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Locked On Bucks – Daily Podcast On Th...
<p>Kane Pitman and Frank Madden give you a daily look into all things Milwaukee Bucks, providing analysis of every Bucks game, player and rumor. Oh, and did we mention Giannis Antetokounmpo? Yep, lots of him, too.. Having covered the Bucks at a variety of media outlets, Kane and Frank dive into the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA in Locked on Bucks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #nba #bucks</p>
Locked on Bucks 12/8/19: Emergency-ish pod - Bu...
Emergency-ish pod - Bucks dismantle Clippers Part 1
35 min
Locked on Bucks 12/6/19: What's scarier, the Cl...
What's scarier, the Clippers offense or defense? Your Bucks-Clippers preview
30 min
Locked on Bucks 12/5/19: The Pistons poked the ...
The Pistons poked the bear and it didn't end well, plus what is the ceiling for Giannis' 3PA?
51 min
Locked on Bucks 12/4/19: Matt Velazquez joins L...
Matt Velazquez joins LOB - 70-win pace, insight and injury updates from the team and Bud giving out hugs at practice
38 min
Locked on Bucks 12/3/19: Complete domination as...
Complete domination as win streak extends to 12
37 min
Locked on Bucks 12/2/19: **PART 2** Bucks compl...
Bucks complete best November in franchise history but when will Giannis get a rest?
22 min
Locked on Bucks 12/2/19: **PART 1** Bucks compl...
Bucks complete best November in franchise history but when will Giannis get a rest?
39 min
Locked on Bucks 11/29/19: Post Turkey pod - Do ...
Post Turkey pod - Do we feel better or worse about the Bucks after 18 games?
24 min
Locked on Bucks 11/28/19: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! G...
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Giannis v Jabari, Khris returns and the Bucks keep winning
38 min
Locked on Bucks 11/27/19: QUESTIONS: Where does...
QUESTIONS: Where does Giannis' 50 burger rank? And Khris Middleton is BACK, but what does that mean for the rotation?
44 min
Locked on Bucks 11/26/19: Giannis drops a 50 bu...
Giannis drops a 50 burger on the Jazz
54 min
Locked on Bucks 11/25/19: Bucks beat Pistons to...
Bucks beat Pistons to move 1.5 games clear at the top of the East with Utah up next
54 min
Locked on Bucks 11/22/19: Giannis posts first 2...
Giannis posts first 20-15-15 game in franchise history as Bucks move to the top of the East
63 min
Locked on Bucks 11/21/19: Bucks beat Hawks as G...
Bucks beat Hawks as Giannis owns third and Bledsoe owns fourth and oh hello DJ WIlson!
46 min
Locked on Bucks 11/20/19: Andrew Bogut joins LO...
Andrew Bogut joins LOB - Post-draft pressure, the coaching carousel, why he came back so soon from THAT injury and 8th seed of bust Bucks
36 min
Locked on Bucks 11/19/19: Giannis holds off Bul...
Giannis holds off Bulls and officials, DiVincenzo and Brown continue to emerge and where in the world is Wes Matthews?
48 min
Locked on Bucks 11/18/19: The Giannis highlight...
The Giannis highlight machine visits Indiana as Bucks defense stifles Pacers
50 min
Locked on Bucks 11/15/19: Giannis and Bledsoe d...
Giannis and Bledsoe drop 30+ as Bucks beat Bulls and a Pacers preview
46 min
Locked on Bucks 11/14/19: Bud hints at new star...
Bud hints at new starting lineup, the Sixers big problem and free-throw or half-court with Leigh Ellis!
31 min
Locked on Bucks 11/13/19: Leigh Ellis from 'No ...
Leigh Ellis from 'No Dunks' joins LOB to talk Bucks and his journey into NBA media
38 min
Locked on Bucks 11/12/19: What can we expect wi...
What can we expect with Khris Middleton set to miss 3-4 weeks?
47 min
Locked on Bucks 11/11/19: Giannis drops 30 in f...
Giannis drops 30 in five straight games as Bucks complete 3-1 road trip out west
62 min
Locked on Bucks 11/8/19: Alex Lasry joins LOB: ...
Alex Lasry joins LOB: Load management, Malcolm Brogdon, luxury tax, ASW in Milwaukee and PLENTY of Giannis
37 min
Locked on Bucks 11/7/19: Bucks beat LA nightlif...
Bucks beat LA nightlife with Giannis triples and George Hill dunks
43 min
Locked on Bucks 11/6/19: Kawhi is OUT, the Khri...
Kawhi is OUT, the Khris Middleton question and college sports.
35 min
Locked on Bucks 11/5/19: Crooked hoops in Minne...
Crooked hoops in Minneapolis fail to slow down Giannis on a career night for DDV
46 min
Locked on Bucks 11/4/19: Dominant weekend from ...
Dominant weekend from Giannis and an injection of youth spark Bucks.
54 min
Locked on Bucks 11/1/19: Insight from Brian But...
Insight from Brian Butch, Bucks road trip and NBA FIGHTS!
38 min
Locked on Bucks 10/31/19: Bucks blow another bi...
Milwaukee collapse in the second half, fall to 2-2 on the season
43 min
Locked on Bucks 10/30/19: Halloween, Free-throw...
Halloween costumes, free-throws, the Kyle Korver effect and the Celtics!
31 min
Locked on Bucks 10/29/19: Bucks pull away late ...
Bucks pull away late over Cleveland as some defensive struggles surface in the first quarter
39 min
Locked on Bucks 10/28/19: Bucks icy second half...
Bucks drop their home opener to Miami, as Giannis fouls out again.
50 min
Locked on Bucks 10/25/19: Giannis' triple-doub...
The Bucks tipped off their season with a big win in Houston. Kane and Frank take recap a monster night for Giannis and some clutch shooting down the stretch.
54 min
Locked on Bucks 10/24/19: Previewing the SEASO...
Matt Velazquez joins Kane to preview the season opener against Houston.
37 min
Locked on Bucks 10/23/19: Annual preseason over...
'Part Three' of the over/under episodes, where the early 2019/20 Milwaukee Bucks season takes are put on the record.
50 min
Locked on Bucks 10/22/19: Annual preseason over...
'Part Two' of the over/under episodes, where the early 2019/20 Milwaukee Bucks season takes are put on the record.
36 min
Locked on Bucks 10/21/19: Annual preseason over...
'Part One' of the over/under episodes, where the early 2019/20 Milwaukee Bucks season takes are put on the record.
38 min
Locked on Bucks 10/17/19: Bucks finish preseaso...
Bucks finish preseason undefeated as some rotation hints are revealed (Ep #658)
55 min
Locked on Bucks 10/16/19: Bucks radio network h...
42 min
Locked on Bucks 10/15/19: The pressure of unfam...
28 min
Locked on Bucks 10/14/19: Bucks depth produces ...
31 min
Locked on Bucks 10/13/19: Kane and Frank tip-of...
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/11/19: A brand new era (Ep...
Frank and Eric get together to introduce the new host of Locked on Bucks and then reminisce on the good times.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/10/19: Bucks dominating in ...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks home (preseason) opener against the Jazz and what they have learned about the Bucks thus far through a scrimmage and two preseason games.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/8/19: The preseason is here...
With a late finish and ride home from Chicago, Eric goes solo and breaks down the Bucks first preseason action, as well as the team's open scrimmage on Sunday.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/3/19: Training Camp glimpse...
With only short looks at what's happening in Bucks training camp, Frank and Eric try to figure out what to focus on in the opening week of the NBA season.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/1/19: MEDIA DAY! (Ep #649)
Media Day is here, which means the season is here, which means Frank and Eric are wading through optimism and happy feelings.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/26/19: Talking about preseas...
Frank and Eric comb through the preseason player rankings that are incredibly popular this time of year and figure out if Bucks players were ranked fairly.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/25/19: Tampering fine for ta...
Frank and Eric try to figure out why exactly the Bucks were fined for telling the world they plan on offering Giannis Antetokounmpo a supermax contract.
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/12/19: World Cup coming to a...
Frank and Eric try to figure out what seemingly went wrong for each member of the Bucks participating in the 2019 FIBA World Cup.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/4/19: We're back with World ...
Frank and Eric finally return from vacation and break down what they are seeing from the Bucks players participating in the 2019 FIBA World Cup.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/16/19: July Mailbag, Part 7 ...
Frank and Eric finally get to the bottom of their July mailbag and wrap it up before Eric heads off to Australia.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/15/19: July Mailbag, Part 6 ...
After a week of vacation, Frank and Eric are back to answer more questions from their never-ending July mailbag.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/4/19: July Mailbag, Part 5 (...
Frank and Eric keep digging into the mailbag for the fifth straight day.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/1/19: July Mailbag, Part 4 (...
It is now August, but the July Mailbag has not yet been finished up, so Frank and Eric dig even deeper into it.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/29/19: July Mailbag, Part 3 ...
Frank and Eric fail to see an end in sight for the mailbag, but keep moving forward.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/26/19: July Mailbag, Part 2 ...
Frank and Eric take a quick detour to discuss the Bucks addition of Dragan Bender before digging deeper into their massive mailbag full of questions.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/25/19: July Mailbag, Part 1 ...
Frank and Eric start wading through a massive mailbag full of questions from all of you.
70 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/23/19: Korver to Milwaukee, ...
Frank and Eric break down the significance of the Bucks adding veteran wing Kyle Korver.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/18/19: Offseason recap from ...
Frank and Eric discuss what they believe they learned from Bucks general manager Jon Horst's conversation with Eric at The Athletic.
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/16/19: Summer League Wrap-up...
Without Frank, Eric rolls through what has happened with the Bucks free agent signings in the last week and also looks at what happened at Summer League.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/8/19: Kawhi Leonard leaves T...
Frank and Eric take a look at how the Eastern Conference changed when Leonard chose to go home to the Clippers and what adding Giannis Antetokounmpo's brother to the roster means for the Bucks.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/3/19: The Bros Lo and Wesley...
Frank and Eric take a little more time to discuss the impact of putting the Lopez brothers together in Milwaukee before trying to figure out how Wesley Matthews may fit with the Bucks.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/1/19: DAY 1 OF NBA FREE AGEN...
What just happened?
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/27/19: Free Agency Rumor Rou...
Frank and Eric try to wrap up all the rumors they have seen on the Internet about the Bucks' big three free agents.
58 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/25/19: Giannis Antetokounmpo...
Frank and Eric discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo's first career MVP.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/20/19: Tony Snell Trade EMER...
Sound the siren! Frank and Eric get together to discuss the Bucks trading Tony Snell and the 30th pick to the Detroit Pistons for Jon Leuer.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/18/19: Pre-Draft and FA Mail...
Frank and Eric finish up answering the questions you dropped off for them last week in the final part of the mailbag.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/17/19: Bucks Draft Preview w...
Frank and Eric have their annual chat with The Stepien's Cole Zwicker about the possibilities for the Bucks with the 30th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/13/19: Pre-Draft and FA Mail...
Frank and Eric dive into the mailbag for a few more questions from all of you.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/12/19: Pre-Draft and FA Mail...
In the first episode of three, Frank and Eric open up the mailbag and see what you're thinking about heading into the 2019 NBA Finals.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/7/19: What Else Did We Learn...
Frank and Eric look back on the year and see what, if anything, we learned about the players on the Bucks roster.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/4/19: What Did We Learn This...
Frank and Eric review this past season and try to figure out what they now know about the front office and the coaching staff.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/31/19: Reflecting on Giannis...
Frank and Eric discuss Eric's new article at The Athletic with Giannis reflecting on the postseason and trying to figure out how he will try to grow next season.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/29/19: Eastern Conference Fi...
After taking an extra day to clear their minds, Frank and Eric dive deep into what happened in the final four games of the Eastern Conference Finals and how the Bucks lost every single one.
74 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/23/19: Bucks-Raptors Game 5 ...
Frank and Eric break down possible adjustments for the Bucks in Game 5 and how they can regain control of the Eastern Conference Finals.
64 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/21/19: Raptors trounce Bucks...
23 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/20/19: Raptors outlast Bucks...
23 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/18/19: Giannis, Bucks domina...
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/17/19: Preparing for Game 2 ...
Frank and Eric do their best to try to figure out how things may change in the second game of the Eastern Conference Finals.
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/16/19: Bucks dominate 4th qu...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/15/19: Bucks-Raptors Preview...
Frank and Eric try their best to hit on everything that will affect the Eastern Conference Semifinals matchup between the Bucks and Raptors.
58 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/13/19: ECF Mailbag, Part 2 (...
Frank and Eric answer some more of your questions after being unable to fit them all in a single episode on Monday.
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/13/19: ECF Mailbag, Part 1 (...
Frank and Eric dig into the mailbag and answer some of the questions you sent in.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/10/19: Zooming out on the Bu...
Frank and Eric get together - that's right, they were both on the pod - to chat about what the Bucks' win over the Celtics tells us about their chances.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/9/19: Bucks blowout Celtics,...
Bucks blowout Celtics, headed to East Finals
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/8/19: Bucks-Celtics Game 5 P...
With Frank out for the night, Eric tries to understand what happened in Game 4 and how things may be different in Game 5.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/7/19: Giannis dominates in ...
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/6/19: Bucks grab Game 3 in B...
Frank picks up a DNP - Thrones Watching, so Eric takes you through the Bucks' Game 3 win and what could possibly change in Game 4 on Monday.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/4/19: Giannis powers Bucks t...
Giannis powers Bucks to Game 3 win in Boston
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/3/19: Bucks-Celtics Game 3 P...
With Frank out for the night, Eric attempts to figure out what might happen in Game 3 before ultimately failing.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/1/19: Bucks bounce back in G...
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/30/19: Bucks-Celtics Game 2 ...
Frank and Eric are just waiting around for more basketball, so they decided to preview Game 2 while waiting for the Bucks and Celtics to hit the floor again.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/29/19: Bucks beat down by Ce...
Frank and Eric try to figure out what all went wrong for the Bucks in Game 1 against the Celtics.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/26/19: Bucks-Celtics Preview...
With Frank out for the night, Eric is joined by John Karalis of Locked on Celtics to try to figure out what's going to happen in Bucks-Celtics.
77 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/25/19: Bucks-Celtics Fact or...
There are a lot of thoughts going around the Internet about the Bucks and the Celtics, so Frank and Eric try to decide what is fact and what is fiction.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/24/19: What does the Bucks p...
After Frank had to wrap up the Bucks win solo on Monday night, Eric comes through and gives his thoughts on the franchise's first playoff series win since 2001.
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/23/19: SWEEP! Giannis, Bucks...
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/22/19: Bucks take care of bu...
Frank and Eric get together to break down how the Bucks survived Blake Griffin's return in Game 3 and got one step closer to advancing to the second round.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/19/19: Round 1 Mailbag (Ep #...
Frank and Eric answer as many of your questions as possible in their first mailbag of the playoffs.
74 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/18/19: Bledshow, Giannis and...
22 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/16/19: Pistons Adjustments, ...
Frank and Eric reunite after missing the post-game reaction on Sunday and look at why folks felt like booing Thon Maker and potential Pistons adjustments.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/15/2019: Bucks crush Pistons...
22 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/12/19: Bucks-Pistons Preview...
With Frank out for the day, Eric grabs Kane Pitman and breaks down what to expect from the Bucks-Pistons first round series.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/11/19: Bucks wrap up regular...
