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Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

LOCKED ON CELTICS: Doing just enough to get by ...
A tale of two halves had the Celtics barely holding on to leave Charlotte with a win. John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss Tatum, Tito, Kyrie's chucking (& his awesome commercial) and why Dwight Howard sucks.
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 27: How do the Celtics...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 27: How do the Celtics and Wizards shape up in the East?
44 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS Bonus audio: Jam & Robin Lope...
Sam "Jam" Packard is a big Simpsons fan. Robin Lopez is a big Simpsons fan. In a quick bonus clip, Sam & Robin have a hilarious discussion that includes an AMAZING text sent by Robin's brother Brook. It's just 6 minutes but worth your time.
6 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 22: The C's are officia...
You know you've got problems when Michael Beasley is getting MVP chants at the free throw line. The Celtics limped out of New York officially on a slump. John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard have that covered
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 21: Sleepy C's & Killer ...
The Celtics are grinding through the worst of their schedule and they looked positively sleepy in some stretches against Miami... leaving openings for Kelly Olynyk to kill the C's with a career game. John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard have it covered.
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 20: Anthony Davis rumo...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 20: Anthony Davis rumors are back! And more
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 19: What a wild finish ...
This was one of those we're games where both teams completely blew chances to put the game away. In the end, though, the Celtics got some of their usual magic to go along with a wild finish in a magical 30 second run to close out the Pacers
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 15: Mailbag time starr...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 15: Mailbag time starring the defensive slippage
25 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 14: C's win shootout wi...
There were a couple of new heroes (Shane Larkin, Aron Baynes), one old one (Kyrie Irving) to go along with Jaylen Brown's best game in a while and Jayson Tatum's usual efficient awesomeness. John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard have it all covered
42 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 13: Mailbag on Morris i...
John Karalis tackles a fully loaded mailbag which includes whether the DPE will be used after the Morris injury, how to fix the second quarter issues, future Celtic senators, and a whole lot more.
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 12: What a disaster
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 12: What a disaster
24 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Dec 11: Ugly win in Detroit
The Boston Celtics got revenge for their earlier loss to Detroit but very little about this game was entertaining. John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard run through the few good things that happened and hand out spots on this week's Big Australian Boat.
35 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Crossover with Jeff Garcia o...
The Boston Celtics are in San Antonio to face the Spurs in a matchup of two teams that just respect the hell out of each other. John Karalis welcomes Locked On Spurs host Jeff Garcia in to talk about the Spurs and what C's fans should watch for.
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 7: Sloppy C's survive a...
This was not a particularly pretty game but it had some pretty things, which are discussed by John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard.
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 6: Mailbag on killer m...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 6: Mailbag on killer muscles, player comparisons and predictions
61 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Dec. 5: Kyrie & Al outduel Gi...
It was a battle of stars, but the Celtics have one more star than Milwaukee (though Giannis tried to do the work of two men in this one). John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard break it down
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 4: Offense up, defense...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Dec. 4: Offense up, defense down, Baynes' boat
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 1: Kyrie & Al carry C's...
The Celtics weren't particularly crisp against the Sixers, but luckily Kyrie Irving and Al Horford had awesome games to carry the Celtics past Philadelphia. John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss.
46 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 30: We talkin' bout pr...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 30: We talkin' bout practice?
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 29: Chris Forsberg add...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 29: Chris Forsberg addresses "Isaiah who?" headline, answers Celtics mailbag questions
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 28: Detroit D does its j...
Boston boasted the league's best defense coming into this game but they couldn't stop the Pistons. Meanwhile Detroit (and Avery Bradley) got Kyrie to play a very un-Kyrie game. John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard have the postgame wrap up.
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 27: 2nd half dominance ...
The Celtics are coming off back-to-back wins that included another bad first half/good second half. John Karalis and Sam Packard get into why that's happening, the return of Avery Bradley, the explosion of Tito's nickname, and the Big Australian Boat
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: A perfect Stevens quote & th...
After the Celtics streak ended, Brad Stevens dropped what might have been one single, perfect, sentence to sum up what the Celtics need to be to return to winning form. John Karalis has that and a few things you might have missed this week.
35 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 23: The streak is over....
The Celtics winning streak has ended after 16 games. Rather than lament all that went wrong in this loss, John Karalis is choosing to spend this Thanksgiving giving thanks for all the good things this streak has given us.
