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Kyle brings the most comprehensive analysis and commentary on the Miami Dolphins with the Locked On Dolphins podcast. From film breakdowns, to analytics, to the hot stories surrounding the Fins, Kyle (@GrindingTheTape) is the go-to source for all things Dolphins football. Daily, we explore the entire NFL calendar from free agency, to the draft, through training camp, and preview/review each game on Miami's NFL schedule. Listen to Locked On Dolphins, part of the Locked On Podcast Network, to be the most educated Fins fan you can be.

BONUS EPISODE: NFL Kickoff Live: Vikings/Eagles...
Reaction to the Thursday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles.
71 min
Pathways To Victory For Miami Dolphins In Week ...
What would a Miami Dolphins victory on Sunday Night Football against New England look like? An exploration into how the Patriots defended the Eagles, how they may try to defend Miami as a result and how the personnel can match to create advantages for the Fins.
30 min
Running Game Looms Large For Both Miami Dolphin...
It is Thursday on the Locked On Network, which means it is officially time for a crossover. Locked On Dolphins and Locked On Patriots take a deep dive into Patriots & Dolphins and explore why running game woes could be the key for either opponent coming out on top this Sunday night.
27 min
Miami Dolphins Week 2 Introductory Primer Versu...
We are "on to New England". With the Patriots hosting Miami on Sunday Night Football this weekend, what do you need to know about the Dolphins and Patriots, New England's issues entering the week and where Miami can strike best? Plus, a big picture opportunity that may await the Dolphins by the end of Week 2.
30 min
Tape Don't Lie! How Did The Miami Dolphins Offe...
Now that the dust has settled and the Miami Dolphins' 36-34 victory over the Chargers has been processed, how did they manage to totally flip the script on the anticipated flow of the game? A look at the coaches film reveals several player performances worthy of praise and some scheme adjustments that threw LA for a loop.
24 min
Tape Don't Lie! What Is The Pathway To Defensiv...
The Miami Dolphins staved off the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 1 but showcased some porous defense that put the game in doubt until the very end. After checking the coaches tape, what must be done differently for the Dolphins to be stiffer against future opponents?
26 min
CLUB DUB! Miami Dolphins Launch 2023 Campaign W...
WELCOME TO CLUB DUB! The Miami Dolphins exercised the demons of 2022 thanks to a dominating performance from Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, the Dolphins' offensive line and more. Miami outlasted a brutal rushing attack onslaught from the Chargers, surrendering nearly 240 rushing yards. But Miami held firm in the final moments when they needed it most and will return from LA 1-0 on the season.
25 min
Final 2023 Miami Dolphins Schedule & Record Pre...
What will the final outcome of the Miami Dolphins' 2023 schedule be? Will Miami start the season off with a win on Sunday against the Chargers? A look at Miami's 2023 schedule and final game by game picks ahead of the season.
29 min
Scheme Changes Highlight Early Clash Between Mi...
Thursday on the Locked On Network can only mean one thing: It is time for a crossover! Locked On Dolphins and Locked On Chargers join forces to provide fans with the tale of the tape on both sides of the fence. Miami's recommitment to the run game and addition of Vic Fangio stand out, as does the return of Rashawn Slater and new OC Kellen Moore for Los Angeles. How will each team's chemistry experiment work when blended together?
27 min
Math Changers For Miami Dolphins Week 1 Clash V...
What is a 'math changer'? It is a player who changes how the opposing side must defend or attack you on the gridiron. The Dolphins and Chargers each boast a number of impressive 'math changers' that will go a long way in deciding this weekend's Week 1 tilt in LA.
29 min
Miami Dolphins And Los Angeles Chargers Likely ...
It was late in the season when the Dolphins and Chargers most recently clashed; a victory for Los Angeles that helped fuel a playoff run and extended a Dolphins losing skid. But entering 2023, much will be different about both teams. Who will play this time around who didn't late in 2022? How different will the game script be?
26 min
Biggest Concerns For Miami Dolphins Entering We...
