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The Locked On Chiefs Podcast features NFL Analysts Ryan Tracy and Chris Clark breaking down the Kansas City Chiefs five days a week. Ryan Tracy is the founder of Rogue Analytics Consulting & RGR Media and is an exercise physiologist and former Strength and Conditioning Coach. It is the go-to daily KC podcast for Chiefs news, analysis, film review and analytics year-round from Training Camp through the NFL Draft and back again. A proud founding member of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Chiefs - 12/8 - Matt Derrick is back ...
Thursday night versus the Oakland Raiders in Arrowhead is going to be cold. the injury reports have fallen in favor of the Chiefs this week. What does Kansas City do to get a win tonight? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL #TNF
24 min
Locked on Chiefs - Dec 7 - Seth Keysor talks Ra...
Seth Keysor from ArrowheadPride.com is back and we look at the film from the KC win in Atlanta. We also look forward to Thursday night versus the Oakland Raiders. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
33 min
Locked on Chiefs - Dec 6 - KCTV’s Andrew Carter...
Raiders week if off and running. We have Andrew Carter on today’s show from Kansas City’s channel 5, KCTV. We look at the game scenarios for primetime Thursday Night Football versus Oakland and some inside stories not the Chiefs’ QBs. #Chiefs #ChiefsK...
21 min
Locked on Chiefs - Dec 5 - Huge win over Falcon...
ChiefsDigest.com editor Matt Derrick is back with us for the post-game show this week. Eric Berry had a career day. This Chiefs offense is gaining speed. What does this Oakland game come down to on thursday? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
25 min
Locked on Chiefs - Dec 2 - Questioning the enem...
We’re joined by the host of Locked on Falcons, Aaron Freeman to speak to this matchup. How can the Chiefs defend the Falcons’ passing attack and Julio Jones? Where is the ATL defense weakest? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
25 min
Locked on Chiefs - Dec 1 - PFF Mike Renner talk...
Senior Analyst Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike) joins us from ProFootballFocus.com to look at Smith's late surge, the night Houston had and Chris Jones! #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
25 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 30 - film talk with Seth...
Alex Smith's surge, Andy Reid's faults, Jusitn Houston is back. We breakdown with game with Seth Keysor of ArrowheadPride.om. What to expect next week. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
28 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 29 - Picking Offense up ...
We dig into the offense and how they can continue their late success against Denver. Joel Thorman joins us to talk about this win. Twitter questions are back! #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
27 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 28 - Chiefs battle to hu...
Alex Smith and Andy Reid found they're groove. The Defense started hot and finished warm enough to Win. Tyreek Hill scores all touchdowns. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
18 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 25 - Matt Derrick & ques...
We lay out a huge #RedFriday double episode for you! We have Matt Derrick back to give us an inside update on the Chiefs. Then we go behind enemy lines with the guys from Locked on Broncos, Luc Polglaze and Chan Jensen. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
45 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 23 - What happened to th...
Our guy in the filmroom, ArrowheadPride’s Seth Keysor, is back to look at the trainwreck that happened against the Bucs. And what do they have to do against Denver? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
29 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 22 - Chiefs have big are...
It all starts with Andy Reid and Alex Smith. the Defense faces significant injuries but hasn’t given up more than 19 points since Drew Brees came to town. What do they have to do against Denver? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
19 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 21 - KC blows it versus ...
no one saw this game coming. From Andy Reid down to he the last cheerleader in Arrowhead, the consensus was this was a sure win of the Chiefs. what went wrong? We tell you today. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
20 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 18 - Tampa Bay beat writ...
Greg Auman from TampaBay.com and the Locked on Bucs podcast joins to look at this Sunday’s gone on the #RedFriday. Will Justin Houston be back to his old self? Will Jamaal Charles play this season? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
17 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 17 - Brandon Thorn talks...
@VeteranScout looks at Mitchell Schwartz and the top young linemen in the NFL. With a primetime game in 10 days, where is the vulnerable spot in the Broncos offensive line? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
26 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 16 - Seth Keysor’s film ...
