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Boston Celtics Mailbag: Malcolm Brogdon, Kevin ...
The Boston Celtics added Malcolm Brogdon, but how does that impact Marcus Smart? Will they flip Brogdon in Kevin Durant trade? John Karalis answers those listener questions and more (submitted at JohnKaralis.com/mailbag), including possible creative uses for the TPE and one player John absolutely does not want under any circumstances.
31 min
Boston Celtics add Danilo Gallinari, Malcolm Br...
The Celtics made a lot of noise on Friday, trading for Malcolm Brogdon (using Daniel Theis, Aaron Nesmith, and other contracts plus a first round pick) and signing Danilo Gallinari (usng the MLE). What does this mean for Marcus Smart? What's next? Is Brad Stevens just better at this job than his last one? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss.
44 min
Boston Celtics quiet on free agency day 1, wait...
The Celtics were pretty quiet on day 1 of free agency, but the rest of the league was pretty busy throwing money around, Kevin Durant's trade request was the most shocking part of the day, and it could be something that gives the Cetlics a chance to pounce on some needed bench help. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal looks at how the C's can take advantage of a CBA quirk with their TPE. Also, some of the day 1 signings which kept Boston on the sideline, and who is left that could be intriguing.
29 min
Why didn't Boston Celtics trade for Dejounte Mu...
A common question after the Dejounte Murray trade between the San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks is whether the Cetlics could have gone for him at the trade deadline instead of Derrick White. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss why they didn't, as well as how the Celtics might take advantage of the deal to go after role players on either team.
41 min
Boston Celtics trade target, Will Hardy leaving...
Will Hardy is becoming the head coach of the Utah Jazz, and but there's one other assistant coach on the Celtics bench who can be the biggest winner in this transaction. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss that, John's preferrred TPE target, and Marcus Smart's comments about the Finals and him being the starting point guard.
45 min
Mailbag: Looking at Boston Celtics Finals failu...
Mailbag Monday was moved to Tuesday and this batch of questions mostly focused on Boston's failures in the Finals. John Karalis spins it all forward to see how these things that went wrong will color the way the team and the front office can fix the issues. Among the topics, trust and the turnovers, the short turnaround, bench help, and Boston's home playoff issues.
35 min
Boston Celtics trade debate: Jaylen Brown for K...
The Kyrie Irving saga has caused some people to take things in Brooklyn a step further and start speculating who might trade for Kevin Durant if he wants out. Would you trade Jaylen Brown (and someone else to make the money work) for Durant? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss why they think it's appealing but not the best idea. Plus, why did Yam Madar pull out of summer league?
54 min
Boston Cetlics draft JD Davison, say moving int...
It was a quiet NBA draft for the Boston Celtics, who didn't move into the first round as some rumors suggested they might. Instead, they said that was too costly of a move, so they stuck with the 53rd pick and drafted JD Davison instead. John Karalis explains why Davison might have been the pick, and the wide range of possibilities for him, including why he could end up being a summer league darling. Plus, moves some of the competition made that could impact Boston.
35 min
Boston Celtics draft rumors: trading into first...
There are rumors starting to swirl involving the Boston Celtics, including some chatter that the Celtics might be poking around getting back into the first round in pursuit of LSU's Tari Eason. John Karalis gets into why that would be an interesting choice, but also very on brand for a team looking to fill its roster with versatile wing defenders. Also, there are a bunch of other rumors and names floating around, including Nicolas Batum, Gordon Hayward (who would be great, but is very difficult to get) and of course -- Bradley Beal (don't get your hopes up).
31 min
Brad Stevens talks Boston Celtics team building...
Brad Stevens talked to the media Tuesday about a lot, including the fragile nature of teams and why the Celtics have to be careful about how they add to the team so as not to mess with the team's identity. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal shares the clips of Brad Stevens addressing that, some of the team's specific needs, and the path of individual improvment and why that has to be done a certain way as well.
32 min
Boston Celtics offseason needs, questions, and ...
The Boston Celtics are set up nicely to return to the NBA Finals, but this is a critical summer to make sure that happens. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal is joined by Keith Smith to discuss the Celtics cap situation, the biggest question about Ime Udoka that will shape how Brad Stevens proceeds this summer, the ways the Celtics can get the kinds of players they need, and a lot more.
40 min
Boston Celtics Mailbag Monday: Jayson Tatum, ro...
The offseason, sadly, is upon us, so we're diving into the mailbag to answer a few questions about Jayson Tatum, roster building, sports psychology, and more. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has the answers, and you can ask your own question at JohnKaralis.com/mailbag.
39 min
Ultimate NBA Mock Draft 2022: Picks 1-6 With Ra...
41 min
Boston Celtics lose Game 6, Golden State Warrio...
