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Shorthanded Boston Celtics, nearly upset Milwau...
The Boston Celtics held a late lead against the Milwaukee Bucks but ended up losing despite Jaylen Brown's triple double. Marcus Smart was also great as the Celtics pieced together a real feel-good performance. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about that, where this leaves Boston in the standings (and why nothing is still really settled), and why Sam Hauser might have leapfrogged Aaron Nesmith in the depth chart. Plus, the secret sauce that makes Boston's chemistry so good.
35 min
Boston Celtics blow out Chicago Bulls, reach 50...
The Boston Celtics blew out the Chicago Bulls behind a still-hot Jaylen Brown and a really good all-around game (and near triple-double) by Jayson Tatum. They also go a huge game from Al Horford, who might need a rest but is playing out of his mind regardless. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through all that, Jaylen Brown's new move, Tatum's ball movement, and Horford's grab-and-go offense. Also, why the Celtics should be trying to give Horford a birthday unlike any he's ever had, and a quick look at the standings situation heading into Thursday night.
34 min
Standings chaos continues, what should Boston C...
The Boston Celtics got no real help on Tuesday night with the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Philadelphia 76ers all winning their games. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why the Bucks are especially dangerous now that Brook Lopez is back and playing well. Also, what makes the Sixers dangerous and why the Nets are still not enough of a concern to make Boston try to engineer their playoff seeding. Plus, Danny Ainge is gone, but his draft legacy lives on in these Boston Celtics.
32 min
Marcus Smart's DPOY case, Playoff scenarios, an...
The Celtics are heading out on the road for a regular season-ending road trip that will finally determine who they are playing in the playoffs. Where will they land? Who could they play? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss the final playoff push, Marcus Smart's case for Defensive Player of the Year (and the one stat that really supports his argument that guards do a lot more work than people realize), and the team trying to push some more physicality out of Derrick White.
44 min
Boston Celtics win by 42, Grant Williams regain...
The Boston Celtics destroyed the Washington Wizards by 42 point on Sunday afternoon behind a great game from Jaylen Brown, Grant Williams regaining his shooting touch, and a bunch of 3-pointers from Derrick White, Payton Pritchard, and the bench. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses why Grant's shooting is the most important aspect of this game, and why people are sleeping on Jaylen Brown's passing. Plus, a full look at the standings and where Boston stands after Sunday's NBA action. Plus, Robert Williams talk about having his surgery.
31 min
Robert Williams back sooner than expected? And ...
Robert Williams may be back even sooner than the 4-6 week expected timeline, which is great news for the Boston Celtics. Not so great news is their play in the clutch, which may be the result of some old bad habits creeping back in. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that, and all the talk about the Celtics vaccination status that could impact them if they face Toronto in the playoffs.
44 min
Robert Williams successful surgery, Boston Celt...
Robert Williams had successful meniscus surgery on Wednesday and is expected back in 4-6 weeks, which is good news for the Boston Celtics. It came on a night that Boston lost to the Miami Heat, which they say is actually a good thing. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why Boston has earned the right to say that, but it's easy to lose that capital if they don't follow up on it. Also, why Daniel Theis should be starting.
36 min
Robert Williams injury adjustments: Does Daniel...
The Boston Celtics have to figure out how to make up for the loss of Robert Williams, which means Wednesday night's game vs. the Miami Heat will give Ime Udoka a lot of opportunity to experiment. Does Daniel Theis start? Does he mix up lineups? Which lineups should we watch for. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss all that and stumble onto a potential nickname for Theis. Also, how this might impact Jayson Tatum's MVP case!
38 min
Robert Williams injury requires surgery | Bosto...
Robert Williams has a torn meniscus in his left knee which will definitely require surgery, but how long he's out depends on which surgical option they choose. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains that and also why nearly pulling off a win over the Toronto Raptors is a sign of culture building in Boston by Ime Udoka.
37 min
Boston Celtics now East top seed after blowing ...
The Boston Celtics are the East's top seed, tied with Miami (Boston owns the tiebreaker), after blowing out the Minnesota Timberwolves Sunday night. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined for 65 points to lead Boston, while they got contributions from Derrick White, Payton Pritchard, and Robert Williams. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why this was just like the win over Denver, examines the seeding situation, and why it doesn't matter because Robert Williams left the game with a sprained knee.
38 min
Jason Tatum for MVP? And can Payton Pritchard c...
The Boston Celtics could be the top seed in the East soon, and Jayson Tatum is a big reason why, so is he worthy of serious MVP consideration. What would need to happen for him to win the MVP? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and Payton Pritchard's recent performance. What's fueling this hot streak, and can he carry it into the playoffs?
50 min
Boston Celtics dominate Utah Jazz behind Jayson...
