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Kane Pitman and Frank Madden give you a daily look into all things Milwaukee Bucks, providing analysis of every Bucks game, player and rumor. Oh, and did we mention Giannis Antetokounmpo? Yep, lots of him, too. Having covered the Bucks at a variety of media outlets, Kane and Frank dive into the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA in Locked on Bucks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Bucks, 3/2/18: Bucks sign Shabazz (hu...
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/1/18: Bucks disappoint in De...
The Bucks were so bad Frank refused to podcast, so Eric took the recap by himself...sort of.
13 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/28/18: Bucks can't comeback ...
Frank and Eric break down the Bucks' attempt at a comeback against the Wizards that ultimately fell short on Tuesday night.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/27/18: Reviewing Jabari Park...
Frank and Eric talk about Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo's current situations.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/26/18: Exhilarating Raptors ...
Before the weekend, a split might have been okay, but not after Friday's rousing victory.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/23/18: All-Star Break MAILBA...
After previewing the Bucks' weekend slate, we get back to your questions.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/22/18: All-Star Break MAILBA...
The Bucks still haven't played basketball, but you still have questions we've yet to answer.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/21/18: All-Star Break MAILBA...
The Bucks don't play until Friday, which means we have more than enough time for a mailbag of a bunch of your questions.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/19/18: All-Star Weekend Revi...
Never Trust Team Stephen.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/16/18: Defense optional in B...
The Bucks scored 123 points and lost by 11 points.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/15/18: Brandon Jennings in O...
Brandon Jennings is not a Buck, but he is an NBA free agent nominally associated with the organization.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/14/18: Bucks eke one out ove...
It was ugly, but it was a win.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/13/18: #BuyoutSZN/Snell's St...
Before previewing the Bucks and Hawks, Frank and Eric hop around with a couple other topics.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/12/18: Weekend split in Flor...
The Bucks stuck to the script over the weekend, falling to the Heat and beating the Magic.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/9/18: Quiet Trade Deadline i...
Milwaukee was quiet at the deadline, but how did the activity of other teams affect the Bucks?
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/8/18: Trying to figure out t...
The Bucks have already made two trades, so does that mean it will be a quiet trade deadline in Milwaukee?
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/7/18: Giannis jumps over a d...
Giannis Antetokounmpo jumped over Tim Hardaway Jr. on an alley-oop from Khris Middleton.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/6/18: A Zeller's Market (Ep ...
We prepared a full podcast and then the Bucks decided to trade Rashad Vaughn and a protected second round pick to the Nets for Tyler Zeller.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/5/18: Jabari Parker returns ...
Jabari Parker was the weekend headliner, but there was a lot more to discuss about the wins over the Knicks and Nets.
63 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/2/18: Injuries + Missed Shot...
Nothing went right against the Timberwolves on Thursday night.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/1/18: Frank is back, plus Wo...
After a couple days away from the podcast, Frank makes his illustrious return to the podcast.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/31/18: Discussing the Future...
Friend of the show Pratik Patel from ESPN Milwaukee makes his debut as guest host and considers the Bucks' future with Eric.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/30/18: Bucks outlast Sixers ...
The Sixers kept the Bucks from running them out of the building in the fourth quarter, but Milwaukee kept making plays to beat Philly.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/29/18: Weekend Recap with @A...
Our friend Dean Maniatt (@AllTheBucks) stops by to discuss what's different now that Joe Prunty is the head coach in Milwaukee.
57 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/26/18: MAILBAG!, part 2 (Ep ...
You stuffed the Locked on Bucks mailbag to such an extent, it took us two days to get through all the questions.
87 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/25/18: Kidd Fired MAILBAG! (...
With so much happening this week, we decided to figure out what you want to know with a mailbag.
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/24/18: Kidd fallout, plus Lo...
There were a lot of reactions to Jason Kidd's firing around the country and we reacted to many of them.
64 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/23/18: Bucks fire Jason Kidd...
The Bucks played a basketball game on Monday night and it didn't matter to anyone because Jason Kidd is no longer the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.
63 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/22/18: Giannis out, Bucks lo...
On Saturday morning, we learned Giannis Antetokounmpo would be out for the next two games, which means we got our third look at the Giannis-less Bucks on Saturday night.
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/19/18: Giannis starts a seco...
Giannis Antetokounmpo finished second only to LeBron James in All-Star voting.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/18/18: Bucks bested by Heat....
This was a dumb basketball game between the Bucks and Heat.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/17/18: Revisiting Preseason ...
We're halfway through the season, so we decided to look back at our preseason predictions.
67 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/16/18: Bucks bounce back aga...
After an ugly loss to the Heat, the Bucks needed a win against the Wizards and that's what they got.