The Celtics lost Game 6 in familiar fashion to the Golden State Warriors. The turnovers burned them once again, and now the season is ove. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal was at the Garden with the loss, the tough lessons the Celtics are learning, and an appreciatin of the team.
33 min
Boston Celtics in right frame of mind heading i...
The Celtics held practice and the team looked loose but focused. Are they in the right frame of mind heading into Game 6? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal is joined by Abby Chin of NBC Sports Boston to discuss what they saw at practice, their confidence level, whether Boston can learn their hard lessons now rather than after a loss, and more.
44 min
How the Boston Cetlics win Game 6, fatigue a fa...
The Celtics are on the verge of losing out on a championship, but all hope is not lost. There's a way to win Game 6, but it involves everyone forgetting a lot about the series and treating Game 5 like it was the Knicks loss in January. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into that, the fatigue that is very obviously an issue for Boston right now, and making sure these guys get the respect they deserve right now.
37 min
Boston Celtics start and finish terribly, lose ...
The Boston Celtics first and fourth quarters were awful, and the Celtics fell apart after taking a lead on the Golden State Warriors. A Jordan Poole buzzer beater gave the Warriors the lead and the momentum, and Boston kept turning the ball over, but John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why it's something Ime Udoka said after the game that he hasn't really said before that is the most troubing.
31 min
Boston Celtics making Game 5 all about the offe...
A lot of the talk at practice on Sunday was about how the Celtics could defend Steph Curry better after his moster 43 point Game 4, but the Celtics didn't seem too worried about that. Instead, they were focused a lot more on their own offense as the most pressing issue to correct. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Brian Robb of MassLive discuss that, whether there are any adjustments to be made at this point, and how Ime Udoka might approach Game 5 of the NBA Finals.
35 min
Boston Celtics offense stalls, Steph Curry goes...
Steph Curry was awesome in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, but the Boston Celtics still had a chance to overcome his amazing performance. Instead, they spent the final five minutes of the game getting outscored by 15, and losing the game by 10. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal is inside the TD Garden and has some tough words for a team that admitted they got too stagnant.
25 min
Boston Celtics daring Steph Curry to beat them?...
The Boston Celtics defense on Steph Curry has been a topic of some debate, with some quesstioning whether the Celtics need to change things. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that, and John argues that the drop coverage is part of a plan to dare Curry to beat Boston all by himself. Plus, more love for Robert Williams and some really dumb accusations of dirty play against Al Horford.
46 min
Boston Celtics big 4th quarter puts them two wi...
The Boston Celtics looked good to start the game, but the typical third quarter from the Golden State Warriors made it feel like things were falling apart again. This time, though, they found the energy to pull through and pull away in the fourth. John Karalis explains why the home court was really an advantage, why Robert Williams was the key to the win, and how Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart all had big roles in the Game 3 win.
31 min
Boston Celtics Game 3 adjustments, NBA Finals m...
The NBA Finals move to Boston for Game 3 and things are wildly different for the Boston Celtics (and everyone) which certainly messes with everyone's routine. But the message to the team is simple when it comes to turnovers. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss the new atmosphere around the Finals and where the Celtics can clean things up. Plus, Ime Udoka's message about handling Draymond Green and their complete confidence in the team winning.
42 min
Boston Celtics trying to do too much, which get...
All of the turnovers, the rushed shots, the defensive miscues ... they can all be boiled down to one thing: trying to do too much. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss all the basketball from Game 2, but begin by addressing all the calls to discuss the officiating.
40 min
Boston Celtics burned by turnovers, Golden Stat...
The Boston Celtics had a familiar story to tell about their loss in Game 2 to the Golden State Warriors. Once again, it was turnovers that told the story and a monster Warriors 3rd quarter. John Karalis is at Chase Center to break down the loss, and the one thing the Celtics can do to take control of the Finals
33 min
Boston Celtics 3 wins from a championship - Fee...
The Boston Celtics are three wins away from a championship that no one expected to compete for. John Karalis is joined by comedy writer, podcast host, and lifeling Celtics fan Demetri Pappas to discuss things from a fan's perspective, including still feeling nervous, missing out on the normal feelings of rooting for a contender, Derrick White's dad strength, John's transition from fan to reporter, his style of questioning, and more.
63 min
Boston Celtics nearly perfect 4th quarter, how ...
The Boston Celtics played a nearly perfect fourth quarter in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. How did they do it? Was Draymond Green right when the said the Warriors were alright? What changes do the Warriors need to make? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and more in a bonus Saturday podcast.
39 min
Boston Celtics 4th quarter comeback steals Game...
The Celtics allowed Steph Curry to go off for 21 first quarter points and they lost the third quarter to the Golden State Warriors by 14, but they went on a fourth quarter run fueled by Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, Derrick White, and Marcus Smart on their way to a 40-16 final period and a big win in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. John Karalis discusses that, the defensive adjustment on Steph Curry that helped slow him down, Jayson Tatum's bad shooting but good everything else night and more.
