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Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 17: Celtics beat Sixers ...
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct. 16: Starters, Philly pr...
John Karalis & Taco Jam Packard get into potential starters if Hayward's minutes are limited, how the opening night game against Philadelphia might go, and awards predictions for the upcoming season
50 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 15: Making leaps, trash ...
John Karalis (RedsArmy.com, Boston.com) & Jay King (The Athletic) discuss the big strides being made in practice + the mentality challenge the Celtics face. Plus, Tatum trash talks Embiid & the Sox inspire Brad Stevens
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 11: An hour (and some) w...
Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog joins John Karalis (RedsArmy.com, Boston.com) to talk about the nearly decade & a half of blogging, the current Celtics, & what drives us to keep going.
75 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 11: Butler lights up the...
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 10: Terry Rozier talks...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 10: Terry Rozier talks future
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 9: Smart fined, Stupid S...
Marcus Smart avoided a suspension & Phoenix fired their GM. John Karalis (RedsArmy.com & Boston.com) & Jay King (The Athletic) discuss how Ainge might be tempted by Phoenix's stupidity & Gordon Hayward's rehab documentary
32 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 8: Smart & Smith go at i...
Marcus Smart & JR Smith got into it again. John Karalis (RedsArmy.com, Boston.com) & Jay King (The Athletic) discuss their history & why this explosion seemed different. Also today: What we learned this preseason.
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 5: Kyrie is coming back
Kyrie told a Fan Fest crowd that he plans to re-sign with the Celtics. John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard discuss the unique timing of the announcement and the potential fallout. Plus: A hilarious Marcus Smart story
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 4: Small lineups, GM Sur...
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 3: Brad Stevens "unimpre...
This was not a pretty game, and Brad Stevens let his team know about it. John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard discuss that and the few positives in this game, including the Time Lord Robert Williams.
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 2: Potent offense, Rozie...
John Karalis & Jay King look into where this Celtics offense might eventually go,where Terry Rozier's minutes might come from, and how Kyrie Irving is only just now happy playing basketball.
43 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: The preseason has begun!!
43 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 28: Tom Westerholm we...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 28: Tom Westerholm weighs in on Celtics' potential
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 27: Hayward, Ainge, and ...
Hayward was human on a podcast, Danny Ainge explained how hard it is to be a favorite, Mook talked about his bench role and Al Horford talked about being a 5. John Karalis & Sam Packard talked about it all.
35 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 26: Reactions from the f...
The Celtics got out there and ran some 5-on-5. John Karalis & Jay King have reaction to that, Brad Stevens installing a lot on day 1, plus Kyrie and Hayward's health.
20 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 25: Kyrie, Mook, Smart w...
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Kyrie & Hayward at full stre...
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 20: C's a full go, Butle...
Brad Stevens says camp will open with everyone healthy & TWolves camp might open without Jimmy Butler (what's that mean for Kyrie?) John Karalis, Jay King, & Sam Packard have that AND wild Space Jam 2 takes.
41 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 18: Rumors and Mailbag q...
John Karalis, Jay King & Sam Packard address rumors involving Jimmy Butler & Jamal Crawford before addressing some mailbag questions on shooting, boy scouts, and escape rooms
51 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 13: Jam vs. the Sport...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 13: Jam vs. the Sports Illustrated player rankings
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep. 12: Business school, pl...
John Karalis discusses Kyrie Irving taking a business course at Harvard, player rankings, and what Anthony Davis getting a new agent might mean
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep. 11: Bird's arrest, Rozi...
John Karalis of RedsArmy.com & The Athletic's Jay King discuss Jabari Bird's arrest, Terry Rozier's weekend at the Drake concert & Pats game, and KG being bilked out of $77 million
23 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 7: Ray Allen's Hall o...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 7: Ray Allen's Hall of Fame weekend begins
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 5: Brad addresses expect...
Brad Stevens met the media in Boston and made a good point about dealing with high expectations. John Karalis talks about that, the possibility of Jayson Tatum coming off the bench and more.
24 min