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Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

LOCKED ON CELTICS - Jan. 11: Marcus Morris shov...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Jan. 11: Marcus Morris shoves Jaylen Brown and the Celtics lose ugly
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Jan 10: Pacers postgame
MassLive's John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard discuss the blowout win over the Pacers
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Jan 9: Ball movement, Kyrie'...
MassLive's John Karalis & The Athletic's Jay King talk about the improved ball movement and confusing comments from a Western Conference scout. Plus, Kyrie Irving taking charges and Tatum's willingness to trade himself for Anthony Davis.
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Jan 8: Nets postgame
MassLive's John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard discuss the win over Brooklyn, the balanced scoring, a lot of passing, Smart's shooting, and a lot more
39 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Jan 7: Open eyes, improved o...
MassLive's John Karalis & The Athletic's Jay King discuss Kyrie's explanation for his eye injury, an improving Celtics offense, Robert Williams losing track of time, and then hand out their weekly taco awards.
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Jan 4: Depth, trade deadline...
MassLive's John Karalis & The Athletic's Jay King discuss the Celtics depth coming around, why this trade deadline will be quiet for Boston, & Danny Ainge's shot at LeBron
42 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Jan 3: Timberwolves Postgame
MassLive's John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard discuss Gordon Hayward's monster game, the importance of getting into the paint, Al Horford's defense, and a whole lot more
41 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Jan 1: Spurs postgame
MassLive's John Karalis & The Athletic's Jay King discuss the loss to the Spurs, needing Aron Baynes, Gordon Hayward's goose egg, and more
41 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 31: The Comeback in Mem...
MassLive's John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss every aspect of the comeback in Memphis, plus the junkiest milestone we could imagine, Red Panda slander, & more
55 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 28: Rockets Postgame
MassLive's John Karalis walks us through the Rockets loss, Harden's big game, bench issues, and more
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 27; Tatum's next step & ...
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 26: Sixers postgame
MassLive's John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss the big OT Christmas Day win over Philly, Kyrie's big night, Horford's defense, Mook's importance and more.
47 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 24: Hornets postgame
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 21: Yelling at idiots
41 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 20: Suns postgame
MassLive's John Karalis & Sam Packard break down the loss to Phoenix, including how Aron Bayne's injury and Marcus Morris' absence significantly changed the course of the night.
42 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec: 19: Mailbag Time!!
MassLive's John Karalis & The Athletic's Jay King answer questions about roster moves, Robert Williams, Jaylen Brown, and pizza
43 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 18: Tough schedule ahead...
MassLive's John Karalis & The Athletic's Jay King discuss the difficult upcoming schedule, whether Boston has the blueprint to get through it, and Gordon Hayward still trying to clear health hurdles
27 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 17: Hawks, Pistons, & T...
John Karalis shares thoughts on the Pistons and Hawks games before handing out the weekly Taco Truck awards
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 14: Ainge v. Timelord & ...
John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard try to rekindle lost podcast magic while also discussing Ainge's rejection of the "TimeLord" nickname and why they're not worried about Al Horford's knee
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 13: Wizards postgame
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Dec 12: More TimeLord
John Karalis & The Athletic's Jay King dive deeper into Robert Williams' performance against New Orleans, why Jaylen Brown pissed so many teammates off, and Anthony Davis
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 11: Pelicans postgame
Marcus Morris was awesome, Jayson Tatum played like a stud, Jaylen Brown recovered from a bad game to crush the 4th quarter... and oh yeah, the TimeLord got big minutes. John Karalis & Sam Packard have it all covered
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 10: Bulls domination & ...
John Karalis & Jay King discuss the Chicago destruction & hand out tacos to the week's best performers. We're also joined by NBA forward & Locked On NBA analyst Trevor Booker to discuss locker rooms, playing with Gordon Hayward, and more.
44 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 7: Knicks postgame
The Celtics got their revenge on the Knicks but it wasn't as easy as the score might make it seem. John Karalis & Sam Packard run through the good and bad after a blowout of the Knicks.
35 min
We opened up the mailbag to discuss playoff paths, Kyrie's ability to lead a champion, Jaylen's shots selection, and contract decision. Plus, John, Jay, and Jam get very Christmasy junk questions
53 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec. 5: Marcus Smart as the ...
