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Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

How close are Boston Celtics to the top, and wh...
John Karalis is joined by Chuck McKenney, who just left RedsArmy.com to reminisce a little about the good ol' days before getting into thoughts on the Kemba Walker trade, what the Celtics can do next, how Evan Fournier works into this, how close the Celtics are to actually contending, and how Brad Stevens has positioned himself to take advantage of other moves in the NBA.
52 min
Brad Stevens explains why Boston Celtics traded...
We've had our suspicions about Brad Stevens' motivations and marching orders when it came to the Kemba Walker trade, but now we have some concrete answers. You'll hear from Stevens himself as John Karalis reacts to the financial flexibility the team gained, the ability to make another big move very soon, how much Al Horford's veteran leadership played into it, and what the plan is for a big man rotation that now includes Horford, Robert Williams, Tristan Thompson, and Moses Brown.
35 min
Goodbye Kemba Walker, Moses Brown expectations,...
Kemba Walker is gone after two years, but John Karalis isn't here for any Kemba slander in the wake of this trade. Plus, why Celtics fans might be overreacting a little bit too much when it comes to picking up Moses Brown and why reports of dysfunction in the Celtics locker room might be a little overblown.
34 min
Boston Celtics trade Kemba Walker for Al Horfor...
Brad Stevens shocked us all by pulling off a trade for Kemba Walker, sending him to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Al Horford and Moses Brown. The deal sends a first round pick to OKC and the teams also swapped future second rounders. John Karalis has his reaction to the deal and a Q&A with fans on Spotify Green Room for a thorough breakdown of the deal from all angles.
56 min
Boston Celtics Mailbag: Coaching candidates, TP...
It's mailbag time! John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal answers questions about coaching candidates, Brad Stevens being bold, trade targets, TPE candidates, point guard fits (Lonzo Ball? Ben Simmons? Ricky Rubio?), 2023 free agents (and a fantasy signing of Nikola Jokic), and the best Celtics and Boston sports nicknames.
40 min
Boston Celtics coaching search getting tougher ...
A ridiculous 24 hours in the NBA has created an interesting wrinkle in the Boston Celtics search for a head coach. John Karalis explains why some candidates might be waiting for potentially better opportunity and why other pretty good jobs could take leverage away from the Celtics. Also, why the star players should have a say in the search and explaining some confusing salary cap stuff tied to possible Kemba Walker scenarios.
41 min
Jayson Tatum misses out on All-NBA, but commits...
Jayson Tatum missed out on an All-NBA team even though he got more voting points than someone who made it. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains how that is even possible, how much money it costs Tatum, and how much it can save the team (it's a lot). Also, why Tatum committing to Team USA is concerning from a health perspective but could pay off in the long run.
34 min
How does Brad Stevens build the Boston Celtics ...
Brad Stevens has a very tough job ahead of him as he tries to build out a bench that can help Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through all the tools at Stevens' disposal, the guys who might stay and go, and how the return on a potential Kemba Walker trade could shape how the Celtics progress through the offseason. Plus, some of the names that could be reclamation projects in Boston and get them production on relatively cheap deals.
42 min
Evan Fournier, possible Boston Celtics offers &...
The Evan Fournier decision is a lot more complicated than it might seem on the surface. John Karalis brings in Spotrac's Keith Smith to discuss Fournier's time with the Celtics, what teams with cap space might be threats to sign him, the cap and tax complications that limit what the Celtics might be willing to offer, and why they might not offer anything more than a two-year deal.
51 min
Can Robert Williams stay healthy & be the Bosto...
Robert Williams has the skills to be the Celtics center of the future, but can he stay healthy enough to do the job? John Karalis is joined by Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston to discuss how concerned we are about Williams' injury history, the amazing strides he's made to become so important, and whether now is the right time to try to lock him up with an extension.
49 min
The Marcus Smart conundrum: What's his real val...
The criticism of Marcus Smart got louder this season, but how much of that was really his fault? John Karalis runs through a rough season for Smart, why social media and sports talk radio may have fueled a lot of the noise, why the analytics show he should take MORE 3-pointers, and how Brad Stevens now holds the answer to the entire debate of Smart's value to the franchise.