Frank and Eric quickly move past the regular season finale and dive into the Bucks' first round match-up with the Pistons.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/10/19: Talking chances in th...
Matt Moore, Action Network senior NBA writer, joins Frank and Eric to discuss how the Bucks stack up in the Eastern Conference and why Giannis Antetokounmpo is the MVP.
70 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/9/19: The Bucks win 60 games...
Frank and Eric attempt to figure out if winning a round number of games means something and why it obviously does.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/5/19: Giannis dominates in P...
Frank and Eric stay up late to discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo's incredible performance in Philadelphia.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/3/19: What do Bucks fans do ...
Frank and Eric try to figure out exactly what Bucks fans should be thinking as their team barrels through the regular season and approaches the playoffs.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/2/19: A shorthanded win in B...
Frank and Eric break down another weird one, but this one was a road win on the second night of a back-to-back in Brooklyn.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/1/19: A weird one in Atlanta...
Frank and Eric get together to try to figure out exactly what they watched in Atlanta on Sunday.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/29/19: Bucks beat Clippers (...
Without Frank, Eric attempts to break down the two things that actually mattered in the Bucks' win over the Clippers in Milwaukee on Thursday night.
16 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/28/19: Rocket reactions, plu...
Frank and Eric get back together to discuss the Bucks' win over the Rockets as well as how it may affect the MVP conversation.
58 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/27/19: Bledsoe leads Bucks t...
With Frank out for the night, Eric grabs Kane and breaks down exactly how the Bucks took care of business so easily against the Houston Rockets.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/26/19: Giannis vs. Harden Pr...
Frank and Eric break down what's left of the MVP debate and how the head-to-head match-up in Milwaukee may affect the race.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/25/19: Bucks complete weeken...
Frank and Eric break down the Bucks' sweep of the Heat and Cavaliers and the jersey retirement ceremony of Marques Johnson.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/22/19: Dealing with defeat, ...
With Frank out for the day, Eric breaks down the Bucks' loss against the Cavaliers before thinking about the rest of the season and the Bucks' two weekend games.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/20/19: Giannis-less Bucks be...
Frank and Eric break down the Bucks' win over the Lakers, despite both Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James missing Tuesday's game.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/19/19: A sad day in the Chri...
Eric tries to keep Frank on track as he evaluates a sad day in the Christian Woodlands before moving on to discuss how it affects the Bucks.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/18/19: Breaking Down Brogdon...
Frank and Eric try to figure out how the Bucks will be affected by Malcolm Brogdon's injury before recapping what else happened over the weekend.
67 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/15/19: Chatting with the ene...
With Frank out for the night, Eric scrapes the bottom of the barrel and manages to record with his bitter rival and mortal enemy Matt Velazquez.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/14/19: What to Watch in Marc...
With the Bucks continuing to win, Frank and Eric try to figure out what to dissect when game-to-game results are harder to differentiate.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/13/19: Bucks take care of bu...
With Frank out for the night, Eric takes a closer look at the Bucks' win over the Pelicans on Tuesday night in New Orleans.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/11/19: Bucks split weekend b...
Frank and Eric break down what went wrong in San Antonio before trying to look at the positives that happened against Charlotte on Saturday night.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/8/19: Bucks dispatch Pacers ...
Frank and Eric get together late after the Bucks' victory over the Pacers on Thursday night and try to figure out what stands out.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/7/19: MARCH MAILBAG! (Ep #570)
You sent questions, Frank and Eric provide a whole bunch of answers.
91 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/6/19: Little bit of Lineup T...
Frank and Eric take a closer look at what's happening in Milwaukee and wonder if Bucks fans should be worried about their team's recent struggles.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/5/19: Bucks drop one to the ...
With Frank out for the day, Eric brings Kane Pitman through to discuss the Bucks' loss to the Suns in Phoenix.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/2/2019: Bledmergency Pod, pl...
Frank and Eric get together for an EMERGENCYYYYYYY Pod about Eric Bledsoe's 4-year, $70 million extension and the Bucks reportedly getting lined up to sign Pau Gasol.
53 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/28/19: Bucks beat Kings in o...
With a late tip on the West Coast, Eric recaps the Bucks' overtime win over the Kings solo.
22 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/27/19: Bucks beat the Bulls,...
Frank and Eric dissect the Bucks win over the Bulls on Monday night before taking a closer look at which Bucks might make an All-Defense Team.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/25/19: Win over the Wolves, ...
Frank and Eric take a closer look at the Bucks' win over the Wolves and Nikola Mirotic's role in Milwaukee before also looking at what people outside of Milwaukee seem to think about the Bucks.
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/22/19: Bucks pull out close ...
With Frank out for the night, Eric goes solo breaking down the Bucks 98-97 win over the Celtics on Thursday night.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/20/19: Biggest Pre-ASB Bucks...
Frank and Eric do their best to reflect on everything that happened before the All-Star Break and figure out what they got wrong.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/19/19: 2019 Oscars Preview w...
With a few days before we get back to basketball, Frank and Eric invite their friend JJ Bersch to join the podcast to preview the Oscars coming up on Sunday.
100 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/18/19: Bucks dominate the Al...
Frank and Eric struggle to figure out what to discuss because the weekend went so well for the Milwaukee Bucks.
22 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/15/19: Frank reacts to Pacer...
After missing out on the discussion following the game, Frank discusses what he thought of the Bucks' comeback win in Indianapolis before moving on to some big picture thoughts with Eric.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/14/19: Bucks come back again...
With Frank on the road, regular guest Kane Pitman discusses the Bucks' comeback win against the Pacers with Eric.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/13/19: Road Trip Adventures,...
With Frank warm and comfy at home, Eric and Kane try to figure out what the hell just happened to them on the road in the last 36 hours.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/11/19: Win over Mavericks, f...
Frank and Eric attempt to figure out what to take from the Bucks weekend, as they looked dominant in Dallas before returning home and drop a back-to-back to the Magic.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/8/19: Bucks trade for Nikola...
Frank and Eric get together for an EMERGENCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY POD about the Bucks' trade for Nikola Mirotic.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/7/19: Thon Maker Trade and, ...
Frank and Eric get caught up in the trade deadline before remembering to talk about the Bucks' historic offensive performance.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/6/19: Trade Deadline Preview...
With the trade deadline approaching on Thursday, Frank and Eric try to get their trade deadline predictions out of the way to make sure their trade deadline #content actually ends up being relevant.
53 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/5/19: Nets win, plus trade r...
Frank and Eric quickly go through the Bucks' easy win over the Nets before thinking about the rumors the Bucks are somehow a part of as the trade deadline approaches.
58 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/4/19: A win over the Wizards...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks' easy win over the Wizards before going back to reflect on everything that happened Thursday to give Frank a chance to speak his mind.
59 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/1/19: Crossover with @locked...
Eric joins Sean Woodley from the depths of the Air Canada Centre to discuss the Bucks' HUGE win over the Raptors.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/31/19: Fake Trades, East All...
Frank and Eric break down fake Anthony Davis trades, how to decide on the Eastern Conference's All-Star reserves, and the Bucks game in Toronto.
59 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/30/19: Pistons Sweep Complet...
Frank and Eric get together to discuss the Bucks' fourth win over the Pistons in a pretty ho-hum effort.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/28/19: Wild Bucks Weekend (E...
Frank and Eric discuss the Hornets win, Thunder loss, and Thon Maker's trade request from a surprisingly wild weekend in January.
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/25/19: Giannis Antetokounmpo...
With Frank traveling, Eric decided to discuss Giannis' newest honor, becoming an NBA All-Star Game captain.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/24/19: Marques Johnson's Jer...
After taking a quick discussion about injuries, Frank and Eric discuss the jersey retirement of Bucks legend Marques Johnson.
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/23/19: Talking about Khris M...
After Eric gets frustrated on Twitter, he makes Frank spend 45 minutes talking about Khris Middleton and whether or not he is "good enough" to be the Bucks' second option.
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/21/19: Ho-hum win in Orlando...
Frank and Eric try to figure out what to talk about when the Bucks just take care of business against a bad Magic team.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/18/19: Reviewing the season ...
With Frank out for the night, Dean Maniatt (@AllTheBucks) stops by to discuss what he's seeing from the Bucks halfway through the season.
83 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/17/19: Third quarter outburs...
Frank and Eric break down the Bucks' huge third quarter, which was taken over by Eric Bledsoe and D.J. Wilson, and find themselves looking around the rest of the Eastern Conference.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/16/19: Bucks get revenge on ...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks' 124-86 beatdown of the Grizzlies in Milwaukee and what to take from the victory.
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/15/19: Taking a look at the ...
Frank returns to the pod to chat with Eric about the Bucks' upcoming schedule and how they should go about conceptualizing the season.
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/14/19: Weekend Recap with @m...
With Frank unable to join for the day, Eric gets Kane Pitman to join the show and discuss the loss in Washington on Friday and the win in Atlanta on Sunday.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/11/19: Frank returns to prev...
After missing a few days, Frank returns to break down what we missed against the Rockets and what to expect in the Bucks' two weekend games.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/10/19: Bucks beat Rockets in...
Instead of going solo, Eric invites Brewhoop managing editor Mitchell Maurer to discuss the Bucks big road win over the Rockets.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/8/19: Bucks close out Jazz (...
Frank and Eric discuss how the Bucks close out the Jazz, despite one heck of a game plan from Jazz coach Quin Snyder.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/7/19: Bucks fall to Raptors ...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks' first loss to the Raptors this season and what it tells them about the Bucks and their place in the Eastern Conference.
65 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/4/18: New Year's Mailbag, Pa...
Frank and Eric dump out the rest of your questions in the second part of their New Year's Mailbag.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/3/18: New Year's Mailbag, Pa...
Frank and Eric asked for questions and you delivered with entirely too many, so they grabbed the most important questions they could find.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/2/19: Bucks open new year wi...
Frank and Eric try to figure out what was interesting about the Bucks' easy 121-98 victory over the Pistons.
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/30/18: Bucks beat short-han...
Frank and Eric break down the Bucks' victory over the Nets, including a hot shooting night for Khris Middleton and an MVP performance from Giannis Antetokounmpo.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/28/18: Bucks prevail in Buc...
Eric takes a closer look at the Bucks' third win of the season over the New York Knicks and breaks down the basics of Antetokounmpo vs. Kanter.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/25/18: Bucks! Christmas! Vi...
Frank and Eric get together to discuss the Bucks Christmas Day win and take a closer look at Khris Middleton's struggles.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/21/18: LIVE Pod from @Broke...
Frank and Eric get together at Broken Bat Brewing Company in Milwaukee and discuss the Bucks with Bucks senior vice president Alex Lasry.
99 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/20/18: Bench boosts Bucks o...
Frank and Eric reunite to discuss the Bucks close win over the Pelicans and how the bench won them the game.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/19/18: D.J. Wilson's Detroi...
19 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/18/18: Bucks beat Pistons i...
With Frank on the road to Wisconsin, Eric knocks out the post-game podcast recapping the Bucks 107-104 over the Pistons.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/17/18: Weekend reflections,...
Frank had to miss a few days, so Eric asks him to react to some of the topics he had discussed in the previous couple of days.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/14/18: Bucks-Pacers review,...
With Frank out for the day, Eric finds a guest and chats about Bucks-Pacers with him.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/13/18: Bucks get blown out ...
With Frank out for the day, Eric breaks down the Bucks' loss to the Pacers and why it may be emblematic of larger problems for the season.
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/12/18: Bucks-Cavs review, B...
After missing a night with sore necks, Frank and Eric are back to cover what they missed on Tuesday and look ahead to Wednesday night.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/10/18: Bucks split two agai...
Frank and Eric try to figure out what to take away from the Bucks' 105-95 loss to the Warriors and their 104-99 win over the Raptors.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/9/18: Bucks trade for Georg...
Frank and Eric get together before the Raptors game to discuss the Bucks most recent trade.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/6/18: Bucks take care of bu...
Frank and Eric get together to discuss a convincing Bucks win over Detroit and exactly how it was even possible.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/5/18: Knicks fallout, plus ...
Frank and Eric get together to take a look at the remaining story lines from the Knicks loss on Saturday (seriously, there's more) and then break down what to expect against the Pistons.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/4/18: Learning more about t...
With Frank out for the day, Eric takes you through everything we learned about Khris Middleton's benching on Saturday night.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/3/18: Bucks fall to the Kni...
Frank and Eric break down the Bucks' disappointing loss to the Knicks and try to figure out exactly what happened with Khris Middleton.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/30/18: Bucks-Bulls rewind w...
Frank tells Eric about all the things he found interesting in the Bulls game from Wednesday, as well as taking a closer look at what matters from their recent performances.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/29/18: Bucks barely beat Bu...
For the second time this season, the Bucks fail to put the Bulls away in the first half and it makes for an even more interesting second half the second time around.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/28/18: Middleton, Maker, Br...
With Frank out for the day, Eric takes a closer look at the "consistency" of Khris Middleton and the things Sterling Brown and Thon Maker could be doing better.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/27/18: Bucks drop close one...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks 110-107 loss to the Charlotte Hornets and what they took away from the defeat.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/26/18: Another weekend back...
Frank and Eric reconvene after Thanksgiving weekend to discuss the Bucks losing to one of the league's worst team before segueing into a close victory over the Spurs.
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/21/18: Bucks-Blazers Recap ...
On Thanksgiving Eve, Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel joins Eric to discuss the Bucks 143-100 win over the Portland Trail Blazers.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/21/18: What happened to Rul...
Frank and Eric discuss the Nuggets game, the Bucks early schedule, a third All-Star, some post-practice comments, and a contract.
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/20/18: Slow start, but stro...
With Frank out for the night, Eric breaks down the Bucks 104-98 win over the Denver Nuggets.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/19/18: Bucks struggle, but ...
Frank and Eric discuss just how upset Frank would have been if the Bucks dropped one to the Bulls, as well as the Bucks' first quarter problems.
53 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/16/18: A 16% Eastern Confer...
Frank and Eric give you what you want: an Eastern Conference progress report 16% of the way through the season.
67 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/15/18: Bucks drop one to Gr...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks first loss at Fiserv Forum and how the Bucks put together such a disappointing performance.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/14/18: Is Giannis Antetokou...
After not being able to connect on Tuesday, Frank returns to take an extra long detour to Splash Mountain with Eric before returning to discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo and whether or not he is struggling.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/13/18: Bledsoe, Connaughton...
With Frank out for the day, Eric tackles three topics he finds #fascinating at the moment.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/12/18: Weekend Back-to-Back...
Frank and Eric discuss the disappointment of a Clippers loss on Saturday and the excitement of a SEGABABA win against the Nuggets in Denver.
58 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/9/18: Bucks bounce back aga...
Frank stays up late to revel in a Bucks victory and tell Eric what he found significant in the Bucks 134-111 win over the Golden State Warriors.
24 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/8/18: Blazers review with F...
Frank had to miss the Blazers recap, so Eric asks him to go over the Blazers game before looking at what to expect in Oakland on Thursday.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/7/18: Bucks fall to Blazers...
Eric warned you it could happen and then it happened. The Blazers beat the Bucks by taking advantage of the Bucks defensive scheme.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/6/18: Jerseys, Adjustments,...
With Frank and Eric unable to connect, Eric goes solo on the Bucks new City jerseys, adjustments he's seen from the Bucks offensively, and what to watch for in Portland.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/5/18: Bucks beat down Kangz...