The Boston Celtics laid the hammer down on the Utah Jazz, going perfect from the field for the first eight minutes of the game and never really looking back. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined for 52 points but they got a lot of help from Marcus Smart, Payton Pritchard, Al Horford, and Robert Williams, John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal shares some behind the scenes vibes and also looks at this suddenly potent Celtics offense.
39 min
What seed will Boston Celtics get? Breaking dow...
Where will the Boston Celtics land in the playoff chase? We look at the final stretch for the Celtics, the Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, and Philadelphia 76ers to figure out what the final seeds might look like. Plus, John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss the 4 game road winning streak and why the Celtics have been able to be so consistently good.
40 min
Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum, Grant Williams ha...
The Boston Celtics had another monster lead in the fourth quarter against the OKC Thunder, but nearly blew it all. They held on thanks to Grant Williams (20 points, 10 rebounds) and another 30+ point game on high efficiency from Jayson Tatum (36 points, 19 shots). John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about that, why he's not worried at all about how that fourth quarter went, Tatum's chance to make some rare history, and a few stats that show just how dominant this team has been.
36 min
Boston Celtics get 60 from Jayson Tatum, Jaylen...
The Boston Celtics looked like they were locked in a tough battle, but then they blew the game open with an amazing second quarter run and never looked back. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the best stat out of that 24-4 run, how Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum's combined 60 points was part of an unbeatable performance, and some stats that show how much this team loves playing on the road.
37 min
Marcus Smart Defensive Player of the Year? Ime ...
The Boston Celtics are fresh off a win over the Golden State Warriors where the defense was the star? Should Marcus Smart win Defensive Player of the Year and Should Ime Udoka win Coach of the Year? John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and get more into the Smart/Steph Curry controversy.
51 min
Boston Celtics defense, Marcus Smart passing, d...
The Boston Celtics and their stifling defense held the Golden State Warriors in check. Marcus Smart's passing picked them apart, and the Celtics go on to a 22 point win, 110-88 in San Francisco. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about Robert Williams' rim protection, Marcus Smart's point guarding, and then Smart's play where Steph Curry got hurt and he kicked Klay Thompson. Were those plays dirty?
29 min
Ime Udoka 1-on-1: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown re...
In an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Ime Udoka, the Boston Celtics head coach discusses being blunt and coaching his team hard, how he gets more out Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, why he didn't build his coaching staff to include an ex-head coach, and more.
38 min
Kevin Garnett number retirement a lesson for yo...
The Kevin Garnett number retirement ceremony and Ray Allen reconciliation was a good lesson for young Celtics watching as it happened. How the Celtics got things right by doing the ceremony how they did, and what this could mean for future retired numbers. Plus, the Celtics begin a west coast swing, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss whether the heavy minutes load is taking its toll and what they think the Celtics can do on this trip.
45 min
Kevin Garnett jersey retirement, Ray Allen reun...
Kevin Garnett's number retirement ceremony and reunion with Ray Allen was a huge hit, which made for a great night despite the loss to the Dallas Mavericks. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why the defensive strategy on Luka Doncic was questionable before getting into the KG ceremony and why Garnett's surprising declaration about Ray Allen puts the Celtics in an interesting position.
36 min
Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen squash beefs, Boston C...
Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen seem to have put their beef behind them, but is there more to it than that? The Boston Celtics seem to be ahead of schedule, and they could be the third seed and a 50-win team. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss those things, but first, it's time to make fun of the Sixers, a team that frightens neither of us.
45 min
Jayson Tatum scores 44, Boston Celtics hold off...
Jayson Tatum scored 44 in the Boston Celtics win over the Charlotte Hornets. The Celtics also got big games out of Marcus Smart and Derrick White, and they come away looking like quite a confident group of guys. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the big moments and individual performances.
36 min
Isaiah Thomas wants a reunion in Boston, how Ni...
Isaiah Thomas has been pushing for a Boston Celtics reunion but it doesn't seem to be happening, and John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal says it shouldn't (even though Isaiah gave compelling reasons why it should). Plus, Nik Stauskas has a new perspective on basketball (and life) and that could help the Celtics in more than one way. And, why the worst thing for Boston would be a letdown against the Charlotte Hornets
35 min
Re-living the Brooklyn win, real chances for a ...
The win over Brooklyn was so good that we had to keep talking about it, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com did that by, admittedly, gushing too much about Kevin Durant before turning to Tatum, how he played, and what he needs to do to get even better. Plus, a look at the new expectations and wondering whether we might be getting a little TOO excited about their chances. Also, the Kyrie Irving comments, and why players see him differently than fans.
44 min
Jayson Tatum outduels Kevin Durant in huge Bost...
Jayson Tatum dropped 54 points in a classic game, outdueling Kevin Durant and sending the Brooklyn Nets home with a loss. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal talks about how great a game this really was, the three key stretches that won the game, Jaylen Brown's clutch scoring (and a great moment with him and Tatum), and why this win is special ... including why it now feels the Celtics have a shot of making it out of the East.
