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Locked on Bengals - 5/8/18 Jon Ledyard discusse...
Jon Ledyard discusses the offseason and the draft
20 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/7/18 There's pressure on ...
There's pressure on Andy this season and Big Ben is a BIG baby
18 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/2/18 Drafting players, no...
Drafting players, not positions, plus Andy Dalton poll results
18 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/1/18 Dave Lapham talks al...
Dave Lapham talks all things Bengals draft
25 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/30/18 James and Joe discu...
James and Joe discuss all 11 picks in their draft recap
47 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/27/18 Reacting to Billy P...
Reacting to Billy Price at 21 and looking ahead to day two
35 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/25/18 James and Joe talk ...
James and Joe talk all things Bengals draft
38 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/24/18 Jim Owczarski and M...
Jim Owczarski and Marvin Lewis discuss draft possibilities
23 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/23/18 Dave Lapham talks a...
Dave Lapham talks all things NFL Draft, including O-line, QB's and so much more
31 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/20/18 Joe Goodberry talks...
Joe Goodberry talks draft and we do a war room mock
38 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/19/18 Discussing the best...
Discussing the best athletes in the draft with Ryan Tracy
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/18/18 Jordan Reid talks a...
Jordan Reid talks all things NFL Draft
18 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/17/18 Tony Pike on Lamar,...
Tony Pike on Lamar, Price, McGlinchey and more
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/16/18 Lamar Jackson's vis...
Lamar Jackson's visit, linebackers and more draft talk
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/13/18 SATURDAY SPECIAL - ...
SATURDAY SPECIAL - Joe Goodberry talks draft, Dez and more
34 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/13/18 Dez's fit, thoughts...
Dez's fit, thoughts on Burfict and who I think they draft in round one
12 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/12/18 Why the Bengals may...
Why the Bengals may wait to sign Eric Reid
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/11/18 Eric Reid visits, s...
Eric Reid visits, should the Bengals sign him?
10 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/6/18 Mark Schofield on th...
Mark Schofield on the draft and quarterbacks
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/5/18 Joe Goodberry talks ...
Joe Goodberry talks all things quarterbacks on today's show
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/4/18 Andy talks playoffs ...
Andy talks playoffs and jealous of the Rams
10 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/3/18 Dan Orlovsky talks A...
Dan Orlovsky talks Andy, McCarron, QB prospects and more
21 min
Locked on Bengals - 4/1/18 Geoff Hobson on the ...
Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com discusses the offseason, the draft and free agency
17 min
Locked on Bengals - 3/29/18 Odell, the draft an...
Odell, the draft and more with Joe Goodberry
55 min
Locked on Bengals - 3/28/18 A look at the depth...
James talks with Jonah Tuls of NDT Scouting
16 min