Frank revels in his first visit to Fiserv Forum as well as Giannis Antetokounmpo's second triple-double of the season, while Eric talks about beating bad teams.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/2/18: The Bucks can actuall...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks first loss of the season against the Boston Celtics and whether or not they would have done more to prevent it.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/1/18: What to make of the B...
Frank and Eric take a look at the big game against the Celtics and the attention the Bucks have received before dissecting the Bucks extending Thon Maker and D.J. Wilson.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/31/18: Early Season Trick o...
Frank and Eric take a look at some of the early season trends and attempt to decide if they are tricks or treats because, you know, Halloween.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/30/18: And then there was o...
No Giannis. No problem. Bucks beat the only other team in the league, the Toronto Raptors, with both teams playing without their star players.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/29/18: An easy back-to-back...
Frank and Eric talk about how the Bucks just went through an easy weekend back-to-back with two wins before previewing the big matchup against the undefeated Toronto Raptors.
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/26/18: Ranking extension ca...
Without Frank, Eric tackles how his perceptions of the Bucks extension-eligible have changed thus far this season and attempts to look at a weekend back-to-back.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/25/18: Bucks beat Sixers co...
Frank and Eric stay up late to discuss the Bucks taking care of business against the Philadelphia 76ers in their first national TV game of the season.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/25/18: Bucks beat Sixers co...
Frank and Eric stay up late to discuss the Bucks taking care of business against the Philadelphia 76ers in their first national TV game of the season.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/24/18: Bledsoe's assists, A...
Frank and Eric talk about Eric Bledsoe's passing and Giannis Antetokounmpo's low free throw number before previewing the Bucks ESPN debut for the season against the Philadelphia 76ers.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/23/18: Bucks squeak out win...
For the second time in three games, the Bucks blew a second half lead, but still managed to close out a victory over the Knicks to move to 3-0.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/22/18: Bucks take it to Pac...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks home opener, including the math problem in Milwaukee.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/19/18: Questions heading in...
With Frank out for the day, Eric takes a closer look at what we learned in the Bucks season opener and what questions should be asked before the Pacers hop into Fiserv Forum on Friday.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/18/18: Bucks hold on agains...
It seems as though every time the Bucks go to Charlotte they take a big lead and then blow it, but didn't do that on Wednesday by pulling out a late win.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/16/18: Over/Unders, Part 2 ...
Eric keeps it going with lines he made up for Frank with a focus on individual lines in the second part of the annual Over/Unders exercise.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/16/18: Over/Unders, Part 1 ...
Eric sets some lines and Frank and Eric decide to go through some over/under picks that you will only be able to find on Locked on Bucks.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/15/18: Bucks light it up in...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks tossing in a (hypothetical) NBA record number of threes in their preseason finale against the Timberwolves and get into a big argument.
57 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/12/18: Bucks finishing up t...
With Frank out for the day, Eric takes a closer look at the things that matter in Milwaukee during their final preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/11/18: Brogdon in the Start...
Frank and Eric discuss what they think about Mike Budenholzer's choice to start Malcolm Brogdon alongside Eric Bledsoe.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/10/18: Bucks fall to the Th...
(Just kidding, it's the preseason.) The Bucks third preseason game brings the final roster spot into focus, which means Frank and Eric need to discuss Christian Wood, Tyler Zeller, and...D.J. Wilson?
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/9/18: Eric's new job and bo...
Frank gets Eric to talk about the Bucks apparent chemistry for 20 minutes between his two selfish self-promotion outbursts.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/8/18: Bucks-Wolves ***secre...
Frank and Eric try to figure out exactly what happened in Ames, Iowa on Sunday night.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/4/18: Bucks beat down Bulls...
It's only a preseason game against a bad team, but Frank and Eric take a closer look at the new offense and defense under new head coach Mike Budenholzer.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/3/18: Bucks-Bulls Preseason...
Eric decides to stay up late to watch baseball and thus needed to preview the Bucks first preseason without Frank.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/2/18: Breaking down the Buc...
Frank and Eric dive further into the Black and White scrimmage and try to figure exactly what will happen at the end of the roster.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/1/18: Breaking down the Buc...
Frank and Eric dive deep on the the Green and Cream (err...Black and White) Scrimmage and everything that happened on Saturday.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/28/18: Training Camp Mailbag...
Frank and Eric grab a few more questions from the mailbag as they try to cover as much of training camp as possible.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/27/18: Training Camp Mailbag...
Frank and Eric plow through some of the questions you've been asking as the Bucks get started at training camp.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/26/18: Cleaning Up Media Day...
Frank and Eric take a look at the things they missed on their Monday podcast about Media Day, plus Eric tries to hid a conversation with Donte DiVincenzo from Frank and listeners alike.
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/25/18: Media Day Fact or Fic...
Frank draws up the questions and asks Eric to separate fact from fiction in a review of Bucks Media Day.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/21/18: Friday Jumparound (E...
Without Frank, Eric hops around a number of Bucks topics bouncing around on the Internet.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/20/18: What about Jimmy Butl...
Frank and Eric have a hypothetical discussion about Jimmy Butler, which leads into a discussion of the Bucks near future.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/19/18: The season is almost ...
With the Bucks Foundation Golf Outing on Monday, the season is almost officially here and Frank and Eric are attempting to contain their excitement.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/14/18: Where should Khris Mi...
The Bucks top two players were ranked in the league's 28th best players by SI's Top 100. Eric ponders if they deserve to be rated there.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/12/18: Top 100 Talk, Part 2 ...
Sports Illustrated is in the middle of releasing their Top 100 and Frank and Eric are breaking it all down.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/11/18: Top 100 Talk, Part 1 ...
Sports Illustrated released the first part of their Top 100 on Monday, which means Frank and Eric need to critique and discuss where Bucks players showed up on the list.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/7/18: Who will start for the...
With Frank out for the day, Eric takes a closer look at who will be on the floor when the Bucks start the season, as well as who might be there when the buzzer sounds at the end of Game 1.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/4/18: Bucks Survivor, Part 3...
Frank and Eric wrap up the Bucks Survivor exercise by taking a critical eye to the top of the Bucks roster.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/31/18: Bucks Survivor, Part ...
After making a few quick news updates, Frank and Eric hop back into Bucks Survivor.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/30/18: Mini-Mailbag Time! (E...
Frank and Eric have struggled to make it work this week, so Eric goes solo with the help of some listener questions.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/24/18: Bucks Survivor, Part ...
Frank and Eric embark on a new project, which allows them to judge the Bucks roster in a different way.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/22/18: Team Bonding and Broa...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks meeting up in New York and the changes to the Bucks broadcast team.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/20/18: The Bucks Summer Pick...
Frank and Eric head out to the playground and pick two teams from the Bucks current roster. Who has the best team?
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/16/18: Christian Wood's Cont...
After a long, meandering start to the podcast, Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks' latest signing of Christian Wood.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/14/18: Signing Shabazz Muham...
Frank and Eric get back to basketball with a breakdown of the potential Shabazz Muhammad signing and a quick look at the 2019 Bucks schedule.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/13/18: Discussing Tom Cruise...
Frank and Eric are joined by their good friend JJ Bersch to discuss Tom Cruise and his unexpected rise to great American action movie star.
102 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/9/18: Is Khris Middleton one...
Frank and Eric attempt to figure out just how good Khris Middleton is.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/8/18: A Very Giannis Christm...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks playing on Christmas for the first time in 41 years.
24 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/7/18: Over/Under 46.5, plus ...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks' over/under number in Las Vegas and clean up a few questions from last week's mailbag.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/3/18: Middle of Summer Mailb...
And finally, Frank and Eric finish their summer mailbag. with some snark, stanning, and a little bit of patriotism.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/2/18: Middle of Summer Mailb...
More questions? MORE QUESTIONS!
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/1/18: Middle of Summer Mailb...
The questions don't stop! And Frank and Eric will answer them all!
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/31/18: Middle of Summer Mail...
There isn't a lot going on right now and we're overdue for a mailbag, so let's hit up some of your questions.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/26/18: Donte DiVincenzo Summ...
Frank and Eric take a look back on the Summer League activity of the Bucks first rounder, Donte DiVincenzo.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/25/18: Bucks sign Duval to t...
It's the summer, but the Bucks are still making moves! Just a two-way deal, but still!
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/20/18: Giannis or Kawhi? OR ...
Frank wanted to revisit the "Best Player in the Eastern Conference" conversation from Thursday, which led to an entirely different discussion with Eric.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/19/18: Christian Wood, Jabar...
Frank and Eric discuss three different players and how they may affect the Bucks this season.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/17/18: Jabari Parker Fallout...
Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks in the first weekday post-Jabari Parker.
61 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/14/18: Jabari Parker signs w...
Frank and Eric react to the Chicago Bulls signing Jabari Parker and break down everything that led up to it.
87 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/13/18: Donte DiVincenzo's De...
After missing the Bucks' first three Summer League games, Donte DiVincenzo finally made his (Summer League) debut.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/11/18: Summer League Observa...
The Bucks have finished up their first three Summer League games. What have we learned thus far?
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/9/18: Bucks add Brook Lopez ...
Frank and Eric react to the Bucks finding a BAE.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/6/18: Jabari Parker and Summ...
After a quick detour discussing Jabari Parker, Frank and Eric discuss everything they'll be looking for during Summer League.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/3/18: How does LeBron's exit...
Frank and Eric discuss how LeBron's decision to play with the Lakers impacts the Bucks and their chances in the Eastern Conference.
58 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/2/18: Reacting to the Bucks ...
The Bucks made a move on the first day of free agency and then sort of made another one. How'd they do?
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/29/18: Bucks Free Agency Ext...
Friend of the Pod Dean Maniatt (@AllTheBucks) joins the show to help Frank and Eric break down the Bucks' options in free agency.
95 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/27/18: Bucks News roundup, n...
The Bucks recently made one final change to their coaching staff and rumors abound as we get closer and closer to free agency.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/26/18: DiVincenzo Intro Pres...
Donte DiVincenzo made his way to Milwaukee for his introductory press conference and Frank and Eric broke down a bunch of trade rumors.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/25/18: Discussing DiVincenzo...
A number of listeners believed Frank and Eric were too dismissive of Donte DiVincenzo's upside, so they took a closer look at their potential blindspots.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/22/18: Bucks draft Donte DiV...
With the 17th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks selected Villanova guard Donte DiVincenzo.
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/21/18: Thinking about trade ...
With Frank out for the night, Eric looks at potential Draft Night trade partners and one last look on the potential prospects available with the 17th pick.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/20/18: Jon Horst discusses B...
Jon Horst checked in with the local media about the 2018 NBA Draft, so Frank and Eric broke down his comments.
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/19/18: Sign-and-trade partic...
Frank and Eric clear up some misconceptions about sign-and-trades before discussing Troy Brown Jr. and Elie Okobo.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/18/18: NBA Draft week begins...
Frank and Eric take a look at a list of players worked out by the Bucks, while also discussing some of the bigger ideas floating around this year's draft.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/15/18: Discussion with forme...
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/14/18: Discussion with forme...
Former Bucks Director of Basketball Analytics Mike Clutterbuck joins Eric and Frank to discuss how analytics and data are shaping NBA decision-making.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/12/18: Frank and Eric actual...
For the first time in podcast history, Frank and Eric actually disagree on something.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/11/18: NBA Finals Thoughts, ...
Frank and Eric discuss some takeaways from the NBA Finals and then share a few thoughts on the offseason before teasing Locked on Beef.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/8/18: NBA Draft Breakdown wi...
After Cole broke down some of the best point guards in the NBA Draft, he also told us about some of the best wings and the players to watch for the Bucks at #17.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/7/18: NBA Draft Breakdown wi...
With the NBA Draft just two weeks away, we ask Cole Zwicker, NBA Draft expert at The Stepien, everything we want to know about the NBA Draft.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/5/18: Coaching Carousel, plu...
Frank and Eric break down the various coaching moves with Bucks affiliations and Eric's stupid decisions as Bucks general manager.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/4/18: Revisiting Our Preseas...
We drew up some Bucks Over/Unders before the season. With the season comfortably over, we decided to look at how we did on our predictions.
57 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/1/18: Let's start talking ab...
The 2018 NBA Draft is less than a month away, so let's start talking about it.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/31/18: Draft Decision Day (E...
Wednesday was the day college players had to decide if they wanted to remain in the draft. How did that affect the Bucks?
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/30/18: The Eric jr Discussio...
We tried to talk about the Bucks and then the most insane story started to unfold.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/29/18: Awards discussion, pl...
Frank and Eric reunite to get Frank's opinion on the NBA honors announced last week and also discuss the playoff philosophies of the league's best teams.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/25/18: Giannis Antetokounmpo...
All-Defensive Teams and All-NBA Teams were released in the last few days. Where did Antetokounmpo deserve to be ranked?
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/24/18: Discussing the Sterli...
On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Police Department released the video of Sterling Brown's January 2018 arrest.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/23/18: Lingering Questions f...
Mike Budenholzer held his introductory press conference on Monday, but there were a couple questions left unanswered.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/22/18: Budenholzer's Introdu...
On Monday, Mike Budenholzer was introduced as the 16th head coach in Bucks history with an official press conference.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/21/18: Adaptability in Milwa...
The NBA Playoffs have shown us adaptability is one of the most important traits in the NBA. Do they have enough of it in Milwaukee?
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/18/18: Budenholzer is a Buck...
Mike Budenholzer has officially been named the Bucks head coach, so let's learn some more about him.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/17/18: Bucks to name Mike Bu...
It took a couple weeks, but the Bucks got their guy, Mike Budenholzer.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/15/18: Bucks and Raptors key...
It appears as though Mike Budenholzer has become the leading candidate for the head coaching positions in both Milwaukee and Toronto.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/14/18: Bucks coaching search...
The Bucks continued to interview coaches and people continued to question Becky Hammon's resume.
57 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/11/18: Breaking Down Budenho...
Mike Budenholzer has been a topic of discussion in Milwaukee for the last few weeks, so we got an expert to help us break down his coaching.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/10/18: Playoff Reaction and ...
With the success of the Sixers and Celtics, how should Bucks fans view the future in Milwaukee?
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/9/18: How does a coach affec...
It is obvious how a coach affects the product on the floor, but how does it affect everything else?
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/8/18: What kind of coach do ...
As we all discuss the Bucks coaching search, Frank and Eric attempt to zoom out a little bit and see if it'd be helpful for the next Bucks coach to lean towards a preferred side of the ball.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/7/18: More coaches added to ...
More coaches officially entered the conversation, so Frank and Eric discussed how they may fit with the Bucks.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/4/18: Coaches Pod, Part 3 (E...
Before wrapping up the Coaches Pod with Eric Buenning, Frank comes through to discuss the initial coaches list reported by Woj and other Bucks reports from across the media landscape.
82 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/3/18: Coaches Pod, Part 2 (E...
As our three-part Coaches Pod continues, we actually start breaking down coaches.
64 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/2/18: Coaches Pod, Part 1 (E...
As the Bucks prepare their search for a new head coach, Frank and Eric do the same thing.
59 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/1/18: Bucks Exit Interview T...
After a disappointing season, a number of Bucks players talked with the media about how things could have gone better and what lies ahead this summer.
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 04/29/18: Bucks disappoint in ...
With their season on the line, the Bucks decided to go with what they knew best.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/27/18: Bucks force a Game 7,...
