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Portland Trail Blazers reporter Mike Richman (@mikegrich) brings you a daily look into your favorite team. Go deep on the Blazers and the NBA with the Locked On Blazers podcast. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Playoff Preview-Corbin Smith ...
As part of the Locked On Blazers playoff preview, Erik García Gundersen is joined by Corbin Smith (VICE Sports, Willamette Week) to discuss the first round of the NBA playoffs, Nike Hoop Summit and more.
71 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Apr. 10-JV Blazers upset Spurs
Erik García Gundersen recaps Portland's wild 99-98 victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Noah Vonleh's buzzer-beating lay-up.
25 min
Erik García Gundersen discusses Portland's playoff birth following Denver's 106-105 loss at the hands of Russell Westbrook and offers a brief preview of what to expect from the Blazers-Warriors first round series.
19 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Apr. 8-Lillard makes history ...
Erik García Gundersen recaps Damian Lillard's franchise record 59-point performance in a 101-86 win over Utah. Also: Nate Duncan (Dunc'd On Podcast, Twitter NBA Show) joins the show at around the 13:40 mark.
35 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Apr. 6-Crabbe Boil
Erik García Gundersen breaks down Portland's 105-96 comeback win over the Minnesota Timberwolves to inch closer to the playoffs behind a big night from Allen Crabbe. Also: Jusuf Nurkic seen shooting jumpers pre-game.
31 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Apr. 4-Jazz Dominate Blazers,...
Erik breaks down Portland's 107-86 loss to the Utah Jazz Tuesday night. The Denver Nuggets are only a 1/2 game behind the Blazers for the West's 8th seed following the loss.
32 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Apr. 3-*This* Close
Erik García Gundersen breaks down Portland's 110-109 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves after Damian Lillard's miss at the buzzer. Also: Can the Blazers turn it around on the defensive glass without Nurkic?
31 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Apr. 2-Smaller Blazers Succee...
Erik García Gundersen breaks down Portland's 130-117 win in their first game since the Jusuf Nurkic injury.
29 min
IMMEDIATE REACTION-Jusuf Nurkic Out 2 Weeks Wit...
Erik García Gundersen breaks down the news that Jusuf Nurkic will be out at least two weeks with a non-displaced fracture in his right leg.
17 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 31-Are the Blazers a sca...
Erik García Gundersen discusses the viability of the Blazers as a playoff opponent with insight from a few NBA coaches. Also: Al-Farouq Aminu on Portland's defensive improvement.
32 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 30-Dane Carbaugh Mailbag
Dane Carbaugh guest hosts for Erik and answers all your twitter questions following Portland's 117-107 victory over the Houston Rockets, extending their season-long win streak to five games.
33 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 29-Keys To The Car
Erik García Gundersen breaks down Tuesday's emotional 122-113 Blazers win with reaction from Jusuf Nurkic, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.
32 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 27-Blazers Hold 8 After ...
Erik García Gundersen recaps another Blazers win, which with Denver's loss to New Orleans, moves them into 8th place in the Western Conference.
27 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 26-Keep It Rollin'
Erik García Gundersen breaks down another impressive blowout victory by the Portland Trail Blazers as they keep pace with the Nuggets in the race for 8.
29 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 25-NBA Writer Ananth Pan...
NBA writer Ananth Pandian (Clutch Points, CBS Sports, Fansided) joins Erik to talk about the NBA and the Blazers Banter panel he is hosing on Mar. 27 in Portland.
39 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 24-Takin' Care of Business
Erik García Gundersen breaks down Portland's 110-95 blowout of the New York Knicks on Thursday with post-game reaction from Damian Lillard and Evan Turner.
28 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 21-Bucks Stop Streak
Erik García Gundersen breaks down Portland's 93-90 loss to the versatile Milwaukee Bucks.
32 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 20-Dame Madness
Erik García Gundersen breaks down another Blazers victory behind a season-high 49 points from Damian Lillard.
29 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 19-ATL Win + Mailbag wit...
Dane Carbaugh breaks down Portland's impressive 113-97 road win in Atlanta and answers your twitter questions.
36 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 16-Bounce Back at The Alamo
Erik García Gundersen breaks down Portland's 110-106 win over the Spurs in San Antonio. Also: how the arrival of Jusuf Nurkic has helped Noah Vonleh.
32 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 15-Boogie Nightmare Land
Erik García Gundersen breaks down Portland's 100-77 loss at the hands of the new-look New Orleans Pelicans.
27 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 12-Dame Savings Time
Erik García Gundersen recaps Portland's 110-101 road win over the Phoenix Suns behind 39 points from Damian Lillard.
24 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 11-Kieff'd At The Buzzer
Erik García Gundersen recaps Portland's 125-124 OT loss to the Wizards on Markieff Morris' game-winning jumper with 0.4 seconds left.
24 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 9-NurkFever Reaches Hist...
Erik García Gundersen recaps Jusuf Nurkic's historic performance in Portland's 114-108 OT win over Philadelphia.
32 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Mar. 8-Twitter Mailbag with D...
Co-host Dane Carbaugh (NBC's ProBasketballTalk, Dane Not Dan on YouTube) answers your twitter questions and drops some analysis on Nurkic Fever. Also Erik shows up late for a standings update.
42 min