34 min
Can Boston Celtics get big leaps from Aaron Nes...
The Boston Celtics are looking everywhere to improve their team. John Karalis takes a close look at how Aaron Nesmith and Romeo Langford could become the two most important players on this Celtics roster because their big leaps could make life easier for Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.
31 min
The Kemba Walker question: Keep him or trade him?
One of the first orders of business for Brad Stevens is to figure out what to do with Kemba Walker. John Karalis runs through the options, what it would take to keep him, why trading him for nothing could be a sign of something bigger, and a few trade ideas for getting a useful player in return.
41 min
Brad Stevens as Boston Celtics boss, process co...
There's a lot to unpack as Brad Stevens begins his tenure as President of Basketball Operations. John Karalis runs through a few, including the lack of a true interview process, the one potential sign that this might not be a long-term move, the addition of new coaching candidates over the weekend (and potentially another who Stevens might not be able to resist), and whether Stevens will get a pass to make moves that would have gotten criticism from Danny Ainge.
35 min
Brad Stevens takes over Boston Celtics- Who wil...
Brad Stevens is the new President of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics and his first order of business is hiring a new coach. John Karalis is joined by Tom Westerholm and Chris Grenham of the Gino Time Podcast to discuss what type of coach Steven might be looking for, and who the candidates might be. Be sure to check out the Gino Time podcast for an extensive discussion on Danny Ainge's time in Boston.
50 min
Danny Ainge retires, Brad Stevens moves to fron...
The Boston Celtics shocked everyone Wednesday by announcing Danny Ainge's retirement and Brad Stevens' promotion to President of Basketball operations. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal reacts to the news, discusses the huge risk the Celtics are taking with Stevens in charge, looks back at Danny Ainge's run at the helm (and why some of the criticism is unfair), and who might be the early favorite to be the new head coach.
36 min
Brooklyn Nets end Boston Celtics season: Lesson...
The Boston Celtics lost Game 5 to the Brooklyn Nets and their season is now over. John Karalis runs us through the game and the lessons learned from this series for players like Romeo Langford, Aaron Nesmith, Payton Pritchard, and even Jayson Tatum,. Then, what's next for these guys?
38 min
Kemba Walker's knee & Isaiah Thomas' comments o...
The Boston Celtics head into Brooklyn for a Game 5 that will likely end their season. John Karalis has a quick look at that, Kemba Walker's knee issues and what that might mean for his future, and Isaiah Thomas' comments on the one thing he'd hold against the Celtics medical staff.
43 min
Boston Celtics lose but show necessary pride, &...
The Boston Celtics were shorthanded and lost to a buzzsaw of a Brooklyn Nets team in Game 4. John Karalis runs us through the game, the pride Boston showed to prove that this was a season that threw too much at this team, and then goes into why one jerk's decision to throw a water bottle ruined everything.
33 min
Boston Celtics beat Brooklyn Nets in Game 3 Bon...
(Heads up: We are aware of the poor audio quality for half the podcast. It's overmodulated due to user error. Sorry) The Boston Celtics beat the Brooklyn Nets in Game 3! John Karalis reacts from the Garden after Jayson Tatum drops another 50 point game and Kyrie Irving does almost nothing for Brooklyn.
18 min
What do the Boston Celtics need to show in Game 3?
The Boston Celtics are at risk of being swept. John Karalis wonders if they can do the simple things, like stay disciplined on defense and show some mental toughness, to win Game 3. Also, how the conversation started by Kyrie Irving has grown beyond his comments and into a greater discussion about racist fan comments around the NBA.
30 min
Lessons learned from the Brooklyn Nets series, ...
The Boston Celtics season is just about over, and John Karalis has moved on to looking at the future of the team. Among the thoughts, Jayson Tatum needing to trust his teammates more, pushing back on the ridiculous notion of trading Jaylen Brown, and Brad Stevens moving to a more structured offense.
