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Every weekday the Locked On Chargers podcast features Chargers Analyst Daniel Wade, of the LAFB Network and Chargers Domination Live, and David Droegemeier, from Chargers Domination Live. They bring the perfect blend of daily humor and analysis for one of the NFL's most unlucky teams. Your leader in daily Chargers news specializes in fan involvement, making you part of the show and also bringing in the NFL's most informed expert guests to bring you unique analysis while keeping it fun. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Chargers December 21 - Props to Casey...
Casey Hayward is one of the best corners in the NFL. In fact this year he might be THE best. His take on his Pro Bowl status.
12 min
Locked On Chargers December 19 - The Good And B...
The head coach talks about losing to the Raiders, injuries, the talent level of his football team ... and takes responsibility for all the losses.
11 min
Locked On Chargers December 15 - Answering Stad...
We take questions from a listener and look at how badly the Raiders will beat the Chargers on Sunday.
12 min
Locked On Chargers December 14 - Stadium Shenan...
The host gets frustrated with the Chargers, politicians, and football in general.
18 min
Locked On Chargers December 10 - Predicting the...
Philip Rivers talks about Cam Newton and his memories of working with Ron Rivera and the host gives a final score prediction for San Diego's game in Carolina.
12 min
Locked On Chargers December 8 - Panthers and St...
We take a look at where the Chargers play callers are going wrong and give an update on the San Diego vs. L.A. situation.
16 min
Locked On Chargers December 7 - What is there t...
We take a look at what the Bolts can use as motivation for the rest of the season and see how the head coach has gone in to full-blown "Please don't fire me!" mode.
13 min
Locked On Chargers December 5 - Well That Sucked
The playoffs are out of reach. So what happened and what do the Chargers do now?
13 min
Locked On Chargers December 2 - Tampa Bay Game ...
We look at a couple of key matchups and make a prediction on who wins, the Chargers or Bucs.
11 min
Locked On Chargers December 1 - New Stadium Rum...
Are the Chargers going to Los Angeles in 2017 or not? We look at a new report ... weigh the pros and cons ... and look at a surprise change the NFL might make.
15 min
Locked On Chargers November 30 - Oh What Could ...
The QB muses on what this season might look like and a few things about the Bucs head coach I guarantee you did not know.
15 min
Locked On Chargers November 29 - Odds and Ends ...
The NFL needs to better define a certain rule ... Dontrelle Inman is totally underrated ... and Joey Bosa loses his train of thought in an interview. All part of the fun of this Locked on Chargers Podcast!
13 min
Locked On Chargers November 28 - A Win in Houston!
The Bolts snapped the Texans home winning streak. Why Philip Rivers found motivation in that, how Damion Square filled in admirably for Brandon Mebane, and why San Diego is now a very dangerous team.
17 min
Locked On Chargers November 25 - Who's in and W...
The injury reports certainly favor the Chargers for Sunday's game in Houston. How the Bolts have a leg up on the Texans and why America thinks San Diego is going to win this thing.
8 min
Locked On Chargers November 23 - Chargers vs. T...
He go behind enemy lines with the host of the Locked On Texans Crossover to see what problems Houston will cause for the Bolts and whether or not the Texans actually believe Brock Osweiler is a real NFL quarterback.
36 min
Locked On Chargers November 21 - Back From the ...
We had a week off so it's time to get back to work. How the Chargers responded to a 7-day layoff and what they need to do to get back on the horse and ready for a crucial game against the Texans. Oh, and some Star Wars talk. I am not joking about that.
15 min
Locked On Chargers November 16 - I am sick and ...
The host lets loose on the NFL, the commissioner and a couple of owners because he can't take any more of the NFL's tone deaf approach to its fan base.
14 min
Locked On Chargers November 15 - Movement on th...
The host has a cold but shares some very interesting news about the continuing quest for a new stadium in San Diego.
6 min
Locked On Chargers November 11 - How to Attack ...
We take one last look at the weekend's matchup between the Chargers and Dolphins with the game plan San Diego should take and hear from Ken Whisenhunt on how they're able to start games so fast.
16 min
Locked On Chargers November 10 - INTENSE Dolphi...
We do a crossover Podcast with Ron Canniff from Locked on Dolphins for a look at everything you need to know about Sunday's game between the Chargers and Marine Mammals.
25 min
Locked On Chargers November 9 - Fallout From th...
The host gets all fired up about the way Measure C went down, explains what went wrong, and offers a surprisingly hopeful look at the future of the Chargers in San Diego.
16 min
Locked On Chargers November 8 - Not Looking Goo...
Election Day was not what the Chargers were hoping for their stadium initiative. So what do they do now? We look at the options.
11 min
Locked On Chargers November 7 - Thank Goodness ...
The Chargers have themselves a ... as Mike McCoy said on Sunday and Monday ... Bell Cow Back. We let Melvin Gordon talk about his historic game against the Titans and then take one more look at Tuesday's ballot initiatives that will impact the future o...
17 min
Locked On Chargers November 5 - Your Titans Sco...
Another strange injury for the Chargers and Titans insider Joe Leadingham gives us a full Tennessee scouting report.
21 min
Locked On Chargers November 3 - Forget the WR, ...
I offer an idea for the Chargers on how to dramatically change their offense. The idea ... go with what's working. Novel concept, I know, but this plan is based on some facts. I hope you enjoy it...
15 min