Seth Keysor is back and we talk about whether this is the best Eric Berry we could see or not. How good is this defense? What is going on with Alex smith and his receivers? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
28 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 15 - KC Flexing into Con...
The Chiefs are one of three teams atop the AFC with 7-2 records. The team's dramatic comeback in Carolina has led to them being flexed in primetime for their Nov 27th contest against the Denver Broncos. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
23 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 14 - Grinding out the wi...
Real-time reaction to the Chiefs come from behind win against the Carolina Panthers. Chris and Rya give out their game balls fro week 10. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
20 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 11 - Matt Derrick clues ...
Matt Derrick from ChiefsDigest.com joins us to take a look at the Panthers. he updates us on Justin Houston and Spencer Ware for this game. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
19 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 10 - PFF's Mike Renner T...
Profootballfocus.com's Senior Analyst Mike Renner joins us to talk about the Chiefs quarterbacks and pass rushers. Justin Houston and Spencer Ware return. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
21 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 9 - Can Alex Smith get t...
Our Chiefs Film guru Seth Keysor is back o talk about the quarterback play for Kansas City. Justin Houston isn’t the only big-time pass rusher. Could this be a pass rush group like we haven’t seen in years? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
25 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 8 - Smith and Houston re...
Chiefs got good news on Monday with Alex Smith and Justin Houston set to return. How good are these Chiefs? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
19 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 7 - KC wins ugly and sho...
The Chiefs walked out of Arrowhead breathing a sigh of relief. No run game and an iffy Nick Foles forced the team to rely on the defense once again. Can they keep winning this ugly? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
20 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 4 - Red Friday #8 - KC r...
Its been a onslaught of injuries for Kansas City this week. They face a struggling Jacksonville team. Chiefs may have some new contributors, but have the advantage in matchups. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
18 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 3 - Can offense get righ...
This offense is gaining momentum through the air and we go over the onslaught of roster changes in Kansa City this week. Who is the starting running back? Presented by @Seatgeek #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
17 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 2 - All is not Lost, Cha...
Seth Keysor joins us to talk about the news on Jamaal Charles and we look at Alex Smith vs Nick Foles. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
27 min
Locked on Chiefs - Nov 1 - Injuries hit KC & AF...
The Chiefs were bitten pretty hard by the injury bug in Indy. What do the injuries to Alex Smith , Spencer Ware and Parker Ehinger mean? Could Knile Davis return to KC? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
21 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 31 - Chiefs grind out wi...
Happy Halloween! The Chiefs ground out a win vs the Colts, but it cost them some players. Here' what we take away from the 5-2 Chiefs win. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
26 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 28 - Keys to Breaking th...
We fill the show with players to watch and keys to the game against the Indianapolis colts. Chiefs go into Lucas Oil Stadium at 5-2. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
17 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 27 - Payback Matchups ve...
Matt Danely, old pal and host of Locked on Colts, joins us to give us an inside look at the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
20 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 26 - Alex Smith film rev...
Is Alex Smith getting better or regressing? Is he missing more open receivers? He is playing well enough to win? Seth Keysor is back to look at AS11 in depth. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
25 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 25 - Chiefs Injury Updat...
Andy Reid updated the media on the status of several players Monday. How are Charles and Houston coming along? We go over the AFC top bottom to top! We're sponsored today by @BetDSI. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
17 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 24 - Chiefs Rumble & Fir...
We bring the the fastest game analysis right after the Chiefs hold onto beat the New Orleans Saints by using a balance offense and a solid defense. We hand out game balls to the top players. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
19 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 21 - Keys & Matchups as ...
Drew Brees and his high-powered Saints offense come to KC. Can the Chiefs defense stop them? Will Andy Reid keep up the balanced offense? We go over the pregame looks. #Chiefs #Saints50 #ChiefsKingdom
15 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 19 - Herbie Teope and Ma...
Our ol' Buddy Herbie Teope is back! Now in New Orleans he joins Matt Derrick, Chris and I to dig into this week's matchup against the Saints. Justin Houston is back at practice. When will he play? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
29 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 19 - Matt Derrick and Se...
