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Locked on Bengals - 12/8/17 Bengals vs Bears: A...
Lorin Cox joins James Rapien to preview the Bengals vs Bears.
35 min
Locked on Bengals - 12/7/17 Hue won't be the ne...
Hue isn't coming back, but could Marvin Lewis go north?
17 min
Locked on Bengals - 12/6/17 Reaction to Ross be...
James and Joe discuss Ross on IR and Bengals vs Steelers
33 min
Locked on Bengals - 12/5/17 Recap and reaction ...
A recap of the Bengals' 23-20 loss to the Steelers
18 min
Locked on Bengals - 12/1/17 A Bengals vs Steele...
James Rapien and Jon Ledyard preview Bengals vs Steelers.
40 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/30/17 One-on-one with Br...
James talks with multiple players about the improving offensive line.
12 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/29/17 James and Joe disc...
James and Joe discuss Hue, Marvin, playoff hopes and more
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/28/17 A film review of t...
A film review of the Bengals' 30-16 win over the Browns
21 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/27/17 Recapping the Beng...
Can the Bengals make a playoff run?
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/22/17 Erickson, Ross and...
James talks with Alex Erickson, John Ross and Andrew Hawkins
32 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/21/17 Thoughts on Mayfie...
Thoughts on Mayfield, playoff hopes and more
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/20/17 A film review of t...
A Bengals film review of the 20-17 win over the Broncos
24 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/17/17 Thoughts on Ross, ...
Thoughts on Ross, McCarron and a prediction for Sunday
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/16/17 Esiason on Ross an...
Boomer chimes in on John Ross and James talks with Tyler Boyd
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/15/17 Marvin Lewis' comm...
I can't believe Marvin Lewis said what he said about John Ross
17 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/14/17 Thoughts on Marvin...
I discuss Marvin Lewis' future in Cincinnati
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/13/17 A film review of t...
A film review of the Bengals' 24-20 loss to the Titans
31 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/9/17 How to win Sunday, ...
How to win Sunday, 1-on-1 with Jordan Willis and more
21 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/8/17 A film review of th...
Locked on Bengals - 11/8/17 A film review of the Bengals' 23-7 loss to the Jaguars
20 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/7/17 The significance of...
James discusses the Bengals' loss to the Jaguars and wants them to be open to change
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/3/17 Dave Lapham talks M...
James talks with Bengals radio analyst Dave Lapham
20 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/2/17 I ask "how," plus 1...
I ask "how," plus 1-on-1 with Bodine and Lawson
19 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/1/17 A.J. McCarron on th...
James talks with Scott Petrak about the Browns' fumble at the deadline. A.J. McCarron speaks as well.
22 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/31/17 The trade deadline...
James discusses the trade deadline, why the Bengals should overpay and a discussion about this Sunday.
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/30/17 A film review of t...
31 min