32 min
Boston Celtics blown out - trust issues? Blinde...
The Boston Celtics got their doors blown off in Game 2 vs. Brooklyn. John Karalis explains why the Celtics end up looking like the bad guys in a Bruce Lee movie when things go wrong for them and then dives into the trust issues this team faces, where the refs were looking when Tatum was poked in the eye, and why Blake Griffin's sudden bounce brings one of the NBA's ugly problems back to the forefront.
35 min
Getting Evan Fournier going, Brooklyn Nets adju...
The Boston Celtics need to get Evan Fournier going, and John Karalis thinks some old Gordon Hayward plays could be the way to make that happen. Plus, Robert Williams not on the injury report, possible Brooklyn Nets adjustments (if there are any), and how a little normalcy goes a long way..
33 min
Boston Celtics lose Game 1 to Brooklyn Nets
The Boston Celtics lost Game 1 of their opening round series to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night. John Karalis discusses the loss, why Boston can't have Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, and Evan Fournier all play the way they collectively did, why Robert Williams can hopefully play more, how this might have been a missed opportunity, and a few simple adjustments and reads can turn the Nets switching against them.
40 min
Boston Celtics-Brooklyn Nets preview with Locke...
The Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets face off in Game 1 of their first round series Saturday night. John Karalis welcomes Adam Armbrecht of the Locked On Nets podcast to the show to discuss the matchup, Boston's best chance at winning the series, what Jayson Tatum should do when he gets double-teamed, and how Marcus Smart, Kemba Walker, and Evan Fournier will try to exploit the Nets defensive strategy. Also, is Brooklyn's biggest adjustment simply playing Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving together for more minutes?
39 min
Celtics-Wizards leftovers and looking ahead to ...
The gang reunites for a podcast as John Karalis welcomes Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard for one more look back at the win over the Wizards before turning our attention to the Brooklyn Nets and how we all feel about Boston's chances.
34 min
Jayson Tatum drops 50, Celtics beat Wizards to ...
Jayson Tatum dropped a 50-piece on the Washington Wizards and the Boston Celtics clinched the 7th seed with a big win in the play-in game. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has the breakdown of Tatum's aggressive night, Kemba Walker shimmying his way to a big night as well, and how Bradley Beal's injury and Russell Westbrook's shooting doomed Washington.
28 min
Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards: Previewi...
The Boston Celtics practiced on Monday ahead of their Tuesday night play-in game against the Washington Wizards. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal shares what we learned from the practice before breaking down the game against the Wizards, Bradley Beal's health, who Jayson Tatum guards, Marcus Smart vs. Russell Westbrook, and more.
39 min
Boston Celtics end season as a .500 team & 5 th...
The final weekend of the 2021 season is in the books. John Karalis has a look at how it ended in Minnesota and New York before sharing 5 things to know about the Washington Wizards with the host of Locked On Wizards and his own feelings of why the Celtics really need to win this regardless of having two chances to win one game in the play-in tournament.
37 min
Jaylen Brown's surgery, and pulling back the cu...
Jaylen Brown had his left wrist surgery, and the prognosis seems to be a best-case scenario. John Karalis talks about that, Danny Ainge's appearance on the radio, and then he pulls back the curtain a bit on what it was like covering this team this year, and why the negativity has gotten out of control
34 min
Boston Celtics lose again, Tristan Thompson & a...
The Boston Celtics lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, which makes them the official slump-buster of the NBA. John Karalis of the Boston Sports Journal discusses the game, whether Tristan Thompson is carrying on a Cavs curse that began with Kyrie Irving, and Brad Stevens dropping strong "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" vibes.
37 min
Kemba Walker can't save Boston Celtics from 3rd...
The Boston Celtics have now lost three straight games, two to the Miami Heat, and they are, barring a miracle, now going to be the 7th seed in the East. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through the loss to Miami, Kemba Walker's head-scratching postgame comments, and why Miami is doing exactly what Brad Stevens hoped his Celtics would.
34 min
Jaylen Brown out for the season: What it means ...
