing the Eagles big SNF match-up with LA
27 min
12.11.18- Coordinators Cast
Should the Eagles flip Mike Groh for John DeFilippo?
32 min
12.10.18- Grow without Groh
A second look at the heartbreaking loss in Dallas
43 min
12.9.18- A heartbreaking dagger
Recapping the Eagles 29-23 OT loss in Dallas
35 min
12.7.18- Josh Adams Future RB1?
Adams is RB1 now but for how long?
30 min
12.6.18- Crossover Wednesday (Thursday) with Lo...
Gino sits down with Marcus Mosher of LOC to discuss the Sunday rivalry game.
34 min
12.6.18- Stop the Dak love
Trying to put out the fire that is the Dak Prescott hype train
30 min
12.4.18- Playoff Scenarios and Stock Up, Stock ...
Finding the best ways to get the Eagles into the playoffs
31 min
12.3.18- Hello again .500
Recapping the Eagles 28-13 victory over Washington
29 min
11.30.18- Crossover with Locked on Redskins
Previewing Eagles-Skins MNF with Chris Russell
33 min
11.29.18- An evolving rivalry
Looking back at the constantly changing Eagles-Washington rivalry
22 min
11.28.18- First look at Washington
Previewing the playoff-like MNF battle with Washington
29 min
11.27.18- Fools Gold?
Why hasn't the Golden Tate trade worked out?
28 min
11.26.18- Victory Monday Stock Up & Stock Down
Who increased their stock and who took a hit in the 25-22 win against NYG
27 min
11.25.18- Staying alive for another week
Recapping the Eagles 25-22 victory over New York
38 min
11.24.18- Does making the playoffs matter?
Should Eagles fans still care about making the postseason?
20 min
11.21.18- Thanksgiving Special
What are we thankful for as Eagles fans?
27 min
11.21.18- Crossover Wednesday with Locked on Gi...
Gino sits down with Locked on Giants Host Patricia Traina
27 min
11.20.18- Bad Tuesday for offensive coaches
It wasn't a great day for Mike Groh and Doug Pederson
25 min
11.19.18- Is the Wentz criticism fair?
How much blame does Carson Wentz deserve?
34 min
11.14.18- First look at Eagles-Saints
Previewing another big test for the Eagles taking on the 8-1 New Orleans Saints
29 min
11.13.18- Biggest causes of 4-5
Figuring out why the 2018 Eagles aren't good
32 min
11.12.18- They are who we thought they were
Recapping the Eagles 27-20 loss to Dallas
31 min
11.8.18- Best and worst Eagles-Cowboys moments
Reminiscing on the best and worst memories between the Eagles and Cowboys
41 min
11.7.18- Crossover Wednesday with Locked on Cow...
Crossover Wednesday with Locked on Cowboys
34 min