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Jeff Lloyd gives you your daily delivery of all things dawg pound, daily coverage of what has become the hottest team in all of Cleveland. Whether it's the exploits of the franchise QB in Baker Mayfield, The play of "Old School" Nick Chubb, a deep unique array of passing targets, and the best offensive line in the NFL. The best pass rusher in the Football and a retooled defense. Nobody gives you daily Browns coverage like the Locked On Browns Podcast. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #LGBOnTheLOB

Locked On Browns 141 Dec 30, 2017 draft prospec...
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Locked On Browns 116 11/16/17
Is the Game slowing down for Deshone
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Locked On Browns 115 11/15/17
Evaluating the Browns Defensive Front
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Browns talk with Burns
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Lions-Browns breakdown with Jeff Risdon
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Locked On Browns
10/27 Facing a purple storm in London
17 min
104: Locked On Browns 10/25/17 London's Calling
Jeff Lloyd takes you through why Deshone Kizer needs to be the starter. the #Vikings offense and how it's balance will be tough to defend Questions from the listeners and gives you his mybookie.ag 3 picks of the week.
20 min
4: Locked On Browns 10/23/17 #Hueless
Jeff Lloyd gives an exciting announcement about the Locked On Family, Talks the Joe Thomas injury and his future, The QB carousel and Deshone's Fri night, and takes listener questions as we kick off-off London Calling week #Browns
19 min
3: Locked on Browns Episode 102 10/16/17 Hogan ...
Jeff Lloyd takes you through the #Browns melting in the Houston heat. Hogan's non heroics, Defensive lapses. Garrett improving, McCourty is a beast, and feature the 3 D's
22 min
2: Locked on Browns 10/12/17 EP 101 Dealing ith...
Jeff Lloyd breaks down the #Texans offense and how the #Browns will handle the likes of Watson Fuller and Hopkins. New roles for Peppers and Calhoun?
15 min
1: Locked on Browns Kizer hooked for Hogan
Jeff Lloyd chimes in on the #Browns QB switch How Hue had a bad day and the Josh Gordon video
16 min
Locked on Browns Gave One Away
Jeff Lloyd takes you through #Browns #Jets Garrett debut Coaching miscues Kizer struggles more of Williams and Treggs more of Njoku and Devalve
19 min
Locked on Browns 10/7/17 0-4 I Wont Back Down
Jeff Lloyd breaks down the #Jets Defense. give 3 keys for the #Browns Offense and Defense, some listener questions and speaks on a great tribute from the University of Florida today
20 min
Locked on Brows 10/2/17
#browns #bengals #Britt rant #Kizer #Peppers
15 min
Locked on Browns
#Bengals week
18 min
Locked on Browns
#Colts game reaction #DukeJohnson love #Schobert #Kizer
20 min
week 3 #Browns #Colts
23 min
Locked on Browns
Show back after 2 months Kizer development How are the rookies and second year guys fairing. When will we Garrett. Early thoughts on Colts game. #Kizer #Browns #Colts #Peppers #Garrett
26 min
Locked On Browns #90: Gordon Return? McDonald S...
Taking a look at two pieces of news related to the @Browns. Could Josh Gordon return? Sashi Brown comments. Why TJ McDonald is likely out from Browns consideration.
17 min
Locked On Browns #89 3/25/17 - The Difficult Jo...
Taking a look at the difficult decision the @Browns have to make in regards to Josh Gordon's return to the NFL. Either decision makes sense but what will they choose?
20 min
Locked On Browns #87 3/21/17 - Browns Want Top ...
Why the @Browns may be looking for quality, not quantity, in the #NFLDraft & how they could end up with 3 of the Top 12 picks.
18 min
Locked On Browns #86 3/16/17 Where Free Agency ...
Taking a look at #NFLFreeAgency and where it stands for the @Browns. Who is left? Who could the Browns go after?
21 min
Locked On Browns #85 3/15/17 - Trying to End Br...
Trying to end the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Garoppolo rumors with logic and understanding.
18 min
Locked On Browns #84 - Cousins Rumors, Pryor Co...
Taking a look at the Kirk Cousins, Cleveland Browns rumor, the Terrelle Pryor contract and where we stand in NFL Free Agency.
20 min
Locked On Browns #83 3/9/17 Free Agency Day #1
The @Browns were very active and very creative in Day 1 of #NFLFreeAgency. Breaking it all down including the trade off from 2016 Free Agency and today.
20 min
Locked On Browns #82 3/66/17 - NFL Combine Wrap Up
Wrapping up the #NFLCombine specifically for the @Browns. How this #NFLDraft sets up well for the team.
