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Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 22: The C's are officia...
You know you've got problems when Michael Beasley is getting MVP chants at the free throw line. The Celtics limped out of New York officially on a slump. John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard have that covered
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 21: Sleepy C's & Killer ...
The Celtics are grinding through the worst of their schedule and they looked positively sleepy in some stretches against Miami... leaving openings for Kelly Olynyk to kill the C's with a career game. John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard have it covered.
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 20: Anthony Davis rumo...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 20: Anthony Davis rumors are back! And more
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 19: What a wild finish ...
This was one of those we're games where both teams completely blew chances to put the game away. In the end, though, the Celtics got some of their usual magic to go along with a wild finish in a magical 30 second run to close out the Pacers
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 15: Mailbag time starr...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 15: Mailbag time starring the defensive slippage
25 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 14: C's win shootout wi...
There were a couple of new heroes (Shane Larkin, Aron Baynes), one old one (Kyrie Irving) to go along with Jaylen Brown's best game in a while and Jayson Tatum's usual efficient awesomeness. John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard have it all covered
42 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 13: Mailbag on Morris i...
John Karalis tackles a fully loaded mailbag which includes whether the DPE will be used after the Morris injury, how to fix the second quarter issues, future Celtic senators, and a whole lot more.
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 12: What a disaster
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 12: What a disaster
24 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Dec 11: Ugly win in Detroit
The Boston Celtics got revenge for their earlier loss to Detroit but very little about this game was entertaining. John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard run through the few good things that happened and hand out spots on this week's Big Australian Boat.
35 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Crossover with Jeff Garcia o...
The Boston Celtics are in San Antonio to face the Spurs in a matchup of two teams that just respect the hell out of each other. John Karalis welcomes Locked On Spurs host Jeff Garcia in to talk about the Spurs and what C's fans should watch for.
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 7: Sloppy C's survive a...
This was not a particularly pretty game but it had some pretty things, which are discussed by John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard.
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 6: Mailbag on killer m...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 6: Mailbag on killer muscles, player comparisons and predictions
61 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Dec. 5: Kyrie & Al outduel Gi...
It was a battle of stars, but the Celtics have one more star than Milwaukee (though Giannis tried to do the work of two men in this one). John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard break it down
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 4: Offense up, defense...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 4: Offense up, defense down, Baynes' boat
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 1: Kyrie & Al carry C's...
The Celtics weren't particularly crisp against the Sixers, but luckily Kyrie Irving and Al Horford had awesome games to carry the Celtics past Philadelphia. John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss.
46 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 30: We talkin' bout pr...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 30: We talkin' bout practice?
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 29: Chris Forsberg add...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 29: Chris Forsberg addresses "Isaiah who?" headline, answers Celtics mailbag questions
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 28: Detroit D does its j...
Boston boasted the league's best defense coming into this game but they couldn't stop the Pistons. Meanwhile Detroit (and Avery Bradley) got Kyrie to play a very un-Kyrie game. John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard have the postgame wrap up.
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 27: 2nd half dominance ...
The Celtics are coming off back-to-back wins that included another bad first half/good second half. John Karalis and Sam Packard get into why that's happening, the return of Avery Bradley, the explosion of Tito's nickname, and the Big Australian Boat
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: A perfect Stevens quote & th...
After the Celtics streak ended, Brad Stevens dropped what might have been one single, perfect, sentence to sum up what the Celtics need to be to return to winning form. John Karalis has that and a few things you might have missed this week.
35 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 23: The streak is over....
The Celtics winning streak has ended after 16 games. Rather than lament all that went wrong in this loss, John Karalis is choosing to spend this Thanksgiving giving thanks for all the good things this streak has given us.
25 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 22: Way too early MVP ta...
Sure, the Boston Celtics have won 16 straight but the starting lineup is struggling. So is Marcus Smart and his shooting. Is the solution to make a switch in the starting lineup? John Karalis an MassLive's Jay King discuss
46 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 21: Kyrie scores 47 po...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 21: Kyrie scores 47 points, ruins Mavericks
32 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 20: Is the streak valid?
Brad Stevens, in classic Brad fashion, is trying to knock his streaking team down a peg or two by declaring the entire streak invalid. Does he have a point?
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 17: C's come back again...
The Boston Celtics won their 14th straight game, this time by outscoring the Golden State Warriors by 21 over the last 16:49 of the game. John Karalis walks us through the highs and lows of an amazing win to keep the streak alive.
41 min