Longer show today, we have a lot to cover. ChiefsDigest.com's Matt Derrick and Arrowheadpride.com's Seth Keysor are with us to talk moves and review the Raiders film. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
31 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 18 - Marcus Peters, Jack...
Marcus Peters appears out of the concussion protocol. Jack Del Rio can't decide about Alex Smith. Our AFC Power Rankings. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
21 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 17 - Chiefs Surge in Oak...
The Chiefs came back from the bye week to make a statement and they did just that. Here is the reaction following the win in Oakland.
21 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 14 - Raiders Matchup wit...
Bill Williamson Host of Locked on Raiders (and All-22.com) stops by the show to give up an inside look at the Raiders. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
20 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 13 - Charles & Houston l...
Jamaal Charles is all systems go! He is not on the injury report to start Raider week. Justin Houston will start working out with team next week and could return within the month. #chiefs #chiefsKingdom
20 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 12 - Seth Keysor on Alex...
Seth Keysor is back to preview the Raiders vs Chiefs, looking at Alex Smith and Andy Reid, Jamaal Charles and Chris Conley. How do Chris and Seth see Justin Houston's future? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
25 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 11 - AFC Power Rankings ...
Who is worth more to their team and the NFL, Alex Smith or Derek Carr. Our takes and our AFC Power rankings. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
24 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 10 - Welcome to Raiders ...
The team has some interesting things to watch on film this week. We look at Denver's first loss and check on on the injuries waiting to be updated. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
15 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 7 - Ben Allbright on Chi...
Ben Allbright joins the show to check on the progress of the Chiefs during this first quarter. He updates us on two Chiefs' contract maneuvers and gives a us look at AFC West. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #RedFriday
21 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 6 - Matt Derrick inside ...
Matt Derrick of ChiefsDigest.com comes back to he show to give us an inside view of the Kansas City Chiefs at yhe bye week. Is there reason to panic? Matt says no. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
26 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 5 - Seth Keysor's take o...
Friend of the podcast Seth Keysor is back this week to look at the film and figure out what went so wrong for the Chiefs against the Steelers. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
27 min
Locked on Chiefs - Oct 4 - Pass Rusher for KC 2...
We are joined by Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino to evaluate the Chiefs 2016 draft class and give a look at what could be for KC in the 2017 Draft. #Chiefs #NFLDraft
29 min
Locked on Chiefs - October 3rd - Steel City Mel...
It was tough to watch. Chiefs hit a bye week they really need. What can they do to turn it around? Were there any bright spots?
22 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 30 - RedFriday Primetim...
Both teams are coming into Sunday with injuries that can change the outcome. What can the Chiefs do to stop the Steelers offense? Which Chiefs team shows up? Our predictions and more. #RedFriday #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
21 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 29 - Matt Williamson gi...
Matt Williamson comes by for an Inside look at Steelers. Matt has some concerns about how the Steelers offense will go at Marcus Peters. The return of Le'Veon Bell could be the difference. #Chiefs #Steelers #ChiefsKingdom
24 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 28 - Seth Keysor digs i...
Seth Keysor is back with us to look at the Jets game week 3. Seth was in the stadium on game day as well as reviewing the film. This team bounced back from a down week 2 and there are a lot of positives on both sides of the ball. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingd...
23 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 27 - KC Secondary could...
The performance of the Chiefs secondary more than made up for a lack of pass rush versus the Jets. We look at where this unit is at and how the pass rush can effect it later in the season. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
19 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sept 26 - Game 3 Reaction
Chiefs took a commanding lead early against the Jets and ended the day with 8 forced turnovers. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
16 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 23 - Must Start fast vs...
RedFriday #3 is here for Jets vs Chiefs. We break down the keys to watch for at Arrowhead. We are going by John Pollard (@jpstats), Analytics consultant to the NFL and NCAA. We dig into what Alex Smith and NFL quarterbacks face on the field. #Chiefs #...
20 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 22 - Inside look at NY ...
