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The Blue Jays and a Behind-the-Backboard Kind o...
Fresh off watching Kyle Lowry put a championship-winning shot behind the backboard, Ryan Andrews takes a fan's questions and answers them as best as they can.
23 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Finding a Fifth Edition
Ryan Andrews discusses a pressing topic on Blue Jays' fans minds, what to do with Edwin Jackson?
20 min
The Blue Jays Honor Halladay and Host Happ
Ryan Andrews closes the book on the Blue Jays' 2019 MLB Draft and tees up tonight's J.A. Happ return.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Teoscar's Triumphant Return
Ryan Andrews discusses a second Blue Jays win, this one powered by its offense, as well as the return of Teoscar Hernández to Toronto.
17 min
The Blue Jays Tame Tanaka and Draft Some Batters
Ryan Andrews stays up late to discuss the Blue Jays' 4-3 win over the Yankees, as well as the strategy in Day Two of the 2019 MLB Draft
21 min
The Blue Jays Get Their Manoah
Ryan Andrews returns from their vacation to talk about the Blue Jays first-round pick Alek Manoah and more Marcus Stroman media talk.
21 min
An Announcement
An Announcement from Locked On Jays host Ryan Andrews
4 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Cavan's Callup Edition
Host Ryan Andrews sorts through a flurry of roster moves and previews the Blue Jays series against the Padres with the help of the fans!
20 min
The Blue Jays and the Return (Debut) of Richard
Host Ryan Andrews discusses Clayton Richard, Sam Gaviglio and the latest addition to the Blue Jays bullpen.
16 min
The Blue Jays and More Tepera Troubles
Host Ryan Andrews discusses Ryan Tepera's second trip to the IL, Jimmy Cordero's call-up and who the Blue Jays should take in the MLB draft.
20 min
The Blue Jays Knock The LED Panels off the Red Sox
Ryan Andrews delivers some late-night takeaways from tonight's 10-3 Blue Jays win over the Red Sox.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Kitteh Co-Host's Tribute to J...
Host Ryan Andrews offers up fresh Monday takes on why Vlad Jr. sat in today's game and why Elvis Luciano is still on the Blue Jays. Plus, Kitteh Co-Host's tribute to Javy Guerra.
17 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Throwing the Changeup Ed...
Host Ryan Andrews battles a sore throat to discuss Marcus Stroman's new pitch, the Blue Jays' same old bats, and some Twitter back-and-forths.
20 min
The Blue Jays and Teoscar's Need of a Time-Out
Host Ryan Andrews correctly predicts that Teoscar Hernandez needs some time to fix himself, and other Blue Jays tidbits emerge on this episode.
17 min
The Blue Jays and Vladdy Hitting 'Em With the B...
A happy Ryan Andrews discusses the Blue Jays late-night win over the Giants, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s pair of moon shots, Trent Thornton and the Jays' unsung heroes.
20 min
The Blue Jays and Getting Goods for Giles
Host Ryan Andrews discusses trading the Blue Jays' stud closer, and previews tonight's contest with San Francisco.
18 min
The Blue Jays and Finding Some Light ... Any Li...
Host Ryan Andrews does their best to find the positive in the Blue Jays series with the White Sox. It goes well... for a bit...
19 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Bye Bye Brito Edition
Host Ryan Andrews joins the fans in celebration of the departure of Socrates Brito, and discusses the impact of the Blue Jays' flurry of moves as well as fan suggestions to make the viewing experience better!
22 min
The Blue Jays and the Mystery Man on the Move
Ryan Andrews continues to sit and stare at the garbage fire the Blue Jays have become on the field, echoing Charlie Montoyo's comments, before looking at who could be joining the team tomorrow.
21 min
Blue Jays Bat Woes and Addison Russell's Return
Ryan Andrews discusses how the Blue Jays bats appear stagnant in a bad place, then discusses just how disgusting the Addison Russell situation has become.
20 min
The Blue Jays and A Modest Jonathan Davis Proposal
Ryan Andrews does not want to talk about last night's Blue Jays loss to Minnesota, but they must. Also, an intriguing proposal regarding Jonathan Davis.
20 min
The Blue Jays and the Rotten Road Trip
Ryan Andrews is back for another week of Blue Jays talk, hopefully with better results than the last week! We talk about Texas and tonight's contest.
19 min
Blue Jays Fan Friday - Vladdy Go Down? Edition
Host Ryan Andrews leads a kind of group therapy session after that terrible series in Anaheim, and scoffs at the notion that Vlad Jr. needs to go back to AAA.
21 min
The Blue Jays and Going Vladless
Ryan Andrews breaks down tonight's contest in Anaheim with no Vlad Jr. in the Blue Jays lineup, as well as what the heck was good about last night's contest.
20 min
The Blue Jays and Selling Off the S's?
Ryan Andrews has heard the Ken Rosenthal report on the Blue Jays trading off Smoak, Sanchez and Stroman and is totally livid! ... About one of them...
22 min