25 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 22: Way too early MVP ta...
Sure, the Boston Celtics have won 16 straight but the starting lineup is struggling. So is Marcus Smart and his shooting. Is the solution to make a switch in the starting lineup? John Karalis an MassLive's Jay King discuss
46 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 21: Kyrie scores 47 po...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 21: Kyrie scores 47 points, ruins Mavericks
32 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 20: Is the streak valid?
Brad Stevens, in classic Brad fashion, is trying to knock his streaking team down a peg or two by declaring the entire streak invalid. Does he have a point?
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 17: C's come back again...
The Boston Celtics won their 14th straight game, this time by outscoring the Golden State Warriors by 21 over the last 16:49 of the game. John Karalis walks us through the highs and lows of an amazing win to keep the streak alive.
41 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 16: KD's interesting K...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 16: KD's interesting Kyrie take, Celtics-Warriors mailbag
35 min
It looked sloppy and very trap-gamey at times but the Celtics managed to escape Brooklyn with their 13th win of the season. John Karalis and Sam Packard break it down.
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 14: Trap games, Tito, &...
The Celtics are riding a 12 game streak and they're facing Golden State Thursday on TNT, which makes Tuesday's game in Brooklyn a classic trap game. MassLive's Jay King and RedsArmy's John Karalis discuss
25 min
The Celtics somehow keep winning, this time thanks to big second half efforts from Marcus Smart, Al Horford, Terry Rozier, and Jayson Tatum. John Karalis and Sam Packard break down the big win over Toronto
49 min
Rainin' J's Boston Celtics Podcast Ep. 24 with ...
We celebrate Mike & Tommy's broadcast anniversary with a classic Rainin' J's episode... please enjoy this awesome interview with Mike Gorman!
57 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 9: Baynes' Balls Big to...
The Celtics ended up extremely short-handed but Aron Baynes stepped up with a career night to help the Celtics survive a sloppy performance on against Lonzo and the Lakers. John Karalis and Sam Packard have it all covered.
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 8: Lonzo-Tatum on the way
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 8: Lonzo-Tatum on the way
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 7: Tatum, Kyrie get clut...
This wasn't like the other eight wins, but the ninth straight victory was still sweet thanks to heroics from Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, and the prettiest eyes in the NBA.. Al Horford. John Karalis and Sam Packard have the whole thing covered for you
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov.6: Team effort seals 8th ...
There was nothing magical about this win in Orlando. The Celtics won a largely ugly game thanks to their usual great defense and all around offensive contributions from a lot of people
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 3: Celtics, Thunder an...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 3: Celtics, Thunder and ... Jenga
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 2: Jaylen nearly perfec...
Jaylen Brown had a nearly perfect night on offense and then Kyrie took over (AND PLAYED HIS BUTT OFF DEFENSIVELY!!) to put the Kings away. John Karalis has that and one amazing statistic that shows how fun this team is.
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Nov. 1: Okafor and the new ...
Jahlil Okafor and the new DPE possibilities
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct. 31: Kyrie, Horford, C's...
Kyrie Irving had his best performance as a Celtic, Al Horford was an all around beast, and the entire Celtics team put together a very nice, complete win over the road-weary San Antonio Spurs
49 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 30: Kyrie, Tatum and t...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard break down Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum and the defense
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct. 27: Stars step up in wi...
The young guys looked mostly young in Milwaukee, so Kyrie Irving and Al Horford decided to flex their star power to lead the Celtics to a very nice win over Giannis and the Bucks. John Karalis and Sam Packard discuss.
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Oct. 26: Locked On Bucks cros...
John Karalis and Frank Madden of the Locked On Bucks podcast get into Giannis Antetokounmpo's great start, how the Bucks development is similar yet opposite of the Celtics' at the same time, and how Boston is moving forward without Hayward.
51 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Oct. 25: Tatum & Brown shine ...
Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum continue their unbelievable start to the season with amazing performances in a blowout of the Knicks. John Karalis and Sam Packard discuss that and how Kyrie and Horford became willing subplots.
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 24: It's mailbag time
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard answer listener's questions about Kyrie Irving, Jabari Bird and more.
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 23: Philly musings & the...
