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Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

Brown's leadership, 4 things to watchin preseas...
Catch up on everything you missed over the weekend including injury updates & Jaylen Brown's growth into a leader. John Karalis has that, plus, four things to watch in preseason game one, and a look into what it's like covering the team right now and why you're seeing so many similar stories.
40 min
MAILBAG!: Are the Boston Celtics contenders? & ...
It's another mailbag Friday and in this one John Karalis answers the question of whether the Celtics are really contenders, Plus, a creative, under-discussed use of the Hayward traded player exception, and who the starting lineup might be.
50 min
The Rainin' J's predict every game (Part 1)
It's time for an annual tradition... well, at least half of one. John Karalis is joined once again by Jay King and Sam Packard of The Athletic to predict every game of the Celtics schedule! This is part one of the podcast. Part two is tomorrow on Anything Is Poddable.
59 min
Can Robert Williams REALLY make a leap & how ba...
Robert Williams says he thinks he can make a big leap for the Boston Celtics. Host John Karalis wonders where those minutes will come from, because he can't see it. He also can't see how Aaron Nesmith doesn't get rotation minutes. All that, and, let's talk fantasy basketball!!
34 min
Marcus Smart the offensive threat & a crappy si...
Marcus Smart's offense is going to be about as important as his defense this season, especially at the beginning. MassLive's John Karalis talks about that, Aaron Nesmith's learning curve, Carsen Edwards' readiness, and a crappy side effect of this COVID plan that is costing people opportunities.
33 min
Tristan Thompson's injury, the condensed schedu...
Tristan Thompson is going to miss most of training camp, which means there are immediate opportunities for someone. MassLive's John Karalis has that, Brad Stevens' desperate search to find someone to provide that immediate help, the annoyingly condensed schedule, and even some Jayson Tatum muscle watch.
37 min
You're going to love Tristan Thompson, plus Mai...
Tristan Thompson spoke to the media on Thursday and MassLive's John Karalis is confident you're going to love him. You'll hear everything Thompson had to say, then, mailbag questions get answered including whatever happened to Jay and Sam.
48 min
Kemba Walker talks about his knee, here's every...
Kemba Walker spoke about his knee issue, the treatment plan, and a few other things when speaking to the media on Wednesday. MassLive's John Karalis shares Kemba's entire media availability and reacts to some not-so-great news about the knee problem.
36 min
Danny Ainge & Brad Stevens on Gordon Hayward, K...
Day one of "media week" in the NBA gave us, hopefully, the end of the Gordon Hayward saga. MassLive's John Karalis shares Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens audio from Tuesday as they discuss what happened with Gordon Hayward's departure and Kemba Walker's knee. Also, Danny Ainge had an interesting quote about Tristan Thompson that sure feels like it was in response to how last season ended.
37 min
Leftover Hayward questions & the return of Evan...
The confusing use of the Gordon Hayward TPE still drew some more questions, so MassLive's John Karalis answers them, and then explains why it's more likely to be used in pieces & this season. Also, would the Celtics be interested in Zhaire Smith and why hiring Evan Turner as an assistant coach is a nice move.
35 min
Gordon Hayward deal done: here's everything to ...
The Gordon Hayward saga is over. He has been traded to the Charlotte Hornets for a traded player exception, and MassLive's John Karalis has a full breakdown of what that means, how the Celtics can use it, and who they might use it on.
43 min
MAILBAG: Hayward's impact on the cap, Carsen Ed...
It's Friday mailbag time, with questions about Gordon Hayward's impact on the salary cap, Carsen Edwards' chances of making an impact, and who'd beat Boston's lineup in a fight. Also, MassLive's John Karalis gets asked about his own playing career.
40 min
Rookies introduced & dispelling a misconception...
As we wait for more Gordon Hayward news, we did hear a bit from Brad Stevens and how Kemba Walker will be handled and we heard from Boston's two new rookies. MassLive's John Karalis shares their full news conference and then explains that recent free agent losses have almost nothing to do with Danny Ainge's past moves and almost everything to do with money.
41 min
More pieces in the Hayward puzzle & Tatum's mom...
