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Locked on Bengals – 12/18/18 A Bengals-Browns p...
James previews Sunday's game against Cleveland with Jeff Lloyd
30 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/17/18 Boyd's injury, his...
Boyd's injury, his future and Ross' time
16 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/16/18 The Bengals beat O...
James recaps the Bengals' 30-16 win over Oakland
15 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/14/18 The team is fighti...
The team is fighting, should fans want them to win and a prediction for Sunday
15 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/13/18 James and Joe talk...
James and Joe talk Marvin, the state of the organization and more
51 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/12/18 Joe Goodberry join...
Joe Goodberry joins the show for our weekly film review
16 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/11/18 Andy, Marvin and w...
Andy, Marvin and why fans deserve a search
18 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/9/18 The good, the bad a...
The Bengals play better, but lose to the Chargers 26-21
27 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/7/18 The future of the B...
The future of the Bengals, Sunday's game and more with Joe Goodberry
35 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/6/18 Marvin Lewis' fate,...
Marvin Lewis' fate, the Bengals' organization and more
20 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/4/18 A preview of Sunday...
James previews the Bengals and the Chargers on a Locked on crossover podcast
39 min
Locked on Bengals – 12/2/18 A.J. Green's injure...
Another loss, talk about the future and a flat tire
17 min
Locked on Bengals – 11/29/18 A.J. Green the lea...
A.J. Green the leader and revisiting the Cordy Glenn trade
16 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/28/18 A.J. Green's retur...
A.J. Green's return, plus Goodberry and Skinner join the show
30 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/27/18 Dalton out, Driske...
Dalton out, Driskel in, frustration with Marvin and Lamar Jackson
21 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/26/18 Our Weekly Film Re...
James and Joe discuss Marvin's future, the direction of the team and more.
40 min
Locked on Bengals – 11/25/18 The Browns beatdow...
Huey Lewis and the Bengals lose again, this time the Browns beat them 35-20
36 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/21/18 An update on Green...
An update on Green, plus a preview of Sunday's game
43 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/20/18 Monday Night Footb...
The new NFL and a harsh reality for the Bengals
17 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/19/18 Our weekly film re...
James and Joe discuss the Bengals' loss, Lamar Jackson and so much more
59 min
Locked on Bengals – 11/18/18 Lamar runs wild an...
The Bengals lost to the Ravens, fall to 5-5 on the season
31 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/16/18 A prediction for S...
A prediction for Sunday, Huey Lewis and Lap on the Ravens
20 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/15/18 Hue's return, his ...
Hue's return, his ego and what's next
20 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/13/18 Hue's back, plus L...
Thoughts on Hue, Austin and Dave Lapham joins the show
30 min
Locked on Bengals - 11/12/18 Teryl Austin's out...
Teryl Austin's out and Joe Goodberry joins the show
30 min