Jaylen Brown has a torn ligament in his left wrist and will miss the rest of the season. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal breaks down what this means for him and his development as an All-Star, what it means for the team and how Jayson Tatum is going to be impacted, and why Evan Fournier shouldn't be the player who starts for him.
40 min
Same Celtics script, Brad Stevens' role, and di...
The Boston Celtics got down big, made a furious comeback, and then fell short. It's the same script as this team has followed for too many games this season. John Karalis runs through the ebbs and flows of the game, what falls on Brad Stevens, and what he means when he says the Celtics played disrespectful basketball on a day honoring Tommy Heinsohn
28 min
Jayson Tatum's All-NBA chances, Romeo Langford'...
The Boston Celtics got some help in the standings Thursday night. John Karalis is joined by Boston.com's Tom Westerholm to discuss where the Celtics could still end up, how the bench is actually starting to round into form, Romeo Langford's very important season next year, and Jayson Tatum's chances at the All-NBA team.
41 min
Boston Celtics cruise behind Kemba Walker, Jays...
The Boston Celtics rode a big 32 points from Kemba Walker and a casual 27 from Jayson Tatum to an easy win in Orlando. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal says it's nice, now move on to the next and take care of business in Chicago. Also, Tacko Fall pulls off the move of the year, Evan Fournier looks good, and why all of those frustrating games this year have just been a blueprint for this season.
33 min
The playoffs start now for the Boston Celtics &...
Brad Stevens says the playoffs have already begun for the Boston Celtics. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal shares what Stevens had to say after a rare practice on Tuesday as well as Evan Fournier's comments about the unusual step he's taking to try to shake the long-haul COVID-19 symptoms. Also, an updated look at the standings and a not-so-simple task of beating Orlando.
32 min
Live Mailbag: Aaron Nesmith, Brad Stevens, play...
The Boston Celtics had an off day so John Karalis opened up the show to questions on a YouTube Live broadcast. Questions include Aaron Nesmith, the coaching situation, whether a deep run or early playoff exit is better, and more!
43 min
Refs rob Boston Celtics, Portland Trail Blazers...
The Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers were playing a classic game until the final few minutes, when the officials botched the game horribly and robbed us of a classic ending. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal reacts to the good and bad from the game (Evan Fournier and Aaron Nesmith were great!) before ripping the officials for mishandling a potential challenge of a blown goaltending call and for taking forever to decide on ejecting Marcus Smart.
38 min
Jayson Tatum drops 60! Celtics come back from 3...
The Boston Celtics overcame a 32 point deficit to beat the San Antonio Spurs and Jayson Tatum dropped 60 to tie Larry Bird's single-game team record. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about it all in a bonus Saturday episode!
30 min
Eliminating the Corner 3? Marcus Smart regressi...
Marcus Smart is a hot topic after his suspension and concerns that he has regressed. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses that, people's concerns over Romeo Langford and Evan Fournier, and why it might be time to eliminate the corner 3.
37 min
Jaylen Brown & Jayson Tatum drop 73, Aaron Nesm...
The Boston Celtics came through in a must-win game over the Charlotte Hornets. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum combining for 73 points, Aaron Nesmith hustling his way into a good game, and why it's time to forget the process and focus on results
29 min
Boston Celtics continue to infuriate & settle f...
The Boston Celtics dropped another infuriating game, this time to the Oklahoma City Thunder. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why their continued insistence on settling for the first good shot keeps them from getting great looks. Also, hear Jaylen Brown's postgame comments and why this poses the question of whether the Celtics just can't bring it every game, or they don't want to.
37 min
Boston Celtics get some help & Why Jayson Tatum...
The Boston Celtics got a little help in the standings on Monday. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through all the ways the Celtics chances of moving up improved, and then goes into why Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown need to dramatically cut back the isolation basketball and play the right way on offense (and how Robert Williams can help).
36 min
The most disappointing Boston Celtics loss of t...