No one has won on the road yet, so that means this Bucks-Celtics series is going to a Game 7, baby.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/26/18: Game 6 Preview (Ep #389)
The Bucks' backs are against the wall. They need a win Thursday night.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/25/18: Bucks can't match Cel...
The Bucks had plenty of chances against Celtics, but can't score well enough to beat Boston in Game 5.
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/24/18: Game 5 Preview (Ep #387)
The Bucks and Celtics are locked up at two heading into Game 5 with a Marcus Smart return looming.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/22/18: Bucks even series wit...
With a Game Four win, the Bucks have evened their first round playoff series against the Celtics.
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/21/18: Bucks win it! (Bucks-...
After struggling Games 1 and 2, the Bucks jump on the Celtics in Game 3 and defend their home court.
67 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/20/18: Jabari Parker's comme...
Discussion of Jabari Parker's comments on Thursday, made a too-long episode of the PLAYOFF MAILBAG! much longer.
93 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/19/18: PLAYOFF MAILBAG! (Ep ...
You asked a million questions, so we gave you a million answers.
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/18/18: Celtics crush Bucks i...
Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton were awesome.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/17/18: Adjustments for Game ...
Game 2 is on Tuesday night, so we previewed that game, but also talked a little bit about the 17th pick in the NBA Draft, which the Bucks actually get to use.
72 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/16/18: Bucks let Game 1 slip...
Khris Middleton hit a miraculous shot to send Game 1 to overtime, but the Bucks couldn't find a way to pull off the victory.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/13/18: Celtics Series Previe...
Our good friend Dean Maniatt (@AllTheBucks) joins the show to discuss how the Bucks matchup with the Celtics.
59 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/12/18: Bucks blown out by Si...
The Bucks no-showed on Wednesday night, but still end up with the Eastern Conference's best playoff matchup and the possibility of keeping their first round pick this year.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/11/18: PLAYOFF SCENARIOS! AL...
The Wizards won on Tuesday night and thus we know exactly who the Bucks will play in the playoffs. (We have no idea.)
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/10/18: Bledsoe messes around...
Eric Bledsoe collected his first triple-double as a Buck in an ugly win over the Magic on Monday night.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/9/18: Bucks hold on against ...
It was an ugly game in the Garden, but Eric Bledsoe and the Bucks were able to close it out for a victory on Saturday.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/6/18: A disappointing loss t...
The Nets should a lot of threes. They shot 39 of them against the Bucks and beat the Bucks. None of that feels particularly surprising.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/5/18: Commenting on Jabari P...
Jabari Parker made some interesting comments about his future in Milwaukee and we discussed them.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/4/18: Bucks beat short-hande...
The Bucks broke up the Celtics' six-game win streak on Tuesday night.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/3/18: A whole mess of Bucks ...
There were a bunch of smaller Bucks topics to discuss before previewing the Bucks-Celtics game and Frank and Eric discussed them all!
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/2/18: Bucks split weekend wi...
A 2-2 West Coast road trip isn't bad. Splitting weekend games against the Lakers and Nuggets is not bad either. Doing it how the Bucks did it though? Yeah. That hurts.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/30/18: Bucks take it to Warr...
An 11-0 run to end the first half gave the Bucks a nine-point lead over the Warriors at the half and they never looked back from there.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/29/18: Which Warriors will c...
The Warriors have suffered a bunch of injuries, but are there enough to give the Bucks a chance?
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/28/18: Bucks drop winnable g...
After fighting back to take a lead into the fourth quarter, the Bucks couldn't close out the Clippers.
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/27/18: Giannis on 60 Minutes...
A Milwaukee Bucks player had a feature on the most-watched 60 Minutes of the last decade.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/26/18: Two-Win Weekend for t...
How many wins in a row do you need for a winning streak?
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/23/18: Rumor Roundup, plus a...
We already discussed some rumors on Wednesday, but now we have some updates to those topics.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/22/18: Clippers outscore Buc...
The offense has been great for the last week or so, but the Bucks defense has been very bad and that led to a loss at the hands of the Clippers.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/21/18: Jabari Parker's futur...
Everything we'll talk about this summer hit the headlines on Tuesday.
61 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/20/18: Bucks fall to Cavs (E...
Neither team played defense, but the Cavaliers scored more efficiently than the Bucks and won the game.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/19/18: Bucks close out Hawks...
It was much closer than any Bucks fan would have hoped, but the Bucks still managed to pick up a win against the Hawks.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/16/18: Analyzing Jabari Park...
What have we learned about Jabari Parker's future in the last month since his return?
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/15/18: Bucks fall to Magic (...
And THAT, folks, is a loss in a Sucks-To-Lose Game.
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/14/18: Talking about people ...
Some national folks have talked about the Bucks lately, so we listened and then reacted.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/13/18: The Young Buck Strike...
Brandon Jennings was on #TripleDoubleWatch in Memphis and propelled the Bucks to a victory.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/12/18: Teletovic waived/Jenn...
The Bucks decided to part ways with Mirza Teletovic, while adding Brandon Jennings on a 10-day contract.
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/9/18: Return of the Sucks-To...
They aren't must-wins because they don't exist until you must actually win, but each of the next four games are definitely Sucks-To-Loses for the Bucks.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/8/18: Rockets too good for B...
Even on the second night of a back-to-back, the Rockets were simply too good for the Bucks.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/7/18: Will the Bucks keep th...
There are protections on the Bucks draft picks this year, how do they work?
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/6/18: Bucks fail to comeback...
The Bucks fell behind at the start of the second half again against the Pacers and couldn't recover this time.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/5/18: Weekend split ends on ...
The Bucks put themselves deep in a hole twice against the Sixers, but managed to come back twice and pull out a win to end the weekend.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/2/18: Bucks sign Shabazz (hu...
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/1/18: Bucks disappoint in De...
The Bucks were so bad Frank refused to podcast, so Eric took the recap by himself...sort of.
13 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/28/18: Bucks can't comeback ...
Frank and Eric break down the Bucks' attempt at a comeback against the Wizards that ultimately fell short on Tuesday night.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/27/18: Reviewing Jabari Park...
Frank and Eric talk about Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo's current situations.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/26/18: Exhilarating Raptors ...
Before the weekend, a split might have been okay, but not after Friday's rousing victory.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/23/18: All-Star Break MAILBA...
After previewing the Bucks' weekend slate, we get back to your questions.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/22/18: All-Star Break MAILBA...
The Bucks still haven't played basketball, but you still have questions we've yet to answer.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/21/18: All-Star Break MAILBA...
The Bucks don't play until Friday, which means we have more than enough time for a mailbag of a bunch of your questions.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/19/18: All-Star Weekend Revi...
Never Trust Team Stephen.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/16/18: Defense optional in B...
The Bucks scored 123 points and lost by 11 points.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/15/18: Brandon Jennings in O...
Brandon Jennings is not a Buck, but he is an NBA free agent nominally associated with the organization.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/14/18: Bucks eke one out ove...
It was ugly, but it was a win.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/13/18: #BuyoutSZN/Snell's St...
Before previewing the Bucks and Hawks, Frank and Eric hop around with a couple other topics.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/12/18: Weekend split in Flor...
The Bucks stuck to the script over the weekend, falling to the Heat and beating the Magic.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/9/18: Quiet Trade Deadline i...
Milwaukee was quiet at the deadline, but how did the activity of other teams affect the Bucks?
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/8/18: Trying to figure out t...
The Bucks have already made two trades, so does that mean it will be a quiet trade deadline in Milwaukee?
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/7/18: Giannis jumps over a d...
Giannis Antetokounmpo jumped over Tim Hardaway Jr. on an alley-oop from Khris Middleton.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/6/18: A Zeller's Market (Ep ...
We prepared a full podcast and then the Bucks decided to trade Rashad Vaughn and a protected second round pick to the Nets for Tyler Zeller.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/5/18: Jabari Parker returns ...
Jabari Parker was the weekend headliner, but there was a lot more to discuss about the wins over the Knicks and Nets.
63 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/2/18: Injuries + Missed Shot...
Nothing went right against the Timberwolves on Thursday night.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/1/18: Frank is back, plus Wo...
After a couple days away from the podcast, Frank makes his illustrious return to the podcast.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/31/18: Discussing the Future...
Friend of the show Pratik Patel from ESPN Milwaukee makes his debut as guest host and considers the Bucks' future with Eric.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/30/18: Bucks outlast Sixers ...
The Sixers kept the Bucks from running them out of the building in the fourth quarter, but Milwaukee kept making plays to beat Philly.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/29/18: Weekend Recap with @A...
Our friend Dean Maniatt (@AllTheBucks) stops by to discuss what's different now that Joe Prunty is the head coach in Milwaukee.
57 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/26/18: MAILBAG!, part 2 (Ep ...
You stuffed the Locked on Bucks mailbag to such an extent, it took us two days to get through all the questions.
87 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/25/18: Kidd Fired MAILBAG! (...
With so much happening this week, we decided to figure out what you want to know with a mailbag.
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/24/18: Kidd fallout, plus Lo...
There were a lot of reactions to Jason Kidd's firing around the country and we reacted to many of them.
64 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/23/18: Bucks fire Jason Kidd...
The Bucks played a basketball game on Monday night and it didn't matter to anyone because Jason Kidd is no longer the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.
63 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/22/18: Giannis out, Bucks lo...
On Saturday morning, we learned Giannis Antetokounmpo would be out for the next two games, which means we got our third look at the Giannis-less Bucks on Saturday night.
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/19/18: Giannis starts a seco...
Giannis Antetokounmpo finished second only to LeBron James in All-Star voting.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/18/18: Bucks bested by Heat....
This was a dumb basketball game between the Bucks and Heat.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/17/18: Revisiting Preseason ...
We're halfway through the season, so we decided to look back at our preseason predictions.
67 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/16/18: Bucks bounce back aga...
After an ugly loss to the Heat, the Bucks needed a win against the Wizards and that's what they got.
20 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/15/18: Bad Bucks Weekend (Ep...
A bad 4th quarter against the Warriors + a bad game in Miami = one bad Bucks weekend.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/12/18: Warriors preview, plu...
The Bucks will always have 24-1, but do the Bucks actually make things difficult for the Warriors?
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/11/18: Bucks take care of bu...
It wasn't perfect, but it got done.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/10/18: Struggles with consis...
Will the Bucks bring it against the Magic on Wednesday?
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/9/18: Bucks embarrassed them...
The Bucks played one good quarter of basketball, so we spent one quarter of our podcast talking about them.
69 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/8/18: Recapping a wild Bucks...
Frank and Eric break down all of the Bucks roster moves and a weekend back-to-back against two Eastern Conference contenders.
74 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/5/18: Captain Giannis, plus ...
Seemingly over night, Giannis Antetokounmpo has become the most popular basketball player in the world.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/4/18: Bucks boatrace Pacers ...
The Bucks haven't had many blowouts this year, but they put one together on Wednesday night and gave Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton a break.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/3/18: Where are the blowouts...
Are there any underlying reasons for the Bucks lack of blowouts?
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/2/18: Bucks can't close out ...
The Bucks trailed, then led, then trailed, then led again, but ultimately lost to the Raptors.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/1/18: A New Year's Eve Chat ...
Instead of going out and reveling in a New Year's celebration, Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks with Dean Maniatt (@AllTheBucks).
81 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/29/17: Bucks come back and ...
Mistakes were made, players were benched for mistakes, and the Bucks came back to win in the end.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/28/17: Big Man rumors, plus...
Another week, another rumor connecting the Bucks to a big man.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/27/17: Bucks embarrassed by...
It appears the Bucks did not learn anything from their 115-109 loss to the Bulls 11 days ago because they did it again on Tuesday.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/26/17: Bucks split against ...
The Bucks get just one out of two against the Hornets, but the loss may not be the most significant event of the weekend.
46 min
Locked on Bucks: 12/22/17: New jerseys, expecta...
Before getting you ready for a weekend against the Hornets, Frank and Eric discuss the Bucks' newest jerseys and realistic expectations for their roster.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/21/17: Could the Bucks have...
With an off-day, Frank and Eric explore the possibility of Eric Bledsoe or Khris Middleton being named to the All-Star Team this year.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/20/17: Bucks beat Cavs in a...
Despite a scoreless drought that lasted six minutes in the fourth quarter, the Bucks toppled the Cavaliers on Tuesday night.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/19/17: Thoughts on Teletovi...
Before previewing the Bucks game against the Cavaliers, Frank and Eric take a look at the recent roster moves.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/17/17: Disappointing weeken...
Lesson One: Never trust the Bucks.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/14/17: Bucks can't score wi...
It was a high-scoring affair in New Orleans, but the Bucks just couldn't keep up, falling 115-108 to the Pelicans on Wednesday.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/13/17: Pelicans preview & M...
The Bucks place in the East, Jabari Parker's place on the Bucks and more of your questions answered...
89 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/12/17: MAILBAG TIME! (Part ...
You sent us a bunch of questions and we answered them, even though it took us five hours.
66 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/11/17: Bucks flip the scrip...
The Bucks struggled against the Mavs and Jazz on the road in November, but took care of business in Milwaukee over the weekend.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/8/17: What Up with Thon Mak...
Eric and Frank discuss Thon Maker's sophomore season and then preview the Bucks' upcoming games on Friday and Saturday.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/7/17: Bucks close it out la...
Despite making it interesting in the final 30 seconds, the Bucks were able to close out their second victory over the Pistons on the season.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/6/17: JET grounded, Bucks p...
Frank and Eric take a closer look at the third matchup of the season between the Bucks and Pistons.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/5/17: Bucks can't break old...
After winning three straight with a different gameplan, the Bucks try the same old thing in Boston with disastrous results.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/4/17: Bucks hold on against...
The Bucks have won three straight games, but can they keep it going against the league's best team?
59 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/1/17: A Big 3 night beats t...
Bucks fans finally got to see what it looked like when Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eric Bledsoe, and Khris Middleton all played well on the same night.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/30/17: More trade rumors, p...
Recent injuries have turned DeAndre Jordan into a possible trade candidate, but does Milwaukee make any sense as a destination?
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/29/17: Bucks win convincing...
After a week of ugly basketball, the Bucks boatrace the Kings 112-87 in Sacramento on Tuesday night.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/28/17: Fizdale fired in Mem...
What does the Grizzlies firing David Fizdale tell us about the Bucks and Jason Kidd?
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/27/17: Bucks **mess** it up...
On Saturday night, the Bucks gave up 18-of-32 three point shooting to the Utah Jazz and lost 121-108.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/23/17: Bucks thankful to wi...
It wasn't a pretty game, but the Bucks were able to eek out a win against the Suns in overtime on Wednesday night.
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/22/17: Herd>Bucks, Bledsoe ...
At least one pro basketball team in Wisconsin is up to good things right now
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/21/17: Bucks lose to Wizard...
The Bucks struggled mightily in Milwaukee two days after they struggled mightily in Dallas.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/20/17: Dallas Disaster & Wi...
Everything went terribly wrong in Dallas, but will things be better on Monday against the Wizards?
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/17/17: A closer look at the...
How has the outlook for the rest of this Bucks season changed with the addition of Eric Bledsoe?
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/16/17: Middleton and Bledso...
After falling in their first meeting in Detroit, the Bucks enact a little revenge with a 99-95 victory over the Pistons in Milwaukee.
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/15/17: KG schools Thon, Pis...
Another matchup with the surging Pistons figures to be a good measuring stick for Eric Bledsoe and the Bucks
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/14/17: Giannis perseveres a...
