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Locked On Clippers - Daily Podcast On...
Locked on Clippers, a daily LA Clippers podcast from hosts Charles Mockler (@charlesmockler) & William Updyke (@willupdyke). Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. Check back every weekday for new content about the NBA & Los Angeles' greatest basketball team...THE CLIPPERS.
Rockets vs Clippers game recap, Terance Mann ma...
The Clippers fell to the Rockets in Hawaii behind James try-Harden's almost-MVP level efforts, Terance Mann says hello to the league, Jerome struggles, Pac Dic backup backcourts, and Love, Marry, Kill.
24 min
Paul George season preview, Rockets vs Clippers...
Will and Chuck dive in to what to expect from Paul George's upcoming season, break down what to watch for during the Rockets vs Clippers preseason game, and get thirsty for Terance Mann at point.
30 min
Patrick Beverley season preview, solemnly proje...
Will and Chuck preview Patrick Beverley's year, wonder how Shai will do now that he's banished to Oklahoma, and update ClipperNation with some notes from the Clippers first day of practice.
29 min
Kawhi Leonard season preview and taking questio...
Will and Chuck start player season previews with Kawhi Leonard, then answer #ClipperNation's questions about Moe vs JaMychal, Mann's passing abilities, Zubac's outside shooting, and for some reason Brandon Ingram.
27 min
Clippers Media Day recap, keeping up with the r...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers Media Day, talk how the team's vibe felt, learn how the rookies have been preparing, discuss Zach Lowe's words on JaMychal Green, and break down the Clippers giveaway schedule.
27 min
New Clippers workout video, PG and Kawhi go to ...
Will and Chuck discuss what Kawhi and PG could have learned from Kobe, the small ball lineups of the Pac Div, and give some alternative team bonding ideas on Love, Marry, Kill.
29 min
Doc Rivers *technically* quit the Clippers afte...
Will and Chuck look at the Clippers defensive numbers and how Kawhi and PG will improve them, the LA Times piece on Doc Rivers quitting after 6 days, the Joakim Noah phantom-workout, and the Ryan West hire.
26 min
Taking a look at Kawhi and Paul George's isolat...
Will and Chuck look at the Clippers isolation offense numbers, the career trajectory of Jerome Robinson, and want more WNBA-level trash-talk.
24 min
Are the Clippers going to be a tampering scapeg...
Will and Chuck take questions from #ClipperNation Twitter about Kawhi's other possible teammate pairings, Zubac's improvement, the NBA's tampering punishment issue, and rookie hazing.
26 min
The Clippers ruffle some feathers with reports ...
Will and Chuck get into why people are made at Woj and his reporting of the Clippers pursuit of Paul George, give Yannick Noah a shoutout for being a good source, wonder if PG could play *today*, and talk Clippers in the ESPN Top 100.
28 min
JaMychal Green and Rodney McGruder win the week...
Will and Chuck talk about who won this week on the Clippers, assess the team's second chance bucket getting abilities, get mad about tampering, and play a charitable Love, Marry, Kill.
32 min
Doc Rivers inside scoop on landing Kawhi Leonar...
Will and Chuck dive into Doc Rivers' account of landing Kawhi Leonard, discuss the promotional schedule for the Clips, address a listener's interesting improvement for Shamet, and talk the Clips fishing trip.
29 min
What does success next season mean for Clipper ...
Will and Chuck take a look at what success means for Clipper Nation this season, wonder *if* the Big 3 could have won a chip with Redick, ask if Shamet needs to really distribute more, and give a shoutout to the ThornGawd.
30 min
Paul George's possibly accelerated return timel...
Will and Chuck take some fantastic questions from #ClipperNation off Twitter, discuss Paul George's possible early return, and get off track a few times.
28 min
New Clippers broadcast crew officially announce...
Will and Chuck breakdown the Clippers new officiating crew and what that might mean for the Clippers media influence as a whole, discuss the version of the Clippers franchise T and Fi got drafted into, and get some outside perspective on the Clips.