We learned a little bit more about the Gordon Hayward trade talks with the Indiana Pacers. MassLive's John Karalis tries to see where these puzzle pieces fit. Also, Jayson Tatum's mom says the exact right thing about his contract extension and you'll hear from the newly re-signed Tacko Fall.
32 min
Tatum's extension, why Hayward can still be a s...
Jayson Tatum finally got his max extension. MassLive's John Karalis breaks down what the numbers are and why it's structured how it is. Also, Danny Ainge's motivations for a Hayward sign-and-trade and how that could still net the Celtics something in return, even if they have to wait a bit. Then, Locked On Cavs host Chris Manning joins the show to tell us what Boston is getting in Tristan Thompson
35 min
Bonus podcast: Gordon Hayward leaves Boston for...
Gordon Hayward has left for the Charlotte Hornets, which comes as a shock to many since most of us thought he wanted to go home to Indiana. MassLive's John Karalis explores what could have happened to leave Danny Ainge empty handed again.
24 min
Hayward opts out, Celtics make a few other move...
Gordon Hayward opted out! So.... now what? MassLive's John Karalis & Tom Westerholm try to figure out what's next. Also, the Celtics make a few other moves (bye, Vincent Poirier) and we dig a little deeper into the draft reaction.
45 min
Celtics stand pat in draft & Danny Ainge again ...
The Boston Celtics didn't make any big splashes in the draft, but they did manage to pick up the best shooter in Aaron Nesmith. They also picked up Payton Pritchard and a draft-and-stash. Danny Ainge says he tried, again, but things didn't work out, again, so whose fault is it that we keep expecting more? You'll hear directly from Ainge and Brad Stevens in their full post-draft news conferences.
45 min
What's cooking between Hayward & the Celtics? A...
Gordon Hayward and the Boston Celtics agreed to extend Hayward's deadline to opt-in to the final year of his deal, which means something is definitely up. MassLive's John Karalis looks at what that could be, whether the Celtics really have "no interest" in a James Harden deal, and the weird parameters for this season's schedule
33 min
Milwaukee Bucks get Jrue Holiday, Harden rumors...
The Milwaukee Bucks are making moves, and those moves could be what keeps Giannis Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee a long time. MassLive's John Karalis talks about that, the persisting James Harden rumors, and how it impacts the Celtics and Gordon Hayward.
34 min
How the new NBA deal impacts the Boston Celtics...
The league now has its framework for doing business over the next few years and it could significantly impact how the Celtics do business. MassLive's John Karalis has that and some updates on rumors involving James Harden and Jrue Holiday.
41 min
MAILBAG! Jrue Holiday rumors, Delonte West, & l...
What's the motivation behind a Jrue Holiday trade? Does Delonte West have a path back into the NBA? MassLive's John Karalis answers those questions and a lot more, including what his live would be like without basketball.
41 min
Danny Ainge on a wild return, Kemba's knee, & T...
Danny Ainge spoke to reporters on Wednesday, and among the topics discussed were the expected madness we're in for next week, how Kemba Walker's knee will hold up on a short turnaround, and the loss of Tommy Heinsohn. MassLive's John Karalis shares that as well as a trade idea with the New Orleans Pelicans and Atlanta Hawks involving Gordon Hayward.
39 min
Remembering Tommy Heinsohn
We lost a legend on Tuesday with the passing of Tommy Heinsohn. MassLive's John Karalis remembers his life as a player, coach, and broadcaster who was beloved, but still somehow never got his due. We'll miss you Tommy.
38 min
Why the timing of CBA talks could change everyt...
The league and union are still finalizing new elements to the CBA, and when they wrap up could change everything about the Celtics approach to this offseason. MassLive's John Karalis talks about that and two new names that have surfaced as Celtics trade possibilities.
30 min
This... Is... Boston Celtics Jeopardy!
Today we honor the life and legacy of Jeopardy host Alex Trebek by playing a game of Boston Celtics Jeopardy! MassLive's John Karalis is joined by three listeners for a round of Jeopardy with the categories: Guards, Wings, Bigs, On The Sidelines, and Legends. Then, we have have a Final Jeopardy category of Retired Numbers. Play along!
24 min
MAILBAG: Tatum into the top 10, the 2024 champi...