36 min
Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum, flex muscles, bea...
The Boston Celtics got a big win over MVP candidate Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies thanks to some stifling defense and Jayson Tatum's huge fourth quarter. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses Tatum's huge game and why he's playing better than ever. Plus, Coach of the Month Ime Udoka and how he's got guys fired up after halftime, another Marcus Smart victory lap, and why it's absolutely safe to buy in on this Celtics team.
33 min
Jaylen Brown's injury, Jayson Tatum's pivotal s...
Jaylen Brown's injury is better than we thought it might be. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss the impact of that on the team moving forward. Also, what Al Horford calls the "fun part" part of the season, and why it shows how differently the team looks at how the season is structured. Plus, the stat that highlights Jayson Tatum's progression and why this is perhaps a pivotal season in his career.
39 min
Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics bench, key big com...
Jaylen Brown sprained his ankle early in the game and that sent the Celtics into a bit of a spiral, leading to a pretty bad half of basketball. But they regrouped behind Jayson Tatum and got big contributions of the bench from Derrick White and Grant Williams, and stifled the Hawks for a big comeback win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs things down (along with an update on the Jaylen Brown injury), explains why this second half could be a pivotal one in the season, and how the bench is starting to give the C's a little bit more (hint: Dennis Schröder has something to do with it),
31 min
The next two months will tell us everything abo...
The Boston Celtics have gone through two bad months and two good months. With a little less than two months to go, what we see moving forward will ultimately define this Celtics season. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm explain why they're ready to chalk up the loss to Indiana to just a tough situation, but also explain why they can't do that moving forward. Also, style of play vs. actual wins, which is more important in the long run?
38 min
Boston Celtics split weekend with Indiana Pacer...
The Celtics played ugly and won against Detroit and then played ugly and lost to the Indiana Pacers, but it was different kinds of ugly. John Karalis gets into how the Celtics allowed a young, fast, Pacers team get comfortable and hot, how they got sucked into a mismatch-hunting slog against Detroit, and how some questionable decisions by Ime Udoka played into it.
33 min
Boston Celtics fun again, blow out Brooklyn Net...
The Boston Celtics are fun again, which we saw in their blowout of the Brooklyn Nets Thursday night. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal share a fun Jayson Tatum moment, why the team's focus on defense is fueling the fun, and how it's leading to a lot of other things they're doing well. Plus, if things go right for Boston moving forward, will there be Coach of the Year votes in Ime's future?
37 min
Robert Williams' importance, Boston Celtics 50 ...
The Boston Celtics were back on the practice floor Wednesday, John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss how Robert Williams has risen to the team's 3rd most important player, why the Thursday game against Brooklyn is a must-win game, and how the Celtics have a legitimate path to 50 wins this season.
41 min
Inside the creation of the Boston Celtics 75th ...
The Boston Celtics have released their 75th Anniversary team -- a group of 15 representing the entirety of Boston Celtics history. John Karalis is joined by Jeff Twiss and Marc D'Amico of the Boston Celtics to discuss how the idea of a 15-man team came about, the voting process, and some names that didn't make the list but were close. Also, how a few fans won a special prize by nailing a perfect ballot.
53 min
East play-in team roundtable (Celtics, Raptors,...
The hosts of the five teams in (or close to) the play-in tournament (Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets, and Atlanta Hawks) got together for a special edition roundtable to discuss how they all got into this predicament, which teams have the best chance of avoiding the play-in, which teams have the best chances of surviving, and which teams seem to be fading away. Also, how the hell did the Nets end up joining this group?
44 min
Jayson Tatum's All-Star weekend more about matu...
Jayson Tatum's All-Star weekend was about a whole lot more than basketball. His exposure to some of the greats of the game gave him a bit of a humbling experience that could help him in the long run. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and Tatum's comments on the JJ Redick podcast about him and Jaylen Brown playing together, Plus, ways to fix a broken All-Star Saturday and the dunk contest.
47 min
Jayson Tatum wants more recognition for monster...
43 min
Trap game traps Boston Celtics in loss to Detro...
The Celtics messed around a little too much with the Detroit Pistons and they got burned by it. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the loss, the obvious trap set for them tonight, and the lesson they learned by falling into that trap. Plus, the one thing Boston needs to be if they're going to be a good team for the long haul.
32 min
Boston Celtics blow out Philadelphia 76ers, mak...
The Boston Celtics didn't just win their ninth straight game last night in Philadelphia, they won by 50. This was as loud a statement as there could be by the Celtics to let the Eastern Conference know they're back. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains the statement that was made, they key point that would have gone very differently a month or so ago, and how this elite defense gives Boston a chance to surprise.
34 min
Derrick White's weekend, his fit with Boston Ce...
