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Locked On Clippers, a daily LA Clippers podcast from NBA media credentialed hosts Charles Mockler (@charlesmockler) & William Updyke (@willupdyke). Stay up to date with all the on and off court news about the LA Clippers. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Check back every weekday for new content about the NBA & Los Angeles' greatest basketball team...THE CLIPPERS.

LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 12/1/16 - Biggest Win of t...
D.J. Foster recaps the badly needed win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and discusses Zach Lowe's recent article on the Clips.
31 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/30/16 - Cold Clips
D.J. Foster previews the marquee Clippers-Cavs matchup with a little help from his friends.
16 min
D.J. Foster has a message for Clippers fans after a blowout loss to the Pacers on Sunday. Also: Is Austin Rivers really going to submarine LAC's title hopes?
23 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/25/16 - Luc or Jamal?
D.J. Foster is joined by Andrew Han to recap the loss to the Pistons and debate who should close out games: Luc Mbah a Moute or Jamal Crawford?
38 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/23/16 - CP3 4 MVP?
D.J. Foster is joined by Andrew Han and Jordan Heimer for a Tri-Pod following the win over Dallas. They discuss the missing red jerseys, vote on the MVP to this point, play "name that bench player" and much more.
58 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/22/16 - Best. Start. Ev...
D.J. Foster is joined by Andrew Han to recap the win over Toronto, discuss the problems with being a foodie hipster and talk CP3 in the clutch.
60 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/19/16 - Weekend Mailbag
D.J. Foster catches you up to speed on why the Clippers have been so dominant this year and answers listener questions.
27 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/16/16 - Grinding
D.J. Foster and Jordan Heimer recap the loss to the Grizzlies. Also: Bar Mitzvah keepsakes, goldfish races and whether or not this is a potential playoff matchup...again.
30 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/15/16 - Five Crazy Stats
D.J. Foster gives you five crazy stats for the Clippers through the first 11 games and goes all-in on his comparison to the '03-'04 Detroit Pistons.
26 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/14/16 - Mercy Rule
D.J. Foster is joined by Jordan Heimer to recap the blowout win over the Nets. Also: trade talk, more Luc love and your questions.
31 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/12/16 - NoFroYo4U
D.J. Foster recaps the win over Minnesota, talks about one overrated "superstar" and gives Doc Rivers some well-deserved praise.
19 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/11/16 - Thunderlips
D.J. Foster is joined by Andrew Han and Locked On Thunder host Fred Katz to preview the upcoming OKC-LAC matchup and play a bunch of weird games.
50 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/9/16 - What's The Diffe...
D.J. Foster recaps another blowout win for the Clippers and answers your questions, including what's so different about the team this year.
27 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/7/16 - Biggest Beatdowns
D.J. Foster is joined by Jordan Heimer to recap the blowout win over the Pistons and share listener stories of the worst real life beatdowns they ever suffered.
35 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/5/16 - Luc For President
D.J. Foster is joined by Andrew Han to discuss the Clippers blowing out the Spurs. Also: Andrew's newest sponsor and his trademark romantic advice.
40 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/4/16 - Small Sample Siz...
D.J. Foster discusses some interesting trends after the first five games. Is it time to panic about the offense? Should J.J. Redick be dealt? Is Austin Rivers really coleslaw?
27 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 11/2/16 - 81-1 Is Still In...
D.J. Foster and Jordan Heimer recap the first loss of the season. Also: Cubs, J.J. Redick's issues and if the Clippers would be better with Russell Westbrook instead of Chris Paul.
23 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/31/16 - Scariest Former...
D.J. Foster and Jordan Heimer recap the win over Phoenix and talk about the scariest ghosts of Clippers past.
29 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/30/16 - Four Charges!
D.J. Foster is joined by Jordan Heimer to discuss the win over the Jazz in the home opener and take your questions.
27 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/27/16 - Say Hello to th...
D.J. Foster and Jordan Heimer recap the season opener against Portland and celebrate the final heel turn for the Clippers.
23 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/27/16 - Austin Rivers i...
D.J. Foster previews the season opener between the Blazers and Clippers. Also: Austin Rivers and his Ferrari, Elton Brand's retirement and more.
15 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/25/16 - Opening Night R...