The Grizzlies did everything they could to slow down Giannis Antetokounmpo, but ultimately the Bucks pulled out a 110-103 win with some help from Antetokounmpo's friends.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/13/17: Bledsoe's Debut
Three days of talk led up to Eric Bledsoe's Bucks debut in a back-to-back against the Spurs and Lakers over the weekend.
61 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/10/17: Bledsoe MAILBAG (and...
We asked for your lingering questions about the Bucks' trade for Eric Bledsoe and you delivered!
69 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/9/17: Eric Bledsoe's fit in...
Eric Bledsoe should make the Bucks better now. But is it a winning bet in the big picture?
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/8/17: Giannis soars, Bucks'...
Giannis, Khris and the Bucks offense couldn't overcome another wretched defensive performance
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/7/17: EMERGENCY POD - Eric ...
The Milwaukee Bucks have reportedly traded for Suns guard Eric Bledsoe.
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/7/17: Bucks face slumping C...
Are the Bucks *bad enough* to beat the Cavs?
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/6/17: Let's talk about Jaso...
The Bucks' third loss in a row and continued defensive struggles have done nothing to blunt doubts about Milwaukee's coaching
69 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/3/17: Giannis the chessmast...
Distracting Giannis Antetokounmpo from basketball is no small task.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/1/17: Defenseless Bucks was...
The Bucks' defense grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory against the Hornets
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/1/17: No help for Giannis a...
Jason KIdd's club looked unprepared and overwhelmed ahead of a difficult road trip
53 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/31/17: Giannis vs. Westbroo...
The Giannis MVP campaign faces its next challenge: beating the reigning MVP
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/30/17: Giannis/Khris power ...
Greg Monroe is hurt, but it might not matter much for the Bucks
60 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/27/17: MECCA lives up to hy...
The MECCA made a great stage for basketball Thursday night. Now if only the Bucks had been ready for it.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/26/17: More Bledsoe talk, M...
What are the odds of Eric Bledsoe actually landing in Milwaukee -- and should Jabari Parker be on the table to make it happen?
79 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/25/17: Eric Bledsoe trade t...
Eric Bledsoe won't be wearing a Suns jersey anymore, but what would it take to put him in green and cream?
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/24/17: Giannis does Giannis...
It wasn't pretty, but the Bucks move to 3-1 against an undermanned Hornets team
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/22/17: GIANNIS IS EVERYTHIN...
Is Giannis Antetokounmpo a real human or a figment of Bucks fans' collective imagination? WE DISCUSS
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/20/17: Giannis vs. LeBron p...
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/19/17: Giannis dominates Ce...
Giannis dominates and the Bucks' point guards best Kyrie Irving in a memorable season opener in Boston.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/18/17: Bucks-Celtics previe...
The Bucks open the 17/18 season against a Celtics team reeling from the loss of Gordon Hayward
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/17/17: Bucks 17/18 Over/Und...
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/16/17: Bucks-Pistons and RJ...
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/13/17: Bucks 17/18 Over/Und...
Giannis is bigger and Khris is healthier, but what does that mean for their games in 17/18?
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/11/17: Steve von Horn and J...
We conclude our three-party conversation with Steve von Horn and Jeremy Schmidt by looking at which league-wide trends we think will matter the most.
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/10/17: Giannis returns, doe...
Frank and special guest Mitchell Maurer review Giannis Antetokounmpo's preseason debut, the Bucks' defensive issues in Chicago and the THRILLING race for the final roster spot. PLUS: does Joel Embiid's $148 million contract extension suggest anything a...
59 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/6/17: Talking Bucks with St...
We continue our conversation with our friends Steve von Horn and Jeremy Schmidt by digging into analytics vs. eye test and what it's like to cover the Bucks when they're bad vs. good.
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/5/17: Bucks drop the ball v...
We unpack the Bucks' lackluster preseason home debut against the Indiana Pacers, pondering how the absence of Giannis Antetokounmpo is affecting the team, looking at Khris Middleton's three point shooting and debating how much Gary Payton II and Gerald...
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/4/17: Bucks Big Picture wit...
Old friends (and Bucks blogosphere titans) Jeremy Schmidt and Steve von Horn return to the podcast to talk about how we watch the Bucks, which one of them is truly "the worst" and much, much more.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/3/17: Bucks vs. Mavs! Game ...
Bucks preseason basketball is here, which means it's time to break down the Bucks' narrow loss in Dallas to the Mavericks.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/27/17: Giannis hearts Khris,...
In part 2 of our Bucks Media Day review, we dig into the burgeoning love affair between Giannis Antetokoumpo and Khris Middleton, assess Jason Terry's ambitious goals for the Bucks, pick favorites for the Bucks' last roster spot and consider how much l...
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/26/17: BUCKS ARE BACK! (Ep ...
Part 1 of our media day deep dive looks at Bucks ownership, Jaso Kidd and Jon Horst taking center stage.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/19/17: JET BACK, Moose and ...
We celebrate the return of Jason Terry, ponder if/how Brandon Rush's rumored signing would impact the back of the Bucks' bench, and Eric tells us stories from interviewing Greg Monroe, Thon Maker and Jason Kidd at the Bucks' annual charity golf outing.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/13/17: Bucks player rankings...
We debate Jabari Parker's supposed max contract "demand" and break down ESPN and Sports Illustrated's rankings for Khris Middleton, Greg Monroe and Malcolm Brogdon.
64 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/7/17: MAILBAG! Future moves...
We dig into our listener mailbag tackling a wide-ranging set of topics including what James Young's training camp deal means for the Bucks' roster, Thon's chances of stardom in Milwaukee, whether any of the Bucks' unappealing contracts might be traded,...
81 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/2/17: Hawes stretched...so n...
We break down what the Bucks' decision to waive and stretch Spencer Hawes means for Milwaukee's cap situation and how they might fill their newly opened roster spot. Is Jason Terry destined for a return? Did the Bucks have better options to avoid the l...
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/29/17: Bucks over/under, MEC...
(NOTE: VOLUME ISSUE FIXED - You may need to re-download in your podcasting app, apologies!) Now that Vegas odds and an assortment of win projection models have been released, we dig into how many games *we* think the Bucks will win in 2017/18 (and why)...
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/23/17: Kyrie/Isaiah blockbus...
We break down the Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas blockbuster and what it means for the Bucks both in the short and long term, plus we ponder O.J. Mayo's future and whether it might lead back through Milwaukee in 2018.
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/21/17: Giannis to miss EuroB...
Conspiracy! Shenanigans! Giannis Antetokounmpo's withdrawal from the 2017 EuroBasket squad sent Greek federation officials into a tizzy over the weekend, as the Bucks and NBA were immediate target of Greek conspiracy theories. We debate how much any of...
53 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/17/17: Bucks All-Time Starti...
We break down our picks for an all-time Bucks starting five, reflect on the Michael Beasley Era and shout out Malcolm Brogdon for *not* sticking to sports.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/15/17: Bucks schedule is her...
We break down NBA schedule day with everything you need to know about the Bucks' 17/18 calendar, plus Giannis playing for Greece (briefly) and much more.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/11/17: Harley jerseys unveil...
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/8/17: Giannis injury, Milt N...
We dig into a busy weekend of news, starting with Giannis Antetokounmpo's apparently not-so-serious "knee discomfort" and transitioning into a busy day in the HR department. Former Wolves GM Milt Newton is filling the empty assistant GM position, VP of...
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/4/17: Salary capstravaganza,...
Eric offers a breakdown of his visit to the Bucks' brand new training facility and then Frank answers your cap-related questions (starting at the 21-minute mark) about exciting topics such as what the luxury tax means, how exceptions and cap holds work...
90 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/1/17: Bucks' trade value ran...
We might all agree on who the most valuable Buck is, but how do the Bucks' trade values stack up after the inimitable Giannis Antetokounmpo?
65 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/27/17: Khris + Kyrie + Every...
We answer listener questions about all of the interesting Bucks offseason topics, including All of the Kyrie Irving questions.
79 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/25/17: Rose to Cavs, Kyrie l...
Derrick Rose is landing in Cleveland, just days after the explosive revelation that Kyrie Irving no longer was content to play second fiddle to LeBron James. We dig into why Rose was a bullet dodged for the Bucks, whether packages being hypothethesized...
68 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/22/17: Kyrie Irving trade sc...
We break down what Kyrie Irving's trade demands mean for the Cavs, what kind of package he may command, and whether the Bucks could make a compelling offer for the Cavs' all-star point guard. We also discuss reports of Derrick Rose likely ending up wit...
77 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/19/17: Bucks free agency opt...
After spending much of the last week arguing why we don't like Derrick Rose's fit in Milwaukee, we consider which cheap options might still be worth pursuing in free agency and ponder whether Giannis Antetokounmpo should play for Greece in this summer'...
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/15/17: Derrick Rose Scenario...
We break down the latest Derrick Rose rumors and reflect on what we did (and didn't) learn about the Vegas Bucks over the past week.
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/12/17: Summer League mailbag...
We answer your questions about all things Bucks, including what has impressed us most (and least) in Vegas, the realness of Vegas Rashad Vaughn, and expectations for how much we'll see D.J. Wilson and Sterling Brown this season.
71 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/10/17: Vegas first weekend r...
We break down everything we saw (and didn't see) from the Bucks' opening two Summer League games in Las Vegas, including Thon Maker's offensive skillset, Rashad Vaughn's Sunday breakout, Gary Payton II's defense and first impressions of D.J. Wilson, St...
63 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/7/17: Giannis punches back, ...
A busy moratorium day in Milwaukee featured Giannis Antetokounmpo renewing his loyalty to Bucks fans, Sterling Brown's official arrival and new contracts for D.J. Wilson and Bronson Koenig. We dig into all the news of the day and preview what to watch ...
76 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/6/17: Free agency chatter, t...
We break down the latest news from the NBA free agency, dig into the numbers behind the Bucks' luxury tax challenges, argue whether no news is good news for Bucks fans, and ponder whether Woj's talk of Giannis potentially leaving in 2021 is actually a ...
57 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/4/17: Bucks meet with Derric...
It happened. We discussed it.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/1/17: Bucks bring back Tony ...
We take a closer look at the deal of Bucks' restricted free agent shooting guard Tony Snell, the rest of the NBA free agency landscape, and react to the Lowe/Windhorst story on the Bucks' GM search.
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/29/17: Bucks Free Agency Pre...
We look ahead to the start of free agency by offering our predictions on Tony Snell's potential next contract, the most likely Bucks to be traded/waived, and the futures of John Henson, Mirza Teletovic, Rashad Vaughn, and Jason Terry.
70 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/28/17: What Free Agency 2016...
We look back at the past year to deconstruct what went wrong (and maybe right?) in the past year for the Bucks on the free agent market and what it means moving forward.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/26/17: Honors for Brogdon an...
A day randomly filled with a lot of news. We discuss Malcolm Brogdon winning Rookie of the Year, Giannis Antetokounmpo's Most Improved Player and 2nd Team All-Defense honors, Spencer Hawes' decision to opt-in, and moves in the Bucks' front office.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/26/17: Bronson Koenig's chan...
Bronson Koenig appears headed to be a Buck -- sort of. We discuss Koenig's odds of making it to Milwaukee, what 2-way deals will mean for the Wisconsin Herd, why Sterling Brown hasn't officially been made a Buck and look forward to Spencer Hawes' loomi...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/23/17: D.J. Wilson and Sterl...
D.J. Wilson and Sterling Brown are the newest Milwaukee Bucks, and if you're too lazy to watch their DraftExpress videos, WE CAN HELP.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/22/17: Monroe opts in, Porzi...
We count down the final 24 hours to the draft by examining what Greg Monroe's opt-in means for the Bucks, ponder potential Kristaps Porzingis trades and offer our final Bucks draft thoughts.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/21/17: Bucks draft preview, ...
With Jon Horst making the media rounds just two days ahead of the NBA Draft, we ponder what we know and don't know about the Bucks' plans for draft night. We also dig into a crazy week in the NBA, giving our thoughts on D'Angelo Russell to the Nets, Dw...
51 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/20/17: Jon Horst GM introduc...
We break down everything we did (and didn't hear) at Jon Horst's first press conference as Bucks' GM, plus we answer listener questions around what to expect from Horst going forward, whether David Griffin should still be on the Bucks' radar and a pote...
72 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/18/17: Jon Horst is your new...
Now what?
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/16/17: Jon Horst vs. Justin ...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/15/17: Bucks' GM mess, NBA D...
The Milwaukee Bucks' GM search should be over; as of Wednesday it still wasn't. We look into the Bucks' indecision and also talk about Bam Adebayo's visit to Milwaukee, plus the latest that Jabari Parker and Thon Maker are up to.
59 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/14/17: GM search narrows, Fi...
We check in on the latest news in the Bucks' search for a new GM, ponder what the NBA Finals say about the current state of the NBA (and us as fans), and discuss whether we like *any* of the big men likely to be available in the Bucks' draft range.
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/12/17: Bucks GM search lates...
We dig into the finalists for the Bucks' GM search (and the oddness of Wes Wilcox being among them), plus we offer our opinions of the Bucks' new G-League team name and the Bucks' return to the MECCA (er, UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena) in 17-18.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/7/17: GM search narrows to Z...
Justin Zanik, Arturas Karnisovas and Wes Wilcox are your finalists for the Milwaukee Bucks GM job. We dig into why we like Justin Zanik for the job, who Arturas Karnisovas is, and why Wes Wilcox makes no sense at all.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/5/17: Revisiting 16/17 over/...
We check in on the NBA Finals, look back at our predictions for the 16/17 season, and recap the remaining contenders for the Bucks' GM position.
69 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/2/17: Cavs/Warriors gauntlet...
We consider what the Warriors and Cavs' playoff dominance means for the Bucks and look at the latest names in the Bucks' GM search.
58 min
Locked on Bucks, 6/1/17: Mailbag Part 3 - Bucks...
We finish off our mailbag by looking at the Bucks' options on draft night, including what it might take to trade up into the lottery, who we are liking at #17 and sleeper options who might go undrafted and be available for 2-way G-League contracts.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/30/17: Mailbag Part 2 - 2018...
We continue our Memorial Day Mailbag by digging deeper into what might come next for the Bucks, including their odds of winning a playoff series next season, the importance of this summer, and what to expect of the Bucks' GM search.
79 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/29/17: MEMORIAL DAY MAILBAG ...
Finish out your Memorial Day weekend with part 1 of our listener mailbag. We dig into the ideal point guard for the Bucks future, Tony Snell's value, whether Greg Monroe and Spencer Hawes will be back, and expectations for next season.
53 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/24/17: NBA Draft Preview wit...
We dig into the NBA Draft with Cole Zwicker (@colezwicker), picking apart the Bucks options at #17 and #48. Among the prospects discussed: Donovan Mitchell, Hamidou Diallo, Terrance Ferguson, Jonathan Jeanne, Harry Giles, T.J. Leaf, Ike Anigbogu, Luke ...
67 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/23/17: John Hammond is gone....
We dig into a BIG news day in Milwaukee, unpacking John Hammond's legacy in Milwaukee, why Justin Zanik wasn't immediately named as the team's next GM on Tuesday, and what's at stake with the NBA Draft and free agency just weeks away.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/23/17: John Hammond's Future...