38 min
How do Boston Celtics win the NBA Finals offens...
The Boston Celtics are going to have a tough time with the Golden State Warriors, which shouldn't be surprising in the NBA Finals. John Karalis goes into what the Celtics need to do to win the series on offense and on defense. Plus, Robert Horry on the NBA Finals.
35 min
Boston Celtics-Golden State Warriors NBA Finals...
The Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors will begin what should be a great NBA Finals series on Thursday. On today's show, John Karalis and Locked On Warriors host Cyrus Saatsaz preview the series by looking at what the keys to winning are, which team has the better defense, the turnover battle, and more. Also, two very different predictions for the outcome.
43 min
Boston Celtics-Miami Heat finishing touches, Go...
The Boston Celtics are going to the NBA Finals but there are a few loose ends from the Miami Heat Eastern Conference Semifinal series to tie up, like the end of game execution and the conversation around Marcus Smart. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that, have some early thoughts on the Warriors series, and wonder whether Robert Williams knee injury might be the difference in the Finals.
36 min
Boston Celtics win Game 7, are headed to the NB...
The Boston Celtics didn't make it easy on themselves, but then again, they never do. They built a big lead but then nearly gave it all back late in Game 7 against the Miami Heat. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into what happened, why the Celtics still need to fix things with their late game execution, Al Horford finally earning a trip to the Finals, and why it's ok to take a day to just celebrate this.
32 min
Boston Celtics can't close out Miami Heat thank...
The Boston Celtics turned the ball over too much (again) and they let Jimmy Butler get too comfortable, too early on his way to a 47 point night that buried Boston in Game 2. John Karalis is at the Garden to discuss the missed opportunity and how anything can happen now that the Game 7 is being played in Miami.
24 min
Boston Celtics turnaround, growth, Ime Udoka im...
The Boston Celtics have gone from an 11th seed in January to on the verge of the NBA Finals. How did they really get there? What impact did Ime Udoka really have? What's Al Horford's real influence on this team? John Karalis joined by former 13 year NBA veteran and Locked On NBA analyst Antonio Daniels to discuss all that and look at the Celtics heading into Game 6 against the Miami Heat. Plus, what's the long-term impact of some of these injuries Boston is dealing with?
37 min
Boston Celtics bounce back in 2nd half, beat Mi...
Thing started pretty poorly for the Boston Celtics, but they recovered very well after halftime and they ran away Game 5 against a battered Miami Heat team. It looked like the same old story for Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, but they led a big charge after halftime and Boston never looked back. John Karalis (who is battling a voice issue) runs through the big turning point in the game, the halftime discussion that changed things, Boston's amazing defense, and why there is no Game 6 in this series, just a pair of Game 7's.
27 min
Robert Williams, Boston Celtics defensive menac...
The Boston Celtics are in Miami for a critical Game 5 and the plan cannot be any simpler for them: protect the ball and win. Also, a look at one play that shows why Robert Williams is a defensive menace and key to Boston's chances. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and more.
41 min
Boston Celtics blow out Miami Heat, even ECF at...
The Boston Celtics went wire-to-wire in their blowout of the Miami Heat to even the series at 2 games apiece. Derrick White and Jayson Tatum did the job on offense while the Celtics defense behind Robert Williams and Al Horford make life very uncomfortable for the Heat. John Karalis discusses that, why he wants these weird, wild swings of the series to end, and why the Celtics shouldn't take the Heat too lightly in Game 5
31 min
Boston Celtics turnovers impacted by Robert Wil...
The Boston Celtics have turned the ball over way too much in Game 3, and that might have a lot to do with Robert Williams not being out there. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that, why this part of the series (and the playoffs) is entirely about the mental edge, and why still hating on Marcus Smart at this point just doesn't make sense.
42 min
Turnovers kill Boston Celtics in regrettable lo...
The Boston Celtics gave up 33 points off 24 turnovers in their Game 3 loss to the Miami Heat. Jaylen Brown had 7 and Jayson Tatum had 6. John Karalis explains why there's not much more analysis necessary beyond that right now.
16 min
Boston Celtics blow out Miami Heat in Game 2
The Celtics blew the doors off the Miami Heat in Game 2, following a similar script in this series as the last one. Boston got hot from 3 early on, but their stifling defense was on full display as well, and for the first time in a long time, it was powered by their normal starting 5. John Karalis in in FTX Arena with that, why this win was exacty what he expected, and one aspect of it that is actually of concern heading into Game 3.
34 min
Boston Celtics mistakes that can be corrected f...