20 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/15/18: Bad Bucks Weekend (Ep...
A bad 4th quarter against the Warriors + a bad game in Miami = one bad Bucks weekend.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/12/18: Warriors preview, plu...
The Bucks will always have 24-1, but do the Bucks actually make things difficult for the Warriors?
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/11/18: Bucks take care of bu...
It wasn't perfect, but it got done.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/10/18: Struggles with consis...
Will the Bucks bring it against the Magic on Wednesday?
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/9/18: Bucks embarrassed them...
The Bucks played one good quarter of basketball, so we spent one quarter of our podcast talking about them.
69 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/8/18: Recapping a wild Bucks...
Frank and Eric break down all of the Bucks roster moves and a weekend back-to-back against two Eastern Conference contenders.
74 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/5/18: Captain Giannis, plus ...
Seemingly over night, Giannis Antetokounmpo has become the most popular basketball player in the world.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/4/18: Bucks boatrace Pacers ...
The Bucks haven't had many blowouts this year, but they put one together on Wednesday night and gave Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton a break.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/3/18: Where are the blowouts...
Are there any underlying reasons for the Bucks lack of blowouts?
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/2/18: Bucks can't close out ...
The Bucks trailed, then led, then trailed, then led again, but ultimately lost to the Raptors.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/1/18: A New Year's Eve Chat ...
Instead of going out and reveling in a New Year's celebration, Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks with Dean Maniatt (@AllTheBucks).
81 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/29/17: Bucks come back and ...
Mistakes were made, players were benched for mistakes, and the Bucks came back to win in the end.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/28/17: Big Man rumors, plus...
Another week, another rumor connecting the Bucks to a big man.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/27/17: Bucks embarrassed by...
It appears the Bucks did not learn anything from their 115-109 loss to the Bulls 11 days ago because they did it again on Tuesday.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/26/17: Bucks split against ...
The Bucks get just one out of two against the Hornets, but the loss may not be the most significant event of the weekend.
46 min
Locked on Bucks: 12/22/17: New jerseys, expecta...
Before getting you ready for a weekend against the Hornets, Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks' newest jerseys and realistic expectations for their roster.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/21/17: Could the Bucks have...
With an off-day, Frank and Eric explore the possibility of Eric Bledsoe or Khris Middleton being named to the All-Star Team this year.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/20/17: Bucks beat Cavs in a...
Despite a scoreless drought that lasted six minutes in the fourth quarter, the Bucks toppled the Cavaliers on Tuesday night.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/19/17: Thoughts on Teletovi...
Before previewing the Bucks game against the Cavaliers, Frank and Eric take a look at the recent roster moves.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/17/17: Disappointing weeken...
Lesson One: Never trust the Bucks.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/14/17: Bucks can't score wi...
It was a high-scoring affair in New Orleans, but the Bucks just couldn't keep up, falling 115-108 to the Pelicans on Wednesday.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/13/17: Pelicans preview & M...
The Bucks place in the East, Jabari Parker's place on the Bucks and more of your questions answered...
89 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/12/17: MAILBAG TIME! (Part ...
You sent us a bunch of questions and we answered them, even though it took us five hours.
66 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/11/17: Bucks flip the scrip...
The Bucks struggled against the Mavs and Jazz on the road in November, but took care of business in Milwaukee over the weekend.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/8/17: What Up with Thon Mak...
Eric and Frank discuss Thon Maker's sophomore season and then preview the Bucks' upcoming games on Friday and Saturday.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/7/17: Bucks close it out la...
Despite making it interesting in the final 30 seconds, the Bucks were able to close out their second victory over the Pistons on the season.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/6/17: JET grounded, Bucks p...
Frank and Eric take a closer look at the third matchup of the season between the Bucks and Pistons.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/5/17: Bucks can't break old...
After winning three straight with a different gameplan, the Bucks try the same old thing in Boston with disastrous results.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/4/17: Bucks hold on against...
The Bucks have won three straight games, but can they keep it going against the league's best team?
59 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/1/17: A Big 3 night beats t...
Bucks fans finally got to see what it looked like when Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eric Bledsoe, and Khris Middleton all played well on the same night.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/30/17: More trade rumors, p...
Recent injuries have turned DeAndre Jordan into a possible trade candidate, but does Milwaukee make any sense as a destination?
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/29/17: Bucks win convincing...
After a week of ugly basketball, the Bucks boatrace the Kings 112-87 in Sacramento on Tuesday night.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/28/17: Fizdale fired in Mem...
What does the Grizzlies firing David Fizdale tell us about the Bucks and Jason Kidd?
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/27/17: Bucks **mess** it up...