Taking a closer look at Derrick White's weekend for the Boston Celtics, how he fits with the rest of the team, and why it might have been the perfect way to debut with John Karalis and Tom Westerholm. Plus, who we trust from this team to be part of a championship contender, and why the next steps for Brad Stevens are so important.
38 min
Derrick White debuts for Boston Celtics, winnin...
Derrick White made his surprising debut Friday night for the Celtics, and immediately showed by Boston wanted him. He was big against the Denver Nuggets and he did a lot of the little things against the Atlanta Hawks to help the Celtics extend their winning streak to 8 games. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through White's debut and the keys to beating Denver and Atlanta, which got Boston into 6th place all alone in the East.
36 min
Boston Celtics trade for Derrick White: What's ...
The Boston Celtics have traded for Derrick White. So what is Boston getting in this trade? In this bonus, crossover edition with Locked On Spurs host Jeff Garcia, we hear about White's demeanor, his defensive abilities, his plusses and minuses on offense, and why his familiarity with Ime Udoka is so important
35 min
Boston Celtics trade analysis: Derrick White, D...
The Boston Celtics were very active at the trade deadline. Making three deals. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm break down the two big trades , how Derrick White fits in Boston, what bringing Theis in means, and how this shapes Boston's future.. including the reason why the 2028 pick swap wasn't random.
45 min
Evolution of the Boston Celtics, Marcus Smart, ...
The Celtics are growing as a team, so John Karalis brought on former San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers video coordinator Mo Dakhil to discuss how they're playing differently, Marcus Smart's future as a point guard, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum growing and trusting their teammates, and Ime Udoka's growth as a head coach.
40 min
Boston Celtics destroy Brooklyn Nets, does this...
The Boston Celtics used an incredible 28-2 start to the game to power an easy win over the decimated Brooklyn Nets Tuesday night. John Karalis gets into what built that huge lead (hint: Jaylen Brown), why the Celtics lost a lot of it (hint: Dennis Schröder), and why doubling Jayson Tatum so much helped enforce a very valuable lesson for him and Brown as they take their next steps. Plus, how much does this streak influence Brad Stevens' trade deadline decisions?
35 min
Boston Celtics trade rumors, and how people ove...
The Boston Celtics have a chance to make a significant move in the standings and get to where most of us actually expected to be this season. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal is joined by Tom Westerholm of Boston.com to discuss that, where the Celtics are, the overreactions to Ime Udoka and more. Plus, the trade rumors involving Marcus Smart and Dennis Schröder, why moving Josh Richardson would be a mistake, the potential for Grant Williams to be moved, and why Celtics could be heading down a Phoenix Suns model towards contention rather than the Brooklyn Nets model.
48 min
Boston Celtics are what Ime Udoka envisioned af...
The Boston Celtics blew out the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons (I'm looking right past garbage time) this weekend and they are starting to resemble the kind of team Ime Udoka had envisioned. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses that, the biggest impact guys from the game, including Dennis Schroder's big contribution off the bench, and the whole concept of the nameless, faceless opponent... which leads to a very confused Jaylen Brown and a hilarious exchange.
33 min
An interview with Boston Celtics legend Kevin G...
Kevin Garnett is a Hall of Famer and he was recently named to both the NBA's and Celtics' 75th Anniversary Teams. Next month, he'll have his number 5 retired by the Boston Celtics. On Thursday, Kevin Garnett had a conversation with the Boston media, including John Karalis of the Boston Sports Journal. Here is a wide-ranging conversation about his time in Boston, his intensity, his work ethic, and a lot more.
30 min
Boston Celtics keep composure, close out Charlo...
The Boston Celtics actually did the right things down the stretch turning the same old story about a C's collapse into a fun story about a clutch win over a decent Charlotte team. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal breaks down that fourth quarter stretch, discusses the stars of the game like Josh Richardson and Robert Williams and how Jaylen Brown's late performance was very encouraging. Plus, the standings watch that shows Boston has a real chance to pass some teams here.
31 min
Boston Celtics trade rumors: Could Jaylen Brown...
A new report from Steve Bulpett suggests Jaylen Brown could be the one who asks out of Boston if this season continues to go poorly. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss how serious this rumor might be and why this sounds a lot like executives having the same take that's been out there for a while.
36 min
Boston Celtics crush Miami Heat, Jayson Tatum &...
The Boston Celtics got a little lucky, and they got a little loose, but after a timeout and a tongue-lashing from Ime Udoka, the Celtics got a blowout win over the Miami Heat. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into the Marcus Smart effect for the Celtics, the pairing with Schröder that nearly derailed the game, Tatum and Brown keeping up with Smart and starting to play at a good pace, and their steps forward as leaders. And, with January over, a look at what was a successful month and the strong finish awaiting Boston.
39 min
Boston Celtics split weekend with Atlanta Hawks...