The Orlando Magic are reportedly hiring Toronto Raptors GM (and former Bucks assistant GM) Jeff Weltman as president of basketball operations. Bucks GM John Hammond has just one year left on his contract in Milwaukee and reportedly interviewed for the ...
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/22/17: Giannis All-NBA/exten...
We celebrate Giannis Antetokounmpo's All-NBA second team selection and look into the future for what a 2020 max extension might look like, consider Giannis and Malcolm Brogdon's odds of claiming NBA Awards night hardware, discuss All-NBA and MVP voting...
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/19/17: Bucks draft FEVER (Ep...
The Milwaukee Bucks draft workouts are in full swing, so we dig into scouting reports on T.J. Leaf, Ivan Rabb, Derrick White, Wesley Iwundu, and more. PLUS we have some fun with the Jeff Schwartz-Jason Kidd-Excel sports conspiracy theory...
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/18/17, How long before Bucks...
With Cleveland continuing its dominant run through the East playoff bracket, we ponder if and when the Bucks could compete with LeBron and the rest of the East's wannabe contenders in Boston, Toronto and Washington.
57 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/17/17: Lottery reaction, Buc...
We dig into the winners and losers from Tuesday night's draft lottery, discuss what we learned from last weekend's NBA Draft Combine, ponder who are the most "Bucksian" potential picks in the 2017 draft, and Eric relays what he learned from Wednesday's...
65 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/11/17: Prospects to watch at...
We dip our toes into the 2017 NBA Draft by looking ahead to this week's Draft Combine in Chicago, discussing a range of potential Bucks targets including OG Anunoby, Donovan Mitchell, Jawun Evans, Luke Kennard, Terrance Ferguson, Justin Patton, Justin ...
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/9/17: Tony Snell and Greg Mo...
In part 2 of our discussion around Tony Snell, Greg Monroe and the Bucks' offseason, we make our predictions as to what will happen with both players, how Jabari Parker and Monroe may be more intertwined than you might think, and what Snell's improveme...
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/8/17: Front office future, G...
We revisit rumors around John Hammond's future in Milwaukee, consider the Bucks' cap (in)flexibility this summer, and how Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker's Bucks futures may be more intertwined than you might think.
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/5/17: John Hammond presser r...
We say thanks to departing JS beat writer Charles Gardner and dig into John Hammond's post-season press conference, including Khris Middleton's flu game, the market for Tony Snell, the Bucks' upcoming D-League team and the mystery of Greg Monroe's next...
63 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/3/17: Offseason talking poin...
We continue our discussion of the Bucks' upcoming offseason, starting with a debate about the Bucks' backcourt shooting.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 5/2/17: Kidd's future, offseas...
We launch into the offseason with some thoughts on the Bucks' upcoming summer and Jason Kidd's future in Milwaukee.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/28/17: Bucks-Raptors Game 6 ...
We react to an epic, emotional roller-coaster game six: the heart of Giannis, the grit of a sick Khris Middleton, and an insane crowd that *nearly* willed the Bucks to a game seven-inducing comeback win over the Toronto Raptors.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/27/17: Bucks-Raptors Game 6!...
We look ahead to the Bucks' pivotal game six matchup with the Raptors in Milwaukee, including a discussion of how much pressure the Bucks will be under, how the Bucks can cope with the Raptors' smaller starting five and Khris Middleton's playoff shooti...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/25/17: Bucks-Raptors Game 5 ...
We break down an ugly game five loss for the Bucks in Toronto, focusing on the Raptors' improved ball movement, an impressive bounce-back performance from Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the struggles of Khris Middleton.
21 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/23/17: Bucks-Raptors Game 5 ...
We break down what to look out for in Monday's pivotal game 5 between the Bucks and Raptors, including how the Bucks will need to figure out the Raptors' smaller starting lineup, Giannis Antetokounmpo's reaction to playoff adversity and Dwane Casey's c...
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/22/17: Bucks-Raptors Game 4 ...
We break down a disappointing game four loss in Milwaukee, as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and the Bucks' offense struggled to get anything going against a smaller Raptor starting five.
53 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/21/17: Bucks demolish Raptor...
We break down the Milwaukee Bucks' sensational 104-77 win over the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night, taking a closer look at the Bucks' defensive success vs. the Raptors' pick-and-roll, the importance of Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo, and ...
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/20/17: Bucks-Raptors Game 3...
We look ahead to game three of the Raptors and Bucks with a discussion of whether the young Bucks can handle the pressure of defending their home court, national opinions of the Bucks and Jason Kidd, and whether Michael Beasley and Tony Snell might pla...
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/19/17: Bucks-Raptors Game 2 ...
We break down the Bucks' valiant game two effort, looking at whether adjustments were a major factor, what went right and wrong for Giannis Antetokounmpo, the supporting cast performances of Khris Middleton, Greg Monroe and Thon Maker, and how the Buck...
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/18/17: Game 2 Preview with M...
Mitchell Maurer from Brew Hoop joins Eric to discuss the potential adjustments the Bucks should expect the Raptors to make in Game 2.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/16/17: Giannis, Bucks stun ...
Giannis Antetokounmpo launched the Bucks to a dream start in Saturday's playoff opener in Toronto, and WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT. In our first playoff pod we take a closer look at how Giannis rose to the occasion, the strong play of Greg Monroe and Tho...
62 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/14/17: Playoff Rotation Talk...
We discuss a possible playoff rotation for the Bucks against the Toronto Raptors with Brew Hoop's Brett Abramczyk.
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/13/17: Raptors/Bucks talk wi...
We talk all things Bucks-Raptors in a special crossover podcast with Locked on Raptors host Sean Woodley.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/12/17: Bucks eye Raptors, pr...
We look ahead to the Bucks' playoff matchup against the Toronto Raptors, whether resting players in Bosto matters and ponder where Giannis Antetokounmpo's most recent chasedown block ranks among his all-time best.
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/11/17: Bucks close out Horne...
It wasn't entirely convincing, but the Milwaukee Bucks guaranteed their first winning season since 2010 by dominating Charlotte in the fourth quarter. We discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo's third triple-double of the season,the hot shooting of JET, Khrs Mi...
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/10/17: PLAYOFFS (Ep #173)
It wasn't pretty, but the Milwaukee Bucks clinched a return to the postseason on Saturday night in Philadelphia. We take a look at why that's something worth celebrating, who they might face off against in the first round, and what to expect over their...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/7/17: Giannis good, most ev...
The Bucks' losing streak reached three games in Indiana on Thursday, and we break down the good (Giannis/Mirza definitely, Thon sort of) and the bad (the Bucks' fundamentals, Monroe, and Middleton).
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/6/17: Playoff scenarios, Br...
We look ahead to the Bucks' visit to Indiana, wonder what's really going on with Malcolm Brogdon, consider various playoff scenarios and consider Jason Kidd's future.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/5/17: Bucks boatraced in OK...
We attempt to describe the horror that was the Bucks' 110-79 loss in OKC, ponder how much of the Bucks' recent success has been attributable to luck and distract ourselves with talk of some of our favorite recent movies and TV shows.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/4/17: Thon Maker's rookie s...
Eric is back to dig into Thon Maker's big weekend, why the Gary Payton II signing is worth a shot, the importance of Malcolm Brogdon and what to look for when the Bucks take on OKC Tuesday night.
50 min
Locked on Bucks, 4/3/17: Thon and Giannis risin...
Frank Madden recaps the Bucks' win over the Pistons and loss to the Mavericks, which featured dominating performances from Giannis Antetokounmpo and a coming out party for Thon Maker.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/31/17: Clutch Brogdon, growi...
Frank Madden revisits Giannis Antetokounmpo's MVP credentials, unpacks Malcolm Brogdon and Greg Monroe's clutch contributions, looks at why Thon Maker's modest contributions are so encouraging, and previews a big weekend homestand against the Pistons a...
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/30/17: Malcolm Brogdon break...
The Bucks' charmed life continued in Boston on Wednesday night, stiff-arming the East-leading Celtics fora second road win in 48 hours. We discuss Malcolm Brogdon's star turn and the improbable turnarond from the Bucks over the past month.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/29/17: Bucks heat up in Char...
The Bucks shrugged off their disappointing home loss to Chicago with a 118-point outburst in Charlotte.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/28/17: Where does Giannis fi...
We break down our view of the great James Harden-Russell Westbrook-Kawhi Leonard-LeBron James MVP race and consider where Giannis Antetokounmpo fits into this year's MVP, Most Improved, All-NBA and All-Defensive balloting. (Note: we had some issues wit...
55 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/27/17: Bucks edge Hawks, fal...
We dig into a weekend of ups and downs for the Milwaukee Bucks, including a narrow win over the Atlanta Hawks and a fall-flat-on-their-face effort vs. the Bulls.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/24/17: How did the Bucks sud...
We look ahead to a big Milwaukee Bucks homecoming weekend by pondering how the Bucks righted their ship since the return of Khris Middleton -- and how sustainable it might actually be.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/23/17: Giannis schools Kings...
The Bucks punctuated a 4-2 Western road trip with a (relatively) easy win over the Kings in Sacramento. We discuss the unstoppability of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the hilarious revenge games of Jason Terry and Spencer Hawes, and Khris Middleton's jumpshot.
27 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/22/17: Bucks edge Blazers (E...
We unpack the Bucks' latest (big) road win in Portland, which featured some big defense down the stretch from Giannis Antetokounmpo and the return of the Teletovic Archipelago.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/21/17: Bucks Reddit/Twitter ...
We dig into our mailbag to discuss Jabari Parker, Jason Kidd's future in Milwaukee, which team we'd like to see the Bucks match up with in the playoffs and much, much more.
71 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/20/17: Bucks split weekend, ...
We unpack the Bucks' narrow win over the Lakers and blowout loss to the Warriors, including Giannis Antetokounmpo's relative inconsistency of late, Khris Middleton's goodness, Thon Maker looking solid in Oakland and Greg Monroe's amusing turn as the Bu...
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/17/17: Bucks vs. Lakers/Warr...
We look ahead to an important Bucks weekend with the Lakers and Warriors on tap, and also take some time to think about the vanquished Clippers and which of Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin you'd be most interested in seeing on the Bucks.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/16/17: Bucks hang on vs. Cl...
The Bucks bounced back from a disappointing night in Memphis by doing *just* enough to down Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the Clippers in L.A.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/15/17: Bucks rotations, Larr...
Finishing up our rotaton discussion, we ponder which Bucks have made a compelling case for consistent minutes and look forward to Wednesday night's matchup with the Clippers in L.A.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/14/17: Streak ends with thud...
The Bucks' six-game winning streak came crashing to an end against a struggling Grizzlies team that got hot from three and outplayed the Bucks in basically every other phase of the game as well. We discuss how the Bucks lost a game in which they hit 14...
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/13/17: Streaking! Bucks hand...
The Milwaukee Bucks pushed their winning streak to a season-high six games over the weekend, dispatching the Pacers and Timberwolves to reclaim the East's 8th seed ahead of a six-game Western road trip. Is the defense back? What can we make of Rashad V...
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/10/17: Jabari Parker speaks,...
We review Jabari Parker's first public comments since tearing his ACL for a second time, explain why Bucks fans don't need to worry about Derrick Rose coming to Milwaukee, and look ahead to a critical weekend back-to-back for the Bucks.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/9/17: Giannis dominates Knic...
It's easy to take Giannis Antetokounmpo's greatness for granted. Wednesday night against the Knicks was not one of those nights.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/8/17: Predicting Bucks' fina...
We break down the Bucks' final 20 games and ponder which fanbases have more reason for optimism than the Bucks moving forward.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/7/17: Bucks bully Sixers, Th...
The Milwaukee Bucks take care of business in a S2L against the Sixers, but many fans weren't happy because the Bucks made their draft position worse. Has the tank wagon already left town?
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/6/17: Giannis/Khris down Cli...
We break down the Bucks' surprising sweep of the Clippers and Raptors, including how Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo got the Bucks back on track, whether and ponder what (if anything) we should take from Spencer Hawes' big Saturday night.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/3/17: Terrence Jones added, ...
We break down what the Terrence Jones signing means for the Bucks, whether Malcolm Brogdon has a legitimate claim to the Rookie of the Year award now that Joel Embiid's season is over, and ponder the likelihood of Giannis Antetokounmpo making the all-d...
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/2/17: Indifferent Bucks trou...
The Bucks added another embarrassing home loss to their 16/17 resume, dropping a not-as-close-as-the-final-score 110-98 decision to the Nuggets. Jason Kidd looked lost, Giannis looked sad and the Bucks in general look adrift at sea. So what next?
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 3/1/17: The Beas' knees! Nugge...
We celebrate the sturdiness of Michael Beasley's elastic knees, consider the Bucks' odds of downing a fun Nuggets team on Wednesday and say NO THANKS to the Dwyane Wade non-rumor that cropped up on Tuesday.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/28/17: Beasley hurt, Gianni...
There were no moral victories to be had in Cleveland on Monday night. We dig into the impact of Michael Beasley suffering what appeared to be a gruesome looking knee injury, Giannis Antetokounmpo looking lost and the Bucks' fourth quarter lineup leavin...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/27/17: Same old Bucks vs. Ja...
The post-break Bucks got back to work looking (unfortunately) much like the pre-break Bucks, struggling to keep pace with the Jazz on Friday before *barely* beating the Suns on Sunday. We break down why patience with Matthew Dellavedova is wearing thi...
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/24/17: Hibbert dealt, Axel T...
We break down the NBA trade deadline, with a focus on the Bucks' salary dump of Roy Hibbert and the signing of D-Leaguer Axel Toupane.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/23/17: Trade deadline mailba...
With the NBA trade deadline upon us, we answer your questions about the likelihood of a Bucks deal, who might be on the way out, and much more.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/22/17: Ricky Rubio rumor red...
We continue our look at the trade deadline by revisiting the perpetual rumor of Bucks' interest in Ricky Rubio, and we ponder whether the Bucks should have made a play for DeMarcus Cousins.
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/21/17: Trade Deadline Previe...
With the NBA trade deadline approaching on Thursday, we take a look at the Bucks' needs, what they have to work with and break down what we'd like to see happen with every player on the roster.
52 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/20/17: Giannis flies in all...
We break down our favorite parts of Giannis Antetokounmpo's all-star dunkfest and offer up our instant reactions of the Kings' decision to trade DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans for...well, not much.
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/17/17: Giannis all-star prev...
We look ahead to Giannis Antetokounmpo's big all-star weekend, ponder whether Malcolm Brogdon could surprise in the Rising Stars game and recount our favorite all-star weekend memories.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/16/17: Middleton/Giannis too...
We break down Khris Middleton's efficient night in Brooklyn, his excellent chemistry with Greg Monroe, and how important his playmaking has been since returning from injury. We also ponder the future of Rashad Vaughn and why getting him regular minutes...
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/15/17: Jabari surgery detail...
We dig into what we know about Jabari Parker's second ACL reconstruction surgery and why the Bucks' last game before the all-star game in Brooklyn is a definite "sucks to lose" (S2L) game.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/14/17: Beas and Moose take o...
Michael Beasley and Greg Monroe shot 22-of-28 from the field in the Bucks 102-89 victory over the Pistons. Seems cool, but Bucks fans didn't seem all that excited. Why? Is that the new normal?
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/13/17: Giannis takes charge...
The Milwaukee Bucks' roller-coaster season continued with a dispiriting home loss to the Lakers followed by a surprisingly easy win in Indy. The common thread: Giannis Antetokounmpo is doing everything right now. We also talk about an encouraging week...