On Saturday night, the Bucks gave up 18-of-32 three point shooting to the Utah Jazz and lost 121-108.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/23/17: Bucks thankful to wi...
It wasn't a pretty game, but the Bucks were able to eek out a win against the Suns in overtime on Wednesday night.
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/22/17: Herd>Bucks, Bledsoe ...
At least one pro basketball team in Wisconsin is up to good things right now
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/21/17: Bucks lose to Wizard...
The Bucks struggled mightily in Milwaukee two days after they struggled mightily in Dallas.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/20/17: Dallas Disaster & Wi...
Everything went terribly wrong in Dallas, but will things be better on Monday against the Wizards?
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/17/17: A closer look at the...
How has the outlook for the rest of this Bucks season changed with the addition of Eric Bledsoe?
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/16/17: Middleton and Bledso...
After falling in their first meeting in Detroit, the Bucks enact a little revenge with a 99-95 victory over the Pistons in Milwaukee.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/15/17: KG schools Thon, Pis...
Another matchup with the surging Pistons figures to be a good measuring stick for Eric Bledsoe and the Bucks
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/14/17: Giannis perseveres a...
The Grizzlies did everything they could to slow down Giannis Antetokounmpo, but ultimately the Bucks pulled out a 110-103 win with some help from Antetokounmpo's friends.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/13/17: Bledsoe's Debut
Three days of talk led up to Eric Bledsoe's Bucks debut in a back-to-back against the Spurs and Lakers over the weekend.
61 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/10/17: Bledsoe MAILBAG (and...
We asked for your lingering questions about the Bucks' trade for Eric Bledsoe and you delivered!
69 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/9/17: Eric Bledsoe's fit in...
Eric Bledsoe should make the Bucks better now. But is it a winning bet in the big picture?
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/8/17: Giannis soars, Bucks'...
Giannis, Khris and the Bucks offense couldn't overcome another wretched defensive performance
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/7/17: EMERGENCY POD - Eric ...
The Milwaukee Bucks have reportedly traded for Suns guard Eric Bledsoe.
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/7/17: Bucks face slumping C...
Are the Bucks *bad enough* to beat the Cavs?
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/6/17: Let's talk about Jaso...
The Bucks' third loss in a row and continued defensive struggles have done nothing to blunt doubts about Milwaukee's coaching
69 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/3/17: Giannis the chessmast...
Distracting Giannis Antetokounmpo from basketball is no small task.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/1/17: Defenseless Bucks was...
The Bucks' defense grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory against the Hornets
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/1/17: No help for Giannis a...
Jason KIdd's club looked unprepared and overwhelmed ahead of a difficult road trip
53 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/31/17: Giannis vs. Westbroo...
The Giannis MVP campaign faces its next challenge: beating the reigning MVP
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/30/17: Giannis/Khris power ...
Greg Monroe is hurt, but it might not matter much for the Bucks
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/27/17: MECCA lives up to hy...
The MECCA made a great stage for basketball Thursday night. Now if only the Bucks had been ready for it.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/26/17: More Bledsoe talk, M...
What are the odds of Eric Bledsoe actually landing in Milwaukee -- and should Jabari Parker be on the table to make it happen?
79 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/25/17: Eric Bledsoe trade t...
Eric Bledsoe won't be wearing a Suns jersey anymore, but what would it take to put him in green and cream?
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/24/17: Giannis does Giannis...
It wasn't pretty, but the Bucks move to 3-1 against an undermanned Hornets team
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/22/17: GIANNIS IS EVERYTHIN...
Is Giannis Antetokounmpo a real human or a figment of Bucks fans' collective imagination? WE DISCUSS
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/20/17: Giannis vs. LeBron p...
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/19/17: Giannis dominates Ce...
Giannis dominates and the Bucks' point guards best Kyrie Irving in a memorable season opener in Boston.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/18/17: Bucks-Celtics previe...
The Bucks open the 17/18 season against a Celtics team reeling from the loss of Gordon Hayward
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/17/17: Bucks 17/18 Over/Und...
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/16/17: Bucks-Pistons and RJ...
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/13/17: Bucks 17/18 Over/Und...
Giannis is bigger and Khris is healthier, but what does that mean for their games in 17/18?
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/11/17: Steve von Horn and J...
We conclude our three-party conversation with Steve von Horn and Jeremy Schmidt by looking at which league-wide trends we think will matter the most.
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/10/17: Giannis returns, doe...
Frank and special guest Mitchell Maurer review Giannis Antetokounmpo's preseason debut, the Bucks' defensive issues in Chicago and the THRILLING race for the final roster spot. PLUS: does Joel Embiid's $148 million contract extension suggest anything a...
59 min