John Karalis and Sam Packard get together to discuss a few things from the Philly game, what we can expect from the week ahead, and we retire the Mystery Machine to introduce Aron Baynes' Big Australian Boat!
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 20: Early reactions pl...
Kyrie Irving's shooting struggles, the emergence of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum and Chris Paul's revelation that the Celtics intrigued him this summer.
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- OCT. 19: C's falter late in ...
The Celtics suffered another tough loss, this time in their home opener, to the Bucks. John Karalis breaks down the bad and the good in this frustrating loss.
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- OCT 18: Hayward's devastatin...
Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome injury five minutes into his Celtics debut. John Karalis and Sam Packard discuss that, how the team recovered at halftime to nearly steal the game, and who might be asked to step up in Hayward's absence.
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 17: It's time for real...
Reaction to Marcus Smart's non-extension and J.R. Smith saying the Celtics are not a big threat to the Cavaliers, plus some predictions for opening night.
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 16: Tatum likely to st...
Reactions to Jayson Tatum starting, Marcus Morris' injury, and Celtics-Cavs.
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Oct. 13- with Sopan Deb
NY Times culture reporter and Celtics superfan Sopan Deb joins John Karalis to talk about how he became a Celtics fan growing up in NJ, putting together a Bill Russell documentary, the cross between sports and culture, and a LOT more
66 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 12: Kyrie, Cs crack Ho...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard break down the Celtics' season finale, gush about how the Celtics have looked so far, and react to some interesting comments by both Isaiah Thomas (who may never talk to Danny Ainge again) and Kyrie Irving (who...
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 11: More 76ers musings...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis of Red's Army give some additional thoughts on the latest Celtics-76ers preseason game (Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier!) then get into some comments Ainge delivered to Brian Robb and ESPN's weird ranking which insult...
26 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Oct 10- C's win preseason ba...
The Celtics and Sixers bench units went at it with most of the starters resting and it was Boston's guys who ran away with the game. John Karalis breaks down the best (Smart's aggressiveness, Rozier's overall game) and the worst (Markelle Fultz's free ...
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 9: Belated 76ers game ...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis of Red's Army give their belated thoughts on the Celtics' preseason win against the 76ers, react to Marcus Morris' confidence (cockiness?) about his new role, and go into a deeply personal subject.
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 6: Intrasquad scrimmag...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard draft the Celtics in hopes of finding the best intrasquad scrimmage teams. After that, the two answer mailbag questions about chemistry, Marcus Smart's next contract, and more. #RaininJs #Celtics
46 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Oct 5- the GM survey & Leagu...
John Karalis pulls MassLive's Jay King out of bar trivia tonight to go through the annual GM Survey and list their league pass teams. Enjoy the show! #Celtics #RaininJs
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 4: Smart good with ben...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis from Red's Army give belated reactions to the preseason opener (Daniel Theis! Ball movement! Length!) then discuss all the news of the day, including Marcus Smart embracing his bench role and Jaylen Brown coming aro...
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Oct. 3- Revamped Celtics win...
Finally! The new-look Celtics took to the floor and played some actual basketball. Sam Packard and John Karalis discuss everything that happened from Al-gasms, to over-passing. to the obvious beginning of Daniel Theis' Hall of Fame career! Enjoy the sh...
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 2: Open practice react...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis of Red's Army break down the entertaining, albeit not particularly useful, Boston Celtics open practice, then discuss whether Brad Stevens should name a captain. #RaininJs #Celtics
27 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 29: Danny Ainge gives...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard take mailbag questions about the depth chart, tag team possibilities, and which Celtics would be the best at other sports, then take on Danny Ainge for his new reason for making the Kyrie Irving trade. #Rainin...
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Sept. 28- Horford on playing...
Day 2 of training camp featured a lot of Al Horford talking about his own position (playing the 4 or the 5) and his new rookie teammate Jayson Tatum. RedsArmy.com's John Karalis talks about that and the re-heated debate over Jaylen Brown vs. Marcus Sma...
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 27: First day of prac...
MassLive's Jay King and the Boston Sports Journal's Brian Robb react to the first day of Boston Celtics practice and give some thoughts about a young, athletic second unit. #RaininJs #Celtics
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 26: Media day reactions!