This was an important game for the Boston Celtics, but they really didn't treat it as such, which is why this loss to the Charlotte Hornets is the most disappointing loss of the year to John Karalis of the Boston Sports Journal. The defense was a no-show, and Boston's two stars, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, made big, lazy defensive mistakes, including one early one that could have changed the entire course of this game.
33 min
Kemba Walker carries Boston Celtics past Phoeni...
Kemba Walker did his thing against Phoenix, carrying the Boston Celtics to a huge win and a step closer to the fourth seed in the East. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has the good and the bad from the game, and then a mea culpa when it comes to Jabari Parker
35 min
Where will the Boston Celtics finish in the East?
The Boston Celtics are a game out of the fourth seed, but where will they end up? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal looks at all the competitions schedules to figure out who has the toughest road and how the Celtics might have the edge.
32 min
Reasons to be optimistic about the Boston Celtics
The Celtics are on their stretch run, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal got together with Tom Westerholm and Nicole Yang of the Gino Time podcast to do a home & home. On their feed, they all discuss the causes for concern, but on this podcast, they get into the reasons to be optimistic about the team.
41 min
Boston Celtics streak snapped. Romeo Langford a...
The Boston Celtics were shorthanded again, and it cost them their 6 game winning streak. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through the good and bad from the game and wonders why the team gets away from Jaylen Brown so much. Also why Jayson Tatum's game changes when he has to handle he ball more, and how Romeo Langford looked in his first minutes as a point guard.
39 min
Jayson Tatum entering superstardom? Boston Celt...
The Boston Celtics won their sixth straight game, beating the Golden State Warriors thanks to a monster game from Jayson Tatum. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through the game, Boston's newly found fourth quarter dominance, and Tatum knocking on the door of superstardom.
37 min
Boston Celtics Beat LA, win 5th straight
The Boston Celtics beat the LA Lakers to win their 5th straight game and move into a tie for 4th in the East. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses Jaylen Brown's 40 point night, why the bench implosion at the end hurt the guys on the floor more than the team, and why this didn't feel very "Celtics-Lakers"-like.
32 min
The state of the Boston Celtics after their tur...
The Celtics are turning things around, so where are they really? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal welcome Tom Westerholm of Boston.com to discuss where they see the Celtics, what their realistic ceiling is, and what we can expect moving forward.
38 min
Jayson Tatum leads Boston Celtics to 4th straig...
The Boston Celtics, behind another star performance from Jayson Tatum, beat the Portland Trailblazers and moved into the fifth spot in the East. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into Tatum's huge run as he runs through the good and bad from the game. Then why Marcus Smart is sort of an avatar for the whole Boston season.
31 min
A Boston Celtics turnaround? What the numbers say
Are the Boston Celtics actually in the midst of turning their season around? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal takes a look at some of the numbers that tell a big story, including how East Player of the Week Jayson Tatum's increased efficiency is leading the way. Also, a quick preview of the Celtics and Blazers game and why it's another one Boston has a strong chance of winning.
33 min
Boston Celtics pull off massive comeback to win...
The Celtics whipped off a 31-3 run to come back and beat the Denver Nuggets for their third straight win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal breaks down the 15-0 portion of the run that truly swung the game and then explains why this game is an example of how Brad Stevens has not actually lost his team.
43 min
Feeling better or worse about the Boston Celtics?
Do we feel better about the Boston Celtics as they wrap up their home stand? Was the win over New York encouraging, or discouraging? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal welcomes Tom Westerholm of Boston.com to discuss their outlook for the team over the final 20 games of the season. They also discuss Jaylen Brown's comments about pressure caused by the media.
37 min
Boston Celtics, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum gut ...
The Boston Celtics didn't follow their usual script on Wednesday night against the New York Knicks. Instead of crumbling, they held strong and held the Knicks off for a great win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through the good (Tatum, Brown, Smart, Thompson) & the bad (Langford, Pritchard, Robert Williams) before asking the Celtics to do it all over again on Friday.
30 min
Boston Celtics miss opportunity vs. Joel Embiid...