The Miami Dolphins have officially entered the 2023 season. Miami will be facing off against the Chargers this weekend — what are the biggest concerns of Dolphins fans entering the game and how has the Dolphins' roster healed throughout the course of the preseason? Will they be ready?
26 min
Introduction To 2024 NFL Draft Prospects At Mia...
The first weekend of full college football is officially back, meaning a new slate of games to prowl through every weekend in search for the next great Miami Dolphins players. Miami is, currently scheduled to pick in the 1st round for the first time since 2021 — who are the players to watch at three of Miami's areas of need on Saturdays this fall?
24 min
Miami Dolphins Finalize Initial 2023 Practice S...
Three Miami Dolphins filled out the remaining spots on their 2023 initial practice squad on Thursday. The signings brought several new faces to the team with once promising pedigrees and resumes. Could any be actual contributors to the Dolphins on gamedays this upcoming season? A look at all 16 members of the unit.
25 min
Aaron Rodgers on Josh Allen’s level? Who is the...
48 min
Miami Dolphins Tweak 53-Man Roster, Add To 2023...
Three Miami Dolphins go to injured reserve, Miami fills at least half of their practice squad and several familiar faces are back after Tuesday's cuts.
23 min
Reacting To The Miami Dolphins' Initial 53-Man ...
The Miami Dolphins may not be done, but the heavy lifting is over. Miami's roster is down to 53 players...who made the cut? Who is coming back? Where do the Dolphins go from here?
26 min
Final Miami Dolphins 53-Man Roster Projection
When the Miami Dolphins reach tomorrow, they will have their initial 53-man roster set and ready to go. Who makes the team? Who is on the practice squad? Who else gets traded? We explore today on Locked On Dolphins!
22 min
Film Don't Lie! Miami Dolphins Defensive All-22...
When in doubt, check the tape! Locked On Dolphins has dug into the All-22 film of Miami's 31-18 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. What players defensively stood out in a good way? Who is in trouble heading into the season? Who is losing ground in the bid for a 53-man roster spot? That and much more on this episode of the show.
24 min
Film Don't Lie! Miami Dolphins Offensive All-22...
When in doubt, check the tape! Locked On Dolphins has dug into the All-22 film of Miami's 31-18 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. What players offensively stood out in a good way? Who is in trouble heading into the season? Who is losing ground in the bid for a 53-man roster spot? That and much more on this episode of the show.
30 min
EMERGENCY PODCAST: Dolphins Extend iDL Zach Sie...
The Miami Dolphins have made their first big long-term commitment in this critical window as a team: they're extending a defensive tackle. But it isn't the much-anticipated commitment to iDL Christian Wilkins. No! The Dolphins have extended iDL Zach Sieler to a new 3-year contract, putting him on pace to be with the team through the end of the 2026 season.
24 min
Takeaways From Miami Dolphins' 31-18 Preseason ...
The Miami Dolphins' preseason came to a disheartening finish; with their game against Jacksonville suspended due to an injury to Dolphins wide receiver Daewood Davis. Miami will now transition to prepping for their 2023 season opener against the Los Angeles Chargers — what lessons can they take from this performance against Jacksonville?
26 min
Storylines I'll Be Watching Closely In Miami Do...
The Dolphins and Jaguars will play their third preseason contest of the season on Saturday in Jacksonville. Who are the players to watch closely? Who has the most on the line? That and more covered here today on this episode of Locked On Dolphins.
27 min
Miami Dolphins Health Updates, Tua Punches Back...
The Miami Dolphins are getting prepped for the start of the 2023 NFL season and there have been several developments on the injury front that should help. Plus, Miami's pursuits of a running back are unfolding before our eyes and Tua punches back at comments made by ESPN's Ryan Clark.
29 min
Should The Miami Dolphins Pursue Trade For RB J...
The Indianapolis Colts have granted running back Jonathan Taylor permission to seek out a trade. The Miami Dolphins are rumored to be interested, as they have been with a slew of other high-end running backs. Should this be the time Chris Grier and company go for it? Or are the factors around Taylor's acquisition too limiting?
32 min