The Boston Celtics got confused by a zone defense again against New Orleans, but big games from Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart helped hold off the Pelicans. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has that and a look at the loss to Atlanta where the Celtics turned it over way too much and settled to much for jumpers. But Ime Udoka also settled when it came to lineups. Plus, why this January stretch for the Celtics could be a big chance to catch some NBA teams napping
30 min
Boston Celtics trade mailbag: John Collins, Joh...
Ending the week with a mailbag full of Boston Celtics trade scenarios including John Collins, John Wall, Joe Ingles, Justin Holiday, and Colin Sexton. Who is realistic? Who is a really bad idea? Financial implications. All that and more! Plus, should Jayson Tatum play the 4 more and which Celtic do I want backing me up in a fight?
31 min
Jayson Tatum attacking, Boston Celtics defense,...
Jayson Tatum's numbers at the rim have growing, and the last three games have been elite. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses what's making Tatum so good lately and what he wants to see next. Plus, what's making the Celtics defense so good and why aren't the Celtics throwing Robert Williams more lobs? You'll hear directly from Ime Udoka on Tatum and Rob's impact, and Robert Williams on catching alley oops.
28 min
Boston Celtics get 66 points from Jayson Tatum ...
The Boston Celtics, somewhat shockingly, did just about everything right in a nearly 60 point blowout of the Sacramento Kings. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the play of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who were able to go off together. Also, Marcus Smart's major impact without scoring a single point, why Tatum loves Robert Williams so much, and whether this performance is an actual sign of a turnaround, or another fakeout.
34 min
Boston Celtics trade rumors: Dennis Schröder, J...
The rumor mill is churning ahead of the NBA trade deadline, and John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has a look at a few of the bigger rumors out there involving the Celtics. How active are the C's expected to be and how does Dennis Schröder's recent downturn in minutes factor into all of this? Why is Jaylen Brown still being mentioned in Ben Simmons trade rumors? And why Harrison Barnes makes a good amount of sense in a deal with the Kings.
30 min
Jayson Tatum scores 51, Boston Celtics get blow...
Jayson Tatum is officially out of his shooting slump. He dropped 51 points on the Wizards in a much-needed Celtics blowout win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses what got Tatum going and what helped Tatum break out of his slump. Plus, Marcus Smart's huge impact, especially in the third quarter, and why what he was able to provide could help avoid a meltdown like we saw against the Trail Blazers.
30 min
Boston Celtics trades: Juancho Hernangomez trad...
The Celtics look like they're set up to make a few more deals after trading Juancho Hernangomez to the San Antonio Spurs, getting Bol Bol and PJ Dozier in return. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Keith Smith of Spotrac and CelticsBlog run through some of the final details of the Hernangomez trade, including why the Celtics didn't just go for Bryn Forbes. Also, what's next for Brad Stevens and the Celtics, the potential for a Dennis Schröder trade, and is the timing right to move Al Horford too?
48 min
Boston Celtics stop attacking, get cold from 3,...
The Boston Celtics lost to the Charlotte Hornets in a game they probably should have won. John Karalis explains why the Celtics lack of attack continues to hurt the team, especially on a night where they shot 30% from 3 but scored most of their 2-point buckets in the paint. Also, why their lack of attacking hurts them defensively, and why it's costing them easy opportunities overall.
33 min
Juancho Hernangomez traded, Boston Celtics gaug...
Juancho Hernangomez has been traded in a big salary-clearing move that brings Bol Bol and PJ Dozier back -- at least for now. John Karalis explains why the trade appears to have been made and what the next possible move might be. Plus, the Celtics are apparently starting to gauge the value of their players on the trade market, except for Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Robert Williams. And, the Celtics have a chance to make a real run if they can just play the right way against Charlotte.
31 min
Boston Celtics beat New Orleans Pelicans behind...
The Boston Celtics were asleep for most of their early MLK Day game against the New Orleans Pelicans, but they woke up in time to pull away in the fourth quarter. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why this would be just a normal game for most teams, but the Celtics haven't earned the right to be treated that way. Jayson Tatum and Dennis Schröder were the big 4th quarter catalysts but Jaylen Brown had a hand in things as well while Aaron Nesmith provided a big energy boost. Plus, the Celtics are still somehow in the mix in the Eastern Conference, but only if they change their focus on offense.
34 min
Boston Celtics, Robert Williams come up clutch ...
The Celtics looked like they were on their way to another soul-crushing loss to an under-manned team, but Robert Williams came up with a clutch stretch and the Celtics actually came back in the clutch to win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has that, the underrated games from Jaylen Brown and Al Horford, and how Jayson Tatum didn't let a rough shooting night take his focus away from his defense. This was the opposite of what happened against Philly, but John explains why the Celtics being so afraid of a shot blocker set themselves up for a turnover-filled mess of a game.
32 min
MAILBAG! - Trades, developing youth, where it a...