The Boston Celtics made a lot of mistakes in Game 1 against the Miami Heat, and a lot of them are correctable. A lot of them came in the halfcourt, especially in the third quarter, but a very important part of this came much earlier in the game that made the third quarter possible. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss the breakdowns and what can be fixed heading into Game 2.
44 min
Boston Celtics have one disaster quarter, drop ...
35 min
Boston Celtics-Miami Heat crossover preview wit...
The Celtics and Heat jump right into their first round series on Tuesday night. What are the key matchups? Who will the best player in the series be? Who will be second? Will the Celtics get stumped by Miami's crazy defenses? Will the Heat get picked on by Boston's offensive stars? John Karalis is joined by Dave Ramil and Wes Golberg of Locked on Heat to break down the whole series.
52 min
Grant Williams goes off, Boston Celtics win Gam...
Grant Williams had the game of his life, a career-high 27points to help beat them Milwaukee Bucks in Game 7 and advance to face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses Grants big night, the third quarter stretch where this game was actually won, and the biggest mistake the Bucks made that really cost them Game 7.
33 min
Jayson Tatum scores 46, Boston Celtics force Ga...
The Boston Celtics forced a Game 7 with the Milwaukee Bucks behind 46 points from Jayson Tatum. His fourth quarter takever help carry the team over Giannis Antetokounmpo, who had 44 of his own. John Karalis discusses Tatum's superstar night, Marcus Smart bouncing back after a bad finish to Game 5, and why the start time for Game 7 might help the Celtics.
28 min
Boston Celtics, Marcus Smart, Grant Williams al...
The day after the Game 5 loss didn't bring much relief as a review of the game shows even more mind-boggling mistakes. What were Marcus Smart and Grant Williams doing in some of these plays? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm run back through some of the more confusing moments, including an in-depth look at why that last halfcourt play didn't work, and why these guy keep taking themselves out of games.
47 min
4th quarter collapse pushes Boston Celtics to b...
Everything was going according to plan for the Boston Celtics in Game 5 against the Milwaukee Bucks. They'd built a 14 point 4th quarter lead and everything was going their way, but then the old Celtics showed up and ruined the fun. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the collapse, why Milwaukee did a lot lose this game but simply worked harder than Boston, and the Celtics still coming off as pretty confident after the game.
36 min
The Al Horford effect on Milwaukee Bucks as the...
Al Horford has dominated in this series against the Milwaukee Bucks, especially in the last two games in Milwaukee. So what's the impact now for the Boston Celtics as the Bucks try to figure out how to defend him? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses how what the Bucks do will change what Boston can get in Game 5. Also, how family board game night factored into Horford's reaction to Giannis Antetokounmpo's dunk, Ime Udoka's fourth place Coach of the Year finish, and Grant Williams needing to play within himself.
37 min
Al Horford huge 4th powers Boston Celtics Game ...
Al Horford got dunked on by Giannis Antetokounmpo and he carried the subsequent staredown into the the fourth quarter where he got his revenge and powers a Boston Celtics Game 4 win. Now Boston has home court again, and John Karalis says this series is over, and Celtics in 6 still stands. All that and the Celtics finally getting some points in the paint!
31 min
Will Jayson Tatum bounce back? Officiating back...
Get ready for Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks Game 4 with a look at how all the talk about officiating for both sides might impact things Monday night and whether Jayson Tatum can put together a bounce-back game. John Karalis is joined by ESPN's Andrew Lopez to discuss those topics, one eye-popping stat that explains Game 3, what Boston needs to do better in Game 4, and how they can use Robert Williams more effectively.
39 min
Jayson Tatum's rough night, Boston Celtics lose...
The Boston Celtics dropped Game 3 to the Milwaukee Bucks after a furious comeback fell just short. Jayson Tatum had his worst playoff game, maybe ever, when the Celtics really only needed a few good minutes from him in the fourth quarter. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that, still being confident in the Celtics winning the series, and, yes, the officiating ... which missed a few blatant calls that need to be addressed.
39 min
Where do we stand Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Buck...
Who holds the advantages after two games in this series. Does one team have more to be happy about than the other? John Karalis is joined by Locked On Bucks host Kane Pitman to discuss the series so far, bottling up Giannis Antetokounmpo, dueling defenses, and what we might see from Games 3 and 4.
38 min
What have we learned about Boston Celtics vs. M...
What have we learned about the Boston Celtics after two games against the Milwaukee Bucks? Grant Williams is good (and strong). Ime Udoka's attitude is great (will it get Boston to attack more?). John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and then go on a campaign to show Derrick White is actually important to what the Celtics are doing.
47 min
Boston Celtics tie series with Milwaukee Bucks ...
The Celtics came out in Game 2 and spent the first half playing nearly perfect Celtics basketball and building a 25 point lead against the Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo got going in the 2nd half, but Boston's defense clamped down on the Bucks shooters to keep the lead in double digits. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the adjustments, the big performances from Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, how midrange shots got things going, Grant Williams becoming the new X-factor, and the thing Boston has done twice that gives them an advantage.
