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Locked on Bengals - 10/7/18 The Bengals comebac...
James recaps the Bengals' 27-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins
32 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/4/18 A prediction for Su...
James gives a prediction for Sunday, talks with Geoff Hobson and more
33 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/3/18 Burfict returns, up...
Thoughts on Burfict's return, a Price injury update and a preview of Sunday's game
28 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/2/18 Dalton's hot start,...
James discusses Dalton's hot start, plus Green talks Ross and get a Mixon update
26 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/1/18 Our weekly film rev...
James and Joe discuss the good, the bad and the ugly in their film review
41 min
Locked on Bengals – 9/30/18 The offense leads t...
James reacts to the Bengals' win in Atlanta, plus hear from Dalton, Boyd and Green
32 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/27/18 A prediction for Su...
James chats with Lapham, Willis and gives a prediction for Sunday
42 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/26/18 An update on Green,...
A Green update, Dalton on Ross and a Falcons preview
42 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/25/18 The reality for Ros...
The reality for Ross and Lapham weighs in
21 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/24/18 The good, the bad a...
Our weekly film review with Joe Goodberry
43 min
Locked on Bengals – 9/23/18 A recap of the Beng...
Hear from Green, Dunlap, Lewis and more
36 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/21/18 A prediction for Su...
James gives his prediction for Sunday and discusses Baker Mayfield
20 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/20/18 Can the offense sur...
The offense should be able to survive without Mixon and Price
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/19/18 A Price update, Mix...
A Price update, Mixon speaks and one-on-one with Walton
23 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/18/18 Andy has the answer...
Andy has the answers, plus a Joe Mixon injury update
27 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/17/18 A film review of th...
James and Joe discuss the Bengals' win over the Ravens
29 min
Locked on Bengals – 9/14/18 The Bengals improve...
James recaps the Bengals 34-23 win over the Ravens
28 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/13/18 A preview of Bengal...
James offers up a prediction for Thursday night
19 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/12/18 I chat with Fejedel...
James talks with Clayton Fejedelem, Alex Erickson and Mark Schofield
29 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/11/18 Our weekly film rev...
James and Joe discuss the Bengals' win over the Colts
39 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/10/18 The Bengals did thi...
The Bengals and Marvin Lewis passed their first test
17 min
Locked on Bengals 9/9/18 Cincinnati wins in Ind...
James discusses the Bengals' 34-23 win over the Colts
28 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/7/18 A Colts vs Bengals p...
James and Joe preview Bengals at Colts
35 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/6/18 The offensive line, ...
James discusses Alex Redmond and gives his NFL predictions for the season
20 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/5/18 One-on-one with John...
James chats with John Ross, plus Eifert speaks
31 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/4/18 Recapping with weeke...
James talks with Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 9/3/18 Michael Johnson, ros...
Johnson is back, the final 53-man roster and more
17 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/31/18 James talks with Da...
James talks with Dave Lapham
23 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/30/18 The state of the or...
James and Joe discuss all things Bengals
33 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/29/18 Atkins, Dunlap and ...
Atkins and Dunlap speak, plus a former NFL agent joins the show
46 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/28/18 An Emergency pod - ...
James discusses the Bengals' decision to extend Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap
17 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/28/18 Andy Dalton, the ru...
James talks with Ryan Hewitt, discusses the running game and answers your voicemails
15 min
Locked on Bengals – 8/27/18 There was plenty of...
James discusses Ross, the offense, the defensive line and more
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/24/18 What I want to see ...
Mo Egger joins the show and I discuss what I want to see on Sunday
27 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/23/18 The offensive line,...
The offensive line, Dre Kirkpatrick and one-on-one with Malik Jefferson
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/22/18 Iloka has a new hom...
Iloka has a new home and Joe Goodberry joins the show
24 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/21/18 Proof of change and...
The Bengals have changed and I respond to your voicemails
24 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/20/18 My thoughts on Geor...
Dre Kirkpatrick, Teryl Austin and Jesse Bates discuss George Iloka's release
34 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/17/18 What to watch for o...
Here's what I'll be watching for in Dallas
12 min
Locked on Bengals – 8/16/18 One-on-one with Tyl...
One-on-one with Tyler Boyd and one last interview with Jim O
34 min
Locked on Bengals – 8/15/18 One-on-one with Rus...
A cool feature on A.J. Green, plus one-on-one with Murphy and Russell
28 min
Locked on Bengals – 8/14/18 I talk with Dave La...
Uzomah's excited about the offense and Lapham gives his preseason game one takeaways
38 min
Locked on Bengals – 8/13/18 More from Thursday,...
Takeaways from Thursday, plus I chat with Auden Tate and Billy Price
18 min
Locked on Bengals – 8/10/18 The Bengals win and...
The team flashed, which is what we needed to see
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/9/18 Football is BACK! Pl...
Football is BACK! Plus Andy Benoit praises Mixon
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/8/18 A Bengals vs Bears p...
A Bengals vs Bears preview with Joe Goodberry
30 min
Locked on Bengals – 8/7/18 Burfict's back, Marv...
Burfict's back, Marvin speaks and C.J. Goodwin looks to make an impact
25 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/6/18 I chat with William ...