42 min
Bradley Beal trade "chatter", does Landry Shame...
Will and Chuck torch the idea of trading for Bradley Beal, wonder if Shamet plays the SG or SF, dissect our log-jam at the forward position, and play a kid friendly(?) Love, Marry, Kill.
30 min
Kawhi and PG's spot in the SI Top 100, running ...
Will and Chuck discuss PG and Kawhi's top 10 placement in the SI Top 100, wonder if Joakim Noah is *actually* going to work out for the Clippers, look over PG and Kawhi's isolation numbers, and bid farewell to Iso Joe.
31 min
Steve Ballmer's $100 million investment into In...
Will and Chuck discuss Steve Ballmer's $100 million investment into Inglewood, what to make of Paul George workout videos, how the Celtics feel about losing to France, and Doc on Woj's pod.
29 min
Don't freak out about Kawhi not being in the Cl...
Will and Chuck take to Twitter to answer questions about Kawhi's absence from workout videos, who will be the longest tenured Clipper, Shamet's curling, and how the Clips stack up with the best teams in the Eastern Conference.
30 min
SI's Top 100 NBA Player discussion, "karate sty...
Will and Chuck discuss the 3 Clippers named in the first 50 of SI's Top 100 NBA Players list, wonder why the disrespect for Patrick Patterson and Moe Harkless is so high, send Mike Scott some love, and wonder what it takes to workout like Patrick Beverley.
30 min
Ralph Lawler inducted into the Basketball Hall ...
Will and Chuck discuss Ralph Lawler's induction into the Basketball HOF and his retirement, get full of hope from Paul George's Instagram, discuss the size and service years of the Pac Division, and play a 2K inspired Love, Marry, Kill!
23 min
Discussing two perceived weaknesses of the Clip...
Will and Chuck take a long look at Zubac's development since he's been in the league, discuss the perceived weaknesses of the Clippers roster, and give Ralph HOF shoutout.
33 min
No Iggy Wednesday, learning about some of Dr. B...
Will and Chuck take a look at Dr. Bryant's rehab techniques and how they relate to PG's injury, wonder what happens if the Lakers don't drop Zubac in our lap, and wonder when the Joe Johnson workout is happening.
27 min
Waiting on the "Andre Iguodala to the Clippers"...
Will and Chuck wait on the Iggy to the Clippers rumor to...happen or not, take a look at how assist totals might shake out this year, Zu vs the elite bigs of the NBA, and more questions from #ClipperNation.
26 min
New Clippers throwback jerseys unveiled, intere...
Will and Chuck get hyped on the new Clippers throwback jerseys, wonder why Jerome and Patterson are absent from a certain menu on a certain website, discuss the coaches of the Pac Div, and play an inside-edition of Love, Marry, Kill.
33 min
Joe Johnson is working out for the Clippers (an...
Will and Chuck look at how Joe Johnson can help the team, wonder what Paul George's return timeline will be, get tired of Ice Cube's Clippers hate, and get prepared for Iggy maybe joining the team.
25 min
Taking a look at how Lou Williams and Landry Sh...
Will and Chuck take a look at how a Shamet-Willams backcourt will perform, checking on some other dynamic duos that could emerge, and breakdown Dante Grantham's numbers.
27 min
When will Montrezl Harrell get his respect?, Ra...
Will and Chuck took to Twitter to answer who our best playmaker is, wonder when Montrezl Harrell will get his respect, and wondering who fills the last roster spot.
25 min
Paul George defends Andrew Luck's retirement de...
Will and Chuck talk Paul George defending Andrew Luck's retirement, Doc's praise of Kawhi's leadership, and how to handle championship expectations.
24 min
Answering #ClipperNation's questions about Land...
Will and Chuck let you know their favorite Clippers team from the 00s, try and project Shamet's point guard responsibilities, give their thoughts on the maybe-new Clippers court design, and have a surreal Love, Marry, Kill.
26 min
Special guest Carl Tart joins LOC to discuss mo...
