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Welcome to Locked On Blue Jays, the only daily podcast devoted to Toronto Blue Jays talk! Host Craig Ballard brings his unique baseball backgrounds to Canada's team. There will be plenty of Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Alex Manoah takes to go around, and all of the Blue Jays analysis you can handle! Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

The Blue Jays, The Beast and the Exorcism of Ry...
The Blue Jays' 8-1 series-opening win against the Rays accomplished a lot of things. A.J. Andrews goes over them and tries not to gush over Alek Manoah too much.
25 min
The Blue Jays and 44 Runs In Two Days
Not content with scoring 22 runs over two games, the Blue Jays manage to end their Sunday with the same total as well. A.J. Andrews discusses this blowout.
26 min
The Blue Jays and the Good Wins
In the second half of her doubleheader, A.J. Andrews discusses the Blue Jays doubleheader, the highs and lows and then very highs of all of it.
28 min
The Blue Jays and Abad Loss
In tribute of Saturday's doubleheader, A.J. Andrews starts a twin bill of her own, encapsulating the Blue Jays' series with the Orioles, starting with the 6-3 loss on Friday
24 min
The Blue Jays and the Sweetest Sweep Ever
The Blue Jays are rolling, Yankees fans are extremely disappointed, all is right with the world. A.J. Andrews talks about how it all came together in a historic three-game sweep.
24 min
The Blue Jays and the Turning Point?
The Blue Jays are riding a six-game win streak but there is only one game that mattered. A.J. Andrews dives back into the 11-10 comeback victory that may have saved Toronto's season
26 min
The Blue Jays and Looking Forward with Nate Pea...
The Blue Jays have brought Nate Pearson back up, and A.J. Andrews discusses her thoughts and expectations, along with that of Bryan Baker. Plus an Athletics preview.
26 min
The Blue Jays and Looking Behind
As the off-day passes A.J. Andrews kicks off a double-header podcast by looking back at why even though the Blue Jays won their series with the Orioles, it was frustrating to watch.
24 min
The Blue Jays and the Soothing Presence of the ...
As the rain falls down, and wakes her dreams, A.J. Andrews breathes a sigh of relief as the Blue Jays handle the Orioles in the opener of their series.
25 min
The Blue Jays and Winning? Against the Tigers?
The Blue Jays took a three-game set from the Tigers and split the season series. Why isn't A.J. Andrews happy? Maybe the bats have the answer?
28 min
The Blue Jays and A New Way To Lose
A.J. Andrews is not in a good place with the Blue Jays. She discusses why today's loss stung, and why she has no faith that the newest Blue Jay will help
25 min
The Blue Jays and the Cold Storage Offense
A.J. Andrews officially returns from vacation to discuss an offense that clearly has taken one as well. Plus she discusses the bullpen members who should be the lockdown names for the Jays in September.
26 min
The Blue Jays and Making Sense of Seattle
As evidenced by the title, A.J. Andrews needs help talking through what happened to the Jays in Seattle. Good thing she has Lukas Weese joining her to talk through it all!
40 min
The Blue Jays and A.J. Says Silly Things About ...
A.J. Andrews was definitely salty tonight. Not mad, just salty. She begs Mariners fans to accept her apologies as she discusses what the heck happened in that Blue Jays loss.
24 min
The Blue Jays and the Manoah of the Hour
Yes the Blue Jays put the lumber to the Angels in a 10-2 win, but Alek Manoah was the story. A.J. Andrews discusses the Angels series to date.
22 min
The Blue Jays and George Springer Takes a Stand
Following some long work on the Olympics, A.J. Andrews is finally able to talk about the Blue Jays' 9-2 homestand, focusing on the final game because that was the fun one.
28 min
The Blue Jays and the 2021 Trade Deadline Recap
A redux of her appearances during the MLB Trade Deadline show on the Locked on MLB Youtube show, A.J. Andrews goes over what happened for the Jays at the deadline.
26 min
The Blue Jays and the 2021 Trade Deadline Targets
Are the Blue Jays buying or selling? Y'all know the answer. A.J. Andrews goes over some trade targets and what it would take to get them.
29 min
The Blue Jays and Bad Spots For the Bullpen
The Blue Jays have lost five of their last six and while the bullpen took the L in the last two, it's not all on them. A.J. Andrews blames multiple parties equally.
27 min
The Blue Jays and Getting Taken to the Shed
A.J. Andrews is a little less dismayed by the recent turn of events from Blue Jays starting pitching, but it still doesn't mean she's happy about it.
28 min
The Blue Jays and Taking Texas to the Shed
The Blue Jays were merciless to the Rangers, as they should be, and left A.J. Andrews with little to say coming out of a vaccine-induced break. But hey, we could all use a happy episode.
29 min
The Blue Jays and A Blueprint for the Rays
Remember when A.J. Andrews used to do series previews? Guess what's back!
25 min
The Blue Jays and Getting Stuff For Rowdy
Trying to make up for lost time, A.J. Andrews dives into the second major trade of the Blue Jays season, bidding farewell to the original Large Adult Son, and assessing who came back for him.
27 min
The Blue Jays and Trying to Spring into Action
Trying to follow the title, A.J. Andrews explains what's been going on with her in July before diving into how the players returning from injuries are helping some Blue Jays ills.
26 min
The Blue Jays and Another Deal With the Marlins
The Blue Jays have made their first major trade of the season. A.J. Andrews breaks down the players arriving from Miami, the players departing Toronto and what it all means.
29 min