22 min
Locked On Browns #81 3/3/17 - Combine Day 3 - R...
Taking a look live from the NFL Combine Day 3 which was all about the Running Backs and a behind the scenes of the Combine.
17 min
Locked On Browns #80 3/2/17 - The Combine & All...
The NFL Combine is all about the quarterbacks today. Breaking down all the information, rumors and reports about the Cleveland Browns.
18 min
Locked On Browns #79 3/1/17 - Sashi, Pryor & Co...
Taking a look at Day 1 of the NFL Combine including comments from Sashi Brown, Terrelle Pryor & the Franchise tag and a lot more.
19 min
Locked On Browns #78 2/27/17 - Should Having #1...
The Cleveland Browns have the #12 pick to go with the #1 overall. Should that impact their decisions?
16 min
Locked On Browns #77 2/23/17 - Talking NFL Combine
With the NFL Combine next week, and the Cleveland Browns stocked full of draft picks, what can be expected out of and at the Combine itself? An inside look.
18 min
Locked on Browns #76 2/21/17 - Badly Run Teams:...
The Cleveland Browns are not the only badly run sports teams, the Sacramento Kings and the LA Lakers have shown recently how much they all have in common.
19 min
Locked On Browns #75 2/16/17 - A Signing & Terr...
The Cleveland Browns signed one of their own but not Terrelle Pryor. Breaking down why the WR's contract negotiations could be complicated.
19 min
Locked On Browns #74 2/15/17 - Could Browns Tra...
Could the Cleveland Browns trade down once again in the NFL Draft? Talking through the possibility of trading down from #1 this year.
19 min
Locked On Browns #73 2/13/17 - Myles Garrett Vi...
Does the Myles Garrett video impact how the Cleveland Browns see him and what does a new Brown look like?
18 min
Locked On Browns #72 2/8/17 - 11 QBs Available,...
Taking a look at both the free agent, trade candidate and draft eligible quarterbacks. Which of the 11 could end up with the Cleveland Browns?
19 min
Locked On Browns #70 2/6/17 - Tyvis Powell & Br...
With the Super Bowl now complete, what can Cleveland Browns fans learn from it and what to think of bringing in Tyvis Powell.
20 min
Locked On Browns #68 2/4/17 Analyzing the Garop...
Taking a look at Ben Allbright's report about the Cleveland Browns trading for Jimmy Garappolo. What would it mean? What would it cost? Full analysis here.
18 min
Locked On Browns #67 2/1/17 Can Hue Survive Mor...
A look at current NFL Head Coaches creates concern whether Hue Jackson can survive another terrible season by the Cleveland Browns.
18 min
Locked On Browns #67 1/31/17 - Picking Jimmy G ...
Based on rumors, the Cleveland Browns are interested in every quarterback possibly available. Processing the choice between Jimmy G and Kirk Cousins tonight.
20 min
Locked On Browns #66 - 1-30-17 - Process of (Mo...
Taking fans through the difficult process of (Mock) Drafting using the Fanspeak Simulator. How do certain picks impact the Cleveland Browns' bevy of picks?
22 min
Locked On Browns #65 - 1-25-17 What Are The Bro...
On this Locked On Browns we look at the Cleveland Browns biggest needs this off-season.
19 min
Locked On Browns #64 - 1-23-17 Collins Contract...
Today's Locked On Browns looks at the Jamie Collins contract, Deshaun Watson's Senior Bowl decision & the Kirk Cousins rumor for the Cleveland Browns.
21 min
Locked On Browns #63 - Free Agency Expectations
Looking at NFL Free Agency for the Cleveland Browns by breaking down what fans should expect this off-season.
16 min
Locked On Browns #62 - Gregg Williams Presser &...
Looking at Gregg Williams' press conference and the breaking report that Jamie Collins is close to an extension with the Cleveland Browns. Great day for Browns fans.
19 min
Locked On Browns #61 - 1-18-17 - Tyrod Taylor &...
"Rumor" has it the Cleveland Browns are interested in Tyrod Taylor. Except there is no rumor or report of a rumor. How media and fans can get things twisted.
20 min
Locked On Browns #60 1-17-17 - Draft Philosophi...
Thanks to a question to #AskLOB, breaking down the different NFL Draft philosophies and how they could impact the Cleveland Browns.
21 min
Locked On Browns #59 - 1-14-17 - AFC North Regr...
Taking a look at how the AFC North might be regressing in perfect timing for the Cleveland Browns.
17 min
Locked On Browns #58 - 1-11-17 - There Is NOT O...