The Boston Celtics abandoned what had been working for them and fell back into some bad habits, missing an opportunity to steal a game from Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why the bad ball movement returned and looks at the controversial Brad Stevens decision that ruined Robert Williams' night.
38 min
A closer look at Romeo Langford's debut, & very...
The Boston Celtics injury report is shrinking, which could make the Wednesday night game vs. Philadelphia an interesting test case for Brad Stevens and Robert Williams. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has that, a deep dive into a Romeo Langford debut that was more impressive than it originally looked, and then some potential rules changes (or changes of interpretation) that will be very welcome.
35 min
Boston Celtics get two big wins; revamped offen...
The Boston Celtics got much-needed wins over Houston and Charlotte, but it's the way that Boston won those games that impressed Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis. In this show, we revisit the discussion of whether Robert Williams should start or come off the bench, and also look at a few stats that really highlight how wildly different Boston's offense is.
41 min
How much of this is on Brad Stevens?
Brad Stevens gets blamed for a lot of what's going on, but how much is really on him? Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis discusses the five areas where Stevens' coaching makes a difference to see where the fault lies. This podcast accompanies a column written on Boston Sports Journal.
35 min
Soft Boston Celtics are out of time; Brad Steve...
The latest Boston Celtics performance was the same as so many other disappointing Celtics performances. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis shares Brad Stevens' postgame audio where he rips (as much as Brad can) his team for folding under pressure. Then, why someone on the Celtics needs to find some fire now, because the Celtics are out of time and on the verge of not even making the playoffs.
48 min
Robert Williams: Starter or Reserve? A discussi...
Should the Boston Celtics start Robert Williams, or bring him off the bench? Which would maximize what he has to offer the Celtics for the rest of this season. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis brings on noted Williams aficionado Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston to discuss the ways they could go.
38 min
Boston Celtics lose to New Orleans Pelicans. Wh...
The Boston Celtics lost to Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans, who just didn't miss. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis runs through the good (Jayson Tatum) and bad (Evan Fournier) before taking a deep dive into what's bothering Marcus Smart.
38 min
Two big Boston Celtics wins, and a look at the ...
The Celtics are on a two game winning streak, with two very different kinds of wins. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis says both are impressive in their own way. The first two segments recap the two wins before looking ahead to the next two weeks, which are the make-or-break stretch of this season.
42 min
Boston Celtics trade for Evan Fournier: Good fo...
The Boston Celtics acquired Evan Fournier from the Orlando Magic for two second round picks. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis explains why this could be a really good move for right now, but maybe not so good moving forward.
43 min
Boston Celtics lose and round and round we go
The Boston Celtics lost a tough one to the Milwaukee Bucks after falling behind 25 and fighting all the way back to miss a buzzer beater. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis runs through the good and the bad of the game before clamoring for this treadmill of a season to stop or change or... do something different.
37 min
Talking Aaron Gordon trade with Locked On Magic
The Boston Celtics are reportedly the frontrunner for Aaron Gordon. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis discusses the rumored deal with Locked On Magic host Philip Rossman-Reich (@philiprr_OMD) to see if what's been reported works for the Magic and their fans.
39 min
A tough loss in Memphis & is Marcus Smart getti...
The Boston Celtics lost a tough overtime game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis wraps up the good (the offense, which is suddenly promising) and the bad (the defense, which, gah) before addressing the latest trade rumor that has Aaron Gordon in and... MARCUS SMART going out??
36 min
Boston Celtics win, does it signal a turnaround...
The Boston Celtics beat the Orlando Magic (and won the NBA belt in the process!!). Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis runs through the good things from the game (let's skip the bad for just one day) and then goes back to the loss against Sacramento to look at how a postgame meeting then impacted how they played vs. Orlando.
36 min
Potential Boston Celtics trade crossover show: ...
We've heard a lot about some of the bigger names, but there are other potential trade targets out there. Are George Hill, Norman Powell, or Larry Nance, Jr. realistic possibilities? Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis went to the hosts of Locked On Thunder, Locked On Raptors, and Locked On Cavs to find out.
51 min
Who are these Boston Celtics?