MassLive's Jay King, John Karalis from Red's Army and Sam "Jam" Packard give their reactions to all the media day news and information. #RaininJs #Celtics
37 min
Media day is here!! That means basketball is here soon too, so John Karalis and Sam Packard ask each other silly media day questions to prepare. Enjoy the show! #Celtics #RaininJs
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Sept.22- Hayward on IT & Kyr...
Gordon Hayward released a long blog post about his decision to leave Utah which included a passage on IT that gave us feelings again. Also, Kyrie Irving gushed about Jayson Tatum, Charles Barkley said something stupid about the schedule, and refs get n...
47 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 20: Kyrie hot takes, ...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis of Red's Army give all their hot takes about Kyrie Irving's First Take appearance, then react to Jaylen Brown's comments about the team needing time to jell. #RaininJs #Celtics
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Sept. 15- Coaching challenge...
John Karalis and Sam Packard empty out a big mailbag that, among other things, gets into Brad's coaching challenges this season, whether Bradley could have been kept, Celtics boy-band names, and the starting 5 worst players since 2000. Enjoy the show!
43 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 12: Pierce warming on...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis of Red's Army react to Paul Pierce and Ray Allen's meeting, Terry Rozier's prediction of early season struggles, and Tyler Zeller's signing with the Brooklyn Nets. #RaininJs #Celtics
44 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 7: Isaiah's emotional...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard spend most of the podcast reacting to Isaiah Thomas' emotional Players Tribune article about his trade from the Boston Celtics to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Toward the end, the two co-hosts debate how Marcus Smar...
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Sept. 5- Finding Kyrie's off...
Now that Kyrie Irving is a Celtic, MassLive's Jay King and RedsArmy.com's John Karalis get together to talk about how he needs to evolve offensively in Boston and how his new teammates can help. Also, in the wake of the Rockets being sold, we wonder if...
25 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - August 31: The Kyrie trade ...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard examine the fallout of the finally-completed Kyrie Irving trade, then answer questions from listeners about questionable team chemistry, the starting lineup, and more. #RaininJs #Celtics
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - August 29: The trade stando...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis of Red's Army break down the latest updates in the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade stalemate plus the report that Thomas Robinson worked out for the Celtics. #RaininJs #Celtics
46 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: August 25- Crossover trade r...
John Karalis and Chris Manning of the Locked On Cavs show get together to dive into what each team is getting from a guy each fan base has spent a lot of time disparaging. Will Kyrie be able to flourish in a free-flowing offense? Can he handle the Bost...
53 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: August 23- the Kyrie-Isaiah ...
Kyrie Irving is a Celtic while the Cavs are adding Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder. What a wild day in the NBA and John Karalis and Sam Packard are here to give their reaction. Enjoy the show! #Celtics #
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Aug. 22- Brad's Ms. Pacman a...
Brad Stevens was on the Chris Mannix podcast talking about his classic Ms. Pacman machine as well as how he'll use a bunch of guys we traditionally know as Small Forwards. John Karalis & Sam Packard talk about that and then figure out how many games th...
49 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 17: LeBron James repor...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard react to the report that LeBron James plans to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in one year, then answer a number of Celtics mailbag questions. #RaininJs #Celtics
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: August 15- Quirky Celtics sc...
The Celtics schedule is out and it's a little on the quirky side thank to that January trip to London. John Karalis looks at how that's lead to a front-loaded schedule and why it could hurt their overall win total. Enjoy the show! #Celtics #RaininJs
22 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: August 11- Celtics to open t...
The NBA released its opening week national TV schedule as well as its Christmas Day lineup and the Celtics are featured in both. John Karalis and Sam Packard talk about how the C's will usher in the NBA season, play in the perfect Christmas Day slot, a...
27 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: August 10- Christmas games, ...
John Karalis and Sam Packard dive into a wild array of topics including Bob Cousy time traveling on his birthday, fixing everyone's weaknesses, last-second scenarios, and going with "Mook" over "Marcus" Morris. Enjoy the show! #RaininJs #Celtics
53 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 8: Jaylen in Africa, I...
MassLive's Jay King and Red's Army's John Karalis react to Jaylen Brown's showing in Africa, Isaiah Thomas' appearance at Patriots practice and the latest news on Kyrie Irving -- former Cavaliers GM David Griffin's comments that suggest the Celtics are...
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: August 2- Counting Ringzzz, ...
