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Breaking down all the angles of the Tee Higgins...
Why can't the Cincinnati Bengals get a deal done with Tee Higgins? Is a tag-and-trade even a good idea, and if so, what kind of return would they get? We break down all of your Tee Higgins questions, some salary cap questions, and a fun "either-or" combination of potential first round picks and free agents.
32 min
Cincinnati Bengals named "teetering contenders,...
The Cincinnati Bengals were dubbed "teetering contenders" by ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, so the guys dive into what that means and whether it's a fair label, and break down Daniel Jeremiah's evaluation of the Bengals in his "championship foundation" series.
29 min
Analyzing the Cincinnati Bengals will approach ...
The Cincinnati Bengals have clear needs for starters at defensive tackle, right tackle, tight end, and have potential needs at running back, cornerback, safety, and wide receiver. The guys break down how the Bengals could be expected to attack those needs with free agents like Michael Onwenu, Noah Fant, and Justin Madubuike available at positions of need.
32 min
How the Cincinnati Bengals can make Brock Bower...
Daniel Jeremiah tweeted on Monday night that the Cincinnati Bengals could be targeting Brock Bowers in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft. But with obvious needs in the trenches, how can they make sure they're prepared for any scenario that could happen on draft day and be ready for a potential Brock Bowers fit? Plus, the guys discuss the franchise tag dates that surround the Bengals' decision on Tee Higgins.
28 min
Resetting the Joe Mixon conversation and a Mock...
Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon reacted to a report suggesting the team is expected to move on, so the guys reset the conversation and break down why the Bengals may move on or keep Mixon on the roster for 2024. Plus, a skill-position-led Mock Draft Monday scenario that shows why it's so important to be open to take the best player available.
33 min
Breaking down how the Cincinnati Bengals should...
The guys break down some offseason roster building mailbag topics including how the Bengals should attack the Tight End position between the draft and free agency, ideal positions in each round for the first two days of the 2024 NFL draft, some players they're excited to see at the combine, and how the Tee Higgins decision provides an interesting lens to discuss roster building philosophies.
34 min
Resetting the Tee Higgins Conversation: Analyzi...
Tee Higgins' future is back in the spotlight after the "report" that the Bengals will use the franchise tag, so the guys reset the conversation with a breakdown of the pros and cons for each of the paths forward as the Bengals navigate roster building for 2024.
31 min
Analyzing Cincinnati Bengals Free Agency Target...
Jermaine Eluemunor's social media activity suggests a keen awareness and respect for the Cincinnati Bengals organization, and he could be a target in free agency. We review the top options at right tackle, including Eluemunor, and the deep free agency interior defensive line group that the Bengals could target in the new league year.
34 min
Cincinnati Bengals add Jordan Salkin to offensi...
The Cincinnati Bengals have added another offensive coach in Jordan Salkin, and Fredi Knighten will backfill the assistant QB Coach role. We break down the latest on the Bengals' coaching staff and get into the most pertinent lessons they could take away from the Super Bowl as they reset the roster in the offseason.
31 min
A trenches-first Cincinnati Bengals Mock Draft ...
Will the Cincinnati Bengals keep Tee Higgins and Ja'Marr Chase together long-term? Reaction to their comments from Super Bowl LVIII radio row, plus thoughts on Willie Anderson not getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. James and Jake also make three draft picks in the mock draft simulator, including two trench selections!
33 min
Breaking down Cincinnati Bengals coaching chang...
The Cincinnati Bengals officially named Brad Kragthrope QBs coach, Jordan Kovacs secondary/safeties coach, and made a surprise hire bringing in Justin Rascati to be Passing Game coordinator. The guys break down each of those moves and why they could make sense, and what the Bengals should do to finish their coaching staff for 2024.
31 min
Wrapping up Senior Bowl recaps with a deep dive...
In our final episode focused on the 2024 Senior Bowl, we take a full episode to focus on the trenches. Which prospects fit best with the Cincinnati Bengals? The guys are joined by Parker Blake of AllBengals.com to discuss the top Bengals targets along the offensive line in Mobile, key options on the defensive front, and much more following Parker's first Senior Bowl experience.
