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Joe Marino brings the most comprehensive analysis and commentary on the Buffalo Bills with the Locked On Bills podcast. From film breakdowns, to analytics, to the hot stories surrounding the Bills, Joe (@TheJoeMarino) is the go-to source for all things Bills football. Daily, we explore the entire NFL calendar from free agency, to the draft, through training camp, and preview/review each game on Buffalo's NFL schedule. Listen to Locked On Bills, part of the Locked On Podcast Network, to be the most educated Bills fan you can be. #BillsMafia #GoBills #NFL #Bills @TheJoeMarino @LockedOnBills

191: Special Edition Crossover with Matt Willia...
Kevin is join by National expert Matt Williamson to talk the 2018 Bills
19 min
190: Bills Preseason Game 1 Recap with Matt Par...
Kevin and Matt talk about preseason game one and some special nuggets that Matt saw during the game
26 min
189: Bills Gameday Discussion
Kevin and Nick discuss the Bills vs Panthers gameday topics! Q&A and up to the minute material
30 min
188: Bills vs Panthers Game Preview
Kevin and Jason talk about the Bills vs Panthers game and battles to watch
29 min
187: Trade for Coleman+ Depth Chart Released
Kevin and Jason talk about the trade for Coleman and the first depth chart discussion
34 min
186: Training Camp Day 3 Recap
Kevin and Jason discuss each position at the end of the 3rd day of training camp
41 min
185: Training Camp Pre-Day 1 Coverage
Kevin and Nick talk about key storylines coming into training camp
22 min
184: LeSean McCoy, Running back, and Supplement...
Kevin and Jason talk about LeSean McCoy, Running back, and Supplemental Draft Talk
32 min
183: Jerry Hughes and Josh Allen's Contract
Kevin and Nick talk about Jerry Hughes and his role on the team, as well as Josh Allen's contract
23 min
182: 5 Surprising Roster Players
Kevin and Jason discuss their 5 most surprising roster players
32 min
119: OTAs Week 4: Spring Roster Discussion
Kevin and Jason discuss the remaining positions on the roster from the final spring sessions
26 min
118: OTAs Week 4 - QB and WR talk
Kevin and Nick talk about week 4 of OTAs and the QB/WR positions
21 min
117: OTAs Week 3 + Current Depth Chart
Kevin and Nick talk about week 3 of OTAs and the current state of the depth chart
24 min
116: June Roster Nuggets and Josh Allen/Tremain...
Kevin and Jason discuss the state of the roster as June OTAs continue
27 min
115: OTAs Week 2
Kevin and Jason discuss the second full week of OTAs
30 min
114: OTAs Begin and FA News
Kevin and Jason discuss the start of OTAs and Richie Incognito/FA News
30 min
113: Bills Offseason Defensive Breakdown
Kevin and Nick discuss the offseason state (May) of the Bills Defense
30 min
112: Bills Offseason Offensive Breakdown
Kevin and Jason breakdown the Bills May Offense
33 min
111: Draft Recap + Roster Shape
Kevin and Jason discuss the draft and current roster shape
34 min
110: Up to the Minute Draft Talk with Kevin/Spe...
Kevin, Spencer, and Nick talk about up to the minute news and notes around the league
35 min
109: NFL Live Mock 2.0
Kevin and Jason complete their second and last live mock draft
32 min
108: Bills Schedule + Roster Review
Kevin and Jason discuss the schedule release and they discuss the roster to date
31 min
107: Beane/McDermott Speak + Trade Up Talk
Kevin and Jason discuss the draft luncheon as well as new trade up talk
30 min
106: Live 1st Round Mock Draft
Kevin and Jason complete a live first round mock draft
41 min
105: Richie Incognito Saga + Trade up Rumors
Kevin and Spencer talk about Richie Incognito and trading up to 2.
29 min