Michael Jordan said Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron because RINGZZZZ so that must mean Bill Russell is twice as good as anyone, right? John Karalis and Sam Packard get into that... and... a junk drawer full of IT slander, combat muscle, and melees. ...
48 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - August 1: KG trade's 10-yea...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis of Red's Army reflect on the Kevin Garnett trade 10 years after it happened; react to Jared Sullinger's continued fight with weight issues; and Jay goes on a rant against straw men in support of Isaiah Thomas. #Rai...
48 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: July 28- Mailbag on integrat...
MassLive's Jay King and Red's Army's John Karalis get into a slew of mailbag questions including the Gordon Hayward fit, contracts for Isaiah and Smart, Jayson Tatum's future, Brad's place in the league and a whole lot more. Enjoy the show! #RaininJs...
48 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - July 27: No surgery for Tho...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis from Red's Army break down the news that Isaiah Thomas will not need surgery and have a (one-sided) debate about whether the Celtics should target Kyrie Irving. #RaininJs #Celtics
49 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - July 24: How could Kyrie Ir...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard break down how Kyrie Irving's trade request could shake up the Eastern Conference -- whether the Cleveland Cavaliers fulfill the request or not. #RaininJs #Celtics
39 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: July 21- Monster mailbag fea...
RedsArmy's John Karalis dives into a mailbag to answer questions about lineups, potential trades, what if's, and invading someone's dreams. A July full of your questions gets answered in this show. Enjoy! #RaininJs #Celtics
54 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - July 19: Brian Scalabrine o...
MassLive's Jay King is joined by guest Brian Scalabrine to discuss a list of topics, including Kevin Garnett (and his craziness), Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce, the '08 championship, Scalabrine's mentality as a player, and the time Scalabrine ran a 4:45 mile...
25 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - July 18: Where does Paul Pi...
MassLive's Jay King and John Karalis from Red's Army react to the news that Paul Pierce signed a contract to retire with the Celtics, then debate where Pierce falls among the franchise's all-time list. #RaininJs #Celtics
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: July 17- Just how good are t...
While we're all excited about the potential for this team, what does the rest of the NBA think? Locked On Wizards host Ben Standig, who authored an article on this for Fanrag Sports, joins John Karalis to give an outside perspective on how the Celtics ...
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - July 14: Ante Zizic with an...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard debate whether Ante Zizic has shown much during the past three games, then talk about the strangeness of Avery Bradley's introductory press conference with the Detroit Pistons. #RaininJs #Celtics
24 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: July 12- Tatum, The Future, ...
The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor joins the Vegas podcast with John Karalis and Sam Packard for a wide-ranging discussion on Tatum, how Danny Ainge built a contender for now and later, and the wild potential for an Anthony Davis trade or John Wall departure ...
62 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: July 10- C's are done making...
The Celtics have signed Aron Baynes... finalizing their moves for the offseason. Jay King, Sam Packard, and John Karalis get together at Summer League to discuss what the moves means, who'll start, and some summer league stuff. Enjoy the show! #Rainin...
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - July 8: Avery Bradley trade...
MassLive's Jay King and Sam "Jam" Packard give an emergency podcast to react to the Boston Celtics' trade of Avery Bradley and a second-round pick for Marcus Morris.
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - July 7: Tatum vs. Mitchell ...
MassLive's Jay King goes solo to break down the Jayson Tatum-Donovan Mitchell matchup, react to the latest trade rumors and analyze Kelly Olynyk's departure to the Miami Heat. #RaininJs #celtics
21 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: July 6- Clearing the way for...
All of a sudden the Utah Jazz have decided they'd be open to a sign and trade for Gordon Hayward. John Karalis and Sam Packard get into whether that makes sense, and they get an assist from network founder David Locke (and a car full of some of podcast...
68 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - July 5: Gordon Hayward agre...
MassLive's Jay King is joined by 98.5 The Sports Hub's Brian Robb, who also runs CelticsHub, to break down the Gordon Hayward acquisition and what could come next for the Celtics. #RaininJs #Celtics
22 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: July 4- Jayson Tatum hit a g...
Jayson Tatum did something cool in his Celtics "debut" hitting a game-winner against the "Philadelphia 76'ers" and Markelle Fultz. It was fun to watch, but Jay King and John Karalis kept cool heads in reacting to his, and Jaylen Brown's, good performan...
23 min