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Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

Boston Celtics head into big back-to-back weeke...
The Celtics are heading into a tough weekend (already) with a florida back-to-back against the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm discuss both matchups and why the Magic game is the more exciting one, before dipping into the mailbag to answer questions about Luke Kornet, the take foul helping Boston, Mazzulla's backup, and Draymond Green's punch.
48 min
Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown's greatness, Boston...
We're a day removed from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown scoring 35 points apiece to knock off the Philadelphia 76ers, but we're not done talking about how great they were. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm discuss their performance in more detail, the Celtics defense clamping down on Joel Embiid, Joe Mazzulla's job, and more.
40 min
Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown combine for 70 in Bo...
The Boston Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers on opening night at the Garden behind 70 combined points from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal takes a look at why this performance felt different than other Jays combo performances, how the bench helped keep the ship afloat while the stars got themselves together, and how Joe Mazzulla passed his first test. Plus, a rant on the flagrant foul on Al Horford, and why the NBA needs to change how the landing spot rule is enforced.
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No Grant Williams extension, what to watch for ...
Grant Williams did not get a new contract extension before the Monday deadline, and his tweets make it clear he's bothered by that at some level. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why this is just a matter of 'business is business.' Plus, Tuesday is opening night in the NBA, so what are we looking for from the Celtics as they face off against the Philadelphia 76ers and Joel Embiid? Also, the Celtics have new City Edition uniforms for the game, and they're okay.
33 min
Boston Celtics preseason review, regular season...
The Boston Celtics preseason is over, which means its time to assess where they are and start predicting games. That's where the Rainin' J's come in. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal welcomes back former hosts Jay King and Sam Packard of The Athletic to look back at the preseason to see what we learned before looking ahead to the regular season and predicting every game (which happens on the Anything Is Poddable feed).
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1-on-1 with Boston Celtics center Mfiondu Kaben...
Mfiondu Kabengele is on a two-way deal, but he's still hoping to make an impact on the Celtics. In this one-on-one interview with Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis, Kabengele explains why he's not going to make the same mistakes again that almost cost him his spot in the NBA. Plus, how excited he is to get to talk to and learn from guys like Al Horford and Jaylen Brown, advice from his uncle Dikembe Mutombo, life in the G League, his desire to give back, and more.
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Things we need to see in the Boston Celtics pre...
The Celtics wrapped up practice for the week, and they take on the Toronto Raptors on Friday. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm discuss the things they'd like to see happen in that final preseason game, including Luke Kornet getting some run, the bigs figuring out how to free up their wings, Malcolm Brogdon and Jayson Tatum hitting shots, Joe Mazzulla tested as a coach, and more.
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Luke Kornet's back, so what's the Boston Celtic...
38 min
Grant Williams becoming an offensive weapon for...
Grant Williams has added a little something to his game that has really impressed his teammates, including Al Horford who says everyone was in awe of one particular play. John Karalis broke down how Grant is using the threat of his 3-point shot to become an offensive threat (https://www.bostonsportsjournal.com/2022/10/10/how-grant-williams-is-using-the-threat-of-the-3-to-add-a-dangerous-element-to-his-game) and discusses it in depth here. Plus, how teams will probably play him now that he's whipping out these moves, and the one thing he has to do to make his moves unguardable. Also, Luke Kornet returns to the practice floor and Blake Griffin is really fitting in well with the guys.
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BONUS EPISODE: NBA 2022 Preview: The Contenders...
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Mailbag Monday: Jaylen Brown the coach, players...
The Boston Celtics played a preseason game on Friday where most of the regulars sat, but Jaylen Brown still played, and John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal says the Celtics got away with a bad decision there. Plus, Noah Vonleh makes his case for more minutes. Then, it's time to open up the mailbag again to talk about small lineups, zone defense, and the Celtics toning down their arguments with officials. There's also a mailbag question about Jaylen Brown's future, and his potential as a coach when he's done playing.
39 min
Boston Celtics Friday vibes check with Abby Chin
It's Friday, they've played two preseason games, and they're looking pretty damn good after a pretty bad situation. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal brings in Abby Chin of NBC Sports Boston to get a sense of where the team was in the wake of the Ime Udoka scandal, where they are now, and who is standing out so far in the preseason.
37 min
Sam Hauser, Malcolm Brogdon, Jayson Tatum shine...