The Boston Celtics followed up some good performances (even the losses) with a stinker against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis throws the format out and tries to talk through it.
42 min
Boston Celtics lose late to Donovan Mitchell, U...
The Boston Celtics had their chances but, shockingly, the better basketball team ended up winning the game. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis runs through the good and bad from the game, and then explains why this game shows how far the Celtics really are from the NBA's elite teams.
38 min
Boston Celtics rumors galore, including some ab...
The Boston Celtics are surrounded by rumors, including some chatter about Brad Stevens now that the Indiana University job is open. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis discusses that possibility, as well as all the trade rumors involving the team. Also, we check in with old friends Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward now that Charlotte has tied Boston in the standings.
39 min
Boston Celtics finally get an easy win; Robert ...
The Boston Celtics cruised past the Houston Rockets in a blowout win that, for a few minutes, looked like it was going to be anything but. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis goes through the good (Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown), the bad (another slow start against a bad team), and how Robert Williams was at the heart of a decisive first quarter run that changed the game.
43 min
Boston Celtics lose in Marcus Smart's return & ...
Marcus Smart returned but it wasn't enough to push the Boston Celtics past the Brooklyn Nets. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis breaks down the good (Smart, Jayson Tatum, Daniel Theis), the bad (Jaylen Brown, the poor double-teams), and a lesson from this game about how Danny Ainge might approach this traded player exception and the trade deadline.
37 min
Marcus Smart back, Romeo Langford isn't, & the ...
Marcus Smart returned to Boston Celtics practice on Wednesday! Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis discusses that, Romeo Langford's near return, and Danny Ainge's long-term considerations at the trade deadline, including the potential Bradley Beal factor.
43 min
Rainin' J's pick every Boston Celtics game of t...
The boys are back for another reunion show to pick every game of the rest of the Boston Celtics schedule. This is part 1 (the first 18 games) and part 2 is on the Anything Is Poddable feed.
63 min
Boston Celtics Q&A: Robert Williams, Jayson Tat...
It's Q&A day, and Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis is answering all your questions about Robert Williams, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, trades, Bradley Beal, and.... the Royal Family?
43 min
Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, make good All-Star ...
The Boston Celtics' young stars had reasons to be happy about All-Star Sunday. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis runs down why each had reason to be happy about the event, and what little things we saw on Sunday have to say about Tatum and Brown's relationship.
38 min
Boston Celtics win 4th straight behind Jayson T...
The Celtic head into the All-Star break on a 4-game winning streak after surviving a strong push from the depleted Toronto Raptors. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis has the good (BOTH Williamses, Jayson Tatum), the bad (Jaylen Brown's 1st half, the overall defense), and why LeBron James' comments about Jaylen Brown are a big deal.
42 min
Boston Celtics trade strategies & Jayson Tatum ...
The Boston Celtics might finish the first half strong, but they still have work to do. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis is joined by Boston.com's Tom Westerholm to discuss the strategies for the Celtics using their TPE, including a way to help the team now AND save the TPE for the summer. Plus, who will do better in the 3-point shootout? Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown?
44 min
Boston Celtics win 3rd straight, Robert William...
The Boston Celtics are now on a three game winning streak and all alone in fourth. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis runs through the good (Kemba Walker, Robert Williams, Payton Pritchard), the bad (the defense, finding Jaylen Brown shots), and how Robert Williams and his big 4th quarter have earned him more time on the floor.
41 min
Boston Celtics future brightening? And apprecia...
The fridge is opened for some leftovers from the Washington game, including fully appreciating Javonte Green and what happened to Aaron Nesmith. Then, Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis looks at the Celtics situation and sees the one stat that might signal a bright future. Plus, how the Atlanta Hawks handling of Lloyd Pierce makes John appreciate the way Boston handles its business.
46 min
Jayson Tatum saves Boston Celtics- why he needs...
Jayson Tatum's heroics bailed out the Celtics in a game they were on the verge of losing. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis runs through the good and bad of the two game winning streak and then looks at why Tatum needs to play more like this, more often.
45 min
Listener voicemail questions, frustrations, and...
