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Breaking down Duke Tobin's combine comments on ...
Cincinnati Bengals' brass talked about Joe Burrow's extension, not trading Tee Higgins, and uncertainty about Joe Mixon's contract at the combine. We break down how their comments align with our expectations and analysis for the 2023 offseason.
26 min
Free Agency Roundtable: Reviewing free agent ti...
In part 2 of the Cincinnati Bengals free agency roundtable, Joe Goodberry and Mike Santagata join Jake and James to break down the ideal scheme for a Cincinnati Bengals running back and get into their free agency tier list.
35 min
Free Agency Roundtable: How the Bengals can mai...
Joe Goodberry and Mike Santagata join Jake and James to dive into the first of two episodes on 2023 free agency, including how the Bengals can stay aggressive, what to do with some of their own free agents, and what we expect the Bengals to actually do.
31 min
Bijan Robinson in the first round? Over a tackl...
Breaking down the merits of drafting a running back like Bijan Robinson in the first round, some tight ends that may fit the Bengals early in the draft, and speculation on Bobby Wagner, Jalen Ramsey, and Taylor Lewan.
29 min
2023 NFL Draft Primer: With notes on Bijan Robi...
PFF's Sam Monson breaks down his offseason plan for the Bengals, where the depth is in the 2023 NFL draft, how to think about drafting a running back like Bijan Robinson, and depth throughout this year's draft
29 min
Everything is on the table for the Cincinnati B...
Breaking down the most surprising possibilities for the 2023 Cincinnati Bengals' offseason in a year when most ideas are within the realm of possibility.
31 min
History says the Bengals will draft a receiver ...
In an offseason mailbag episode, we break down why history says the Bengals will draft a receiver this year, the best-case scenario for a Joe Burrow contract, which player will make the biggest strides in 2023, and what the Bengals should do with their 1st round pick.
31 min
Most urgent free agency needs? Or, Mike McGlinc...
The Bengals appear to have a big questionmark at starting right tackle for 2023 with La'el Collins recovering from a knee reconstruction. So we discussion the idea of a big Mike McGlinchey contract vs. other approaches to the offseason.
31 min
Jonah Williams and Joseph Ossai have offseason ...
Jonah Williams had knee surgery, but should be ready to resume his starting position at left tackle for most of the offseason program.
27 min
What does "all-in" even mean for the Cincinnati...
After answering the "should the Bengals go all-in" question in part 1 yesterday, we break down what the idea of going all-in to maximize the Joe Burrow rookie contract window might look like.
29 min
Should the Bengals go all-in this offseason? Wi...
In part one of a two-part miniseries on the idea of the Cincinnati Bengals going "all-in" in 2023, we talk about reasons the Bengals should,
30 min
Lou Anarumo is back and continuity reigns supre...
Lou Anarumo's return means incredibly rare continuity is in tact for the Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff in 2023
27 min
Super Bowl LVII Takeaways: Offensive themes dom...
Find a dynamic tight end, don't spend too much at running back, weapons are important, and so is trench play. Offensive themes dominated the conversation as we dive into lessons learned from the best teams in 2022.
32 min
Continuity for Cincinnati Bengals coaching staf...
Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan and quarterbacks coach Dan Pitcher will be back in 2023, and there's smoke building around the Arizona Cardinals hiring Jonathan Gannon
25 min
How the Cincinnati Bengals can rediscover the e...
Breaking down how the Bengals can rediscover the explosive play on offense, where and how the offensive line can improve, and how they'll adapt to personnel changes coming on the defensive side of the ball.
32 min
How Joe Burrow and Tee Higgins extensions would...
Cap expert Andre Perrotta breaks down detailed Joe Burrow and Tee Higgins contract proposals and how they'd impact the Bengals' cap space and spending ability in 2023.
35 min
Cincinnati Bengals team needs amid looming defe...
Joe Goodberry joins the show for a discussion around resource allocation and team needs for the Cincinnati Bengals, faced with departures on the defensive side of the ball as they look to capitalize on Joe Burrow's rookie contract
41 min
Breaking down the factors involved in Joe Burro...
The Cincinnati Bengals are going to negotiate an extension for Joe Burrow this offseason, we break down the key decisions for the Bengals and for Burrow as they work toward locking in his future in Cincinnati.
29 min
Tee Higgins isn't going anywhere, but will the ...
The Cincinnati Bengals are trying to win Super Bowls, and Tee Higgins is a cost controlled part of their young core in 2023. We break down why they won't trade him - especially this year - and what future contracts or roster building decisions around Higgins could look like.
29 min
The Cincinnati Bengals may have a tough decisio...
Joe Mixon has the 3rd biggest cap hit for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2023, but Samaje Perine is the guy they trust in pass pro. What does that mean for the future of the running back position for the Bengals?
29 min
Cincinnati Bengals coordinators interviewing fo...
The Bengals would have some work to do if they lose any of their coaches to promotions elsewhere, plus breaking down the likelihood of the Bengals' biggest 2023 free agents returning to the team.
33 min
Did the 2022 Cincinnati Bengals meet expectations?
The Cincinnati Bengals competed for the #1 seed in the AFC and made it back to the AFC Championship game, but fell short of a Super Bowl title. We break down whether they met expectations and why the future could be bright for the Bengals.
30 min
Will Bengals' Coordinators Land Head Coaching J...
More Thoughts on Bengals' 2022 Season and Will Bengals' Coordinators Land Head Coaching Jobs
28 min
Cincinnati Bengals season ends with controversy...
The Cincinnati Bengals came up just short in the AFC Championship Game, we react to the result and break down frustrating controversial officiating.
29 min
AFC Championship Preview: Cincinnati Bengals vs...
Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals are looking to go 4-0 against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. We break down what the Bengals will have to do to win and predict the winner of this year's AFC Championship Game.
33 min