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Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers First...
The Cincinnati Bengals are hoping to pick up their first AFC North win of the season on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Get the latest on Ja'Marr Chase, Kenny Pickett and other key injuries, plus James Rapien and Chris Carter discuss key matchups, what's changed for the Jake Browning-led Bengals' offense and they make their predictions for Saturday's game.
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Breaking down how the Cincinnati Bengals are ev...
Jake and Mike (@bengals_sans) Santagata break down how Lou Anarumo made a wholesale adjustment to the way his defense played against the run after DJ Reader's injury. Plus, we get into how the offense continues to show signs of sustainability and adaptability, including how they may change things if Ja'Marr Chase needs to miss any time.
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The Cincinnati Bengals will need to overcome in...
The guys break down the latest on DJ Reader and Ja'Marr Chase injuries that the Cincinnati Bengals will need overcome to stay in the win column over the final weeks of the season. And that's important, because there's a logjam in the AFC and 10 wins may or may not be enough in a very up-and-down, week-to-week league.
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Cincinnati Bengals pull off 21 point 4th quarte...
Jake and James react to a wild Saturday at Paycor that saw Jake Browning bounce back from a brutal interception to lead the Bengals to 21 4th quarter points and overcome injuries, a bad game script, and tough calls and win in overtime.
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Reaction to the Los Angeles Chargers without Justin Herbert and the Las Vegas Raiders on Thursday Night Football.
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How the Cincinnati Bengals can beat the Minneso...
The Minnesota Vikings are one of the most turnover-prone teams in football this season, and the Cincinnati Bengals have been one of the best in taking care of the ball. If that trend continues on Saturday, it could be a big reason the Bengals win the game.
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Cincinnati Bengals-Minnesota Vikings First Look...
Jake Liscow and Luke Braun break down the fascinating Brian Flores defense the Minnesota Vikings will bring to town to challenge Zac Taylor's Cincinnati Bengals offense for Week 15's Saturday afternoon matchup, the keys to victory, Justin Jefferson's return to action, and all of the interesting things to watch for this weekend.
31 min
Can the Cincinnati Bengals sustain their recent...
Jake and Mike (@bengals_sans) Santagata analyze the quality of the Cincinnati Bengals' 2-game winning streak to identify what elements are sustainable, how much quality of opponent is a factor, and who stood out on the tape against the Colts in Week 14.
30 min
How the Cincinnati Bengals continue to show the...
Jake and James break down how the Cincinnati Bengals' offensive coaching staff has made a concerted effort to modify their offense to manufacture yards and lessen the burden on the quarterback, and why it's been so effective in the last few weeks.
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Cincinnati Bengals dominate Indianapolis Colts,...
QB Jake Browning stayed hot against the Indianapolis Colts, and the Cincinnati Bengals rode a dominant second half - and more or less the entire game - to a 20 point home win. Jake and James break down the biggest takeaways as the Bengals have stacked wins with their backup QB.
29 min
Reaction to New England Patriots vs. The Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football.
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If the Cincinnati Bengals can run it back on of...
The guys break down where expectations should be for a high variance Cincinnati Bengals-Indianapolis Colts football game with two of the highest variance QBs (small sample size alert for Jake Browning) in the NFL. If they can reproduce some of the MNF magic and take advantage of Gardner Minshew's turnover worthy play proclivity, they could find themselves squarely in the hunt with more backup QBs remaining on the schedule.
28 min
Cincinnati Bengals-Indianapolis Colts First Loo...
Jake Liscow and Jake Arthur discuss the Gardner Minshew-Jake Browning wildcard contest coming up in Week 14, highlighting the potentially volatile quarterbacks and imabalances in the trenches and out wide that could decide the game.
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How sustainable is the gameplan the Cincinnati ...
Jake and Mike (@bengals_sans) Santagata break down what Jake Browning did well, what pieces of the gameplan the Cincinnati Bengals should hang onto for both Browning and Joe Burrow's eventual return, Chase Brown's performance and the run game, and what's going on with the Bengals linebackers this year.
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Postgame takeaways: Cincinnati Bengals pull off...
The guys break down a roller coaster MNF game featuring an apology to Jake Browning, a Chase Brown breakout, and plenty of drama. We cover the biggest takeaways as the Cincinnati Bengals took the Jacksonville Jaguars to overtime and walked off with a huge upset.
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Game Preview: What to watch for when Cincinnati...
The guys break down the biggest questions, of which there are big ones in every phase (including special teams!), storylines, and what to watch for as the Cincinnati Bengals face a playoff-bound Jacksonville Jaguars team on the road in primetime.
30 min
Reaction to Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football.
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Tee Higgins and Cam Taylor-Britt get positive h...
The guys break down the good news on Tee Higgins and Cam Taylor-Britt as they returned to practice on Thursday, plus Zac Taylor talked about finding opportunities for Chase Brown, and Joe Burrow is back with the team.
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Bengals-Jaguars First Look | Will Cincinnati Pu...
Monday Night Football First Look: Bengals-Jaguars
30 min
How Bengals' Offense Can Improve Moving Forward...
Bengals Film Breakdown: How Offense Can Improve Against Jaguars and Issues on Defense
31 min
It's time for the 2023 Cincinnati Bengals to em...
Jake and James break down why it's time for the 2023 Cincinnati Bengals to embrace the youth movement and get a full picture of how their young players who could be part of the team in the future can contribute going forward. Plus, a reivew of snap counts from Sunday reveals some oddities, a conversation about Jake Browning's leash at QB, and coaching.
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Cincinnati Bengals dominated in one-score loss ...
The Cincinnati Bengals looked hapless on offense with an ineffective running game and an overwhelmed Jake Browning at the helm. In a bad situation, the defense wasn't much better, allowing the Steelers their first 400+ yard game on offense in nearly 60 games.
30 min
Can Cincinnati Bengals elevate Jake Browning (o...
´╗┐Jake Browning is confident, but the guys break down how for the Cincinnati Bengals to win against the Pittsburgh Steelers this week, it'll take a full team effort. That includes the offensive line stepping up, stars making plays, and the defense righting the ship against a bad Steelers offense.
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First Look at Cincinnati Bengals' Matchup With ...
Bengals vs Steelers First Look Ahead of Week 12 Matchup
31 min
Film Breakdown: Analyzing Bengals' Offensive Li...
Assessing Bengals' Offensive Line, Jordan Battle, Myles Murphy and Other Youngsters
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