The Boston Celtics are in a funk, and John Karalis has said what he's going to say about where they are after the road trip. Now it's your turn. The whole show is voicemail questions and comments, both positive and negative, so fans could express themselves at this frustrating time.
52 min
Where's the pride, Boston Celtics?
The Boston Celtics lost to the Atlanta Hawks and dropped into a tie with the New York Knicks in the East. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis asks "where's the pride" after the Celtics, again, didn't respond to adversity. Plus, you'll hear full postgame from Brad Stevens, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown as they try to explain themselves.
50 min
Luka Doncic buries Boston Celtics: The good, th...
The Boston Celtics almost redeemed themselves with a big 4th quarter comeback, but Luka Doncic was just too good. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis has the good (Kemba Walker's 4th Q) and the bad (so many fouls) and he explains why the Celtics need to just trust each other if they want to get out of this.
37 min
Boston Celtics frustrations, Aaron Nesmith's re...
The Boston Celtics explained how they're dealing with their own frustrations as they held their first practice this month. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis has that, a potential closing role for Aaron Nesmith, and why some people might be missing what could be the best part of the Celtics story.
38 min
Jaylen Brown frustrated after Boston Celtics bl...
Jaylen Brown's "no comment" said a lot about how frustrated he is about certain things happening during a very frustrating portion of the season. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis has that & why the loss means people will forget some good basketball. Then Jake Madison of Locked On Pelicans joins the show for a quick discussion.
41 min
Pressure on Ainge to make a trade & Locked On H...
Danny Ainge said the Celtics weren't a contender while being pressured about making a trade on the radio. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis discusses that before bringing in Brad Rowland of Locked On Hawks to talk about the teams playing 3 times in a week.
44 min
Defenseless: C's need to fix their defense, & w...
The Celtics defense is just atrocious. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis looks at the mess that was the Hawks game, what kind of player can help fix things, and why fatigue can be part of the equation without being an excuse
45 min
Celtics win and everyone feels better
The Boston Celtics beat the Denver Nuggets, erasing at least some of the recent panicking. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis has the good and the (not much) bad from the game and then explains why this game proves people were lying to you with their overreactions.
33 min
Are we focusing on the wrong things this season?
As we live and die with each win and loss, it's hard to remember that this season is one of the weirdest in NBA history. John Karalis brings on Tom Westerholm of Boston.com to discuss whether we're focusing on the right things during this COVID-crazy season, and whether the solutions we're calling for are really the right ones.
48 min
Not time to panic, even though things got prett...
The Boston Celtics lost to Washington in a very gross game on Sunday, but Kemba Walker gave Celtics fans something positive. John Karalis talks about the good and the bad from that game, but also says it's not time to panic yet.
35 min
Celtics hot from 3, bad on D, & more on Kemba's...
The Boston Celtics' 3-point shooting carried them on a night where their perimeter defense gave up a ton of layups. Boston Sports Journal's John Karalis has the good and bad from this game, as well as Kemba Walker's answer about whether his knee is preventing him from some of his signature moves at the rim.
41 min
What if Kemba Walker is never himself again?
There is a very loud group of people who are very worried... panicked, even... about Kemba Walker, his knee, and whether he'll ever be himself again. John Karalis doesn't think they're right, but... what if they are? Here's a look at why he can't be traded, how it changes the use of the TPE, and how the Celtics will have to adjust on the floor
37 min
Celtics miss an opportunity in Utah & Kemba pan...
The Boston Celtics had a chance against the Utah Jazz but just weren't disciplined enough to get the job done. John Karalis runs through the good and bad from the night and then discusses whether the Celtics should run more stuff for Kemba Walker to get him going, and where he is on the Kemba panic meter
36 min
Crossover episode with David Locke of Locked on...
The Celtics wrap up their road trip in Utah Tuesday night so John Karalis welcomes Locked On Jazz host and radio voice of the Utah Jazz David Locke to discuss the blistering Jazz start, whether this is sustainable, and some interesting Kemba Walker stats.
38 min