The injury report this week had some surprises on it. Should you be concerned? John Butchko covers the New York Jets for Gang Green Nation and joins the show to give us an insider's view in this @SeatGeek sponsored episode #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
18 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 21 - Seth Keysor Film t...
Seth Keysor is back for this week's film room review. He takes a hard look at Alex Smith's terrible performance, Andy Reid, Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston in this episode. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom
24 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 20 - Let the Big Dog Eat!
The Chiefs have 3 areas that need some scrutiny. We dig into what the players can do & what Reid and his staff can do to get this team on track. Who needs to play that is currently sitting? At least one big dog! #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
20 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sept 19 - Game 2 Reaction
We take a look at what went wrong for the Chiefs on Sunday. Was there anything that went right? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
22 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 16 - Aaron Wilson predi...
We welcome NFL Insider Aaron Wilson of the Houston chronicle to the show. We get into the new arrivals in Houston and what we expect from the Texans. Check out our predictions. Wilson says CHIEFS! #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
20 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sept 15 - Look in Press box...
Matt Derrick of ChiefsDigest.com sits in on the show today. He gives you a perspective you dont' get to hear often and talks about where this team is going. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
26 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 14 - Keys to the Kingdom
Friend of the podcast, Seth Keysor, is back to take a look at the film review from Week 1 versus San Diego. We get into the offensive options, Alex Smith and where the team can go from here. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
26 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sep 13 - Matt Verderame Excl...
Matt Verderame exclusive on the Chiefs big win against the Chargers as well as a look forward at the Texans. #ChiefsKingdom #Chiefs
24 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 12 - Alex Smith the Com...
The Chiefs moved to 1-0 after the biggest comeback in regular season team history on Sunday. Alex Smith lead and team follows. We take a look at the big turnaround of week one. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
23 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 9 - Red Friday Preview ...
We take a close look at the week one Chiefs contest with the Chargers, including injuries, matchups and predictions. We set you up for game 1! #RedFriday #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
18 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 8 - Behind Charger Line...
Jamaal Charles and Tamba Hali were limited in practice. Everyone else was a full go and that includes Eric Berry. Phillip Rivers and company will come to Arrowhead with something to prove against the Chiefs who have beat them 4 games in a row.
21 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 7 - Grown-ups are runni...
Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride joins us for a look at the Chiefs team strength and weaknesses heading into week one. We talk game-changers, Chiefs eras and the 2016 season aheaed
28 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sept 6 - Jamaal Charles Like...
The biggest news from the press conferences on Monday is that the Chiefs don’t believe that Charles will be ready to play on Sunday. The team made more roster moves but appear to have its wide receiver corps set.
25 min
Locked on Chiefs - Sept 4 - 53-man Roster Special
We bring you a special edition podcast with our initial analysis of the final 53-man roster cuts for the Kansas City Chiefs.
14 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sept 2 - Winners & Losers in...
Today will be the beginning of the end of a number of hopeful players for the Kansas City Chiefs. the team will be releasing players as the clock ticks down to Saturday’s deadline. We give you our instant analysis of Preseason Game 4 in this special ...
16 min
Locked On Chiefs - Sept 1 - Red Thursday Crossr...
Aaron Murray & Kevin Hogan won't make cut. Who will be the wide receivers? who will be the back up cornerbacks? Answers are coming following the Thursday night game. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
14 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 31 - Paul Kruger can hel...
Free Agent Paul Kruger is expected to visit Kansas City if he does not sign in New Orleans. Justin Houston went onto the PUP list. Josh Mauga went to IR. The offense is solidifying and we look at where its at. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
19 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug 30 - Berry is Back, Defe...
Eric Berry returned to practice and talked with the media yesterday. What does he mean for the defense? Can he step in an play tomorrow? Where is the rest of the defensive unit in its preparation for week 1? #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
17 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 29 - Game 3 Film Review
Joined by Seth Keysor and Matt Stagner we dive into the game film for the Chiefs victory over the Bears. We also take a look at possible surprise cuts that KC could make.