The Friday Mailbag is full of more fake trades. MassLive's John Karalis goes through those, a question about when Jayson Tatum might enter the top 10 and who might win the 2024 championship.
40 min
Hayward rumored to want out & a draft day deal ...
It looks like the NBA is actually going to come back in December, which means a small window for everyone to do business. MassLive's John Karalis talks about that, the rumors that Hayward wants out and how Danny Ainge might handle that, and a draft deal that makes perfect sense for both teams.
28 min
Hammering out a Hayward trade with Locked On Pa...
There's no guarantee the Celtics will trade Gordon Hayward, or that he even wants to be traded, but if he does, you can expect the Indiana Pacers to be involved. MassLive's John Karalis is joined by Locked On Pacers host Tony East to run through what each side is trying to accomplish in a deal, and why it's tougher than you might think.
45 min
Embracing alternate jerseys (and more) & Perk a...
The NBA says it's running out of time to start their next season in December. MassLive's John Karalis breaks down the numbers to explain why players might not be motivated by money to rush back. Also, a defense of alternate jerseys and why the Celtics should go a step further and do what the Denver Nuggets do. And, would Kendrick Perkins be a good choice as an assistant coach to help add some toughness?
32 min
Fixing the NBA schedule & why Philly & Brooklyn...
The NBA & players association have two different ideas for starting next season. MassLive's John Karalis has a 3-step solution and full Christmas & MLK Day slates to make everyone happy. Also why very competent moves by Philadelphia and Brooklyn suddenly put a lot of pressure on Danny Ainge to get this offseason right.
35 min
MAILBAG: Trading for Chris Paul, more Hayward t...
Can the Celtics trade for Chris Paul? What about Spencer Dinwiddie? MassLive's John Karalis answers those questions, analyzes more fake Gordon Hayward trades, reveals his favorite moment inside the TD Garden, and settles a marital dispute over Carsen Edwards
38 min
Free agent names we have not yet considered wit...
There are a lot of free agents out there the Boston Celtics can afford, but who have not yet been discussed. That changes when BasketballNews.com's Nekias Duncan joins MassLive's John Karalis to discuss who might be available in Boston's price range, including one name Celtics fans are sure to like.
34 min
NBA Draft "Trick or Treating" with Tom Westerholm
Halloween is almost here so it's time to go "trick or treating" around the NBA draft. Is Onyeka Okongwu the best big in the draft? Who is the the perfect Danny Ainge selection? Should the Celtics be drafting for need? MassLive's John Karalis & Tom Westerholm decide which trends are tricks, and which are treats.
29 min
Hayward "buzz" & what it's like being an intern...
There is some "buzz" around the league about Gordon Hayward's decision. MassLive's John Karalis talks about what might be happening there and then has a conversation with Philip O'Connor, a Celtics fan living in Sweden, about what it's like trying to follow the team from six time zones away.
46 min
How a December start would help and hurt the Ce...
The NBA is considering a Dec. 22 start to next season, which is a lot sooner than anticipated. MassLive's John Karalis runs through some basics of a possible schedule and then how it could it would help and hurt the Boston Celtics.
37 min
MAILBAG: Tatum & Brown coexisting, passing, & f...
The Friday Mailbag returns with questions about the ideal offseason, the lost art of passing, and Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown coexisting. MassLive's John Karalis has the answers to those questions and his favorite brewery, and why he loves Boston.
50 min
Theis surgery, Drummond speculation, & bubble p...
Daniel Theis has surgery, Marcus Smart talks about racism and the peace of the bubble, and dear God please no Andre Drummond. MassLive's John Karalis has that and an interesting look at what can make the coaching pool more diverse.
32 min
Fake trades (including one for Aaron Gordon) & ...
Would Boston consider swapping one Gordon for another? In part 3 of the discussion with Ryan Bernadoni, he and MassLive's John Karalis discuss more moves for Gordon Hayward, as well as some other possible trades the C's could make. Also, why teams all suck at drafting.
35 min
Tatum at a discount? & trading Hayward if he op...
It's possible the Celtics can get Jayson Tatum's contract a little bit of a discount. Part 2 of the conversation with Ryan Bernadoni includes how that could happen, why trading Hayward would make sense if he opts in, and some potential fake trades.