40 min
Game 2 adjustments for Jaylen Brown, Robert Wil...
Boston Celtics-MIlwaukee Bucks Game 2 is Tueday night and some things should go better for Boston (Jaylen Brown's game, turnovers, Celtics help defense) and some things could go worse (Marcus Smart's health, Giannis Antetokounmpo's scoring, Milwaukee's defense). John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains and then runs through three adjustments the Celtics should make to win Game 2.
35 min
Boston Celtics smacked by Milwaukee Bucks, but ...
The Milwaukee Bucks surprised the Boston Celtics with their physicality in Game 1 of their semifinal series, holding the Celtics to historically low shooting, forcing a ton of turnovers, and baiting Boston into taking the exact kind of shots they wanted. John Karalis of Boston Sports journal looks at some easy areas of improvement for Game 2, Jaylen Brown's bad Game 1, why the defense on Giannis Antetokounmpo was actually okay, and why Ime Udoka has earned the benefit of the doubt when he says Game 2 will be different.
34 min
Al Horford 1-on-1 on returning to Boston Celtic...
Al Horford is a huge part of the Celtics plan against the Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo. In this 1-on-1 interview with John Karalis, he talks about coming back to Boston, understanding this might be one of his last chances at something special, Jayson Tatum's leadership, and more.
20 min
Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks series preview c...
The conference semifinals between the Celtics and Bucks begin this weekend. Who will make the biggest difference in this series? How much does losing Khris Middleton hurt Milwaukee? What's the key for each team to winning the series? John Karalis and Kane Pitman get together for a crossover episode to dive into the series and predict a winner.
45 min
Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks set for roun...
It's official: It's going to be the Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks in round two. This means both the Celtics offense and defense will be different in the second round. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains what the differences will be, including one play the Celtics can run a lot to take advantage of a Milwaukee flaw. Also, the Ime Udoka team meeting plan that ended up working wonders, even if Al Horford wants to call them something else.
37 min
Health concerns for Robert Williams, Jaylen Bro...
The Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets, but they didn't come away unscathed. Robert Williams returned but didn't look like his full self and Jaylen Brown was grabbing his hamstring at the ends of the game. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss their level of concern for Williams and Brown before taking an early look ahead to a potential series against Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.
40 min
Boston Celtics sweep Brooklyn Nets!
The Boston Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets out of the playoffs, the only team in the NBA to pull off a first round sweep this year. Jayson Tatum fouled out, but the Celtics got clutch performances from Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Al Horford to pull out another tough win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into how the Celtics survived, why the most important part of this game might have come in the second quarter, and how this sweep might actually push the Celtics into the NBA Finals.
30 min
Boston Celtics winning coaching battle, the lux...
Ime Udoka is winning the coaching battle against Steve Nash, who was never supposed to be in this situation. What makes the Boston Celtics coach so much better than what the Brooklyn Nets are dealing with? What's Kyrie Irving's impact on Nash? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that, the Celtics making Kevin Durant quit, the luxury of Robert Williams returning, and Ben Simmons being ruled out of Game 4, which makes that whole situation a complete farce.
50 min
Boston Celtics go up 3-0 on Brooklyn Nets
The Boston Celtics are one game away from sweeping the Brooklyn Nets in their opening round series, taking a 3-0 lead on Saturday night. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown closed out the Nets with big fourth quarters, and the Celtics defense was once again elite. John Karalis has that and more from inside Barclays Center
24 min
Robert Williams travels with Boston Celtics, Gr...
The Celtics are heading to Brooklyn for Game 3 against the Nets, and they're taking Robert Williams with them. Does that mean he's going to play. And Grant Williams hit some big shots in Game 2, but it was him hitting Kevin Durant over and over that made an even bigger difference. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss all that and Ime Udoka's great coaching and his inside knowledge of Durant and the Nets that's given Boston an edge in this series.
53 min
Boston Celtics huge 4th quarter carries them to...
The Boston Celtics now have a 2-0 lead in their opening round series against the Brooklyn Nets thanks to a monster 4th quarter and huge bench contributions from Payton Pritchard and Grant Williams. John Karalis goes live from the TD Garden, where Williams scored 17, Pritchard scored 10, and the Celtics overcame a 17 point deficit to pull away and lead by as many as 12 in the fourth quarter. Also, the one thing about Kevin Durant that makes it seem like Brooklyn is toast
30 min
Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets Game 2 crossover ...
What can the Brooklyn Nets do to get Kevin Durant going? Can the Celtics slow Kyrie Irving down? What's the deal with Brooklyn bigs Andre Drummond and Nic Claxton? John Karalis and Adam Armbrecht discuss all that, the possible Game 2 adjustments, and who they think will win.