The mailbag is overflowing, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal dives into questions about trades, playing and developing the young guys, where things went wrong for the Celtics, when it might actually be time to start blowing things up, and getting Robert Williams some offensive moves. Also, a run through NBA history to find which players were the biggest game changers.
46 min
Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown combine for 67 in ea...
Jaylen Brown (34 points) and Jayson Tatum (33 points) played off each other wonderfully in a rare, but much-needed blowout win over the Indiana Pacers. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into the Jays going off, how huge Al Horford was in the 3rd quarter response that salted the game away, and why Boston's shooting numbers might actually be a case of water finally finding its level.
31 min
Boston Celtics & Indiana Pacers trade partners?...
The Celtics and Pacers got together to play one of the worst basketball games you'll ever see on Monday. While they'll try to do better on Wednesday night, the real question for these two teams is whether they'll become trade partners at the deadline? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Locked On Pacers host Tony East discuss the possibilities, the challenges, and settle on one trade idea that might actually work.
38 min
Boston Celtics win ugly | Jayson Tatum declares...
The Boston Celtics struggled to beat the Indiana Pacers, but managed to get the overtime win behind Robert Williams and Jaylen Brown having big nights. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into that, why Ime Udoka is playing guys so many minutes, why this is the time to change the lineups to pair Dennis Schröder and Al Horford, and then Jayson Tatum's very definitive comments about wanting to stay in Boston with Brown.
31 min
Jaylen Brown's triple double leads Boston Celti...
Jaylen Brown dropped a triple double (22 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists) to lead the Celtics past the Knicks on Saturday night. John Karalis discusses that, the great ball movement in general, Marcus Smart's tone-setting 3rd quarter, and the silliness between Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kendrick Perkins. Plus, Aaron Nesmith finally gets the G League assignment John has been looking for.
28 min
Boston Celtics lose again, 4th Q lineups an iss...
The Boston Celtics followed a very familiar script in their latest soul-crushing loss. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into the loss to the Knicks before wondering why Ime Udoka insists on playing Marcus Smart and Dennis Schröder together down the stretch. Then, why the Celtics need to find an a-hole to help spark a team full of nice guy. Also... no, it's not time to blow things up.
34 min
Boston Celtics find another way to lose, fourth...
The Boston Celtics found another wild way to lose a game but the same old problem was at the heart of it all. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has a run through the game, why Dennis Schröder is becoming a major problem, and why the Celtics offense, especially late in games, needs to run on one simple principle: how does this make Jayson Tatum's and Jaylen Brown's lives easier?
26 min
Jayson Tatum, Robert Williams set to return & S...
Jayson Tatum is ready to return from Health and Safety protocols and Robert Williams will only miss one game it seems with the sprained toe.. John Karalis has the quick update from practice before looking at the Spurs-Celtics game with Locked On Spurs host Jeff Garcia. What do the Spurs need to do to win again, how good is DeJounte Murray, and which Spurs might be available on the trade market.
42 min
Jaylen Brown lesson learned in 50 point game? ...
Ime Udoka said something that might have been a lesson reinforced for Jaylen Brown in his 50 point game, and it will be an important lesson for him as he moves forward. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses that, some impressive stats from that game, along with some thoughts from the win over the Phoenix Suns and Robert Williams' triple double. Plus, why people calling to blow things up need to show some restraint.
33 min
Jaylen Brown drops 50, Boston Celtics escape wi...
It certainly wasn't pretty, and the Celtics needed overtime to do it, but they got a 50 point game from Jaylen Brown on their way to a win over Orlando. John Karalis discusses Brown's monster night that really started out a bit ugly, how Marcus Smart was a steadying force, and why teams hungry for a win just need to take them whenever they can get them.
28 min
Boston Celtics trade questions mailbag, & endin...
We are in the midst of trade season in the NBA, and you have been flooding the inbox with questions about trades. So John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal answers your questions about whether the Celtics even need to make a trade, potential strategies, and then specific deals that could involved Russell Westbrook, Buddy Hield, Christian Wood, and others. Then, the final segment is dedicated to staying positive heading into 2022
31 min
It's almost impossible to do what the Boston Ce...
The Boston Celtics outplayed the LA Clippers in so many categories, that if they even shot 15% from 3, they would have won by double digits. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through one of the most historically bad shooting nights you might ever see. Plus, the conundrum of a zone defense that's designed to give Boston the exact kind of shots they want, and why Jaylen Brown's demeanor after the game was a little bit concerning.
28 min
Motivating the Boston Celtics & mailbag questio...
Ime Udoka says the coaches have to find a way to motivate the Celtics players. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal says there is one way for the coach to motivate players, but the rest is up to them. Plus, mailbag questions on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown changing their games to fit what the coach wants.
35 min
Boston Celtics blow it again in Minnesota becau...