32 min
Gordon Hayward may want to opt out because $34 ...
Gordon Hayward is going to make a lot of money next year if he opts in, but it won't be $34 million, and he may make more by opting out. Ryan Bernadoni joins the show to explain how the salaries are really calculated, and why "escrow" might take a monster chunk out what he actually makes.
34 min
MAILBAG! Jayson Tatum as the #1 & Robert Willia...
What would the Celtics offense look like if it runs through Tatum next year? MassLive's John Karalis talks about that, trading into next year's draft, and whether Robert Williams can be better than a Hall of Fame center.
37 min
A different option for draft night & why runnin...
John Hollinger presents an not-yet-discussed option for draft night that makes sense. MassLive's John Karalis discusses that, why running it back makes sense, at least for a couple of months, and then some options for "tinkering around the edges."
34 min
Gordon Hayward's decision & argument for opting...
There are a lot of elements going into Gordon Hayward's decision. In part two of their conversation, Celtics Blog's Keith Smith and MassLive's John Karalis take a deep dive into the NBA climate, why Hayward is risking becoming a journeyman, and why Al Horford is a cautionary tale.
46 min
The landscape of the offseason & Gordon Hayward...
The first of a two-part conversation between Celtics Blog's Keith Smith and MassLive's John Karalis into what the salary cap might look like, the landscape of the NBA, and the decisions facing Gordon Hayward and the Boston Celtics.
38 min
The NBA season ends, but speculation season beg...
The NBA season is over, and we should recognize the people who made it happen. Speculation season has begun, and we unfortunately have to recognize the lunacy of it. MassLive's John Karalis has that, and why this championship means nothing for LeBron James' legacy.
38 min
MAILBAG!: trading Marcus Smart, Aron Baynes, & ...
What would a Marcus Smart trade fetch? Is it possible to get Aron Baynes back? MassLive's John Karalis answers these questions and more, including Rajon Rondo's HOF case and his own pro stats
47 min
Celtics draft Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C
What should the Celtics Plans A, B, & C be in the upcoming NBA Draft? MassLive's John Karalis is joined by Chris Grenham of Forbes to discuss trading up, staying put, and trading out, and who might be involved at each step.
43 min
Isaiah Thomas healthy? And lessons from the Fin...
Isaiah Thomas says he's healthy after another surgery. MassLive's John Karalis talks about that, Gordon Hayward being a good teammate, and lessons learned from the NBA Finals that apply to the Celtics
40 min
Realistic expectations for the Celtics offseason
The Celtics CAN run it back, but will they? MassLive's John Karalis & Tom Westerholm discuss what we should expect from Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, and potential draft day trades that could change the makeup of this team.
41 min
Boston sports crossover with Locked On Red Sox ...
It's been an interesting season for all sports, so MassLive's John Karalis and Locked On Red Sox host Gabrielle Starr decided to get together for a unique crossover podcast to talk Boston sports & team responsibilities after COVID. This is part 1 of the discussion. Part 2 is on the Locked On Red Sox feed.
48 min
Danny Ainge on trade deadline regrets, Tatum's ...
Danny Ainge held his end-of-season news conference on Thursday. MassLive's John Karalis shares the entire news conference so you can hear from Ainge himself, then reacts to some of Ainge's comments on the trade deadline, Kemba's knee, and seeming pissed at the ECF loss
36 min
When will you get to go to games again and a bi...
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke about when the league will let fans back in, and when the season might return to its normal calendar. MassLive's John Karalis has more on that and then implores you to not fall for talk radio's stunt disparaging Marcus Smart
41 min
A roster reset, Gordon Hayward's options, & why...
Gordon Hayward has a $34.2 million player option, which people expect him to pick up. MassLive's John Karalis lays out the argument why him opting out & signing long term makes sense for both sides. Also, a quick reset of the roster, salaries, and options the Celtics have for adding other players.
40 min
Remembering a season full of wild, fun, and imp...
It's hard to believe the season has taken a full calendar year, and with all that's happened, it's easy to forget some key moments from this season. MassLive's John Karalis takes us down memory lane for some moments that range from tragic to goofy, and things that will impact the careers of key players.