D.J. Foster is joined by James Holas to discuss all the action from opening night and to fawn over the small forwards D.J. wishes the Clippers had.
26 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/24/16 - Award Predictions
D.J. Foster uses the final day of the offseason to predict MVP, Coach of the Year, Most Improved Player and more. Also: LAC's final win total and three daily fantasy plays for opening night.
33 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/20/16 - GM Survey and V...
D.J. Foster is joined by Jordan Heimer to discuss the recent NBA GM Survey, and an updated look at the projected win totals for each Western Conference team.
58 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/19/16 - Coach CP3?
D.J. Foster discusses Chris Paul's future as a head coach and what makes Blake Griffin a great recruiting chip moving forward.
13 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/18/16 - Come on and slam
D.J. Foster recaps the last preseason game between the Clippers and Kings, reads your recap haikus, and describes the greatness of Slamball.
16 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/17/16 - Clip Show
D.J. Foster decides to be a DNP alongside Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan for the Jazz-Clippers preseason game and gives you a clip show instead.
17 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/14/16 - My Generation
D.J. Foster discusses Paul Pierce's comments on Kevin Durant's decision and has a Q&A session featuring Austin Rivers, Mo Speights and Chuck the Condor.
28 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/14/16 - Storming The Court
D.J. Foster recaps the highly entertaining preseason game between the Clippers and Blazers and breaks down DeAndre's crazy night and the ongoing small forward battle.
27 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/12/16 - Toughest Matchups
D.J. Foster is joined by ESPN.com's Andrew Han to discuss the toughest potential playoff matchups in the Western Conference for the Clippers this season.
43 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/11/16 - Re-Draft with A...
D.J. Foster is joined by ESPN.com editor Andrew Han to re-draft the 2016 NBA draft. Do the guys still take Brice Johnson for the Clippers or do they have their eyes on someone else?
28 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/10/16 - Jamal in the Hall?
D.J. Foster recaps the Clippers-Jazz preseason game and discusses the Hall of Fame candidacy of Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson.
20 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/6/16 - To Live and Die ...
D.J. Foster discusses some recent hardcore comments from Clippers owner Steve Ballmer. Also: League Pass rankings from Zach Lowe, lineup staggering and more.
16 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/5/16 - Who throws a sho...
D.J. Foster recaps the Clippers win over the Raptors in the second preseason game of the year. Also: Blake Griffin threw a shoe, Raymond Felton played all the minutes and Doc Rivers got wacky with his starters.
26 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/4/16 - Stop they're alr...
D.J. Foster recaps the first preseason game of the year. Spoiler alert: it went poorly. Also, DeAndre Jordan sets a record (we think) and a look at the new guys.
17 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 10/3/16 - Never Leave, KG
D.J. Foster discusses Kevin Garnett's potential role (or non-role) with the Clippers this season, shouts out Ralph Lawler and described Brice Johnson's "Welcome to the NBA" moment.
15 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 9/29/16 - Blake Griffin Sa...
D.J. Foster wraps up the best things from media day (donuts!) and discusses Blake Griffin's open letter to Clippers fans. #lockedonclippers
19 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 9/22/16 - Forward Thinking
D.J. Foster takes a look at the forwards for the Clippers, Chris Paul's Hall of Fame candidacy and the new Power Rangers movie.
30 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 9/20/16 - Backcourt Expect...
D.J. Foster talks about the Clippers backcourt and what to expect this upcoming season. Also: Rudy Gay's potential fit with LAC and whether or not CP3 is a top-5 player.
33 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 9/16/16 - Crossover Pod wi...
D.J. Foster is joined by Locked On Jazz host David Locke to discuss which team should be better next season, and whether the window is closing for the Clippers.
26 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 9/13/16 - Boston Three Party
D.J. Foster discusses a recent article on Paul Pierce's future, how Ray Allen looks and if a Boston reunion could be in the cards at some point this year.
26 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 9/12/16 - Fantasy Basketba...
D.J. Foster and Josh Lloyd of the Locked On Fantasy Basketball podcast discuss the outlook for the Clippers and fantasy basketball advice for the season.