Carl Tart joins Will and Chuck to discuss the shortcomings of The Sterling Affairs, his love of LeBron while being a Clippers fan, and gives his Clippers re-brand ideas.
27 min
The Sterling Affairs podcast discussion, wonder...
Will and Chuck talk a little about the Donald Sterling 30 for 30 podcast series, wonder what the Clippers are doing with the last roster spot, and pick who will have the better year between Lou and Trez.
31 min
The Clippers and Lakers rivalry has never been ...
Will and Chuck discuss the evolution of the Clippers and Lakers rivalry, afro Kawhi, Terance Mann and Mifondu Kabengele's G League potential, and the NBA Rookie Survey shuns Lou Will.
27 min
Patrick Patterson to the LA Clippers, Ranking t...
Will breaks down his thoughts on the signing of Patrick Patterson before diving into the best floor-spacing teams in the Pacific Division and plays a classic game of LOVE MARRY KILL
32 min
Does Paul George have the most to prove this se...
Will and Chuck take a yearbook-look at the Clippers roster, wonder if PG has the most to prove this year, remember Bobi and Tobi, and discuss the preseason schedule.
30 min
Clippers possibly (probably?) hiring Ty Lue as ...
Will and Chuck discuss Ty Lue closing in on becoming a Clippers assistant coach, taking a look at Ballmer's purchase of the team, and get psyched for the 13-14 Clippers in NBA2K.
27 min
Jodie Meeks getting Clippers interest, taking q...
Will and Chuck take #ClipperNation's questions from Twitter about the new NBA schedule, Jodie Meeks maybe joining the team, and which Lob City member would fit in well on the current squad.
28 min
Full 19-20 NBA Schedule analysis for the Clippe...
Will and Chuck give a full overview of the Clippers 2019-2020 schedule, predict our record, and wonder if Terance and Fi will make their way onto the court for the Clips.
28 min
Paul George's return timetable, should Landry S...
Will and Chuck discuss Paul George's return and how that impact Landry Shamet's starting chances, ranked the Pacific Division young cores, and play a Miami minicamp themed Love, Marry, Kill!
33 min
Kawhi's Clippers Miami mini camp, thirsty for m...
Will and Chuck give their thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard Miami mini camp, want to see more 3 point attempts next year, pine for Joakim Noah, and wish Gallo a happy birthday.
34 min
Clippers ticket price increase discussion, the ...
Will and Chuck discuss next year's single game and season ticket price increases, wonder what the Rich Paul rule will do to the NCAA basketball landscape, and give an update on the NBA's new mental health initiative.
30 min
Twitter Tuesday with questions from #ClipperNat...
Will and Chuck take questions from #ClipperNation on Twitter and explore re-signing Gallo in 2020, looking at the benefit of PG and Kawhi playing together, and wondering what happened with the Patrick Patterson intentions.
28 min
What Ivica Zubac has to do to out-perform his c...
Will and Chuck discuss Zubac's contract and what he's been working on in the off-season, bid farewell to Sindarius Thornwell, invent a new stat, look at Trez in the Drew League, and wonder what the Clippers schedule will look like.
30 min
Carmelo Anthony to the Clippers?, Landry Shamet...
Will and Chuck discuss the possibility of Carmelo Anthony on the Clippers and Landry Shamet withdrawing from Team USA, look forward to the horrors of the Donald Sterling era 30 For 30, rank the Pac Div center corps, and play Love, Marry, Kill.
30 min
Patrick Patterson "intends" to sign with the Cl...
Will and Chuck discuss the possible Patrick Patterson signing, wonder what role Landry Shamet would play the best in, and throw out some of their goofiest lineup ideas.
36 min
A Deeper Look at Terance Mann, Jerome Robinson ...
What Rookie/Sophmore Guard can fill the need for an off-the-bench secondary playmaker? What if the Clippers Beat Houston to Take on the Warriors in the 2015 Western Conference Finals
36 min
Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and the Clippers clo...