46 min
Celtics season ends after C's lose Game 6
It was a disappointing end to a really good season. MassLive's John Karalis looks at the Game 6 loss, how this season should be judged, and the future of this team.
38 min
Bonus Podcast: Celtics stay alive in Game 5!
The Celtics turned a terrible first half around and smoked Miami in the second half. MassLive's John Karalis discusses what the Celtics did, and why it might... MIGHT... be something sustainable if the Celtics learned their lesson.
27 min
Let's talk it out, with RedsArmy.com's Chuck Mc...
We're at a point where there are no more adjustments to be made, so it's time to just talk it out. MassLive's John Karalis is joined by RedsArmy.com's Chuck McKenney to run through the Celtics' problems, Their chances to come back, and how they look moving forward.
50 min
Tyler Herro, the sluggish Celtics, & is home co...
Tyler Herro shot the Heat past the Celtics in Game 4. MassLive's John Karalis laments the flat Celtics insane turnover numbers and wonders just how important home court is now that we see how they play without it. Also, a bigger picture view of things... just in case Game 5 doesn't go so well either.
37 min
Langford surgery, Heat adjustments, & where Tat...
Romeo Langord's season is done but Gordon Hayward's ankle is holding up well. MassLive's John Karalis has that, some adjustments the Heat might try to make, and where Jayson Tatum ranks on a list of players under 25 to build around.
36 min
Marcus Smart speaks about the locker room incid...
Marcus Smart talked on Monday about what happened in the locker room after Game 2. You'll hear what he had to say, plus, MassLive's John Karalis on the depth of Jaylen Brown and his message.
36 min
Why the "best 5" lineup worked, how Miami might...
Miami made an interesting move when Gordon Hayward was in the game. How might Boston counter? MassLive's John Karalis has that, why Boston's "best 5" lineup worked, how Miami might adjust, and how Boston can still deploy it effectively. Also, an emotional plea to the team.
33 min
BONUS PODCAST: Celtics win Game 3!
The Boston Celtics beat the Miami Heat in Game 3 of the ECF! MassLive's John Karalis runs through the positives and negatives from a crucial win over the Miami Heat
22 min
Celtics blow another lead then yell at each other
The Boston Celtics blew another big lead and after the game they went at each other in the locker room. MassLive's John Karalis wonders if this team just simply isn't ready for the Finals. Also, why the yelling isn't a bad thing at all.
35 min
Tatum makes All-NBA & how to get Brown & Walker...
Jayson Tatum made third team All-NBA & Gordon Hayward inches closer to a return. MassLive's John Karalis talks about that, how to get Jaylen Brown & Kemba Walker going, and shares his appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub
33 min
Celtics blow a winnable Game 1 vs. Miami
The Celtics had a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter but complacency cost them. MassLive's John Karalis goes over the negatives (too many to list), the positives (which somehow also became negatives) and implores the Celtics to listen to themselves talk, and learn the lessons they say they'll learn.
33 min
Deep dive into Miami Heat with Nekias Duncan
How do these teams match up? What does Miami try to do and how can the Boston Celtics stop it? MassLive's John Karalis is joined by Nekias Duncan to take a deep dive into the Heat ahead of the Eastern Conference Finals Game 1 Tuesday night.
33 min
Looking ahead to the ECF crossover with Locked ...
The Conference Finals begin Tuesday. MassLive's John Karalis joins Locked On Heat host Dave Ramil to discuss the matchups, Gordon Hayward's impeding return, and why this Heat team isn't anything like the one Boston faced during the regular season
43 min
Bonus podcast: The Celtics are heading to the E...
The Celtics are on to the Eastern Conference Finals! MassLive's John Karalis has this bonus episode where he shares a radio appearance discussing the win and quickly looks ahead to the Miami Heat. Also, a message to people who turned on Kemba Walker in Game 7
30 min
Game 7 crossover with Locked On Raptors host Se...
Why did the small lineup work in Game 6 when it didn't in Game 5? What are the repercussions for each team if they lose? What can be done differently in Game 7? MassLive's John Karalis is joined by Locked on Raptors host Sean Woodley to discuss it all and more
38 min
Double OT heart breaker & the infuriating Nick ...