I chat with William Jackson III, Mark Walton and Richard Skinner
27 min
Locked on Bengals - 8/3/18 The wide receiver ro...
The wide receiver room, plus some positives and negatives from camp
18 min
Locked on Bengals – 8/2/18 The Brandon LaFell i...
The Brandon LaFell is cut edition
30 min
Locked on Bengals 08/01/18 Roster depth, Marvin...
Roster depth, Marvin speaks and I chat with John Ross
27 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/31/18 Training Camp obser...
Training Camp observations, including Ross, Jackson and more
11 min
Locked on Bengals – 7/30/18 The defense and one...
The defense and one-on-one with Dunlap and Erickson
22 min
Locked on Bengals – 7/27/18 Eifert speaks, plus...
Eifert speaks, plus thoughts on QB's and a chat with Driskel and Vigil
23 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/26/18 Eifert's health, pl...
Eifert's health, plus I chat with Dennard, WJIII and Rey
29 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/25/18 My official predict...
My official prediction, plus Dre Kirkpatrick and Carl Lawson speak
26 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/23/18 Eifert, training ca...
Eifert, training camp and more national predictions
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/20/18 The Browns have som...
The Browns have something that I wish the Bengals had
11 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/19/18 AFC North Division ...
AFC North Division preview - Steelers
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/18/18 AFC North Division ...
AFC North Division preview - Ravens
24 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/17/18 Previewing the 2018...
Previewing the 2018 season with Joe Goodberry
43 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/16/18 How are you feeling...
How are you feeling about this team?
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/13/18 A training camp pre...
A training camp preview with Geoff Hobson
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/12/18 James and Joe on tr...
James and Joe on training camp, Mixon and more
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/11/18 Madden Ratings, Pac...
Madden Ratings, Pacman Jones and your tweets
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/10/18 Mixon, Gio and Hous...
Mixon, Gio and Housmandzadeh on the pre-Marvin Bengals
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/9/18 This will be the mos...
This will be the most interesting training camp I've covered
11 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/6/18 A show milestone and...
A show milestone and optimism for 2018
12 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/5/18 Should the Bengals m...
Should the Bengals make a move before training camp?
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/3/18 James and Joe discus...
James and Joe discuss tight ends, the offense and more
33 min
Locked on Bengals - 7/2/18 A.J. Green and why t...
A.J. Green and why the NBA offseason is better than the NFL offseason
12 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/29/18 Health, margin for ...
Health, margin for error and Joe Mixon
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/28/18 Frank Pollack's imp...
Frank Pollack's impact and a dark horse to make the final roster
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/27/18 Let's talk quarterb...
Let's talk quarterbacks and the dynasty that wasn't
18 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/26/18 Optimism for this s...
Optimism for this season and A.J. Green's future
17 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/21/18 Dave Lapham talks O...
Dave Lapham talks O-line, Ross and more
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/20/18 I'm buying all Bill...
I'm buying all Billy Price stock
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/15/18 Joe Goodberry talks...
Joe Goodberry talks defense
26 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/13/18 Joe Goodberry talks...
Joe Goodberry talks Dalton, offseason moves
20 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/11/18 Are you buying into...
Are you buying into the changes?
10 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/8/18 National projections...
National projections for 2018 and the Cincinnati championship drought
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/7/18 Atkins, Dunlap and w...
Atkins, Dunlap and what is Owens doing?
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/6/18 Can they stay health...
Can they stay healthy this season?
14 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/5/18 OTA's, plus conversa...
OTA's, plus conversations with Boyd, Lawson and Dalton
21 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/4/18 Dunlap's contract, A...
Dunlap's contract, Atkins and Boyd's potential
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 6/1/18 Comparing Hill and S...
Comparing Hill and Smith's mistakes and A.J. Green
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/31/18 Joe Goodberry on Ca...
Joe Goodberry on Carlos Dunlap, Atkins and the defensive line
25 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/30/18 Can Andy Dalton reb...
Can Andy Dalton rebound and is Marvin on the hot seat?
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/29/18 1-on-1 with William...
1-on-1 with William Jackson III and Trey Hopkins
17 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/24/18 The key to the offe...
The key to the offense and changing logos
15 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/23/18 Chatting with Tyler...
Chatting with Tyler Eifert and Jim Owczarski joins the show
22 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/22/18 One-on-one with Joh...
One-on-one with John Ross and Cordy Glenn
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/21/18 A look ahead to OTA...
A look ahead to OTA's and how good can William Jackson III become?
12 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/18/18 Talking defense wit...
Katherine Terrell discusses her feature on new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin
10 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/17/18 Joe Goodberry on Je...
James and Joe discuss Ross, Bates and so much more
40 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/16/18 Can Ross rebound in...
Can John Ross rebound in year two?
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/14/18 Regrading the 2015 ...
Regrading the 2015 draft, plus AJ Green and Billy Price
13 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/11/18 Rookie mini camp, B...
Rookie mini camp, Billy Price, Mark Walton and more
19 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/10/18 Vegas odds and the ...
Vegas odds and the 2018 schedule
12 min
Locked on Bengals - 5/9/18 Ranking the QB room ...
Ranking the QB room and a trade the Bengals should consider
16 min