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Portland Trail Blazers reporter Mike Richman (@mikegrich) brings you a daily look into your favorite team. Go deep on the Blazers and the NBA with the Locked On Blazers podcast. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Nov. 12-Blazers Status Check w/ Erik
33 min
Nov. 10- Blazers lose to Nets, Nurkic Sits Out ...
24 min
Nov. 8- Comedian Shain Brenden and Grizzlies
31 min
Nov. 6- Blazers Over OKC, Big The Rolling
15 min
Nov. 3–Early Season Check-In w/Erik & Corbin
87 min
Nov. 1 - Blazers Lose At Utah
17 min
Oct. 31- Early Season Trends With Comedian Max ...
27 min
Oct. 30- NBA Writer Ananth Pandian
23 min
Oct. 28–Blazers finish off Suns 114-107
20 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Oct. 26-808's and HeartBlake
32 min
Oct. 25- Shirt On Seth
Shirt On Seth previews the Clippers, talks about early season Blazers trends, and more!
18 min
Oct. 24 - Blazers Home Opener
Seth talks about the Blazers incredibly long home stand, Pelicans, Clippers, and more!
16 min
Oct. 21- Blazers fall to Giannis
Seth reacts to the Blazers losing a tough game in Milwaukee thanks to an incredible performance by Giannis Antetokounmpo and then talks about Wendy's and more
17 min
Oct. 20 - Blazers over Pacers and the Connaugss...
Seth talks about the Blazers moving to 2-0 with another road win, Blazers D, the Connaughssance, wearing a shirt that's too small, and a lot more!
15 min
Oct. 18- Game 1 Reaction: Blazers Blowout Suns
Seth has an instant reaction to the Blazers first win, declares that we are in a "Connaughssance", recommends a burger that won't make Zach Collins sick, and more!
12 min
Oct. 17- Lunch Break Season Preview
The NBA season is finally here! Erik and Seth preview the Blazers season, the NBA's opening night, and more live from the waterfront.
17 min
Oct. 15- A concussion, a suspension, and too mu...
Seth wraps up pre-season and looks forward to the tough road ahead.
16 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Oct. 12-Decisions, Decisions
Erik wonders about Terry Stotts' lineup decisions, who wins the 15th man spot and more Blazers musings.
26 min
Oct. 10 - Have the Blazers found their lineup?
Seth is joined by Corbin Smith to discuss the Blazers honing in on a starting lineup, CJ Mccollum's new shoe deal, Damian Lillard going vegan, and much more.
28 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Oct. 5-NBA GM Survey loves Ju...
Seth checks in before the weekend after Portland's first preseason games and discusses where Portland showed up in the annual NBA GM Survey.
19 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Oct. 3-Takeout Tuesday
Seth and Erik are back with Takeout Tuesday. They rehash FanFest, look ahead to Portland's first preseason game on Tuesday and discuss Evan Turner's I-5 adventure.
22 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-October 1-Seth and Erik go to...
Erik announces some changes to the Locked On Blazers podcast before new host comedian Seth Johnston and Erik take a trip to Sunday's fan fest. Comedian Shain Brendan also makes an appearance.
22 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Sept. 27-Collins Concussed
Erik discusses the stories from Portland's first official practice of the 2017-18 season.
67 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Sept. 25-The 'Bad Boys' Are B...
Erik is joined by Corbin Smith to rail against Portland's no. 1 enemy Carmelo Anthony and Nurkic 'bad boy' hopes for Portland at Monday's Blazers Media Day.
67 min
LOCKED ON BLAZERS-Sept. 23-Carmelo Anthony Chos...
BREAKING: Carmelo Anthony has been traded to Oklahoma City. As CJ McCollum said, "he chose to go to Oklahoma." Erik also had a conversation with Joe Swide aka BLOGZI WELLS about the Blazers and Melo rumors before it all went down.
50 min