45 min
Marcus Smart wins Defensive Player of the Year!...
Marcus Smart's campaigning worked. He has won Defensive Player of the Year in a vote that validates the work perimeter players are doing in today's NBA. Daniel Theis, however, isn't winning any defensive awards after Game 1 of their series with the Brooklyn Nets. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into what made Smart such a great choice for DPOY, what made Theis an issue in Game 1, and how the adjustment to Theis might shed light on Robert Williams coming back. Plus, mailbag questions on Robert Williams, recognizing Boston's stars, and Ime Udoka's coaching staff.
43 min
Jayson Tatum layup beats buzzer, Boston Celtics...
The Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets went down to the wire in this one, and it was Jayson Tatum's buzzer beating layup that was the difference in a 115-114 win. Kyrie Irving had an amazing game, but he also got into it with the fans. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm break down the final sequence, including the incredible defense by Al Horford and Marcus Smart, the unselfish play from Jaylen Brown (who was great in this game), and Smart's point guard decision to find Tatum. Plus, Boston's great defensive plan against Kevin Durant, issues with Daniel Theis, and a lot more!
46 min
Boston Celtics-Brooklyn Nets crossover series p...
Who is going to win? Can the Brooklyn Nets defense stop the Boston Celtics offense? Can the Celtics slow down Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving? What adjustments can each team make? John Karalis is joined by Locked on Nets hosts Adam Armbrecht and Doug Norrie to preview the series ... and fair warning, someone isn't happy.
43 min
Are Boston Celtics for real? Can Ben Simmons ma...
The Boston Celtics are getting ready to face the Brooklyn Nets in round 1 of the East playoffs, but there's still a little bit of a feeling out there that things might not really be real for them. There's also a feeling that Ben Simmons can come in and make an impact for at least a short time. John Karalis is joined by the Boston Globe's Chad Finn to discuss those things and Chad's piece making sure Danny Ainge gets his proper due for being the architect of most of this team (and how this compares to the championship Red Sox).
40 min
Boston Celtics will face Kevin Durant, Kyrie Ir...
The Brooklyn Nets beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the play-in, so that means the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets will face off in the first round of the NBA playoffs. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm break down some of the Nets win over Cleveland and why this doesn't change much of the opinion of how the series will go. The newly announced schedule does favor the Nets, but the Celtics might benefit, too. Bruce Brown had some things to say, which might get Al Horford and Daniel Theis riled up. In the end, both John and Tom think this series will go Boston's way.
40 min
Why now is the best time for Boston Celtics to ...
The Brooklyn Nets are either a juggernaut lying in wait or a flawed team about to get trucked, but either way, now is the best time for the Boston Celtics to play them. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm get into why facing Brooklyn sooner rather than later is absolute best option, as well as Ime Udoka's coaching. Plus, the five elements of an elite NBA team and how Udoka has helped create an atmosphere for those to thrive.
45 min
Boston Celtics clinch 2 seed, will face either ...
Jayson Tatum gave un one more "wow" moment with his performance against the Memphis Grizzlies to clinch the 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. That's something John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal is totally fine with, and it shows where the Celtics are mentally. Ime Udoka is a huge reason for that success, and he deserves some real recognition for the 51 win season.
30 min
Shorthanded Boston Celtics, nearly upset Milwau...
The Boston Celtics held a late lead against the Milwaukee Bucks but ended up losing despite Jaylen Brown's triple double. Marcus Smart was also great as the Celtics pieced together a real feel-good performance. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about that, where this leaves Boston in the standings (and why nothing is still really settled), and why Sam Hauser might have leapfrogged Aaron Nesmith in the depth chart. Plus, the secret sauce that makes Boston's chemistry so good.
35 min
Boston Celtics blow out Chicago Bulls, reach 50...
The Boston Celtics blew out the Chicago Bulls behind a still-hot Jaylen Brown and a really good all-around game (and near triple-double) by Jayson Tatum. They also go a huge game from Al Horford, who might need a rest but is playing out of his mind regardless. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through all that, Jaylen Brown's new move, Tatum's ball movement, and Horford's grab-and-go offense. Also, why the Celtics should be trying to give Horford a birthday unlike any he's ever had, and a quick look at the standings situation heading into Thursday night.
34 min
Standings chaos continues, what should Boston C...
The Boston Celtics got no real help on Tuesday night with the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Philadelphia 76ers all winning their games. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why the Bucks are especially dangerous now that Brook Lopez is back and playing well. Also, what makes the Sixers dangerous and why the Nets are still not enough of a concern to make Boston try to engineer their playoff seeding. Plus, Danny Ainge is gone, but his draft legacy lives on in these Boston Celtics.