Okay, the Celtics technically lost to the Raptors, but they won the part of the game that mattered. Sam Hauser was the biggest story of the game, showing that he's more than capable of handling Danilo Gallinari's minutes. Malcolm Brogdon continues to be Hauser's primary source of points, dropping dimes left and right and becoming so good it's scary. And Jayson Tatum showed some new things attacking the basket, and John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal says if he keeps doing that all season, Tatum will be an MVP candidate.
33 min
Marcus Smart disrespected in NBA GM Survey, Bos...
The Boston Celtics had a very quiet and unassuming practice, but we heard from JD Davison about his camp. Plus, the NBA GM Survey is out and Marcus Smart got some real disrespect, especially for the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal is joined by Tom Westerholm to talk about those things before answering mailbag questions on why the Celtics defense looks different and why Grant Williams might not get an extension before the season starts.
50 min
Blake Griffin joins Boston Celtics & how Jayson...
Blake Griffin is officially a member of the Boston Celtics. He was with the Celtics for Monday's practice and spoke to the media. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal is joined by Tom Westerholm to discuss Griffin's role and what we can expect. Plus, they go over the leftovers from the preseason opener, including initial impressions of the super-small lineup featuring Jayson Tatum at center.
42 min
Boston Celtics win preseason opener by 41 behin...
The Boston Celtics dominated in their preseason opener, shooting the lights out on their way to a 41 point win. Jaylen Brown got them going early, Sam Hauser showed why the Celtics were excited to have him, and Malcolm Brogdon showed why he's bringing balance to the team this season. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has that and more from TD Garden, including Grant Williams looking smooth, one amazingly great statistic, and one incredibly bad one.
32 min
Joe Mazzulla loves his assistant coaches, & mai...
The Boston Celtics first week of training camp is almost over, and so far, so good for Joe Mazzulla and his coaching staff. Of course, his coaching staff is Ime Udoka's coaching staff, but he seems pretty cool with how things are going. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses that before opening the mailbag to answer questions about Mazzulla's potential future, Robert Williams' injury and finding another big man, and adding Jae Crowder.
32 min
Malcolm Brogdon the difference-maker, and Bosto...
Day 2 of the Celtics training camp brought more good vibes, which are still very necessary, after the Ime Udoka scandal. But it might be Malcolm Brogdon who makes a huge difference early, not just with is on-court ability, but his unique perspective after all he's seen in six NBA seasons with six different head coaches. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm discuss the impact Brogdon can make, the growing pains of integrating him, and then Boston's pursuit of former assistant (now with the Clippers) Jay Larranaga. Why are they chasing him? What would that mean to the team? And what are the possible unitended consequences?
43 min
Boston Celtics get back to practice, chasing no...
The Celtics seemed eager to get back to the practice floor after the Ime Udoka saga of the past week or so. Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Al Horford all seemed to be back to their usual selves, Grant Williams was helping settle down the vibes, and Luke Kornet was practicing with the starters. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal was there, and brings us the details of how the team looked and felt after day 1.
35 min
Boston Celtics media day: Moving on from Ime Udoka
36 min
Ime Udoka punishment defended by Boston Celtics
Brad Stevens and Wyc Grousbeck discussed the Ime Udoka situation, defending their handling of the investigation and punishment, and decrying the ways people on social media involved women with nothing to do with the situation. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss that, how serious the situation must be if people like Matt Barnes are pulling back their initial support of Udoka, and why no one should be blaming the team or reporters for the social media reaction.
48 min
Boston Celtics suspend Ime Udoka for a full season
The Boston Celtics have officially suspended head coach Ime Udoka for a full season for his inappropriate, consensual relationship with a Celtics staffer. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com try to work through the lack of details to figure out how this might impact the team.
58 min
Breaking: Ime Udoka facing suspension from Bost...
ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Ime Udoka faces a possible "significant suspension" for a violation of team rule. What that violation is still isn't known, but this is suddenly a real test of the culture of accountability Udoka has set up.
7 min
Boston Celtics camp questions #5: What does Al ...
We're back to asking the important camp questions as the Celtics season quickly approaches. Question #5 is about Al Horford, and what he might have left in the tank. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses what it might take to keep Horford healthy, why they need to treat him differently than everyone else, and why they at some point will have to start phasing him out, no matter what.
32 min
Robert Williams knee surgery: What it means for...
Robert Williams will need another surgery on his left knee ... the same one where he tore his meniscus at the end of last season. It sounds bad, but John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal says it's probably not as bad as it sounds. What this means for him and the team, who might benefit most from him missing a month, and why Rob needs to think a little more like an old man when he plays.
32 min