Will breaks down some closing lineups for Clippers in crunch times talks about the outlooks for Jerome Robinson and Terance Mann and answers some great questions on Twitter
33 min
Andre Roberson Trade Leak? Projecting Rodney Mc...
Will talks the ludacris notion of trading for Andre Roberson, shoots Rodney McGruder Hope and Talks Free Agency, Clips Re-Design and more
30 min
New Clippers stadium unveiled, recapping The Pl...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers annual Playbook event, give their thoughts on the new stadium, rank the home court advantages in the Pacific Division, and have a Paul George themed Love, Marry, Kill!
28 min
Doc Rivers rejuvenation, trying to predict Land...
Will and Chuck take a look at what season they think gave Doc more confidence in his coaching, wonder what Landry Shamet's role will look like next year, and address the return of pod favorite Johnathan Motley.
31 min
Recapping the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George int...
Will and Chuck recap the introduction of Kawhi and Paul George as Clippers, wonder what would have happened had the Doc Rivers trade gone down differently, and wonder if the NBA will actually punish the Clippers for Free Agency tampering.
33 min
The Clippers targeted James Harden while recrui...
Will and Chuck discuss the Clippers interest in James Harden and Bradley Beal, pitch some uniform ideas for next season, and answer #ClipperNation's questions on Twitter Tuesday.
31 min
Kawhi Leonard heckled at the Pacquiao fight, PG...
Yall got nickname ideas? Will and Chuck discuss Kawhi's recent "run in" with a heckler, crunch the numbers on Montrezl Harrell as the starting center, and love Landry Shamet's outlook on Team USA.
34 min
How do Kawhi Leonard and Paul George stack up t...
Will and Chuck take a look at the duos of the Pacific Division, wonder if the Clippers will sign anyone else, and give some team building exercise ideas on Love, Marry, Kill.
37 min
Kawhi Leonard is being counter-sued by Nike, ra...
Will and Chuck discuss possible Clippers re-design ideas, give Kawhi some legal advice, and rank the benches in the Western Conference.
37 min
538 projects the Clippers for 48 wins, results ...
Will and Chuck discuss 538's absurd 48 win projection for the Clippers, wonder what would have happened had Kawhi missed *that* shot against the 76ers, and discuss the results of the "Who Takes The Last Shot" poll.
31 min
Who takes the last shot: Kawhi, Lou, or Paul Ge...
A solo Chuck Mockler takes a look at some closeout lineups, the team's overall clutch-ness, takes question from ClipperNation on Twitter, and ponders Jamal Crawford on the Clippers.
23 min
ESPN Power Rankings have the Clippers 3rd, Will...
Will and Chuck gauge the Iggy interest, try and reason for Dwight Howard joining the team, check in on the new guys on The Freshies, and talk MVP odds.
33 min
How the Chris Paul and Westbrook trade changes ...
Will and Chuck react to the new look of the Western Conference, discuss Jerome Robinson's Summer League play, rank the Pacific Division, and play Love, Marry, Kill.
32 min
Will Kawhi Leonard or Paul George win the MVP?,...
Will and Chuck analyze PG and Kawhi's MVP chances, run down the slew of awards other Clippers could contend for, discuss what they want to see from Doc Rivers during Thirsty Thursday, and ponder if any more moves are coming.
32 min
Kawhi Leonard signs a 3 year $103 million deal ...
Will and Chuck deal with the initial shock of Kawhi's 3 year (with a player option) contract, try and figure out the Clippers championship window, rate if they want Shaun Livingston, and discuss the future of Terance Mann.
32 min
Should we be worried about Kawhi Leonard and Pa...
Will and Chuck discuss Kawhi and PG's injury concerns, the chances of Andre Iguodala and others signing with the Clippers, and take lineup questions from #ClipperNation on twitter.
30 min
Paul George and Kawhi Leonard lineup ideas for ...
Will and Chuck take a look at some lineup ideas (oh there are SO many good ones), outline their expectations for the Clippers season, and give a Summer League update.