Unlike many people's view of politics, religion, etc, there is NOT one right for the Cleveland Browns to build a successful team.
22 min
Locked on Browns #57 - 1-9-17 - Firing Horton, ...
The Cleveland Browns have fired Ray Horton, hired Gregg Williams and Pep Hamilton has now left. What does it mean? How do you feel?
17 min
Locked On Browns #56 - 1-4-17 - End of Year Pre...
Looking at the Cleveland Browns End of Year Presser and the two issues out of it and what the Browns needs are on the defensive line.
20 min
Locked On Browns #55 - 1-2-17 - Week 17, Year 1...
In Week 17 of Year 1, the Cleveland Browns put up a fight. Where is the team right now? What can we expect in the NFL Draft and NFL Free Agency?
20 min
Locked On Browns #54 - 12-28-16 - Erving at RT,...
On today's LoB we take a look at Cam Erving playing right tackle for the Cleveland Browns, fans QB biases and answer some LoB mailbag questions.
20 min
Locked On Browns #53 - Tyrod Taylor The Man? Cu...
In this edition of LoB we talk about why Tyrod Taylor could be The Man for the Cleveland Browns, cutting Jonathan Cooper and Myles Garrett desire to stay warm.
20 min
Locked On Browns #52 - 12-26-16 - All We Do Is Win
The Cleveland Browns won their first game, how that changes the narrative and what people are focused on with the team and a look at some of the data from the win.
19 min
Locked On Browns #51 - 12-19-16 - Bills Game Re...
Looking at the Cleveland Browns 14th loss of the season and whether Head Coach Hue Jackson is a man of his word?
20 min
Locked On Browns #50 - 12-18-16 - Special Sunda...
A special Sunday edition of the Locked on Browns takes a look at games that impact the Cleveland Browns NFL Draft interest and keys to Browns/Bills this week.
19 min
Locked On Browns #49 - 12-14-16 - Pryor's Media...
In today's Podcast, reviewing Terrelle Pryor's problem with the media, the claiming of RB Darius Jackson and whether the Cleveland Browns should claim WR Michael Floyd.
18 min
Locked On Browns #48 - Bengals Game Review & Pr...
A look at the Cleveland Browns most recent loss to the Bengals and the Terrelle Pryor dust up & season, will he be worth a big contract?
18 min
Locked On Browns #47 - 12-8-16 - What Can RG3 D...
What can Robert Griffin III do right for the Cleveland Browns this week? Then we unveil the Locked On Browns mailbag for the first time, answering questions on the Draft, Free Agency, Offensive Line and more.
20 min
Locked On Browns #46 - 12-7-16 - Why the Browns...
Taking a look at the Cleveland Browns matchup this week, there are quite a few reasons why the team can win including what it means to their head coach Hue Jackson, who is also evaluated.
18 min
Locked On Browns #45 12-6-16 - Moneyball & the ...
Taking a look at how "Moneyball" and the market could influence the Cleveland Browns then looking at what influences how some think about the NFL Draft and finishing up with thoughts on RG3 this week.
20 min
Locked On Browns #44 12-5-16 - Updated Browns D...
As the Cleveland Browns return from their bye week, taking a look at their current draft positions, including trade assets, as well as looking back at who the team got in the Carson Wentz trade.
19 min
LOCKED ON BROWNS #43 - Bye Week Evaluation
With the Cleveland Browns on a bye week, this episode looks at expectations coming into the season and where the team is now. A bye week evaluation and grade.
25 min
Locked On Browns #42 - Why Mary Kay Cabot Is Wrong
Mary Kay Cabot covers the Cleveland Browns and posted an article today that was totally off base. Here are the reasons why.
21 min
Locked On Browns #41 - 5 NFL Draft Truths for t...
Looking at 5 truths about the NFL Draft specifically how it relates to our Cleveland Browns.
21 min
Locked On Browns #40 - 11-28-16 - RG3, Snap Cou...
A quick word on OSU violence then a recap of the Cleveland Browns Week 12 loss, thoughts on RG3 and looking at snap counts for this week.
22 min
Locked on Browns #39 11-23-16 - Welcome Back RG...
Looking at the Cleveland Browns possibly welcoming Robert Griffin III back soon, his only start this season and what kind of development we can expect from the young players.
20 min
Locked On Browns #38 - 11-21-16 - The Rebuild &...
Are the Cleveland Browns on track for their rebuild or, like many are saying, lost? Joe Thomas and Terrelle Pryor's comments have brought some concerns. Also addressing the big questions at the QB spot.
21 min