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/10/17: Jabari out for a year...
The Bucks' worst fears for Jabari Parker were confirmed, begging the question: what do the Bucks do now?
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/9/17: Jabari Parker sadness ...
The Bucks' 21-year-old star appears to have been lost to yet another long-term knee injury. So what next for Jabari Parker and the struggling Milwaukee Bucks?
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/8/17: Khris Middleton expect...
We preview Khris Middleton's much-anticipated return Wednesday night against the Heat, what Kevin Garnett's return to practice might mean, and how the Heat have won 11 (!) straight games.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/7/17: Oshkosh D-League decis...
The Bucks appear set to name Oshkosh as their new D-League affiliate, but how much will a D-League team change basketball in Milwaukee?
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/6/17: Bucks break out in Pho...
After a failed comeback in Denver, the Bucks snapped out of their five-game skid with a 137-point scoring avalanche against the struggling Suns. Giannis was awesome and Jabari was smiling, but will the Bucks be able to get back on track?
24 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/3/17: Deconstructing the Plu...
The Bucks got an early start on the trade deadline by shipping Miles Plumlee's contract to the Hornets for the far-less-onerous deals of Roy Hibbert and Spencers Hawes. What does it mean for the Bucks this season and beyond?
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/2/17: Bucks lose again...BUT...
The Bucks lost in uncompetitive fashion in Utah, but once again there was at least one bright spot: Thon Maker.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 2/1/17: Bucks start critical r...
We look ahead to Bucks-Jazz matchup by pondering whether Thon Maker will start, how the Jazz defense got so good and why we're really hoping to see a bounce-back game from Jabari Parker.
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/31/17: Thon Maker gets his c...
Thon Maker showed flashes of the future over the weekend. Now what?
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/30/17: The Bucks' Rough Week...
We discuss the Bucks' struggles against the Raptors and Celtics, including the Bucks' continued problems in the clutch, Jabari's worst game of the season, and the Bucks' weak first quarters.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/27/17: Schadenfreude Friday ...
We decompress from the Bucks' loss to Philly by looking at the disaster unfolding in Chicago and consider the Bucks' odds this weekend against the Raptors and Celtics -- two teams whose defensive struggles have mirrored the Bucks' in some respects.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/26/17: Bucks embarrass thems...
For the second time in 10 days, the Milwaukee Bucks *should* have played with desperation against the Sixers at home. Instead, they fell apart defensively in the first half and struggled to do anything late, hitting a new rock bottom in the process.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/25/17: What to make of Thon ...
In our latest podcast we check in on the progress of Bucks rookies Thon Maker and Malcolm Brogdon. Are Thon's recent rotation minutes reasons for long-term optimism? Is the rookie wall to blame for Brogdon's recent dip in form? Lastly, we take a quick...
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/24/17: Streak snapped! Gian...
We break down the Bucks' streak-snapping win over the Rockets in Milwaukee, including how Miles Plumlee's rim-running return spaces the floor, the resurgent play of the Bucks' bench and another big night from Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/23/17: Losing spiral continu...
The Bucks' downward spiral continued over the weekend with a pair of uninspiring losses in Orlando and Miami. Can the Brodgon/Delly shakeup reinvigorate the bench? Did Jabari Parker's punishment fit the crime? And do they have a chance in their rematch...
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/20/17: Giannis is everythin...
We break down the significance of Giannis Antetokounmpo becoming the Bucks' first all-star starter in over three decades, whether players embarrassed themselves with voting, and who we'd pick for our East and West all-star starters.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/19/17: Giannis gets no help ...
Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden lived up to their all-star statures in Houston on Wednesday night, but the rest of the Bucks might as well have missed the team bus.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/18/17: Role player struggle...
We preview the Bucks' Wednesday night matchup in Houston with James Harden and look at the struggles of Matthew Dellavedova, Mirza Teletovic and Miles Plumlee.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/17/17: Embiid ruins Bucks' M...
A fast start gave way to another terriblem, Joel Embiid-plagued second half for the Milwaukee Bucks. Is it time for a shakeup in Milwaukee?
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/16/17: Letdown vs. Hawks, B...
We recap the Bucks' weekend, beginning with Sunday's defensive letdown in Atlanta and a not-as-close-as-it-seems win over the awful Heat on Friday. Plus, we debate why Jabari hasn't scord 40 yet, pick our favorite crazy Giannis dunk and look forward to...
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/13/17: Giannis back vs. Heat...
Giannis Antetokounmpo will be back for Friday night's tussle with the struggling Heat PLUS we complete our mailbag with discussions of Thon Maker's playing time, Giannis' superstar credentials and Jabari Parker's improvement.
49 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/11/17: Bucks Mailbag, Part 1...
We dive into listener questions about potential trade deadline deals, the development of Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo, Greg Monroe and Malcolm Brogdon's award chances and which Bucks free agents might be back next year.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/11/17: BEAZUS! does in the S...
Even with an ailing Giannis Antetokounmpo spending most of the night on the bench, the Bucks ended a decade of futility in San Antonio with a shocking 109-107 win. We unpack a terrific night from Michael Beasley, a surprise appearance from Thon Maker a...
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/10/17: What can Khris Middle...
We look ahead to the Bucks' trip to San Antonio and -- after months of not letting ourselves think about it -- ponder what Khris Middleton's return could mean for this season's Bucks.
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/9/17: Melancholy Monday afte...
A three-game win streak quickly turned into two straight losses over the weekend and we try to break down how the Bucks dropped games to the Wizards and Knicks over the weekend. We also predict whether or not the Bucks will make changes to their starti...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/6/17: Giannis getting all-st...
Giannis Antetokounmpo's brilliance isn't going unnoticed, as the first round of NBA All-Star fan voting place him second behind only LeBron among East frontcourt players. We discuss whether it's now a lock that he starts, the Knicks' moping after thei...
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/5/17: Giannis wins it at the...
A sluggish Bucks effort in New York turned into pure ecstasy Wednesday night, as Giannis Antetokounmpo capped a big fourth quarter comeback with a buzzer beater to sink the Knicks.
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/4/17: OKC redux, Knicks-Buck...
We look ahead to the first round of all-star voting (GIANNIS!), talk a bit more about the Bucks' big win over the Thunder, and dig into this week's Knicks-Bucks games with Jared Dubin of Locked on Knicks.
72 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/3/17: Bucks come out on top ...
Eric goes solo and talks about the Bucks' victory over the Thunder, including some long overdue praise of Tony Snell and another breakdown of the Bucks in crunch-time.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 1/2/17: Time for Malcolm Brogd...
Malcolm Brogdon has clearly outplayed Matthew Dellavedova to date, but will Jason Kidd stick with his rookie standout as a starter once Delly returns from injury, or will he prefer to keep Brogdon in a super sub role?
48 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/30/16: Bucks' past, present...
Tech journalist and NBA nerd Ben Thompson (@NoTechBen) joins us to talk about the overlooked upside of the Brandon Knight/MCW trade, how last summer's moves constrain the Bucks moving forward, and the joys of rooting for Giannis and Jabari.
67 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/29/16: Jabari leads blowout...
Brew Hoop's Mitchell Maurer and Adam Paris join Frank to discuss the Bucks' impressive blowout win in Detroit and Jabari Parker's ongoing maturation as a scorer and playmaker. In other news, we all know Giannis Antetokounmpo *deserves* to start the al...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/28/16: Brogdon vs. Delly vs...
Our 100th episode has us recapping the Bucks' continued late-game struggles vs. the Wiz, whether Macolm Brogdon should be playing late in games, Bradley Beal being salty about Giannis scoring 39, and a look ahead to the Bucks' trip to Detroit.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/24/16: Giannis Santatekounm...
Normally we only publish podcasts on weekdays....but Giannis Antetokounmpo's 39-point explosion in the Bucks' 123-96 blowout win over the Wiz just *had* to be talked about late Friday night. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/23/16: LeBron and Kyrie tal...
Frank and Eric make a couple personal/career announcements before diving into basketball. In particular, what's up with Kyrie Irving alluding to a potential Cavs' sweep of the Bucks in the playoffs? And LeBron James taking digs at Giannis and Jabari's ...
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/22/16: No help for Giannis...
What went wrong for the Bucks in Cleveland? We discuss the limitations of Giannis and Jabari's supporting cast and discuss whether there's any optimism to be had from seeing Thon Maker and Rashad Vaughn make a cameo against the Cavs.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/21/16: Giannis/Jabari not *...
The best efforts of Giannis and Jabari weren't quite enough to topple LeBron James for a second time. Among other things, we unpack Jabari's beast mode, Giannis' otherworldly help defense and Malcolm Brogdon poster night.
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/20/16: The Jabari Parker Qu...
Depending your point of view, Jabari Parker is either the Bucks' second superstar-in-waiting or the empty calories (PPGZZZ!) in an otherwise complete breakfast. In our latest pod, we dive into where Jabari Parker is, where he isn't, and what that migh...
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/19/16: Bucks complete sweep...
The Milwaukee Bucks doubled their fun against the Chicago Bulls on Friday, trouncing Fred Hoiberg's team for the second time in 48 hours. In our latest pod, we break down how so many things went right for Milwaukee and wrong for Chicago and ponder the...
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/16/16: Giannis and Jabari r...
Giannis, Jabari and the Milwaukee Bucks snapped a three-game skid with a resounding win over the Chicago Bulls on national TV Thursday night. We revel in the joy of Giannis and Jabari -- and the tears of disappointed Bulls fans.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/15/16: Bucks-Bulls! Jimmy v...
We look ahead to the Bucks-Bulls home-and-home spectacular, beginning with Thursday's TNT game at the Bradley Center.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/14/16: Matt Moore on Gianni...
Matt Moore of CBS Sports joins us to talk about what's surprised him about Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker's potential fit issues in Milwaukee and why the Bucks should be a playoff time this year.
65 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/18/16: Bucks crushed in Tor...
We discuss the Bucks' consistent inability to compete with the Toronto Raptors, the difficulty of finding minutes for Thon Maker and Rashad Vaughn, and Giannis Antetokounmpo's (maybe) burgeoning arsenal of shots.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/12/16: Not-too-clutch Bucks...
Coming off late losses to the Hawks and Wizards, we dissect the Bucks' struggles closing out games and look ahead to a stiff test in Toronto.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/9/16: Hawks preview and MEG...
We take a look at the Bucks' back-to-back against the Hawks and Wizards while diving into part two of our Tuesday mailbag, discussing Jabari and Snell extensions and which player we'd want to add to the Bucks.
54 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/8/16: Giannis triple-double...
The Bucks got back to their winning ways as Giannis' second triple-double and Jabari Parker's 27 points powered them past Portland. We discuss the Bucks' defense, the return of Point Giannis and Jabari showing alpha flashes.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/7/16: Blazers Preview and P...
We take a quick look at the Portland Trailblazers before hopping into the first part of a monster Twitter mailbag. Topics include Middleton, Maker, and a one-on-one matchup between Frank and Eric.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/6/16: Bucks can't put away ...
The Bucks came *this* close to toppling the mighty Spurs on Monday night. We break down why this was an important game for Jabari Parker, why this was a worse loss than the Bucks' defeats to the Raptors and Warriors and more.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/5/16: Bucks sweep Nets, but...
The Bucks have taken care of business during a four-game win streak, moving them to an encouraging 10-8 with a difficult series of games against the Spurs, Blazers and Hawks upcoming.
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 12/2/16: Giannis, Bucks bomb a...
Three quarters of brilliance from Giannis Antetokounmpo and a boatload of threes pushed the Bucks back above .500 in Brooklyn.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/28/16: Have your Bucks 16/1...
We look forward to the Bucks home-and-home with the Brooklyn Nets and take stock of what we've seen from the 8-8 Bucks and what it means for our full season expectations. Also: GIANNIS GIANNIS GIANNIS.
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/29/16: Giannis dominates Ca...
Another monster night from Giannis Antetokounmpo carried an energized Bucks team past LeBron James and the Cavs on Tuesday night.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/29/16: Giannis-LeBron, DELL...
We look ahead to the Bucks' showdown with the NBA Champion Cavaliers on Tuesday.
20 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/28/16: Weekend reactions, f...
We recap the Bucks' weekend loss to the Raptors and win over the Magic, all while pondering why Jason Kidd isn't giving more run to Mirza Teletovic.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/23/16: Can Giannis-led smal...
We celebrate Thanksgiving by looking at the success of Giannis and the Bucks' smallball lineups, ponder the Greek Freak's place in the East All-Star hierarchy, and consider the logic of fans shooting halfcourt shots vs. free throws
42 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/22/16: Giannis triple-doubl...
Giannis Antetokounmpo's first triple-double of the season helped drag the Bucks past a not-so-good Magic team. We review how Giannis dazzled, what Jabari Parker's sudden three point surge means, and how Jason Kidd is utilizing his new small ball lineups.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/21/16: Dissecting Greg Monr...
What the hell is going on with Greg Monroe, Jason Kidd and the Milwaukee Bucks?
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/20/16: Warriors/Bucks react...
Locked on Warriors host Danny Leroux joins Frank Madden to discuss another terrific Bucks-Warriors matchup, as Golden State pulled out a 124-121 win in Milwaukee on Saturday night. Among other things: How do the Bucks keep giving the Warriors all they ...
43 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/18/16: Bucks crushed in Mia...
The Bucks laid an egg in the second half in Miami on Thursday night, prompting us to ponder why Greg Monroe was benched, how Jabari Parker went completely cold (and can't get any calls), and why the Bucks need to trim down their big man rotation.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/17/16: Small lineup almost ...
A dumpster fire second quarter dug the Bucks a big hole in Atlanta, but the small-ball efforts of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker and Mirza Teletovic gave the Bucks a fighting chance in the fourth quarter. Is this a one-game aberration, or might w...
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/16/16: Hawks/Heat Preview (...
The Bucks are above .500 -- but will that change after a back-to-back in Atlanta and Miami?
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/15/16: Rookie talk -- how g...
We break down the encouraging performance to date of second round pick Malcolm Brogdon, ponder whether Thon Maker will play this season and consider both players' long-term roles in Milwaukee.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/14/16: Giannis propels Buck...
The Bucks overcame Memphis' grit-and-grind tempo to claim a much-needed win on Saturday night. We break down the return of Point Giannis, Michael Beasley winning minutes over Mirza Teletovic, and the latest shakeup in the Bucks' big man rotation.
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/11/16: Pelicans loss, Jabar...
The Bucks lost to a winless team for the second time in as many games, wasting a monster 33-point effort from Jabari Parker. What went wrong with the defense? What went right with Jabari? And is it time for Matthew Dellavedova to spot-up more and playm...
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/10/16: Pelicans preview, Bu...
We look at the Bucks next game vs. New Orleans, ponder the reasons why Bucks attendance remains low and marvel that some people seem to think Jabari will be better than Giannis.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/08/16: A closer look at the...
We break down the numbers and discuss exactly what trends have been most important to the Bucks' early-season success, including Giannis, Greg Monroe, and THREES!!!
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/7/16: It was the best of ti...
We break down what went right and wrong in the Milwaukee Bucks' extreme weekend -- from the highs of blowing out the Kings on Saturday to the lows of an ugly game in Dallas on Sunday. Should we be happy with where the Bucks are? Is the offense much bet...
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/4/16: Pacers/Bucks reaction...