32 min
Marcus Smart's DPOY case, Playoff scenarios, an...
The Celtics are heading out on the road for a regular season-ending road trip that will finally determine who they are playing in the playoffs. Where will they land? Who could they play? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss the final playoff push, Marcus Smart's case for Defensive Player of the Year (and the one stat that really supports his argument that guards do a lot more work than people realize), and the team trying to push some more physicality out of Derrick White.
44 min
Boston Celtics win by 42, Grant Williams regain...
The Boston Celtics destroyed the Washington Wizards by 42 point on Sunday afternoon behind a great game from Jaylen Brown, Grant Williams regaining his shooting touch, and a bunch of 3-pointers from Derrick White, Payton Pritchard, and the bench. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses why Grant's shooting is the most important aspect of this game, and why people are sleeping on Jaylen Brown's passing. Plus, a full look at the standings and where Boston stands after Sunday's NBA action. Plus, Robert Williams talk about having his surgery.
31 min
Robert Williams back sooner than expected? And ...
Robert Williams may be back even sooner than the 4-6 week expected timeline, which is great news for the Boston Celtics. Not so great news is their play in the clutch, which may be the result of some old bad habits creeping back in. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that, and all the talk about the Celtics vaccination status that could impact them if they face Toronto in the playoffs.
44 min
Robert Williams successful surgery, Boston Celt...
Robert Williams had successful meniscus surgery on Wednesday and is expected back in 4-6 weeks, which is good news for the Boston Celtics. It came on a night that Boston lost to the Miami Heat, which they say is actually a good thing. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why Boston has earned the right to say that, but it's easy to lose that capital if they don't follow up on it. Also, why Daniel Theis should be starting.
36 min
Robert Williams injury adjustments: Does Daniel...
The Boston Celtics have to figure out how to make up for the loss of Robert Williams, which means Wednesday night's game vs. the Miami Heat will give Ime Udoka a lot of opportunity to experiment. Does Daniel Theis start? Does he mix up lineups? Which lineups should we watch for. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss all that and stumble onto a potential nickname for Theis. Also, how this might impact Jayson Tatum's MVP case!
38 min
Robert Williams injury requires surgery | Bosto...
Robert Williams has a torn meniscus in his left knee which will definitely require surgery, but how long he's out depends on which surgical option they choose. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains that and also why nearly pulling off a win over the Toronto Raptors is a sign of culture building in Boston by Ime Udoka.
37 min
Boston Celtics now East top seed after blowing ...
The Boston Celtics are the East's top seed, tied with Miami (Boston owns the tiebreaker), after blowing out the Minnesota Timberwolves Sunday night. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined for 65 points to lead Boston, while they got contributions from Derrick White, Payton Pritchard, and Robert Williams. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why this was just like the win over Denver, examines the seeding situation, and why it doesn't matter because Robert Williams left the game with a sprained knee.
38 min
Jason Tatum for MVP? And can Payton Pritchard c...
The Boston Celtics could be the top seed in the East soon, and Jayson Tatum is a big reason why, so is he worthy of serious MVP consideration. What would need to happen for him to win the MVP? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and Payton Pritchard's recent performance. What's fueling this hot streak, and can he carry it into the playoffs?
50 min
Boston Celtics dominate Utah Jazz behind Jayson...
The Boston Celtics laid the hammer down on the Utah Jazz, going perfect from the field for the first eight minutes of the game and never really looking back. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined for 52 points but they got a lot of help from Marcus Smart, Payton Pritchard, Al Horford, and Robert Williams, John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal shares some behind the scenes vibes and also looks at this suddenly potent Celtics offense.
39 min
What seed will Boston Celtics get? Breaking dow...
Where will the Boston Celtics land in the playoff chase? We look at the final stretch for the Celtics, the Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, and Philadelphia 76ers to figure out what the final seeds might look like. Plus, John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss the 4 game road winning streak and why the Celtics have been able to be so consistently good.
40 min
Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum, Grant Williams ha...
The Boston Celtics had another monster lead in the fourth quarter against the OKC Thunder, but nearly blew it all. They held on thanks to Grant Williams (20 points, 10 rebounds) and another 30+ point game on high efficiency from Jayson Tatum (36 points, 19 shots). John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about that, why he's not worried at all about how that fourth quarter went, Tatum's chance to make some rare history, and a few stats that show just how dominant this team has been.
36 min
Boston Celtics get 60 from Jayson Tatum, Jaylen...
The Boston Celtics looked like they were locked in a tough battle, but then they blew the game open with an amazing second quarter run and never looked back. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the best stat out of that 24-4 run, how Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum's combined 60 points was part of an unbeatable performance, and some stats that show how much this team loves playing on the road.
37 min
Marcus Smart Defensive Player of the Year? Ime ...