33 min
Kawhi Leonard signs with the Clippers, Paul Geo...
Kawhi Leonard signs with the Clippers, we gave up a boatload to get Paul George traded to the Clippers, and boy do we suddenly have lofty goals.
29 min
Clippers re-sign McGruder, Kawhi Watch is out o...
Will and Chuck discuss the Clippers re-signing Rodney McGruder, try and make sense of the lunacy of Kawhi Watch, and honor the legacy of Bobi and Tobi.
19 min
Clippers wow Kawhi with meat and cheese sauces,...
Will and Chuck analyze the Clippers trade for Moe Harkless and a Miami first rounder, discuss Patrick Beverley turning down bigger offers to stay with the Clippers, Kawhi contingency plans, and Lou Will appreciation.
25 min
Clippers Free Agency Day 1 Recap, Patrick Bever...
Will and Chuck discuss the Clippers missing on KD, re-signing Beverley, the state of Kawhi talks, and reassure some who might be bummed out.
22 min
Free Agency prep, Ballmer's media control, Is S...
Free agency starts this weekend, so Will and Chuck talk contingency plans sans-Kawhi, Landry Shamet's development and trade value, Kawhi's destination, and new Woj Bombs.
32 min
Lou Will wins 3rd 6MOTY, Doc snubbed, Kawhi bil...
30 min
Breakdown of the Clippers draft picks, Al Horfo...
Will and Chuck break down the Clippers draft picks, discuss the Al Horford possibility, take a look at KAWHI WATCH, and play Love, Marry, Kill with Doc's facial hair.
32 min
Is Patrick Beverly gone? Ranking 2nd Round Pros...
Will "the Opinion" breaks down PBev's FA options and Takes Questions on Twitter
36 min
Is Kawhi going to be a Clipper?, Doc Rivers sea...
Will and Chuck try and dissect Kawhi's upcoming decision, rate Doc's season and tell their expectations for next year, and give Gallo a new nickname.
32 min
Does KD's injury affect the Clippers pursuit of...
Will and Chuck dissect what the Kevin Durant injury means for the Clippers free agency plans, grade the seasons of Jerome Robinson and others, and take questions from #ClipperNation on Twitter.
32 min
Is Shai on the table for AD?, Wilson Chandler a...
Will and Chuck assess the players who worked out for the Clippers, revisit Garrett Temple and Wilson Chandler's seasons, and play an Earned Edition jersey version of Love, Marry, Kill.
36 min
Anthony Davis lists the Clippers as a "preferre...
Will and Chuck breakdown JaMychal Green's year with the Clippers and take questions from #ClipperNation on Twitter Tuesday.
31 min
Clippers get a tampering fine, Lou Williams sea...
Will and Chuck discuss the Clippers tampering punishment, recap Lou Williams 18-19 season, breakdown the draft prospects the team worked out, and play Love, Marry, Kill!
41 min
Montrezl Harrell season review, should we trade...
Will and Chuck recap Montrezl Harrell's fantastic 18-19 season, discuss trading the young core, and take questions from #ClipperNation on Twitter.
28 min
Zubac year in review, Is Kawhi DENNISing the Ra...
Hell yeah, its Zubac time! Will and Chuck break down Ivica Zubac's play with the Clippers, talk the Patrick Beverley snub, and play a Clippers super-fan edition of Love, Marry, Kill.
34 min
Shai and Sham make All-Rookie 2nd Team, Is Tack...
Will and Chuck recap Danilo Gallinari's 18-19 season, discuss the future of the Clippers young core, and take questions from #ClipperNation on Twitter.
28 min
Should we have kept our pick?, Landry Shamet se...
Will and Chuck breakdown Landry Shamet's rookie year, ponder if we should have kept our first round pick or not, and play a party edition of Love, Marry, Kill
36 min
Patrick Beverley's season in review, Twitter Tu...
Will and Chuck breakdown Patrick Beverley's stellar 2018-2019 season and take a look at his future, answer questions from #ClipperNation on twtiter, and KAWHI WATCH 2019
29 min
Recapping Shai's rookie year, predicting the fu...
