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Locked On Cardinals-Round One Wideouts
Gavin breaks down the receivers the Cardinals could target in round one.
18 min
Locked On Cardinals-4/17/17-YOU NEED A NUMBER 2
Gavin breaks down the Cardinals' desperate need for a number two receiver.
12 min
Locked On Cardinals-4/11/17-SCHEDULE'S OUT!!
Gavin gives his final thoughts on the running backs ion the draft and the preseason schedule.
12 min
Locked On Cardinals-4/9/17-Whole Lot of Running...
Gavin breaks down the back end of the deepest running back class in recent memory.
13 min
Locked On Cardinals-4/9/17-Kamara vs. Mixon
Gavin breaks down the running backs the Cardinals could potentially take in rounds two or three.
18 min
Locked On Cardinals-4/5/17-Bulldozers and Boneh...
Gavin breaks down running backs the Cardinals could target in round one, or maybe they shouldn't at all?
17 min
Locked On Cardinals-4/4/14-How Much Is Too much...
Gavin breaks down the Cardinals running back depth chart, just how incredible David Johnson's season was and why they should cut down on his work load.
14 min
Locked On Cardinals-3/28/17
Gavin breaks down the later round QB options for the Cardinals and his recommendation on who they should take.
20 min
Locked On Cardinals-3/27-Golden Domers and Red ...
Gavin breaks down three more QB's the Cardinals could draft
17 min
Locked on Cardinals-3/26/17-Mitch or Deshaun
Gavin explains why this draft is a turning point for the Cardinals franchise and then breaks down the two QB's the Cardinals could potentially take in round one.
21 min
Locked On Cardinals-3/23/17-Bird Slingers
Gavin breaks down the Cardinals current QB situation
14 min
Locked On Cardinals-3/22/17-New Birds And Old H...
Gavin breaks down who the Cardinals resigned, the new guys they brought in and unleashes a rant on the presumably unsuspecting Antoine Bethea.
18 min
Locked On Cardinals-3/20/17-Winter Migration
Gavin Schall breaks down the Cardinals free agency departures
16 min
Locked On Cardinals-3/17/17-Fantasy Birds
Gavin welcomes on Sporting News' Vinnie Iyer to see if David Johnson can replicate his incredible fantasy season, whether Carson Palmer can still be a fantasy starter and sort out which receivers have value.
24 min
Locked On Cardinals-1/11/17-Drafting Champions
After a two week hiatus Gavin returns to break down the top Cardinals' draft targets from Clemson and Alabama.
20 min
Locked On Cardinals-12/17-Locked On Crossover
Gavin Schall brings on Locked On Saints Roy Anderson to break down why Drew Brees is struggling and which underachieving team is going to make their season a little more bearable Sunday.
13 min
Locked On Cardinals-12/16-Goodbye Michael Floyd...
Gavin breaks down Michael Floyd's departure then dives into the Saints game.
14 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/12/16-The Death Blow
Gavin gives his post-game reaction to the Dolphins loss essentially eliminating the Cardinals from playoff contention.
14 min
Locked On Cardinals -11/9-Who wants McCaffrey ?
Gavin breaks down just how incredible David Johnson's numbers are this season and questions if Christian McCaffrey would be a good Robin to his Batman.
16 min
Locked On Cardinals-12/2-Nepotism On Special Te...
Gavin is by Cardinals Source Editor Kerry Crowley, to discuss how the reshuffled offensive line held up against the Falcons, the shaky future of the wide receivers, continued special teams flubs and the Washington Redskins.
17 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/30-More Of The Same
Gavin breaks down the roots of the Cardinals latest disappointment and why it's more of the same.
21 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/26
Gavin gives a final game preview for the Falcons and a prediction.
20 min
Locked On Cardinals
Gavin brings back Cardinals Source reporter Kerry Crowley to figure out if there's anyway to turn this season around, what this offseason will be like if there isn't and talking this week's Falcons game.
14 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/22-Talking In Cliches
Gavin talks about Bruce Arians health scare and then breaks down the playoff race using his trademark combination of advanced metrics, schedule analysis and cliches.
14 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/17-Locked On Vikings Cro...
Gavin brings on Locked On Vikings Sam Ekstrom to break down the Vikings hot start and subsequent losing streak including Sam Bradford surpassing expectations, one of the league's worst offensive lines, who wins the Stefan Diggs-Patrick Peterson matchup...
24 min
Locked On Cardinals-11-16-RomoTo Fitz For Six!
Gavin gives all the news of the day, breaks down the defense against the 49ers and talks about the possibility of Tony Romo in Cardinal Red.