We break down the Bucks' big 125-107 win over the Pacers, including big nights from Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker and why the Bucks have started shooting (and scoring) in higher volumes.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/03/16: Previewing the Pacer...
We preview the Bucks' game against the Pacers, including the Bucks' style and why it may be more indicative of their opponents' philosophies than their own.
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/2/16: Giannis & Jabari help...
Narrow as it might have been, the Bucks' road win in New Orleans actually offered signs of life from much of the Bucks' roster, especially on the offensive end. In this episode, we reflect on another big night from Giannis Antetokounmpo, improvement f...
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 11/01/16: Helping out Jabari P...
We try (poorly) to figure out ways to help Jabari Parker thrive offensively and take a closer look at the Pelicans before they play the Bucks Tuesday night.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/31/16: Weekend (Bucks vs. N...
We attempt to figure out what is going on with the Bucks through three games, including the team's offensive struggles and lackluster energy.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/28/16: Talking Bucks' futur...
Earlier this week The Ringer's Jonathan Tjarks wrote in detail about the Bucks' prospects for this year and beyond, and on Wednesday we talked to him about what Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, Thon Maker and the rest of the young Bucks.
22 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/27/16: Bucks-Hornets recap ...
We unpack what went right and wrong in the Bucks' season-opening loss, including Giannis Antetokounmpo's big night and Jabari Parker's inability to get going.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/25/16: The NBA is back! Buc...
We preview Bucks' opener against the Charlotte Hornets, including how the Bucks might look if Tony Snell isn't ready and how Michael Kidd-Gilchrist changes the complexion of the Hornets.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/24/16: Preseason Recap, Par...
We conclude our deep dive into the Bucks' preseason with a look at went *didn't* go right.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/23/16: Bucks Preseason Wrap...
We kick off our preseason review by looking at just how much Giannis and Jabari stuffed the box scores this preseason. Could they both crack 20 points per night this season?
22 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/20/16: Bucks-Pacers reactio...
We recap the Bucks' win over the Pacers in their preseason finale, talk about Giannis and Jabari getting to the free throw line, and why the Bucks (still) aren't playing fast.
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/19/16: Snell to start? Plus...
The Bucks' preseason finale is upon us! We dig into Tony Snell's first day in Milwaukee, his golden opportunity to prove himself, and dig into some promising preseason numbers from Giannis and Jabari.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/18/16: Pistons-Bucks reacti...
We take a look back at what we liked and didn't like from Monday night's Bucks loss in Detroit, including more positive returns from Giannis and Jabari, the Bucks' inability to avoid big runs, and a look at Thon Maker's steep NBA learning curve.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/17/16: MCW out, Tony Snell ...
The Michael Carter-Williams Era is over in Milwaukee, but does the Tony Snell Era promise to be any better? We unpack what the Bucks might be getting in Snell, what they gave up in MCW, and why we can't judge this latest deal based on the mistakes that...
23 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/14/16: Bucks-Bulls preview,...
We look ahead to Saturday's MACC Fund game with a preview of the Bucks-Bulls rematch at Bradley Center, plus reader questions on Point Center Giannis, Brogdon vs. MCW, and much more.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/13/16: Bucks-Pacers reactio...
We offer our thoughts on the Bucks' 101-83 loss to the Pacers, including encouraging signs from Giannis Antetokounmpo and John Henson, a no-show from the bench, and the weirdness of the Bucks' preseason lineups.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/12/16: Bucks-Pacers preview...
We preview the Bucks' third preseason game in Indiana, debate whether we'd buy the new Bucks license plates, and talk about whether the Bucks need a blue (or cream?) alternate jersey.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/11/16: MCW trade rumors, re...
We unpack recent Michael Carter-Williams trade rumors and debate the value of Ben McLemore, plus we take a look at why Khris Middleton struggled late in games last season and who might get the ball this year.
29 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/10/16: Bucks-Mavs reactions...
We react to the Bucks' easy win over the Mavericks in Madison, including a discussion of Jabari Parker's big scoring night, Thon Maker's debut and what to make of Giannis Antetokounmpo's slow preseason start.
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/7/16: Marketing Giannis and...
In the second part of our conversation with Bucks Chief Marketing Officer Dustin Godsey, we dive into the art of marketing players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and building a statewide brand for the Bucks.
23 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/6/16: Bucks CMO Dustin Gods...
Bucks Chief Marketing Officer Dustin Godsey joins us to talk about the business of basketball and owning the future in Milwaukee (and beyond).
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/5/16: The Bucks need to sho...
A year after his team finished last in the league in threes, Jason Kidd says he wants his team to embrace the deep ball (and in their preseason opener they did). But do we really expect big changes from a year ago, and how can they make all the talk re...
46 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/4/16: Bucks-Bulls recap, an...
Fresh off the Bucks' preseason opening win over the Bulls, we unpack the promising starts of Moose and Delly, the first quarter struggles of the Giannis-Jabari tandem, and whether the Bucks' three-point explosion is a sign of things to come.
40 min
Locked on Bucks, 10/2/16: Bulls preview and ope...
We recap what we liked (Giannis and Jabari making plays!) and didn't like (shooting guards not shooting) about Sunday's open scrimmage, while also setting the table for the Bucks preseason opener in Chicago on Monday.
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/30/16: Giannis/Jabari's scor...
In our latest Twitter mailbag, we discuss the scoring of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker, what the Bucks' goals should be without Khris Middleton, ponder Thon Maker's spirit animal and much, much more. Note: we apologize for some sporadic audio...
56 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/29/16: Are the Bucks *really...
Miles Plumlee told reporters on Tuesday that the Bucks have opened camp with a renewed emphasis on playing up-tempo and running more pick-and-rolls. Do we actually believe it will happen?
45 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/28/16: Media Day Part 2 (Ep ...
In part two of our Media Day review, Eric Nehm and Frank Madden review the compatibility of Matthew Dellavedova and Michael Carter-Williams, Jabari Parker's social activism and Jason Terry's big predictions for Giannis Antetokounmpo.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/27/16: Media Day rumblings i...
Jason Kidd turned heads -- including Greg Monroe's -- when he suggested Miles Plumlee and Rashad Vaughn would begin camp working with the starting five. Plus we discuss Giannis inching closer to 7-feet, Monroe losing 10 pounds and Jason Terry marveling...
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/26/16: Bucks and NBA over/un...
In light of the Khris Middleton injury, we break down the likelihood of the Bucks hitting their 37-win over/under, and also pick some of our favorite overs and unders for the rest of the league.
47 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/23/16: Michael Beasley lands...
The curveballs just keep coming: hot on the heels of the Giannis Antetokounmpo signing and Khris Middleton's serious injury, the Bucks surprised observers by acquiring Rockets forward (and former #2 overall pick) Michael Beasley for Tyler Ennis. Is thi...
24 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/22/16: Khris Middleton is hu...
Khris Middleton is out for SIX MONTHS, throwing everything we thought we knew about the Bucks' 16/17 season in doubt. Eric Nehm and Frank Madden try to pick up the pieces.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/21/16: Giannis press confere...
Eric Nehm provides his impressions of what he saw and heard both during and after the Giannis Antetokounmpo contract extension press conference.
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/20/16: Giannis signs and Pis...
Happy Giannis Signing Day! Frank Madden briefly hits on the high notes from today's Giannis presser and then digs into a conversation about the Bucks and Pistons with Dan Feldman of Locked on Pistons.
35 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/19/16: Giannis Antetokounmpo...
Giannis Antetokounmpo is reportedly signing a 4 year, $100 million extension with the Milwaukee Bucks. Is it a good deal for the Bucks? For Giannis? Should the Bucks have signed him to a five-year deal?
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/16/16: Making the case for M...
In our look at the Bucks center position, a few things seem obvious: Greg Monroe is the most talented, Miles Plumlee is the best rim-runner and John Henson is the best defender. But who will start? In the final episode of our positional previews, Fran...
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/15/16: Power forward positio...
Much has been made of Giannis Antetokounmpo's offensive abilities at point guard, but defensively is his best position at the 4?
41 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/14/16: Giannis, Jabari and t...
The small forward spot is arguably the Bucks' most loaded position -- after all, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton are all more than capable of seeing time there. But which guy makes the most sense defending opposing wings, and w...
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/13/16: Shooting Guard previe...
Our positional preview switches over to the shooting guard position, where we ponder the (still) unheralded awesomeness of Khris Middleton and the wide-open battle for backup minutes.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/12/16: Position Preview Week...
We kickoff a week of positional previews by taking a look at the Bucks' complicated point guard position, which features the dynamism of Giannis Antetokounmpo (offensively at least) and an intriguing battle between Matthew Dellavedova and Michael-Carte...
37 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/7/16: Bucks 16-17 Over/Under...
In Part 2 of our over/under series, Eric Nehm and Frank Madden look at Giannis Antetokounmpo's assists, how much the Bucks' defense can improve and whether Orlando Johnson or Xavier Henry have any chance of making the opening night roster.
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/6/16: Bucks 2016 over/under ...
Eric Nehm and Frank Madden consider Bucks over/unders for the coming season, including Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo's prodigious dunk rates, Khris Middleton's three-point shooting and Greg Monroe's playing time.
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 9/2/16: Bucks big men and youn...
In part 3 of our conversation with RealGM's Brett Koremenos, we discuss what to make of the Bucks' big man rotation and what skill(s) are most critical for Thon Maker, Rashad Vaughn, Malcolm Brogdon and Tyler Ennis to develop.
22 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/31/16: Jabari Parker, Greg M...
In part two of our podcast with RealGM writer and player development pro Brett Koremenos, we consider the development of Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe's role in Milwaukee and how Jason Kidd can make the best of his lineups.
32 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/29/16: Bucks offense and Gia...
In our latest podcast, we dive into the Bucks' offensive approach and Giannis Antetokounmpo's development as a playmaker with RealGM writer and player development pro Brett Koremenos.
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/24/16: Talking Bucks and the...
In Part 2 of our podcast with Fansided's Ian Levy, we dive into the eventful offseasons of the Pacers, Magic, Hornets and Knicks and consider why the Sixers and Celtics may be the Bucks' biggest long-term rivals in the East. We also discuss Jason Kidd ...
33 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/22/16: Ian Levy talks Bucks,...
Ian Levy (Hardwood Paroxysm Editor-in-Chief, Fansided Senior NBA Editor) joins the podcast to discuss the Bucks' summer additions and how to best use Giannis Antetokounmpo (Point Center??). Presented by SeatGeek.
24 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/19/16: Jason Terry vs. Ray A...
The Bucks appear to be closing in on a deal to bring veteran shooter Jason Terry to Milwaukee, a move that would also seem to signal the end of their flirtations with former Buck Ray Allen. In our latest podcast, Eric Nehm and Frank Madden dig into wh...
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/17/16: Talking Olympic hoops...
Team USA is undefeated in the Rio Olympics, but Eric Nehm and Frank Madden can't help but feel underwhelmed with USA Basketball's performance so far. Should American fans feel obligated to root for its team of superstars? Is there anything the NBA cou...
0 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/15/16: Bucks schedule offers...
The NBA schedule is out, and for the Milwaukee Bucks that means a chance at a fast start. Frank Madden and Eric Nehm break down what matters (and what doesn't) about the Bucks' 16-17 schedule.
0 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/10/16: Matthew Dellavedova m...
Matthew Dellavedova and the Australian national team have been among the early highlights of the Rio Olympic basketball tournament, but have we learned anything new about Delly's game and potential fit in Milwaukee? Eric Nehm and Frank Madden break dow...
26 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/9/16: Would a Ray Allen retu...
Ray Allen suggested over the weekend that he would "love" a return to Milwaukee or Boston, sparking immediate discussion over what he might be able to bring both on and off the court for the Bucks. In our latest podcast, Frank Madden and Eric Nehm deb...
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/4/16: Bucks 5-on-5 (Ep #14)
Giannis vs. Khris. Jabari vs. Moose. If you were captaining a pickup game at Bucks practice, who would you want on your squad? Frank Madden and Eric Nehm go head-to-head to build their hypothetical Bucks pickup winner.
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 8/1/16: Giannis love, Giannis ...
Giannis Antetokounmpo randomly became a topic of Twitter debate on Friday, which leads us to ask: is the "cult of Giannis" overstating the young Buck's ultimate ceiling, or are his superstar hopes as legitimate as Bucks fans want them to be?
44 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/29/16: Giannis the marksman,...
Frank Madden and Eric Nehm ponder which skill each player on the Bucks' roster could most benefit from adding. Would you rather see Giannis Antetokounmpo become a consistent shooter or Jabari Parker become a better defender?
39 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/28/16: Bucks defense, vetera...
Frank Madden and Eric Nehm answer more listener questions, including a discussion of what the Bucks might do next this summer, how much the defense can improve and whether we're all too negative about Michael Carter-Williams.
36 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/27/16: Michael Rapaport talk...
Actor, podcaster and Knicks superfan Michael Rapaport chats with Eric Nehm about his upcoming live podcast with Latrell Sprewell this Friday at Turner Hall and gives his thoughts on Jason Kidd, the Bucks, and the new "superteam" Knicks.
16 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/26/16: Historical hype, Buck...
Frank Madden and Dan Sinclair dive into more listener questions, considering how the hype behind the current Bucks' core compares to that of the Fear the Deer Bucks, whether Milwaukee's bench can actually be an asset this season and how John Henson fit...
28 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/25/16: Giannis the All-Star,...
Frank Madden and Dan Sinclair project what an all-star season from Giannis Antetokounmpo might look like, whether Greg Monroe's uncertain status affects the Bucks' roster building, and -- as much as we'd prefer not to -- consider whether Jabari Parker ...
34 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/22/16: What a D-League affil...
In our mailbag week finale, Eric Nehm and Frank Madden discuss the value of adding a Bucks D-League affiliate in the state of Wisconsin, as well as how a new arena might affect the Bucks on and off the court.
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/21/16: Where do the Bucks ra...
Eric Nehm and Frank Madden continue their mailbag from last weekend, tackling listener questions about the Bucks' place in the East and who could be in play as they fill out the end of their bench. Programming note: we recorded this last weekend, prior...
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/20/16: Solving the Bucks' sh...
Have the Bucks' offseason moves "solved" their shooting issues? And what happens if Greg Monroe isn't traded before the 16/17 starts? Eric Nehm and Frank Madden answer those questions and more in our latest round of listener questions. Programming note...
30 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/19/16: Miles Plumlee's retur...
Miles Plumlee is returning to Milwaukee, but did the Bucks overpay in handing the restricted free agent a four-year, $52 million deal? In our latest pod, Eric Nehm and Frank Madden consider what Plumlee brings on the court and what his return means for...
38 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/18/16: Thon Maker vs. the Wo...
With the Bucks' Las Vegas Summer League experience now officially in the books, Eric Nehm and Frank Madden consider how Thon Maker's performance stacks up against his rookie peers and consider Rashad Vaughn's future in Milwaukee.
31 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/15/16: Malcolm Brogdon vs. R...
Bucks rookie Malcolm Brogdon and second year guard Rashad Vaughn were both hoping to use Vegas Summer League as springboards for earning rotation minutes this fall. But after a week of action, should we really be excited about either of them?
25 min
Locked on Bucks, 7/14/16: Thon Maker's Vegas Ad...
Frank Madden and Eric Nehm dig into Thon Maker's first week as a Milwaukee Buck, exploring what Maker's up-and-down performance in the Vegas Summer League might mean in the short- and long-term for the Bucks.
34 min