The Boston Celtics dropped a double OT thriller, and heart breaker, to the Raptors in Game 6. MassLive's John Karalis gives the game the reverence it deserves before diving into the continued 3rd quarter struggles, and the infuriating play where Nick Nurse actually caused a Celtics turnover.
35 min
Marcus Smart All-Defense & more with Andrew Doxy
Marcus Smart made first team All-Defense. MassLive's John Karalis discusses that, the state of the Raptors series, Gordon Hayward's bubble plans, and more with CelticsBlog's Andrew Doxy
53 min
Game 5 blowout win, Jaylen's bounce-back, & liv...
The Boston Celtics dominated the Toronto Raptors in Game 5. MassLive's John Karalis discusses the positives (Jaylen's bounce-back, Kemba backing up his words), the negatives (Robert Williams' pick-and-roll defense), and the fact that Boston is simply better than Toronto when they want to be
31 min
Outworked in Game 4 & a plan for Game 5
The Celtics admit to being outworked in Game 4. MassLive's John Karalis discusses what that meant, why Jaylen Brown had a rough game, and the adjustments they can make to stop Kyle Lowry & Serge Ibaka in Game 5
34 min
Brutal Game 3 loss at the buzzer prevents Bosto...
The Celtics had a 3-0 lead slip right through their fingers when OG Anunoby hit a buzzer beater to win Game 3. You'll hear Jaylen Brown take responsibility for it, then MassLive's John Karalis discusses what really happened on that play, what could have been done to prevent even being in that position, and some positives heading into Game 4.
37 min
Pre-Game 3 Crossover with Locked On Raptors
What can Toronto do to save themselves? Locked On Raptors host Sean Woodley & MassLive's John Karalis discuss going small, Marcus Smart & Fred VanVleet switching bodies, and whether Boston just has Toronto's number
40 min
Celtics win Game 2 and HOLY MARCUS SMART SHOOTING!
The Celtics put together a monster 4th quarter to beat Toronto in Game 2 behind 5 Smart 3's. MassLive's John Karalis goes through the positives (Smart & Kemba's takeover), negatives (mental lapses), and one of the funnier flops of Marcus Smart's career
35 min
Pre-Game 2 crossover with Locked On Raptors
What can the Raptors do to adjust for Game 2? Vivek Jacob of Locked On Raptors joins MassLive's John Karalis to discuss things from a Toronto point of view, including the Raptors mental state, Fred VanVleet certainly about to get hot, and the first thing Boston should do if Pascal Siakam posts up
39 min
Celtics cruise in Game 1, what's sustainable, w...
The Boston Celtics cruised past Toronto in Game 1. MassLive's John Karalis goes through the positives (Marcus Smart's shooting, the transition defense), the negatives (Daniel Theis' shooting.... and the transition defense??) plus what is sustainable and what's not going into Game 2
32 min
Audio: Brad Stevens, Grant Williams, Jayson Tat...
In today's show, we hear complete media availability from Brad Stevens, Grant Williams, and Jayson Tatum from their Wednesday sessions. They were all asked about the potential for boycotts and the social justice stands being taken by NBA players.
31 min
Javonte's surgery and Jaylen Brown's message
Javonte Green is out for 2-3 weeks after knee surgery and MassLive's John Karalis says it could have cost him an opportunity. Also, hear the entire Jaylen Brown media session where he asks tough questions in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting.
46 min
MAILBAG! - X-factors, coaching chess matches, &...
The Celtics were off on Monday so this was a good time to dip into the mailbag. MassLive's John Karalis answers questions about coaching, series x-factors, and what Jayson Tatum needs to do to take another leap.
41 min
Celtics sweep & some thoughts on Joel Embiid
The Boston Celtics swept the Sixers out of the playoffs. MassLive's John Karalis has the positive and negatives from the end of the series, and some thoughts on Joel Embiid's empty performance.
35 min
Gordon Hayward speaks & Game 3's test of human ...
The Celtics got the 14th overall pick and Gordon Hayward spoke to the media on Thursday. MassLive's John Karalis has that, why Game 3 vs. Philly is a test of human nature, and why the next NBA season might not start until February
35 min
Celtics destroy Philly in Game 2
The Boston Celtics destroyed the Sixers and took a commanding 2-0 lead in their opening round series. MassLive's John Karalis talks about the many positives, couple of negatives, and who Philly might have about 18 minutes of real fight left in them.