55 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 9/1/16 - Two Funny Rookies
D.J. Foster discusses NBA.com's "Rookie Survey" and where Brice Johnson and Diamond Stone fit in. Also: Kevin Pelton's wild Clippers projection. #lockedonclippers
20 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 8/26/16 - Blake Blake Blake
D.J. Foster discusses a recent report about Blake Griffin's future, how Doc can better utilize him and stumbles upon a new mantra for the 2016-17 season. #lockedonclippers
25 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 8/25/16 - Deadline Deals?
D.J. Foster and Andrew Han make a list of potential trade targets for the Clippers to go after at the deadline this season. #lockedonclippers
43 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 8/19/16 - Trade Talk with ...
D.J. Foster and Andrew Han discuss whether or not the Clippers can still deal Jamal Crawford and more in the latest episode of #lockedonclippers
26 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 8/17/16 - Which Clipper is...
Andrew Han and D.J. Foster discuss the probability of a trade for each Clipper and discuss which member of the "Big 3" would be most likely to go. #lockedonclippers
33 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 8/11/16 - Top-5 Home Games...
D.J. Foster takes a look at the Clippers' 2016-17 schedule and breaks down the five best home games to watch this upcoming season. #lockedonclippers
26 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 8/9/16 - Top League Pass T...
D.J. Foster breaks down his Top-5 League Pass teams to watch this year and checks in on former Clippers playing elsewhere.
27 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 8/3/16 - Give DeAndre The ...
D.J. Foster discusses a recent CBSSports.com article on the best starting lineups and benches in the league and explains why DeAndre Jordan's role needs to change, pronto. #lockedonclippers
28 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/29/16 - Fred Katz on Bla...
D.J. Foster and Norman Transcript beat writer Fred Katz talk about Blake Griffin's future, the big Russell Westbrook decision and reminisce for the good old Clipper days. #lockedonclippers
44 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/28/16 - Over/Under with ...
D.J. Foster is joined by Jordan Heimer to discuss Blake Griffin's trade value, the worst roster he's ever seen assembled and set over/under win totals on the Eastern Conference.
31 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/25/16 - Over/Under with ...
D.J. Foster and ESPN.com editor Andrew Han set their projected win totals for the best teams in the Western Conference. Yes, that includes the Clippers. #LockedOnClippers
41 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/22/16 - Over/Under with ...
D.J. Foster is joined by ESPN.com editor Andrew Han to set team win total lines for the Western Conference in the first of a four part series.
32 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/20/16 - Granny Style
D.J. Foster is joined by Michael Shagrin to talk granny style free throws, read the LeBron to L.A. tea leaves and evaluate Doc Rivers. #lockedonclippers
21 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/19/16 - Mock Drafting wi...
D.J. Foster and Charlie Widdoes mock draft their all-time Clippers squad, talk about the Clippers' draft and argue over French food. #lockedonclippers
30 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/18/16 - Trades, Cuts and...
D.J. Foster goes over all the trades and roster moves from the weekend, and tries not to panic about Danny Ainge's whale watching adventures. #lockedonclippers
26 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/15/16 - Summer League Pl...
D.J. Foster welcomes special guest "Big Smooth" to play a game called summer league player or Game of Thrones character? #lockedonclippers
16 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/14/16 - Blake Griffin Tr...
D.J. Foster is joined by Jay King of the Locked On Celtics podcast to discuss the trade rumors surrounding Blake Griffin and Boston. #lockedonclippers
14 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/12/16 - Hack Is Wack (Ep.5)
D.J. Foster discusses the "Hack-A-DeAndre" rule change, makes fun of the Lakers and checks out the NBA Future Championship Odds for next season. #LockedOnClippers
29 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/11/16 - Mo Buckets (Ep. 4)
D.J. Foster dishes on whether the signing of Mo Speights is a win or a loss and the future free agency of Blake Griiffin and Chris Paul.. #lockedonclippers
15 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/5/16 - The Small Forward...
D.J. Foster discusses DeAndre Jordan, granny style, potential trade targets for the Clippers at small forward and VEGAS. #lockedonclippers
24 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/6/16 - Five Free Agents ...
D.J. Foster takes your questions and names five realistic free agents the Clippers should target this offseason. #LockedOnClippers
29 min
LOCKED ON CLIPPERS - 7/5/16 - The NBA Apocalyps...
D.J. Foster discusses what it means for the Clippers now that Kevin Durant is in Golden State, and why the Clippers decided to bring the band back together.
30 min