John Karalis & The Athletic's Jay King discuss Marcus Smart's role as emotional leader, how a bench role might help Jaylen Brown, and the latest Markelle Fultz twist
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Dec. 4: With guest James Holas
James Holas (Twitter's @SnottieDrippen) joins the show to discuss Hayward's future role and how it impacts Jaylen Brown, plus we play a game of "what have you done for me lately"
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Dec 3: Hayward's breakout, T...
John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss the ways Boston has tried to get Gordon Hayward going, the adjustments Jayson Tatum has made to his game, & Marcus Smart bringing toughness to the starting unit
42 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 30: Kyrie's D, Mook's co...
John Karalis takes us inside practice with interviews with Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris. Plus, a conversation with Locked on Cavs host Chris Manning
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 29: Starter Smart vs. Be...
Brad Stevens made the case in practice that Smart has value off the bench. Jay King and John Karalis discuss that before Jay destroys John's attempts a positive ending to the show
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 28: Kyrie REALLY likes t...
Kyrie Irving made a strong statement about starting alongside Marcus Smart. John Karalis & Jay King discuss Kyrie's comments and Terry Rozier saying he wants to get everything he deserves in free agency
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 27: Pelicans postgame
The Celtics came out and finally played like we expected them to... but with a twist! John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss the lineup tweak and the offensive attacking, and then fight about Gordon Hayward. Also, Taco Tuesday awards
47 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 26: Reacting to Mavs & H...
48 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 23: Inside the Klay Thom...
It's been on year since the infamous Klay Thompson scaffolding interview. John Karalis talks to the New York reporter, Teresa Priolo, who was blissfully unaware at the time that she was interviewing an NBA star.
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 23: Knicks Postgame
This was not great. John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard react to a brutal loss to the Knicks.
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 21: Morris sheds some l...
John Karalis & Jay King discuss Marcus Morris' comments on the state of the Celtics (told exclusively to Jay on The Athletic). They also get into Aron Baynes as a starter and Terry Rozier's cryptic tweet
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 20: Hornets postgame
Frustration still abounds in Celtics nation but Brad Stevens saw good things against Charlotte. John Karalis & Sam Packard get into the good and bad and still try to hand out the Taco Tuesday awards
44 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 19: Questioning Boston'...
44 min
With the Celtics off and no new news, today's episode features a trivia battle between Simpsons fanatics Robin Lopez of the Bulls & John Karalis, hosted by noted Simpsons fanatic Sam Packard
16 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 15: Bulls postgame
John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss a blowout win over the Chicago Bulls that saw a bunch of struggling Celtics get back on track.
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov 14: Mailbag episode: Trad...
John Karalis & Jay King get into a couple of practice notes before answering your mailbag questions about potential trades & other ways to fix the struggling C's
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 13: Lineup tweaks, maki...
John Karalis & Jay King discuss potential lineup tweaks and whether the Celtics struggles simply boil down to making shots. Also, we hand out our weekly Taco Tuesday awards!
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 12: Blazers postgame
The Celtics wrapped a disaster of a road trip with another frustrating loss. John Karalis & Sam Packard react to the deficiencies on both ends and the Jimmy Butler trade
51 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 9: Suns postgame & Hayw...
41 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov, 8: Rozier's frustration...
Rumors about frustration over roles has begun. John Karalis & Jay King discuss how frustrated Terry Rozier might be as well as Jaylen Brown's big title talk. Plus, Jay really wants to talk about beef.
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Nov. 7: Unwritten rules and R...
43 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 6: Nuggets postgame
32 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 5: Shot selection & Tat...
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 2: C's bomb away in win...
The Celtics broke a team and nearly a league 3-point shooting record in a tight win over the Bucks. John Karalis & Sam Packard discuss that, Kyrie going nuts again, & Brad's explanation of why so many different guys run the point
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Nov. 1: Kyrie evolving & Yab...
Kyrie Irving's role is evolving & the Celtics picked up Guerschon Yabusele's option. John Karalis gets into that, a surprise Jaylen Brown injury, and more.
35 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Oct. 31: Kyrie helps C's snea...