34 min
Gordon Hayward out for a while & Game 2 adjustm...
Gordon Hayward is going to be out about 4 weeks, which seems optimistic. MassLive's John Karalis discusses that, how the Celtics will adjust their lineups, and then goes through a few Game 2 adjustments the Celtics can make.
29 min
Celtics beat Philly in Game 1, but wasn't entir...
A playoff win is a playoff win, but the Celtics could have made this one so much easier on themselves. MassLive's John Karalis has the positives, negatives, and interesting developments from Game 1
36 min
How the Celtics will win, and lose, in the firs...
The playoffs begin today. MassLive's John Karalis walks us through how the Celtics will win, or lose, this series.
33 min
The Rainin' J's preview the Sixers series
The Celtics are playing the Sixers in the first round. MassLive's John Karalis is joined by Sam Packard and Jay King of The Athletic to preview the series.
41 min
Celtics-Sixers, Stevens' extension, & leftover ...
The Celtics will face the Sixers in the first round, and Brad Stevens will coach that series with a fresh extension in his back pocket. MassLive's John Karalis has that and unanswered mailbag questions
40 min
Tatum in his bag, passing fancy, & please take ...
Jayson Tatum had it all working against Memphis and Jaylen Brown was slinging some sick passes around. MassLive's John Karalis has that, the negatives from this game, and some thoughts on people making poor NBA awards votes
28 min
MAILBAG: Playoff rotations, Hayward's mustache,...
Who will get playoff minutes? Will Robert Williams make an impact? What about Romeo Langford? What's up with Gordon Hayward's mustache? MassLive's John Karalis answers your mailbag questions.
42 min
Hayward at his best, Tatum takeovers, & Raptors...
Gordon Hayward played his best basketball as a Celtic while Jayson Tatum's takeover was encouraging. MassLive's John Karalis has the positives and negatives from the win over Orlando before going into some thoughts about Friday's Raptors game.
35 min
No clear first round opponent, Ben Simmons inju...
Thursday all but assured the Celtics will be the 3rd seed, but their opponent is still in doubt. MassLive's John Karalis discusses how the Ben Simmons injury factors into this and then Kemba Walker's comments about considering the Knicks until Boston came along
31 min
Celtics trounce Brooklyn, Robert Williams was g...
The Celtics put up 149 points in a demolition of Brooklyn. MassLive's John Karalis goes over the positives (Jaylen Brown, Romeo Langford), negatives (continued defensive lapses on the perimeter), and what Robert Williams' generally good performance really means.
31 min
Celtics lose to Heat, and something feels off
The Celtics lost to the Miami Heat, and despite some positives, something feels off about the team. MassLive's John Karalis discusses whether that's something to be concerned about
36 min
C's seem headed for the 3rd seed & a date with ...
The Celtics, with a win over Miami on Tuesday, essentially solidify themselves as the 3rd seed. However, Philadelphia seems destined for the 6th seed. MassLive's John Karalis has that before being joined by Mike Dynon to wrap up the 2016-17 discussion
38 min
Jaylen Brown & Jayson Tatum save the Celtics vs...
Jaylen and Jayson combined for 64 but the C's nearly collapsed in this on. MassLive's John Karalis has the positives (JB's 4th quarter, Tatum's back on his groove), the negatives (what was that defense?), and just how well Brown & Tatum play together. Plus, Deuce Tatum was too adorable!!!
33 min
Celtics lose to Milwaukee: Positives, negatives...
The Celtics had some positives (Marcus Smart, Gordon Hayward, Kemba Walker) and negatives (Jayson Tatum's shooting, poor offensive execution). MassLive's John Karalis talks about those, and Marcus Smart's feeling that the refs protected Giannis Antetokounmpo from fouling out
33 min
Kemba keeps progressing & more on Isaiah Thomas...
Kemba Walker seemed to have his best day yet in Orlando. MassLive's John Karalis has that, Jaylen Brown's continued social justice messages, and then continues the 2016-17 discussion with Mike Dynon as they discuss the magic that was Isaiah Thomas
40 min