19 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 26 - Alex Smith progress...
Special Guest Host joins Locked on Chiefs to discuss Alex Smith's progression in this offense in his fourth year and the RB's and WR's expected to make the roster.
22 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug 25 - Fatal hole at Insid...
News or Eric Berry, the o-line and the Chiefs' opening day opponent. The achilles heal of the 2016 Chiefs defense could turn out to be the inside linebacker spot next to Derrick Johnson. It may come down to a matter of philosophy. The play style and ...
18 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug 24 - Tamba Returns, Fant...
Tamba Hali and Jamaal Charles are back at practice. Two good signs for these key players being ready for the regular season. The Chiefs have two position groups that are stacked and could yield trade options: the quarterbacks and running backs. We b...
16 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 23 - Interview with Chie...
Chiefs Tight End Ross Travis joins the show to fill you on his journey and transition to the NFL. We discuss his progress, his number and his teammates in the very athletic Tight End group. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
22 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug 22 - Gm2 - Defense Missi...
On today’s podcast Chris and I review the game from Saturday and give you our takeaways from what we saw. Dee Ford, Justin March, Parker Ehinger, Chris Conley & more. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
18 min
Locked On Chiefs - Aug 19 - Need more from Dee ...
Preseason Game #2 is here and we run down the keys to watch against he L.A. Rams -Chiefs finish camp at St Joe -Injury update -Reid talks about starters snap count on Saturday #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL
16 min
Locked on Chiefs - Aug18 – Herbie Teope Exclusive
Welcome special guest & friend of the show Herbie Teope for his farewell Chiefs exclusive. Herbie has taken a new position in New Orleans, but left us with his thoughts on the state of the Chiefs. The Chiefs have come a very long way since Herbie be...
22 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug17 – Seth Keysor Film Review
A new segment kicks off today on the Locked on Chiefs podcast. We welcome Seth Keysor to the show. Seth brings a ton of film review experience to his work over on ArrowheadPride.com. We go over Alex Smith, the starting guards and the rookie DBs from ...
20 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug16 – Terez Paylor pt 2, KC...
We start with our takes on the offensive performance in the preseason contest against Seattle. Then, we continue with Terez Paylor, Chiefs reporter for the Kansas City Star. We look at the pass rush with Tamba Hali, Dee Ford and Dadi Nicolas. Perez s...
22 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug15 – Terez Paylor, Game 1 ...
We start with our takes on the defensive performance in the preseason contest against Seattle. Then, we welcome Terez Paylor, Chiefs reporter for the Kansas City Star, to the show for Monday. The Chiefs have a high number of intriguing players in camp ...
23 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug12 – Red Friday
Chris and Ryan get into the first Red Friday of 2016 as the Chiefs prepare for the Seahawks. We run down to players we want to see something from in the opening preseason game. We let you know who and what to keep your eye on Saturday. #NFL #Chiefs ...
17 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug11 – Elite Defense?
The AFC West has some issues. There are problems on two teams and we go over how they effect the Chiefs. Then we look at what we need to see in progressing the defense forward in its development while Justin Houston is out. Chris and I give you the thr...
16 min
Locked on Chiefs Aug10 – Offensive Building Blocks
We touch on a few news stories from the AFC West and see how they effect the Chiefs. Then we dig into what we need to see in progressing the offense forward in its development. Chris and I give you the three big keys on offense. #NFL #Chiefs #ChiefsK...
16 min
LOCKED ON CHIEFS - Aug9 - Depth Chart & Deep Pa...
Ryan and Chris take a look at the first “unofficial” depth released by the Kansas City Chiefs. We keep an eye on what this early chart really means and what it doesn’t. We check on the KC passing game and finish up the eye on training camp report. Chr...
17 min
Launch Episode & Training Camp report
The Launch episode of ‘Locked on Chiefs’ gets off to a fast start. We give you a quick look at the show, the hosts and jump right into the Chiefs training camp report. Chris has been covering the team in St. Joe and fills you in on what he’s been seeing.
13 min