The Boston Celtics followed the same old script in Minnesota, building up a double-digit lead against a team they should beat regardless of situation and then blowing it in spectacular fashion. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal dives into another horrible loss, the insanity of losing to Greg Monroe and guys you've never heard of, and why they've proven over and over again that these horrible habits are just who they are at their core.
39 min
Boston Celtics lose to Milwaukee Bucks, Jayson ...
The COVID-ravaged Boston Celtics fell to the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas day. That's not such a big deal, but blowing another late lead is. John Karalis gets into the game, why Ime Udoka broke a cardinal rule when it comes to Jabari Parker, Payton Pritchard making Dennis Schröder expendable, and the late game isolation that showed Tatum and Brown need to trust their teammates more and make better reads down the stretch.
35 min
The Boston Celtics giving Ime Udoka new options...
The Boston Celtics are still kind of stuck in the same place but there's a way forward that could look a lot better. John Karalis and Keith Smith discuss the ways this COVID crisis in the NBA could provide a silver lining that gives Ime Udoka new options for his lineups.
45 min
Joe Johnson joins Boston Celtics, C's beat Clev...
Somehow, out of nowhere, Joe Johnson is a member of the Boston Celtics! John Karalis gets into that, the Celtics 110-101 in over the Cleveland Cavaliers behind Jaylen Brown's 34 points, how Robert Williams, Romeo Langford, and Payton Pritchard factored into it all, and the decisions Ime Udoka is going to have to make now that he's playing certain guys and it's paying off.
33 min
Jaylen Brown blocked a lot, the final play vs. ...
Jaylen Brown said he didn't know how to answer the question about why he's getting blocked so much right now, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal went to find out. That, plus a look at all the things wrong with that last play against the Philadelphia 76ers between Brown, Enes K. Freedom, and Ime Udoka, and the one statistic that shows we have no choice but to be patient with this team.
30 min
Boston Celtics make late mistakes, lose to Joel...
The Celtics let Joel Embiid get very comfortable early and then he burned them late with a monster game, but not one he dominated by going inside. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains how Boston blew a major opportunity to neutralize Embiid in the first quarter, why the Celtics need to make room for Payton Pritchard, The borderline good games from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and the key sequence late that ended it for Boston.
32 min
Boston Celtics lose to Golden State Warriors, b...
36 min
Mailbag! - All about Boston Celtics trades, TPE...
It's mailbag time and most of the questions had to do with the Boston Celtics making trades, their ability to make trades, how to use their TPE, and what they might get back in a Dennis Schröder trade. Also, why shooting is at the root of the issues for Boston, Robert Williams lack of offensive moves, and some advice for people aspiring to steal John's job.
37 min
Boston Celtics best trade approach, Danny Ainge...
36 min
Ime Udoka best quote ever challenging Boston Ce...
Ime Udoka's infamous film session was followed up by a big win over the Milwaukee Bucks and some great quotes afterwards that highlighted what exactly what the Celtics needed to hear. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal shares two from Udoka and one from Jaylen Brown that are the keys to the Celtics actually becoming a consistent basketball team, including one that made John want to stop the podcast and pick up a basketball right away.
29 min
Jayson Tatum drops 42, Jaylen Brown returns, Bo...
The 'film session' Celtics showed up at the TD Garden and played nearly perfectly and handed the Milwaukee Bucks a 14 point loss. John Karalis explains how a marathon film session helped refocus the team, and how the defensive play from Al Horford on Giannis Antetokounmpo and Marcus Smart on Khris Middleton won the game. Plus, Jayson Tatum's huge night could have even been better and Jaylen Brown gave everyone the space to work. And then Grant Williams is on fire, and hopefully this helps show people why patience and context are helpful
36 min
Jaylen Brown back! Boston Celtics struggling! C...
Jaylen Brown is back and -- no pressure, Jaylen -- it comes at exactly the right time. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into the reasons why it took Jaylen so long to get back and why the C's swear he's ok now. Plus, what went wrong in the Suns game and the difference between trying to answer Phoenix baskets and running their offense. And, how the Celtics are just like New Years resolutioners trying to get back into shape, and why their ability to recover is critical for the team's future.
30 min
Boston Celtics struggles, Robert Williams, path...
39 min
Boston Celtics turnovers kill them in familiar ...
The Boston Celtics did it again... falling behind by a lot to a team missing its star player, fighting back, and falling short. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through the turnover issues that destroyed Boston's chances, the real turning point, why Josh Richardson needs to start, and why this team needs to answer one honest question about itself.
25 min
Boston Celtics fall back into bad habits, get r...
The Celtics were hoping to continue their good basketball against the Lakers but L.A. had different ideas. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through why Jayson Tatum was really the only good Celtic in this game and why his early outburst might have actually been counterproductive. Plus, why Dennis Schröder really let the Celtics down, the defensive mistakes by Robert Williams and others, and why the Celtics have a real problem handling success.
29 min
Boston Celtics looking for repeat vs. Los Angel...