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct. 30- Theis hurt but C's ...
The Celtics have been clicking on both ends of the floor thanks to Kyrie Irving "being cool" and guys better understanding their roles. John Karalis & Jay King get into that, the surprise Daniel Theis injury, Robert Williams progression, and more
32 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct. 26: C's catch fire, com...
46 min
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct. 24: Rozier credits coac...
Terry Rozier has got Brad Stevens' back even after a low-minute game. John Karalis discusses that, Bob Cousy's visit to the team, and Paul Pierce's new vaping venture that raises interesting questions about pain treatment in the NBA
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 23: Celtics lose to Orla...
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 22: Bad offense, injurie...
All of the Rainin' J's are here for a tri-pod talking about the Celtics early offensive struggles, Hayward's soreness, Baynes' hamstring, & the Rondo-CP3 fight. Also, Taco Jay's Taco Truck makes its debut
39 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 19: Crossover show with ...
The Boston Celtics & Toronto Raptors face off in Game 2 of the season. Locked On Raptors host Sean Woodley joins John Karalis in a crossover podcast to preview the game & the season.
40 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 18: More Celtics-76ers...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 18: More Celtics-76ers reaction
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 17: Celtics beat Sixers ...
38 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct. 16: Starters, Philly pr...
John Karalis & Taco Jam Packard get into potential starters if Hayward's minutes are limited, how the opening night game against Philadelphia might go, and awards predictions for the upcoming season
50 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 15: Making leaps, trash ...
John Karalis (RedsArmy.com, Boston.com) & Jay King (The Athletic) discuss the big strides being made in practice + the mentality challenge the Celtics face. Plus, Tatum trash talks Embiid & the Sox inspire Brad Stevens
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 11: An hour (and some) w...
Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog joins John Karalis (RedsArmy.com, Boston.com) to talk about the nearly decade & a half of blogging, the current Celtics, & what drives us to keep going.
75 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 11: Butler lights up the...
45 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 10: Terry Rozier talks...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Oct. 10: Terry Rozier talks future
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 9: Smart fined, Stupid S...
Marcus Smart avoided a suspension & Phoenix fired their GM. John Karalis (RedsArmy.com & Boston.com) & Jay King (The Athletic) discuss how Ainge might be tempted by Phoenix's stupidity & Gordon Hayward's rehab documentary
32 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 8: Smart & Smith go at i...
Marcus Smart & JR Smith got into it again. John Karalis (RedsArmy.com, Boston.com) & Jay King (The Athletic) discuss their history & why this explosion seemed different. Also today: What we learned this preseason.
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 5: Kyrie is coming back
Kyrie told a Fan Fest crowd that he plans to re-sign with the Celtics. John Karalis and Sam "Jam" Packard discuss the unique timing of the announcement and the potential fallout. Plus: A hilarious Marcus Smart story
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 4: Small lineups, GM Sur...
30 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 3: Brad Stevens "unimpre...
This was not a pretty game, and Brad Stevens let his team know about it. John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard discuss that and the few positives in this game, including the Time Lord Robert Williams.
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Oct 2: Potent offense, Rozie...
John Karalis & Jay King look into where this Celtics offense might eventually go,where Terry Rozier's minutes might come from, and how Kyrie Irving is only just now happy playing basketball.
43 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: The preseason has begun!!
43 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 28: Tom Westerholm we...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 28: Tom Westerholm weighs in on Celtics' potential
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 27: Hayward, Ainge, and ...
Hayward was human on a podcast, Danny Ainge explained how hard it is to be a favorite, Mook talked about his bench role and Al Horford talked about being a 5. John Karalis & Sam Packard talked about it all.
35 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 26: Reactions from the f...
The Celtics got out there and ran some 5-on-5. John Karalis & Jay King have reaction to that, Brad Stevens installing a lot on day 1, plus Kyrie and Hayward's health.
20 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 25: Kyrie, Mook, Smart w...
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS: Kyrie & Hayward at full stre...
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 20: C's a full go, Butle...
Brad Stevens says camp will open with everyone healthy & TWolves camp might open without Jimmy Butler (what's that mean for Kyrie?) John Karalis, Jay King, & Sam Packard have that AND wild Space Jam 2 takes.
