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Locked on Bengals - 11/12/18 Teryl Austin's out...
Teryl Austin's out and Joe Goodberry joins the show
30 min
Locked on Bengals – 11/11/18 The Saints marched...
Postgame reaction to the Bengals' 51-14 loss to the Saints
35 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/8/18 Joe Goodberry on De...
James and Joe discuss Dez, Green, Sunday's game and more
36 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/7/18 Boyd, Price and Was...
Boyd, Price and Washington speak, plus Dez is a Saint
27 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/6/18 A Green update, Lap...
An update on Green, plus Lapham on Dez and more
35 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/5/18 The Bengals lost on...
Green's injury, a missed opportunity and what's next
26 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/1/18 Phil Simms on the B...
Phil Simms on the Bengals and Jay Morrison joins the show
23 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/31/18 No move at the dea...
The Bengals missed an opportunity to show fans they are different
26 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/30/18 Lap on Hue and our...
Lap on Hue and our film review with Joe Goodberry
47 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/29/18 Hue's a free agent...
Should the Bengals reunite with Hue Jackson?
18 min
Locked on Bengals – 10/28/18 A win is a win is ...
The Bengals hold on to beat the Bucs 37-34
33 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/25/18 The trade deadline...
Lapham on the Bengals, the trade deadline and more
40 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/24/18 Marvin on Burfict,...
Marvin discusses Burfict, plus Dre speaks and we preview Sunday's game
34 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/23/18 A film review of t...
James and Joe discuss the Bengals' loss to the Chiefs
48 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/22/18 Tony Pike discusse...
James talks with Tony Pike about the struggles on offense, Burfict and more
25 min
Locked on Bengals – 10/22/18 The Bengals bungle...
James gives his thoughts on the Bengals' 45-10 loss to the Chiefs
34 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/18/18 National media on ...
National media on Burfict, his opportunity, Lapham on Mixon and a prediction for Sunday
29 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/17/18 Dunlap speaks, one...
Ryan Tracy from Locked on Chiefs joins the show, plus hear from Bates and Dunlap
35 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/16/18 McRae, Burfict and...
Marvin Lewis' struggles, Vontaze Burfict and your voicemails
32 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/15/18 Our weekly film re...
A film breakdown of the Bengals' loss to the Steelers
44 min
Locked on Bengals 10/14/18 Another opportunity ...
The Steelers beat the Bengals 28-21 at Paul Brown Stadium
30 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/11/18 A prediction for S...
A prediction for Sunday, good insight on Bates and Geno's finest year
33 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/10/18 Sunday is an oppor...
One-on-one with Tyler Boyd and a Steelers preview
28 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/9/18 Our weekly film rev...
Our weekly film review with Joe Goodberry and the Bengals get flexed
44 min
Locked on Bengals - 10/8/18 I'll buy your stock...
I'll buy your stock in the Bengals' defense
17 min