19 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/15-Now And Tomorrow
Gavin talks about nepotism at the punter spot, who to bring off IR and the present and future of the offense.
15 min
Locked On Cardinals-Film Study
Gavin Schall brings on Cardinals Source EIC Kerry Crowley to discuss the team's offensive inconsistency, how the passing game temporarily found it’s stride, why David Johnson has been under 3 yards a carry the last two weeks, continued struggles at the...
20 min
Locked On Cardinals-49ers Made Up Mailbag
Gavin gives injury updates on John Brown and Tyrann Mathieu and then launches into his made up mailbag including if David Johnson can hold on to the AP yards title.
16 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/9/16-Niners Bye!
Gavin talks about where the Cardinals rank amongst disappointing contenders, then breaks down the 49ers struggles to date.
15 min
Locked On Cardinals-Bad Election Analogies
Gavin compares the Cardinals playoff run to the election (poorly) and then takes a look at what trends from the first half of the season we should expect to continue into the second.
22 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/05-Value Picks
Gavin Schall talks about Tony Jefferson's value, breaks down who the Cardinals could target in next years draft and answers your made up questions.
18 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/4-WE'RE IN FIRST
Gavin gives a history lesson on the Arizona Cardinals and how they came to have the longest stretch of futility across all four major sports, then breaks down the playoff race.
16 min
Locked On Cardinals-11/01-Grading The Defense
Gavin gives his take on Cam Newton complaining about his safety, touches on the replay snafu and grades the defense.
18 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/31-Blame It On The OL
Gavin grades the entirety of the Cardinals offense and says I told you so in light of the team's 30-21 defeat to the Carolina Panthers.
23 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/28-Telling It Like It Is
Gavin Schall brings on Cronkite Sports reporter Kristina Vicario to talk about her experiences covering Bruce Arians press conferences, being in the truck for Monday Night Football and how the Cardinals respond emotionally from their brutal tie.
19 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/27-Madeup Mailbag
Gavin gives you all the Cardinals news of the day and then answers the questions you didn't ask him.
17 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/25-On To Carolina
Gavin gives the daily news on the Cardinals, rants about overtime rules and looks ahead to the team's next opponents the Carolina Panthers
16 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/24-What Did We Just Watch?
Gavin Schall brings on Cardinals Source Editor in Chief Kerry Crowley to break down the Cardinals horrific 6-6 Sunday night tie and find out what exactly went so wrong on special teams.
21 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/21-What Up Seattle Part ...
Gavin continues his conversation with Locked On Seahawks host Vince Verhei, discussing what makes David Johnson so special, what to expect from Carson Palmer at this point in his career and just how good the Cardinals passing defense has been and could...
22 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/20-What Up Seattle
Gavin brings on Locked On Seahawks Host and Football Outsiders Assistant Editor Vince Verhei on to talk Seahawks, how they matchup with the Cardinals and just how that defense has remained so good.
17 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/19-A Bird Of A Different...
Gavin gives a first look at the Seahawks and what factors will dictate the matchup.
17 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/18-An A For Effort
Gavin grades the Cardinals 28-3 victory over the New York Jets.
20 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/17-Red Birds And Gang Gr...
Gavin teams up with Locked On Jets Host John Butchko, to preview MNF and talk both teams futures.
34 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/14-Is this just a fantasy?
Gavin goes in on how he feels about the Cardinals roster from a fantasy football perspective and than in sticking with the theme answers the questions you didn't ask him.
22 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/13-Something Not So Chill
Gavin breaks down the Cardinals surprisingly dire playoff odds and finds a scenario in which the team could still make the post-season
13 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/12-Grounded Jets
Gavin breaks down a moderately wild weekend in Vegas, the Jets' season so far and what the Cardinals can do to exploit their weaknesses.
18 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/10-Carson's Peak
Gavin takes a step back from the game to game minutiae and breaks down whether the stats say Carson Palmer has peaked or not and what the Cardinals can do to maximize his skill set today.
15 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/7-A Win Is A Win Is A Win
Gavin brings on Cardinals Source Editor, Kerry Crowley to break down every aspect of the team's 33-21 victory over the San Francisco 49ers and the team's playoff odds after the win.
23 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/6-Golden Gate Blues
28 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/5-The Made Up Mailbag
19 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/5-The Made Up Mailbag
13 min
Locked On Cardinals-10/4-Guaging The Competition
15 min
Locked On Cardinals-It's Stanton Time!
Gavin breaks down the Cardinals disappointing 17-13 defeat to the Los Angeles Rams and the litany of negatives that came with it.
15 min