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Cincinnati Bengals college scouting director Mi...
Mike Potts joins the guys for a two-part interview, starting with the first two days of the draft, what makes Myles Murphy special, how Jordan Battle fits, and giving some behind the curtain insight into how the Bengals put their board together, what it's like in the room on draft day, and more!
26 min
Did the Cincinnati Bengals get better on defens...
The Bengals boast impressive depth on the defensive side of the ball despite some turnover in the secondary. We break down how they maintained their versatility and depth this offseason, and how they stack up for 2023.
34 min
Did the Cincinnati Bengals get better on offens...
The guys break down where the Bengals had opportunity to improve their offense this offseason and to what degree the moves they made accomplished those goals.
37 min
Jonah Williams and the 2023 Cincinnati Bengals ...
Jake and James take your questions in a post-draft mailbag, including a discussion about who will start at right tackle in 2023, how the Bengals are better or worse after the offseason roster churn, and whether the AFC North is the most competitive division in the NFL this year.
28 min
Trevor Siemian will be the Cincinnati Bengals b...
The Cincinnati Bengals made a change at backup quarterback as Brandon Allen signs with San Francisco and veteran Trevor Siemian signs a one-year deal in Cincinnati. Plus we take a look around the NFL for some late, post-draft free agency names that may fit as the Bengals appear to have a few roster spots open after college free agency.
30 min
Joe Goodberry breaks down the Cincinnati Bengal...
Joe Goodberry joins Jake to break down what he knew about the Bengals draft decisions as they were playing out, and shares his thoughts on the draft class. Plus, we break down how the Bengals may be better in 2023, and need growth in a few areas compared to 2022.
40 min
Grading the Cincinnati Bengals 2023 NFL Draft
Jake and James give their initial grades following the 2023 NFL Draft, breaking down each pick's value and why each pick may exceed or fall short of expectations.
40 min
Analyzing Cincinnati Bengals 2023 Draft Class, ...
Jake and James reflect on the full 2023 Cincinnati Bengals draft class, answering some common questions about why they didn't draft a tight end or offensive lineman, and how some of their picks came to fruition.
38 min
Cincinnati Bengals add elite athletes at skill ...
Jake and James finally get to react to the Cincinnati Bengals adding elite athletes at offensive skill positions after the NFL Draft on Saturday. We break down the fit and the themes of the draft class as the Bengals added depth and athleticism on both sides of the ball.
37 min
Cincinnati Bengals go defense, defense, defense...
Breaking down the Cincinnati Bengals' selections of DJ Turner and Jordan Battle on day two of the NFL draft, and resetting with an eye toward the offensive side of the ball on day 3.
38 min
Why DJ Turner and Jordan Battle were drafted by...
5 min
Cincinnati Bengals select Myles Murphy in the f...
Breaking down Clemson edge rusher Myles Murphy's fit with the Cincinnati Bengals after they picked him in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.
37 min
Why Myles Murphy was drafted by the Cincinnati ...
6 min
Cincinnati Bengals 2023 NFL Draft Preview - Fin...
James and Jake give their final predictions for the 2023 NFL draft, including who they think they'll target in each unpredictable round in a year where the Cincinnati Bengals are once again picking at the end of the round.
41 min
Joe Goodberry breaks down the Cincinnati Bengal...
Joe Goodberry joins us one last time before the 2023 NFL Draft to discuss the prospects you should have your eye on for the Bengals
35 min
Analyzing latest Cincinnati Bengals NFL draft r...
Cincinnati Bengals right tackle La'el Collins spoke with reporters on Monday and said he's started taking pass sets as he rehabs from his ACL. Plus, we break down the latest rumors as lying season is in full effect ahead of the draft.
29 min
Cincinnati Bengals Mock Draft Monday: Going 5 r...
Navigating 5 rounds of the Cincinnati Bengals draft simulation for the final Mock Draft Monday before the 2023 NFL Draft, the guys take branching paths through the draft and break down the options in each round, including agreeing on a second round tight end.
42 min
OC Brian Callahan previews Cincinnati Bengals 2...
Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan discusses his approach to the 2023 NFL draft for an offense that doesn't have glaring starter needs, on paper.
27 min
BONUS EPISODE: 2023 NFL Mock Draft picks 23-28:...
53 min
Analyzing Jahmyr Gibbs' fit with the Cincinnati...
In a pre-draft mailbag we discuss the Bengals' new Cincinnati chili sponsor, break down how Jahmyr Gibbs does and doesn't fit what the Bengals are looking for at running back in the draft, some receiver options if they want to go that route, what kind of player makes the most sense in the first round, and whether they'll draft a returner in 2023.
34 min
Evaluating Pros and Cons of the Cincinnati Beng...
Joe Goodberry joins Jake and James to break down the pros and cons of a littany of first round targets for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2023 NFL Draft.
37 min
How Jalen Hurts' huge extension impacts the Bur...
Jalen Hurts signed a megadeal to become the NFL's highest paid player... for now. Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals are likely to sign a bigger deal, and we break down what Hurts' signing means for the Bengals.
30 min
Evaluating "realistic" or "likely" first round ...
In a world where the elite tackles, tight ends, Calijah Kancey, and Bijan Robinson are drafted, what do the Bengals do with pick 28? We break it down, plus discuss the idea that Dawand Jones could make it to pick 60, and the impact of Drew Sample re-signing with the Bengals on a one-year deal.
31 min
Breaking down the need and 2023 NFL draft prosp...
Joe Goodberry and Mike Santagata join the show to take a deep dive into what the Bengals need at tight end, discuss the value of the position, and break down the top prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft.
41 min
Dalton Kincaid visits the Bengals, plus breakin...
Top tight end prospect Dalton Kincaid got a clean bill of health from his doctor and visited the Cincinnati Bengals on Wednesday, plus we break down the Bengals' defensive roster to get clarity around which positions they're targeting in the draft. Plus, a surprise punter discussion to end the show.
36 min