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The Locked On Chiefs Podcast features NFL Analysts Ryan Tracy and Chris Clark breaking down the Kansas City Chiefs five days a week. Ryan Tracy is the founder of Rogue Analytics Consulting & RGR Media and is an exercise physiologist and former Strength and Conditioning Coach. It is the go-to daily KC podcast for Chiefs news, analysis, film review and analytics year-round from Training Camp through the NFL Draft and back again. A proud founding member of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Chiefs - Sept 6 - Jamaal Charles Like...
The biggest news from the press conferences on Monday is that the Chiefs don’t believe that Charles will be ready to play on Sunday. The team made more roster moves but appear to have its wide receiver corps set.
25 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 4 - 53-man Roster Special
We bring you a special edition podcast with our initial analysis of the final 53-man roster cuts for the Kansas City Chiefs.
14 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sept 2 - Winners & Losers in...
Today will be the beginning of the end of a number of hopeful players for the Kansas City Chiefs. the team will be releasing players as the clock ticks down to Saturday’s deadline. We give you our instant analysis of Preseason Game 4 in this special ...
16 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sept 1 - Red Thursday Crossr...
Aaron Murray & Kevin Hogan won't make cut. Who will be the wide receivers? who will be the back up cornerbacks? Answers are coming following the Thursday night game. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
14 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 31 - Paul Kruger can hel...
Free Agent Paul Kruger is expected to visit Kansas City if he does not sign in New Orleans. Justin Houston went onto the PUP list. Josh Mauga went to IR. The offense is solidifying and we look at where its at. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
19 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug 30 - Berry is Back, Defe...
Eric Berry returned to practice and talked with the media yesterday. What does he mean for the defense? Can he step in an play tomorrow? Where is the rest of the defensive unit in its preparation for week 1? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
17 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 29 - Game 3 Film Review
Joined by Seth Keysor and Matt Stagner we dive into the game film for the Chiefs victory over the Bears. We also take a look at possible surprise cuts that KC could make.
19 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 26 - Alex Smith progress...
Special Guest Host joins Locked on Chiefs to discuss Alex Smith's progression in this offense in his fourth year and the RB's and WR's expected to make the roster.
22 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug 25 - Fatal hole at Insid...
News or Eric Berry, the o-line and the Chiefs' opening day opponent. The achilles heal of the 2016 Chiefs defense could turn out to be the inside linebacker spot next to Derrick Johnson. It may come down to a matter of philosophy. The play style and ...
18 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug 24 - Tamba Returns, Fant...
Tamba Hali and Jamaal Charles are back at practice. Two good signs for these key players being ready for the regular season. The Chiefs have two position groups that are stacked and could yield trade options: the quarterbacks and running backs. We b...
16 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 23 - Interview with Chie...
Chiefs Tight End Ross Travis joins the show to fill you on his journey and transition to the NFL. We discuss his progress, his number and his teammates in the very athletic Tight End group. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
22 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug 22 - Gm2 - Defense Missi...
On today’s podcast Chris and I review the game from Saturday and give you our takeaways from what we saw. Dee Ford, Justin March, Parker Ehinger, Chris Conley & more. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
18 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 19 - Need more from Dee ...
Preseason Game #2 is here and we run down the keys to watch against he L.A. Rams -Chiefs finish camp at St Joe -Injury update -Reid talks about starters snap count on Saturday #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
16 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug18 – Herbie Teope Exclusive
Welcome special guest & friend of the show Herbie Teope for his farewell Chiefs exclusive. Herbie has taken a new position in New Orleans, but left us with his thoughts on the state of the Chiefs. The Chiefs have come a very long way since Herbie be...
22 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug17 – Seth Keysor Film Review
A new segment kicks off today on the Locked on Chiefs podcast. We welcome Seth Keysor to the show. Seth brings a ton of film review experience to his work over on ArrowheadPride.com. We go over Alex Smith, the starting guards and the rookie DBs from ...
20 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug16 – Terez Paylor pt 2, KC...
We start with our takes on the offensive performance in the preseason contest against Seattle. Then, we continue with Terez Paylor, Chiefs reporter for the Kansas City Star. We look at the pass rush with Tamba Hali, Dee Ford and Dadi Nicolas. Perez s...
22 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug15 – Terez Paylor, Game 1 ...
We start with our takes on the defensive performance in the preseason contest against Seattle. Then, we welcome Terez Paylor, Chiefs reporter for the Kansas City Star, to the show for Monday. The Chiefs have a high number of intriguing players in camp ...
23 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug12 – Red Friday
Chris and Ryan get into the first Red Friday of 2016 as the Chiefs prepare for the Seahawks. We run down to players we want to see something from in the opening preseason game. We let you know who and what to keep your eye on Saturday. #NFL #Chiefs ...
17 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug11 – Elite Defense?
The AFC West has some issues. There are problems on two teams and we go over how they effect the Chiefs. Then we look at what we need to see in progressing the defense forward in its development while Justin Houston is out. Chris and I give you the thr...
16 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug10 – Offensive Building Blocks
We touch on a few news stories from the AFC West and see how they effect the Chiefs. Then we dig into what we need to see in progressing the offense forward in its development. Chris and I give you the three big keys on offense. #NFL #Chiefs #ChiefsK...
16 min
LOCKED ON CHIEFS - Aug9 - Depth Chart & Deep Pa...
Ryan and Chris take a look at the first “unofficial” depth released by the Kansas City Chiefs. We keep an eye on what this early chart really means and what it doesn’t. We check on the KC passing game and finish up the eye on training camp report. Chr...
17 min
Launch Episode & Training Camp report
The Launch episode of ‘Locked on Chiefs’ gets off to a fast start. We give you a quick look at the show, the hosts and jump right into the Chiefs training camp report. Chris has been covering the team in St. Joe and fills you in on what he’s been seeing.
13 min