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Justin Garcia, Camille Davis and Frank Madden give you a daily look into all things Milwaukee Bucks, providing analysis of every Bucks game, player and rumor. Oh, and did we mention Giannis Antetokounmpo? Yep, lots of him, too. Having covered the Bucks at a variety of media outlets, Justin, Camille and Frank dive into the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA in Locked on Bucks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Bucks 10/14/19: Bucks depth produces ...
31 min
Locked on Bucks 10/13/19: Kane and Frank tip-of...
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/11/19: A brand new era (Ep...
Frank and Eric get together to introduce the new host of Locked on Bucks and then reminisce on the good times.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/10/19: Bucks dominating in ...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks home (preseason) opener against the Jazz and what they have learned about the Bucks thus far through a scrimmage and two preseason games.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/8/19: The preseason is here...
With a late finish and ride home from Chicago, Eric goes solo and breaks down the Bucks first preseason action, as well as the team's open scrimmage on Sunday.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/3/19: Training Camp glimpse...
With only short looks at what's happening in Bucks training camp, Frank and Eric try to figure out what to focus on in the opening week of the NBA season.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/1/19: MEDIA DAY! (Ep #649)
Media Day is here, which means the season is here, which means Frank and Eric are wading through optimism and happy feelings.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/26/19: Talking about preseas...
Frank and Eric comb through the preseason player rankings that are incredibly popular this time of year and figure out if Bucks players were ranked fairly.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/25/19: Tampering fine for ta...
Frank and Eric try to figure out why exactly the Bucks were fined for telling the world they plan on offering Giannis Antetokounmpo a supermax contract.
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/12/19: World Cup coming to a...
Frank and Eric try to figure out what seemingly went wrong for each member of the Bucks participating in the 2019 FIBA World Cup.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/4/19: We're back with World ...
Frank and Eric finally return from vacation and break down what they are seeing from the Bucks players participating in the 2019 FIBA World Cup.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/16/19: July Mailbag, Part 7 ...
Frank and Eric finally get to the bottom of their July mailbag and wrap it up before Eric heads off to Australia.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/15/19: July Mailbag, Part 6 ...
After a week of vacation, Frank and Eric are back to answer more questions from their never-ending July mailbag.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/4/19: July Mailbag, Part 5 (...
Frank and Eric keep digging into the mailbag for the fifth straight day.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/1/19: July Mailbag, Part 4 (...
It is now August, but the July Mailbag has not yet been finished up, so Frank and Eric dig even deeper into it.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/29/19: July Mailbag, Part 3 ...
Frank and Eric fail to see an end in sight for the mailbag, but keep moving forward.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/26/19: July Mailbag, Part 2 ...
Frank and Eric take a quick detour to discuss the Bucks addition of Dragan Bender before digging deeper into their massive mailbag full of questions.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/25/19: July Mailbag, Part 1 ...
Frank and Eric start wading through a massive mailbag full of questions from all of you.
70 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/23/19: Korver to Milwaukee, ...
Frank and Eric break down the significance of the Bucks adding veteran wing Kyle Korver.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/18/19: Offseason recap from ...
Frank and Eric discuss what they believe they learned from Bucks general manager Jon Horst's conversation with Eric at The Athletic.
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/16/19: Summer League Wrap-up...
Without Frank, Eric rolls through what has happened with the Bucks free agent signings in the last week and also looks at what happened at Summer League.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/8/19: Kawhi Leonard leaves T...
Frank and Eric take a look at how the Eastern Conference changed when Leonard chose to go home to the Clippers and what adding Giannis Antetokounmpo's brother to the roster means for the Bucks.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/3/19: The Bros Lo and Wesley...
Frank and Eric take a little more time to discuss the impact of putting the Lopez brothers together in Milwaukee before trying to figure out how Wesley Matthews may fit with the Bucks.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/1/19: DAY 1 OF NBA FREE AGEN...
What just happened?
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/27/19: Free Agency Rumor Rou...
Frank and Eric try to wrap up all the rumors they have seen on the Internet about the Bucks' big three free agents.
58 min