32 min
Analyzing Senior Bowl top performers for potent...
Wrapping up Mike Renner's takeaways on Senior Bowl standouts that might be Cincinnati Bengals draft targets, including WR Javon Baker, TE Ben Sinnott, OT Amarius Mims, DT Michael Hall, DL Darius Robinson and more prospects! Plus, find out who Mike's surprising standout was from the Senior Bowl.
30 min
Finding an ideal approach to the 2023 draft for...
Should the Cincinnati Bengals target Georgia tackle Amarius Mims with the No. 18 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? How should they approach the first 3 rounds of the draft? The guys are joined by Mike Renner to discuss Mims, Ladd McConkey and other Senior Bowl skill player standouts in part one of a two-part Senior Bowl recap!
27 min
Senior Bowl Hype Mock Draft Monday! Talking Cin...
With the Senior Bowl boosting standout performances into Jake and James' NFL draft consciousness, the guys take a look at a mock draft simulator to talk about some of the options for the first two days of the draft - featuring some of the top prospects participating in Mobile's pre-draft all-star game.
32 min
How can the Cincinnati Bengals get back on trac...
The Cincinnati Bengals have been dealing with trench play issues for years, and we're still talking about how they can get it right. They have an opportunity to patch up depth and upside between free agency and a stacked 2024 draft class at offensive tackle, and a deep free agent class with solid early options at defensive tackle in the draft. They need to align their evaluations and invest resources to get right going into 2024.
33 min
Duke Tobin talks Tee Higgins' future with Cinci...
At the combine in 2023, Duke Tobin boldly told the rest of the NFL to get their own Tee Higgins. In 2024, with Tee's contract expiring, the tone is more uncertain. He talked a lot about dividing up the salary cap pie, is keyed in on trench play at the Senior Bowl, discussed a number of Bengals veterans, and the need to specialize Dax Hill in 2024.
31 min
Breaking Logan Wilson and Germaine Pratt's 2023...
Logan Wilson and Germaine Pratt weren't as good in 2023 as they were in 2022, so we break down what exactly went wrong, what still went right, and what the 2024 outlook should be for the Bengals LBs with Mike Santagata.
30 min
Conference Championship Takeaways: Joe Burrow r...
The guys break down why Joe Burrow should stay at the top of the pecking order for NFL QBs after Lamar Jackson and a stacked Ravens roster couldn't get it done against Kansas City, plus other takeaways from the conference championship games!
29 min
Ranking Cincinnati Bengals 2024 First Round Dra...
The Cincinnati Bengals have more needs entering the offseason than they have since they established themselves as Super Bowl contenders in 2021, and a need for both instant impact and roster depth. The guys break down how they can approach the first round of the 2024 draft with that in mind, and some potential first round targets given their needs.
33 min
What Dan Pitcher brings to the table as Offensi...
The guys break down the big takeaways from Dan Pitcher's introductory press conference as offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. How the timing worked out for Pitch to stay in Cincinnati, what he brings to the table, and Joe Burrow's opinion on the Pitcher hire.
29 min
Will Cincinnati Bengals' Offense Change With Po...
What Changes Could Bengals Make on Offense This Season?
32 min
Dan Pitcher is the favorite, but there will sti...
Zac Taylor and the Cincinnati Bengals want to keep Dan Pitcher in the organization and make him their next offensive coordinator, but he may still take interviews elsewhere and the Bengals will cetainly interview external candidates as part of the NFL's coordinator hiring process. The guys break down what's next for the Bengals' coaching staff.
26 min
BONUS EPISODE: Reacting to news that Brian Call...
The guys react to the breaking news that Brian Callahan will leave the Cincinnati Bengals to become the next head coach of the Tennessee Titans, and what that means for the OC job in Cincinnati (Dan Pitcher, come on down!)
14 min
How Will Cincinnati Bengals Replace Brian Calla...
Cincinnati Bengals OC appears to be closing in on a head coaching job. The guys break down his best options and what will the Bengals do at offensive coordinator if Brian Callahan takes a head coaching job.
30 min