The Boston Celtics are fresh off a win over the Golden State Warriors where the defense was the star? Should Marcus Smart win Defensive Player of the Year and Should Ime Udoka win Coach of the Year? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and get more into the Smart/Steph Curry controversy.
51 min
Boston Celtics defense, Marcus Smart passing, d...
The Boston Celtics and their stifling defense held the Golden State Warriors in check. Marcus Smart's passing picked them apart, and the Celtics go on to a 22 point win, 110-88 in San Francisco. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about Robert Williams' rim protection, Marcus Smart's point guarding, and then Smart's play where Steph Curry got hurt and he kicked Klay Thompson. Were those plays dirty?
29 min
Ime Udoka 1-on-1: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown re...
In an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Ime Udoka, the Boston Celtics head coach discusses being blunt and coaching his team hard, how he gets more out Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, why he didn't build his coaching staff to include an ex-head coach, and more.
38 min
Kevin Garnett number retirement a lesson for yo...
The Kevin Garnett number retirement ceremony and Ray Allen reconciliation was a good lesson for young Celtics watching as it happened. How the Celtics got things right by doing the ceremony how they did, and what this could mean for future retired numbers. Plus, the Celtics begin a west coast swing, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss whether the heavy minutes load is taking its toll and what they think the Celtics can do on this trip.
45 min
Kevin Garnett jersey retirement, Ray Allen reun...
Kevin Garnett's number retirement ceremony and reunion with Ray Allen was a huge hit, which made for a great night despite the loss to the Dallas Mavericks. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why the defensive strategy on Luka Doncic was questionable before getting into the KG ceremony and why Garnett's surprising declaration about Ray Allen puts the Celtics in an interesting position.
36 min
Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen squash beefs, Boston C...
Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen seem to have put their beef behind them, but is there more to it than that? The Boston Celtics seem to be ahead of schedule, and they could be the third seed and a 50-win team. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss those things, but first, it's time to make fun of the Sixers, a team that frightens neither of us.
45 min
Jayson Tatum scores 44, Boston Celtics hold off...
Jayson Tatum scored 44 in the Boston Celtics win over the Charlotte Hornets. The Celtics also got big games out of Marcus Smart and Derrick White, and they come away looking like quite a confident group of guys. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the big moments and individual performances.
36 min
Isaiah Thomas wants a reunion in Boston, how Ni...
Isaiah Thomas has been pushing for a Boston Celtics reunion but it doesn't seem to be happening, and John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal says it shouldn't (even though Isaiah gave compelling reasons why it should). Plus, Nik Stauskas has a new perspective on basketball (and life) and that could help the Celtics in more than one way. And, why the worst thing for Boston would be a letdown against the Charlotte Hornets
35 min
Re-living the Brooklyn win, real chances for a ...
The win over Brooklyn was so good that we had to keep talking about it, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com did that by, admittedly, gushing too much about Kevin Durant before turning to Tatum, how he played, and what he needs to do to get even better. Plus, a look at the new expectations and wondering whether we might be getting a little TOO excited about their chances. Also, the Kyrie Irving comments, and why players see him differently than fans.
44 min
Jayson Tatum outduels Kevin Durant in huge Bost...
Jayson Tatum dropped 54 points in a classic game, outdueling Kevin Durant and sending the Brooklyn Nets home with a loss. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about how great a game this really was, the three key stretches that won the game, Jaylen Brown's clutch scoring (and a great moment with him and Tatum), and why this win is special ... including why it now feels the Celtics have a shot of making it out of the East.
36 min
Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum, flex muscles, bea...
The Boston Celtics got a big win over MVP candidate Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies thanks to some stifling defense and Jayson Tatum's huge fourth quarter. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses Tatum's huge game and why he's playing better than ever. Plus, Coach of the Month Ime Udoka and how he's got guys fired up after halftime, another Marcus Smart victory lap, and why it's absolutely safe to buy in on this Celtics team.
33 min
Jaylen Brown's injury, Jayson Tatum's pivotal s...
Jaylen Brown's injury is better than we thought it might be. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss the impact of that on the team moving forward. Also, what Al Horford calls the "fun part" part of the season, and why it shows how differently the team looks at how the season is structured. Plus, the stat that highlights Jayson Tatum's progression and why this is perhaps a pivotal season in his career.
39 min
Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics bench, key big com...
Jaylen Brown sprained his ankle early in the game and that sent the Celtics into a bit of a spiral, leading to a pretty bad half of basketball. But they regrouped behind Jayson Tatum and got big contributions of the bench from Derrick White and Grant Williams, and stifled the Hawks for a big comeback win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs things down (along with an update on the Jaylen Brown injury), explains why this second half could be a pivotal one in the season, and how the bench is starting to give the C's a little bit more (hint: Dennis Schröder has something to do with it),
31 min