Will and Chuck recap Shai's fantastic rookie year, take a look at the future of the Pacific Division, and play Love, Marry, Kill.
33 min
Locked On Clippers 5/7 -- Clippers free agent r...
Will and Chuck head to twitter for a live q & a from Clipper Nation to talk about Patrick Beverley's future and how some lower-tier free agents could fit in with the team.
28 min
Locked On Clippers 5/6 -- Woj's Klay Thompson t...
Solo Positive Chuck Mockler takes you through Woj's report on Klay to the Clippers, Mychal Thompson's thoughts on the young core, and peering into Shai's potential "face of the league" future.
22 min
Locked On Clippers 5/3 -- The Opinion chimes in...
Will Updyke calls in from Japan to report on his Clippers missionary efforts, we talk the two-way players, and discuss KAWHI WATCH 2019
32 min
Locked On Clippers 5/2 -- Gauging the fan base'...
Solo Positive Chuck asked what the fan's baseline expectations for free agency are, rattles off a few wants on Thirsty Thursday, and gives a shoutout to the #ClipperNation faithful.
25 min
Locked On Clippers 5/1 -- Clippers season recap...
Chuck takes you through the Clippers scintillating 2018-2019 season, revisits the trade deadline moves, and lets you know who he thinks the Clippers MVP is.
26 min
Locked On Clippers 4/30 -- Taking questions fro...
Chuck answers #ClipperNation's questions about free agency, the summer league, and touches on the front office remaining intact.
25 min
Locked On Clippers 4/29 -- Recapping the Game 6...
Chuck recaps Game 6 of Clippers vs Warriors, grades the rookies playoff performances, and talks the Doc extension.
26 min
Locked On Clippers 4/26 -- Warriors vs Clippers...
28 min
Locked On Clippers 4/25 -- Recap of the Clipper...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 129-121 victory of the Warriors in Oakland, and let you know what they'd like to see out of Game 6 on Thirsty Thursday.
29 min
Locked On Clippers 4/24 -- Game 5 Clippers vs W...
Will and Chuck preview Game 5 of Clippers vs Warriors, take a look at what would have been if we got swept, and look at the Damian Lillard performance.
29 min
Locked On Clippers 4/23 -- Answering Clippers p...
Will and Chuck take to twitter to answer ClipperNation's questions about playoff lineup changes, possible free agency pick ups, and who will be returning next year for the Clippers.
29 min
Locked On Clippers 4/22 -- Recap of the Clipper...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 105-113 loss to the Warriors, analyze what made Shai's game so great, and look at the positive play of Jerome Robinson.
30 min
Locked On Clippers 4/19 — Recap of the Clippers...
Will and Chuck recap the tough 105-132 loss to the Warriors, preview game 4 on Sunday, and play Love, Marry, Kill
32 min
Locked On Clippers 4/18 -- Warriors vs Clippers...
Will and Chuck preview game 3 of Warriors vs Clippers, talk about Zubac's performance on Thirsty Thursday, and discuss expectations for next year.
27 min
Locked On Clippers 4/17 -- Our FO is getting po...
Will and Chuck take a look at the possible poaching of the front office of the Clippers, who the coach could have been after Del Negro on What Could Have Been Wednesday, and gauge the vibe of the team before game 3.
27 min
Locked On Clippers 4/16 -- Recap of the 135-131...
Will and Chuck recap the greatest comeback in NBA playoff history, talk about a few adjustments, and take questions from ClipperNation on Twitter
29 min
Locked On Clippers 4/15 -- Recapping game 1 of ...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 104-121 loss to the Warriors, preview game 2 tonight, and talk the young guys on The Freshies
30 min
Locked On Clippers 4/12 -- PLAYOFF PREVIEW (we'...
Will and Chuck preview game one of Clippers vs Warriors, rank the Pacific Division, and play Love, Marry, Kill.
31 min