41 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 18: Rumors and Mailbag q...
John Karalis, Jay King & Sam Packard address rumors involving Jimmy Butler & Jamal Crawford before addressing some mailbag questions on shooting, boy scouts, and escape rooms
51 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 13: Jam vs. the Sport...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 13: Jam vs. the Sports Illustrated player rankings
33 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep. 12: Business school, pl...
John Karalis discusses Kyrie Irving taking a business course at Harvard, player rankings, and what Anthony Davis getting a new agent might mean
31 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep. 11: Bird's arrest, Rozi...
John Karalis of RedsArmy.com & The Athletic's Jay King discuss Jabari Bird's arrest, Terry Rozier's weekend at the Drake concert & Pats game, and KG being bilked out of $77 million
23 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 7: Ray Allen's Hall o...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 7: Ray Allen's Hall of Fame weekend begins
29 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Sep 5: Brad addresses expect...
Brad Stevens met the media in Boston and made a good point about dealing with high expectations. John Karalis talks about that, the possibility of Jayson Tatum coming off the bench and more.
24 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 4: Should the Celtics...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Sept. 4: Should the Celtics consider trading Terry Rozier?
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Aug 31: Ray Allen dredges up...
Ray Allen gave his side of the story, again, about the falling out with his old Celtics teammates. John Karalis, Jay King, and Sam "Jam" Packard discuss that, Gordon Hayward's insistence that "Daddy's Always Happy" becomes a thing
20 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 29: Kyrie and Hayward ...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 29: Kyrie and Hayward are healthy, but what's the downside?
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Aug 27 with Guest: Millyz
John Karalis is joined by Millyz, the man behind the awesome Locked On Celtics theme song. We talk about his new album, connections to the Celtics, and terrible NBA jerseys
36 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Aug. 23: Final season win tot...
John Karalis, Jay King, and Sam "Jam" Packard wrap up their game-by-game predictions and come up with a final win total for the season for the Boston Celtics
28 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Aug 22: Schedule breakdown p...
John Karalis, Jay King, and Sam Packard are all back and continuing their game-by-game breakdown of the Celtics schedule by going through January and February of 2019.
36 min
Will the G-League ever be part of an NBA challenge to the NCAA? John Karalis & Red Claws play by play voice Chris Sedenka discuss how the G-League might someday be part of a college-less development system.
24 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Aug. 20: G League with Red Cl...
The G League can be more than it is. In part 1 of John Karalis' conversation with Red Claws play by play voice Chris Sedenka, we get into Nader, Yabu, and how teams can benefit with more NBA participation
37 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 17: A glorious mailbag
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 17: A glorious mailbag
49 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Aug 15: Game-by-game schedule...
John Karalis, Jay King, and Sam Packard roll through the second quarter of the Celtics schedule to find out just how good the Celtics will be by mid-January
34 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS-Aug. 14: Game-by-game schedul...
We are going through the schedule game by game and picking wins and losses for every game! Here's part one of our four-part series from John Karalis, Jay King, & Sam "Jam" Packard. Also.. Gordon Hayward dunked on a guy!
46 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Aug 9: Some national Celtics...
The NBA unveiled a few of it's big national games and the Celtics will be heavily involved. John Karalis & Sam "Jam" Packard have that & Jam's assorted reaction to things he missed
23 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- Aug. 8: Christmas Day games ...
It looks like we know the Celtics Christmas Day opponent. John Karalis had that and reaction to the notion that Al Horford should come off the bench next season.
26 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 7: Over/unders, Moose ...
Vegas sets the over/under for Celtics wins at 57.5. John Karalis & Jay King disagree about which side to take. Also, is Toronto the right fit for Greg Monroe to be productive? And Terry Rozier reunites with his father.
21 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 1: Guess what? Kyrie w...
LOCKED ON CELTICS - Aug. 1: Guess what? Kyrie will have suitors
26 min
LOCKED ON CELTICS- July 30: Kyrie will be ready...
Kyrie Irving says he'll be ready for camp. John Karalis, Jay King, and Sam "Jam" Packard discuss the high expectations that brings, and whether Kyrie will be considered the best Celtics by the time the season is done.
37 min