The Celtics win over the LA Lakers was one of their easiest of the season, so they're in Los Angeles hoping for a repeat performance. In this Locked on Celtics and Locked on Lakers crossover, John Karalis joins Brian and Andy Kamenetzky to discuss some rivalry history, Jayson Tatum's early issues, LeBron James and Anthony Davis biding their time, and more.
46 min
Boston Celtics blow out Portland Trail Blazers,...
The Celtics beat the doors off the Blazers, who were without Damian Lillard, to get a huge win behind big performances by Jayson Tatum and Dennis Schröder. Payton Pritchard was also awesome in the fourth quarter which led to hilarious technical foul. That came after a historic shooting performance by Donovan Mitchell, Mike Conley, and the Jazz, which handed the C's a tough loss. John Karalis gets into both games, and how Jayson Tatum is getting to the rim a bit easier than he used to.
33 min
Time for Marcus Smart trade? And Boston Celtics...
There was yet another suggestion that it's time to trade Marcus Smart. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal wonders why this lazy idea is happening when Smart is playing well? Plus, Jaylen Brown is out, and David Locke hops on for a crossover to preview the Celtics-Jazz game Friday night, and why the Celtics might have the right defense to give the Jazz trouble.
39 min
Boston Celtics ugly win over Philadelphia 76ers...
It didn't look great, but the Celtics came away with an 88-87 win over the Sixers in a game Joel Embiid was clearly not himself. The Celtics sort of took advantage behind early offense and late defense from Al Horford in a revenge game after a tough year in Philadelphia for him. Ime Udoka and Josh Richardson also savored this win. John Karalis runs through all of that, why the late game execution with Jayson Tatum and Dennis Schröder needs a lot of work, and the apparent reinjury of Jaylen Brown's hamstring.
34 min
Boston Celtics mailbag: Joel Embiid plan, fixin...
How are the Celtics going to handle Joel Embiid on Wednesday night? Is it time to start Grant Williams? What's behind Jayson Tatum's struggles and does he get more criticism than Jaylen Brown? Is there a way to get Evan Fournier back from the New York Knicks? John Karalis opens up a new Celtics mailbag ahead of a very tough December schedule for Boston.
32 min
Jayson Tatum's passing, Marcus Smart as point g...
We're a quarter of the way into the season, which is a good time to start looking at some trends. John Karalis looks at Jayson Tatum's evolution as a playmaker and why the Toronto game could be such an important flashpoint in his season, Marcus Smart's point guard numbers and why they support him in that starting role, and how the Celtics defense has risen to one of the league's elite.
34 min
Boston Celtics beat Toronto Raptors in most imp...
The Boston Celtics really struggled through most of this game, especially with turnovers and rebounding. But they never deviated from Ime Udoka's game plan, and their willingness to follow the script for most of the 48 minutes despite things not working well for most of that time makes this the most impressive win of the season. John Karalis explains that further before getting into some of the key individuals like Josh Richardson and Enes Kanter, and two guys people shouldn't have written off in Romeo Langford and Grant Williams. Plus, a quick look at the loss to San Antonio.
34 min
Boston Celtics blown out by Brooklyn Nets, get ...
This did not turn out to be the good basketball game we thought it might be. The Brooklyn Nets walked into the TD Garden and waxed the parquet with the Celtics from the jump. Patty Mills exploded out of the gates, Kevin Durant was unstoppable, and the Nets made it look easy. The Celtics, meanwhile, did more settling than the Pilgrims. Their intensity rose in the fourth quarter as they made their obligatory run, but it was too big a hill to climb. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses that, Jayson Tatum getting a little to caught up in the Kevin Durant matchup and everyone getting too caught up with the refs.
28 min
Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant ...
The Celtics and Nets are the two hottest teams in the East and each does something the other team struggles with. John Karalis of Locked on Celtics and Adam Armbrecht of Locked On Nets discuss the game in this crossover episode that includes Kevin Durant vs. Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart vs. James Harden, Jaylen Brown's health, and more.
47 min
Jaylen Brown returns, Boston Celtics blow out H...
Jaylen Brown returned from his hamstring injury but wasn't "normal normal" according to Ime Udoka. He still dropped 19 in a blowout Celtics win over the Rockets. John Karalis runs through the game's big stories, Jayson Tatum's fourth straight 30 point game, how Udoka switched up his fourth quarter approach to get the blowout, and why Brown didn't sound confident about his hamstring.
29 min
Boston Celtics beat LeBron James, LA Lakers, & ...
The Celtics are now 7-3 over their last 10 games after weekend wins over the Lakers and Thunder. Of course, there was a fourth quarter meltdown against a bad team, but they also beat a surprisingly passive LeBron James in front of Paul Pierce and Bill Russell. John Karalis runs through the two wins, and then previews the Rockets game with Locked On Rockets host Jackson Gatlin.
39 min